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Manchester Terror Attack

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499331f6e4796064ac25414f6782bafaEngland has suffered yet another terror attack, this time in Manchester. It took place at a pop concert by Ariana Grande that was attended by thousands of people. Currently we have 22 people and children who have died, and a further 55 injured, but the figure of the dead could rise.

This is yet another terrorist attack by the followers of Islam and in my view it has to stop. Young Muslims are being converted to acts of terror by the ISIS infiltrators in our countries and these people must be tracked down and killed or deported. Also, many Imams in mosques are preaching terrorism,and they too should be arrested and ejected from Europe.

The world has had to put up with this for long enough and it is time for rational action to track them down. The war against ISIS in Syria has gone on long enough, and concerted action must be taken by the United Nations to finally end this conflict. An international force is required to enter all countries and wipe out the terrorists. But still the United Nations sits on its fat backside and does nothing.

In my view, a major effort must be made by all nations to wipe out this terrorist threat, for if we do not it will only get worse. Already hundreds of thousands of people have died since ISIS first rose to power and there is no end in sight. How many more people must die to satisfy the bloodlust of ISIS? Also we have the terrorists in places like Nigeria who are causing a lot of deaths.

The Taliban in Afghanistan are also a major threat to world peace, for they are still fighting with the one aim of taking over the whole country. During their last period in power they gave a home to Al Qaeda and it is for sure that if they take over the country again they will do the same for ISIS.

ISIS terrorists have infiltrated most countries of the world, many posing as refugees, especially in Europe. Who knows how many thousands of terrorists have come to Europe with one aim, to sow terror and death among the population.

The sad thing is, most governments are sitting on their hands and not taking sufficient measures to identify these people and remove them. How long must the general public put up with this? If no concerted action is taken by the authorities this will go on and on, and maybe in ten or twenty years they will take over all European countries. If that happens you can bet your life that America will be next. Their one aim is to make the world a Muslim world.

This will never happen, but it does not rule out that at some time in the future we will see bloody action on the streets of many countries. Although ISIS have almost been driven out of Syria it is certain that many will come to Europe to carry on the fight. Terrorist attacks in Europe are at the moment few and far between, but when they are driven out of Syria more ISIS terrorists will make the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. When this happens you can bet your life that the number of attacks will increase drastically.

These people are driven by an ideology that says they are destined to rule the world, and their one aim is to make the whole world Muslim. This is the reason why the governments of the world must take a stand against these people and make them realize that it will never happen.

At the moment the governments of all countries are doing nothing to make this clear to the Muslims, and so the terror goes on. How it will end is anyone’s guess!


Theresa May On The Right Track

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Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

Anjam Choudrey Message To All Non-Muslims

For years radicals have been spreading their poison in jails trying to convert British prisoners to join their jihad, and in many cases they have been successful. Prisoners who don’t wish to participate in jihad-ism live in fear for their lives from the Muslim radicals. Even the prison staff themselves are afraid to challenge them for fear of being labelled racist.

The Queen? My Goodness

The Queen? My Goodness

Now, after the arrest of Anjam Choudrey Theresa May has come up with a plan to separate these radicals and isolate them from the rest of the inmates. She is also banning radical literature in prisons. Not before time! It is good to see that our new Prime Minister is taking the necessary steps to stop this.

Her plan is for all extremists to be housed in a separate section of the prison where they can have no contact with the mainstream prisoners. We must wait and see how far this goes, and how effective it is.

Another necessary measure she is taking is to ban Islamic hate preachers from Mosques and Universities. This is an action that David Cameron should have taken years ago, for many of the bombers who have killed innocent people have been radicalized by hate preachers in these places.


Uh Huh!

Ideological young Muslim men are an easy target for the hate preachers, who over the years have persuaded many to go to Syria to fight for ISIS. The well known ‘Underwear’ Bomber was radicalized in a University in London by a visiting radical Muslim priest, and he is just one example.

There can be little doubt that when the traitor Tony Blair opened the doors of our country wide to any and all immigrants he put this country in great danger. I have to say that it surprises me that this man is still walking around free.

The Message To America!

The Message To America!

Radicalization is the biggest threat Britain has faced since the Second World War, and its a long way from being over yet. Muslims are so entrenched in their laws and way of life that they will never assimilate into our society. The same goes for the rest of the European nations.

At this point I would like to reiterate, as I have done in past blogs, that I am not against the Muslim faith provided they assimilate into our society, respect our Laws, and learn our language. Sadly they have done none of this.

They are brainwashed from childhood in the ways of Allah and have no freedom of choice. If they try to leave the Islamic faith they are put to death. Islam is the most dictatorial religion on the planet and has remained unchanged for two thousand years, such is the control of the Imams. I am not saying that all Imams are bad, not by a long way, but those who are wield the big stick.

bin Laden - Dead!

bin Laden – Dead!

This whole debacle began when bin Laden organized the attack on 9/11 which started a wave of bombings and attacks world-wide. To date we have Muslim extremists in 165 countries around the world although all are not as active as ISIS. There have been attacks in countries as far away as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Africa, and of course not forgetting Europe. We in Europe have not seen the full force of the jihadist rage as yet, for attacks have been relatively small in number compared with other nations, but you can be sure they will get worse.

The major problems will come in twenty or thirty years time when they get close to outnumbering us due to their high birthrate. This is one of the reasons why we have to put a stop to this Jihad idea now, once and for all.

If we leave it too late there will blood on the streets as predicted by Enoch Powell.


Germany Is Waking Up To The Muslim Menace

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You Can't Even See If This Is Male Or Female

You Can’t Even See If This Is Male Or Female

I read today an interesting article on some proposals being put forward by a German politician, Germany’s interior minister Thomas de Maiziere. It would seem that he wants to ban the burka in Germany, plus stopping German people from being allowed to hold dual nationality, recruiting 15,000 more police officers by 2020, deporting foreign hate preachers, and making it more difficult for extremist organisations to finance mosques.

That all sounds like common sense to me and should be adopted by all E.U. countries. There are countries that have already banned the burka, like France, Belgium and some towns in Italy.

In these trying times it is to me essential to be able to see the face of those around you, for it is not unknown for suicide bombers to dress in a burka before committing their vile act. To see a man dressed in a burka would immediately arouse suspicion and could lead to him being apprehended before being able to detonate his bomb in a crowded place.

Stopping dual citizenship is also a good idea, because all those who travel to places like Iraq or Syria for Islamic State only have to show their Arab passport and they are free to do so.

I have often said that Muslim hate preachers should all be deported, heaven knows we have enough of them in England. This move by Germany should start a wave of such deportations throughout Europe.

It is without doubt time that the governments in Europe start to crack down on those whose only intention for being here is to create hatred. Anyone suspected of being a terrorist should immediately be deported and never allowed back in. Never mind their family ties, if necessary send the family packing too.

It is time for European governments to get tough with these people before all hell breaks loose. If they delay much longer the people of Europe will live to regret it.


Jihad Is Coming To Britain

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Refugees - How Many Belong To Islamic State?

Refugees – How Many Belong To Islamic State?

A short while ago I highlighted the fact that many Islamic State (I.S.) fighters are coming to Europe hiding among the thousands of refugees swarming across the Mediterranean Sea, but now I.S. have taken it a step further. News last week revealed that I.S. are now telling potential recruits not to make their way to Syria or Iraq to fight with them, but to stay in their home country and carry out attacks there.

Two Sky reporters posed as ‘would be’ jihadists on the internet wanting to go to Syria, and received instructions to begin attacks in Britain. They were told there are already potential bombers in the U.K. and they should join them.

Junaid Hussain

Junaid Hussain

The reporters posed as jihadists on Twitter and other chat rooms and were contacted by Junaid Hussain, a 21-year-old hacker-turned-jihadist from Birmingham, who runs the IS information and recruitment arm from Syria.

Sally Jones - Helping Train Jihadists To Attack Her Own Country

Sally Jones – Helping Train Jihadists To Attack Her Own Country

His wife, Sally Jones, a former punk from Chatham, Kent, is also in Syria working alongside Hussain in Raqqa but dealing with female IS-supporting jihadists. The pair have offered guidance in making bombs, the materials needed and how to get them.

From the information the reporters received it would appear that there are already several people residing the in the U.K. who are prepared to carry out an attack. One such attack was supposed to be against the Queen during the Remembrance Day celebrations this last weekend. Thank goodness that never materialised and everything passed off peacefully.

The Aftermath Of A Suicide Bomber

The Aftermath Of A Suicide Bomber

According to information gleaned it would appear that there is at least one potential bomber in Scotland, with another two from whom the jihadists are awaiting results. Five more have completed training and have already returned to the U.K.

We have heard of many people who have returned home after being trained by I.S., and its only a matter of time before one of them carries out an attack.  On top of this there are the hard-core jihadists who are crossing the Med hidden among the genuine refugees. I mentioned in an earlier blog post that they have already set up a jihadist training camp in Bosnia and who knows how many more are in existence, or planned.

I.S. Training The Next Generation Of Fighters

I.S. Training The Next Generation Of Fighters

While the politicians in Europe brush off the danger from I.S., these people are getting organized for an all-out assault on us. Where they will strike is anyone’s guess, but I think we are close to the time when we could start seeing attacks on European soil. If the time ever comes when these fanatics are successful in Europe you can bet your last dollar that the USA will be next.

Time For The UN To Act For All Mankind

Time For The UN To Act For All Mankind

It makes me wonder if I.S. attacks on the European mainland will be enough to wake the sleeping giant we all know as the United Nations. After all the atrocities that I.S. have committed, and not forgetting those of Boko Haram in Africa, the U.N. is still silent, and has not taken any action to solve this problem. Maybe if I.S. carried out an assault on the U.N. Headquarters itself, it might be enough to get these useless individuals off their fat backsides and actually do something to restore world peace.


Ban The Burka – An Excellent Idea – And Here’s Why!

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Male? Female? Terrorist? How Can You Tell!

Male? Female? Terrorist? How Can You Tell!

When France first passed laws to ban the Islamic burka and niquab face veil in public places in 2010 there was a hue and cry about among other things, religious freedom. The ban was approved by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in July 2014. Since that time it is illegal for Muslim women to cover their faces when out in public. This I have always found to be an excellent idea, for in the current age of Muslim terrorism it is impossible to police public places for suicide bombers when thousands go around with their faces covered.

This fact has been brought home yet again today, as news reports tell of a male suicide bomber in the Chadian capital of N’Djamena who has killed 14 people and injured 74 at the entrance to a market. Witnesses have said that the man tried to enter the market but was stopped by Police because he was wearing a veil. He then proceeded to detonate his explosives. Had he been able to commit this act inside the market the casualty rate would have been much higher.

 N'Djamena Market Entrance

N’Djamena Market Entrance

Chad authorities banned the head-to-toe religious garment last month, citing the risk that attackers could use it as a disguise or hide explosives underneath. It turns out they were right. Although it is not yet known for certain, all evidence points to Boko Haram being behind the attack. Chadian authorities, along with those of Niger, Cameroon, and Boko Harams home base country of Nigeria have been fighting collectively to rid the world of this stain on humanity. 

This entire episode just goes to prove how dangerous it is to allow Muslims to cover themselves from head to foot, for this is by no means the first such attack. France took this vital step in 2010, but Britain’s government has yet to wake up to the danger.

International Public opinion

International Public opinion

Daily, thousands of Muslim women walk our streets dressed in this manner and yet the government sees no harm in this. Let’s face it, the leader of Boko Haram, and even Islāmic State (I.S.), could be walking our streets daily and no-one would be any the wiser.

It is now well-known that many I.S. terrorists are crossing from Libya hidden among the refugees coming over in their thousands,  and who is to say that within a short time we could suffer the same fate of the Chadians.

Until the British Government steps up and accepts its responsiblity to protect the citizens of Britain from such attacks by also banning face veils, we will never be properly safe.

So Mr Cameron, do what is necessary, and ban completely the full face veil in this country before we suffer the same fate as the Chadian people.


British Jihadists – The Hidden Menace

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Judging by the latest news, people in Europe are heading for a very turbulent time in the not too distant future. It has come to light that hundreds of Muslim youth are being persuaded to go and fight in Syria, often by clerics in the mosques. Most go because they feel it is their duty to protect fellow Muslims, but in fact they are being brainwashed by hard-line terrorists into becoming suicide bombers.

Abu Hamza - The Evil One

Abu Hamza – The Evil One

Between 1997 and 2004 when he was arrested, Abu Hamza radicalized very many young Muslims into joining al Quada, some even paid £500 for their visa and air ticket. Many can be forgiven for thinking that this vile trade in impressionable Muslim youth stopped when Hamsa was arrested, but it didn’t, for today its even worse.

The fact is that today, 500 young British Muslims are currently being trained by al Quada affiliates like ISIS in Syria. They are being taught how to make a suicide vest and car bomb, with instructions to put this knowledge to good use when they return home.  Some 50 have already returned to Britain after receiving this training. If al Quada has its way Britain, and France in particular, will be on the receiving end of a great many car bomb and suicide attacks, perhaps this year.

This information comes from a defector from ISIS who became disillusioned with what was going on.  Like many of his compatriots he joined the cause to protect fellow Muslims from the Syrian Regime but was quickly radicalized by the hard-liners who saw an opportunity.

Radicalized Foreigners

Radicalized Foreigners

When he met many of these young volunteers he said:  “They talked often about terrorist attacks. The foreigners were proud of 9/11 and the London bombings. The British, French and American mujahideen [holy warriors] in the room started talking about places that they wanted to bomb or explode themselves in Europe and the United States. Everyone named a target. The American said he dreamed of blowing up the White House.”

It is a fact that tens of thousands of young Muslims have joined the fight against the regime of Assad, most believing they were helping to protect fellow Muslims from a brutal dictator. They fight on the side of the jihadists, not the rebels, who until recently had the same goal, the overthrow of Assad but all that has changed. Now they are fighting both the rebels and the regime, trying to gain control of the country.

Are We To Experience This Soon?

Are We To Experience This Soon?

France has much the same problem. It is reported that two 15 year-old boys left France on-route to Syria via Turkey to fight with the Jihadists. According to the father, they had been brainwashed via the internet. Currently it is estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 young Muslims have left France and Belgium to fight alongside ISIS. The big question is, how many of them will return with the intention of starting a wave of bombings.

There can be little doubt this is a serious problem that needs to be handled carefully. Many will instantly say: “Don’t let them back in the country!” and that would indeed be a simple solution, but…..there is always a but, it will be hard to prove they have even been to Syria. Currently they are travelling there through Turkey where the militants have a means of getting them over the border without passport checks.

On The Streets Of Europe?

On The Streets Of Europe?

Both the British MI5 and the police have their work cut out to nip this problem in the bud, and the chances are they will not always be successful. Andrew Parker, the Director General of MI5, is reported as saying,  “For the future, there is good reason to be concerned about Syria. A growing proportion of our casework now has some link to Syria, mostly concerning individuals from the UK who have travelled to fight there or who aspire to do so.”

Richard Walton, who leads Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command said,  “I don’t think the public realises the seriousness of the problem. The penny hasn’t dropped. But Syria is a game-changer. We are seeing it every day. You have hundreds of people going to Syria, and if they don’t get killed they get radicalized.”

Suicide Bomber Training

Suicide Bomber Training

There can be little doubt that al Quada and its affiliates have opened a new chapter in the war against the West, and it remains to be seen how successful they will be. Whichever way you look at it, there appear to be very dangerous times ahead.


The British Universities Of Shame

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You would expect universities to be centres of learning about the good things in life, pushing the boundaries of science, economics, medicine, art and music etc. but today they have a darker side.

Oxford University

A new Whitehall study has found they are now becoming the number one source of Muslim radicals who are not afraid to strap on a bomb and kill people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

Over the last decade they have become a hotbed of recruitment for radical insurgent groups like al Quada. The report, which will be published soon, will cite around 40 British Universities that are known to have a lackadaisical attitude to seminars by radical Muslim clerics promoting hate for everything western.

University College London

The Prevent Review says that of all those convicted of terrorist offences in the United Kingdom, 30% have received a university education in Britain, and a further 15% studied or achieved a further education qualification. Of those arrested for terror offences, 10% were studying at university when charged.

Hate Preacher Omar Bakri

Whichever way you look at it, this is a damning indictment of British universities! According to the report, many hardline radical Muslim groups are targeting our universities in a recruitment drive that is paying dividends. Radical groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir once run by hate preacher Omar Bakri, is giving lectures and seminars at some of our universities where they have spouted anti-British and anti-Western rhetoric in an effort to win over the hearts and minds of young Islamic students.

Sheik Omar Bakri Interview:

Stockholm Car Bomb Courtesy Of A Luton University Student

Among their more noteworthy successes have been the 2006 liquid bomb plotters who planned to blow up transatlantic planes, the Stockholm car bomber, and the ‘underwear’ bomber who tried to blow up a plane on Christmas Day in 2009. These were all impressionable young men who were converted to radicalism in British Universities by hate preachers.

I am surprised that none of them asked the preacher why, if he hates the west so much, he doesn’t strap on a bomb himself to ‘show the way’. But that is not the way of these people, they always get innocents to do their dirty work for them, and it surprises me that none of these radicalized young men have yet ‘cottoned on’ to the idea. In a similar situation, that is one of the first things I would ask these hate mongers.

Zakir Naik Oxford Seminar Promotion:

Nicola Dandridge- Blinkered CEO of Universities UK

This however detracts from the basic problem, and that is how to put an end to this gaping hole in our security. Comments from the Universities UK group make it clear they see no problem, for they say: Universities “are places where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control”, and that “they act as a safeguard against ideologies that threaten Britain’s open society”. Professor Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK is quoted as saying: “There was ‘no evidence’ to link student radicals with violent extremism”. What a load of twaddle! From the evidence it seems the complete opposite is true.

Within two years of leaving Leeds Metropolitan University, Mohammad Sidique Khan, the leader of the group responsible for the July 7 bombings, began training for terror. Since then, virtually every major British terrorist attack has been led by students or graduates. It recently came to light that two students linked to the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir were elected to Westminster University’s student union, following similar elections at City University.

The universities are not even willing to clamp down on guest speakers at their seminars, which leaves the door open for any radical cleric to start the process of radicalization of students. Professor Dandridge said on this subject: “Clamping down on speakers is just not the way forward. The whole point of university is to listen to these things”. What would she say if someone like Adolf Hitler came to speak at a seminar? She would no doubt welcome him with open arms and take a front row seat!

Part of the reason for this blinkered attitude could also be money, for British Universities have received in the past decade a total of some £500 million from arab and/or islamic sources, which quite possibly has influenced many universities against speaking out about the gradual ‘islamization’ of campuses. Only recently, the London School of Economics received 1.5 million from Col. Gaddafi, for which they presented his son with a doctorate. Its seems in the halls of learning money talks.

The ‘Liquid Bombers’ Courtesy Of City and Brunel Universities

It is long overdue for the government to lay down legislation to curb the ever increasing failings of universities to properly run their affairs, specifically when it comes to inviting speakers for seminars that run contrary to the security of the people of this nation. The government must do all it can to either stop these hate preachers from entering the country, or if they are already here, kick them out!

May it Wave Forever

Britain is not an Islamic state (yet) so why should we have to put up with all this Muslim crap? My message to these people is the same as ever: If you wish to live among us and respect our laws and way of life, welcome, if not go back where you came from. We do not need your hate!

I leave the last word up to Pat Condell:


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