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Cameron And The Human Rights Act

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A Man With A Hard Job Ahead Of Him.

A Man With A Hard Job Ahead Of Him.

The European Human Rights Act (EHRA) has for years been a bone of contention in the United Kingdom. Now it seems that David Cameron is trying to get it replaced with a British Human Rights Act (BHRA). I wish him luck, but it seems it will be a hard road to follow.

Already some Tory backbenchers are rebelling against the decision, some after having quiet conversations with Nicola Sturgeon who is dead against the idea. She is very busy sowing the seeds of dissension among Cameron’s backbenchers to back up her own refusal to accept the planned legislation.

Nicola Sturgeon - A Woman Who Knows What She Wants And How To Get It!

Nicola Sturgeon – A Woman Who Knows What She Wants And How To Get It!

What some of these people do not seem to realize is that immigrant criminals, and even British criminals are making a joke of British justice by using this act to escape proper punishment, or in the case of many immigrants, to evade deportation. The list of problems caused by this Act is endless, and it fails to ensure that justice is done in many areas.

Before Tony Blair brought in the HRA in 1998 there was nothing wrong with the justice system in this country. It worked well, for all classes of people. Justice was done and more importantly, seen to be done. Now we have a pot pourri of laws that allow many criminals to escape proper justice because of the dictates from Strasbourg.

The HRA is intended to protect ‘right to life, privacy, and free speech’ among others, but when you look at life in the U.K. today, at least free speech has been successfully stifled by Tony Blair’s Race Laws which protect immigrants. Say a single word against immigrants on the street today and you are immediately arrested. But as we all know, the reverse is not true!

Rights For Whom?

Rights For Whom?

There have been many cases of immigrant career criminals that our courts have not been able to deport because of Article 8 of the EHRA, which is the so-called ‘Right to Family Life’. So we are forced to allow them to stay and they continue with their chosen profession.

As I have often said, it took more than ten years before Britain could deport the two Muslim Imams who were recruiting impressionable young Muslims to go and fight for the Jihad. You may remember Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa. Ten years of constant appeals to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg about one thing or another, but we won eventually, even if it did cost the tax payer many millions.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim Will Be Allowed To Remain In The UK Despite Leaving Amy Houston, 12 Dying In The Road.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim Was Allowed To Remain In The UK Despite Leaving Amy Houston, 12 Dying In The Road.

There is also another story I wrote about an immigrant career criminal who ran over a small girl with his car. He stopped, got out of the car and looked at her, but instead of trying to help he drove over her with his rear wheels and sped off. Needless to say she died. The Justice system wanted to deport him because of his continuous criminal activities but couldn’t because he claimed a right to family life with an English girl he married. They did not live in the same town let alone the same house, but Strasbourg told Britain we could not deport him. Such is the Human Rights Act in all its glory!

It is true that there is much good in the Act for it protects many otherwise vulnerable people, but there are areas where it goes much too far, especially in the area of crime. Now the Court wants to stop us sentencing serial murderers and rapists to life imprisonment for example! They say we must review the case every so often with a view to releasing these maniacs!

The Fate Of British Justice

The Fate Of British Justice

Believe me when I say we would be much better off without this millstone around our necks, and introduce a proper Bill of Rights for the U.K. One that at least ensures that justice can be done as in the old days, but at the same time protects the vulnerable. What we have now is totally inadequate, for it can be misused in many ways by those wishing to escape justice.


Ken (Clark) Has a Go At The ECHR!

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An eye-opener for many, but Ken Clark has shown his heart is in the right place by attacking the sheer stupidity of the European Court of Human Rights(ECHR). During a speech to the Austrian Diplomatic Academy in Vienna he said in no uncertain terms that the ECHR was in desperate need of reform. After their ruling on the Abu Qatada case, and that prisoners in our country should have full voting rights, I tend to agree.

He claims that the courts are overloaded, and when you take into consideration that in the first 40 years of its existence it handled a total of 45,000 cases, and in 2010 alone 61,300, I can see what he means.

That's Right Ken - You Tell 'Em

During his speech he said:  ¨It is individual states and their courts which have primary responsibility for implementing the convention and granting effective remedies. At times, I consider that the court has been too ready to substitute its own judgment for that of national courts and parliaments. It was never meant to be a court of appeal for routine domestic judgments. No court could ever hope to offer redress to 800 million people. National courts are in the best position to understand national problems.” In that I have to agree.

In my opinion, there are more than sufficient safeguards within the national justice system to ensure fairness. What gets peoples backs up in this country is the interference from Strasbourg that dictates e.g. Abu Qatada the terrorist can neither be held in custody, nor deported to Jordan. Also, how dare such a body dictate to us that convicted criminals have as much right to vote as law-abiding citizens?

ECHR - Strasbourg

Abu Qatada is not the only one to have escaped deportation on ´Human Rights´grounds, there have been many before him, such as  Mohammed Ibrahim who ran over a young girl (Posted 17/12/2010). On top of that, many criminals have used the infamous Article 8 (Right to family life) defence to escape a jail sentence, in particular I think of burglar Wayne Bishop who I wrote about on the 28th May last year. He escaped a prison sentence because he had five children. He was re-arrested recently on GBH (grievous bodily harm) charges. So much for the loving father whose children cannot live without him.

There have been too many cases where the ECHR has made a mockery of justice in our country, and it has to stop. I for one will be very happy if Ken Clark and David Cameron can introduce legislative changes to the way in which the court operates during Britain´s tenure at the`head of the table´.  If that happens, and we rid ourselves of the ridiculous `Human Rights´ appeals to every sentence handed out by the courts, so much the better.


Why Is Britain Forced To Release Abu Qatada?

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Abu Qatada is once more in the news because the British government has been told it can no longer keep this radical cleric incarcerated. He is a known terrorist with two convictions in his native Jordan for terrorists acts, but Britain can neither deport him nor keep him locked up. Justice is supposed to be blind and impartial, but sadly, in this day and age that is not true. Now it favours the criminal and the terrorist.

Merchant of Hate – Abu Qatada

He has been implicated in acts of terror by others, and has openly incited impressionable young Muslims to terror attacks against Jews, Americans and British. A Spanish Judge went so far as to name him as Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, but it seems the law is unable to touch him. He is accused by the Home Office of being “a significant international terrorist” and the spiritual guide of Mohamed Atta, one of the al Qaeda terrorists who piloted a jet into the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001.

Due to his links with the al-Tawhid movement, its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his Iraq-based terrorist group, he has the blood of Kenneth Bigley, and two Americans Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, on his hands. They were beheaded by this group over the period September/October 2004.

Video of Kennth Bigley released by his kidnappers:

Kenneth Bigley Seconds Before He Was Beheaded

The Home Office also points out that he has raised money to send young British Muslims to Afghanistan for training as terrorists, and has “provided advice which gives religious legitimacy to those who wish to further the aims of extreme Islamism and to engage in terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings. A number of individuals arrested or detained in connection with terrorism have acknowledged his influence upon them.” He is accused of giving guidance and advice to several other terror groups, including Rachid Ramda, the former leader of the GIA in the UK, who was arrested for his involvement in the 1995 Paris Metro bombings. All of this still does not seem sufficient for Britain to keep him locked up.

Qatada is to be released on bail within days after the Special Immigration Appeals Commission was forced to heed the ruling from Strasbourg. It was also Strasbourg that halted his deportation to Jordan because he claimed the evidence against him was obtained by torture. In  1999 he was sentenced in his absence to life imprisonment with hard labour for conspiracy to commit terror attacks, and in 2000 he was sentenced to a further 15 years’ hard labour for conspiring in the “millennium plot” to attack western and Israeli targets in Jordan on New Year’s Eve. Qatada is quoted as saying “he feared he would be tortured if he returned to Jordan because the Amman government objected to his Islamist political activities and his ideological leadership of an Islamist reform group that looked to install in Jordan an Islamic government, controlled by Islamic law, and to depose the monarchy”.

Terrorist Training Camp Afghanistan

The evidence against this man is overwhelming both at home and abroad, but it seems the British justice system can find nothing to charge him with in the UK. It’s amazing! He will be released under strict bail conditions and be confined to his house for twenty-two hours a day, however, if the Home Secretary cannot show within three months that progress is being made in negotiations with Jordan regarding his extradition, all these restrictions will have to be lifted. This means he will be free to continue spouting his hatred for us, the Jews and the Americans. He will be free to incite hatred and send young Muslims off to the training camps in Afghanistan.

Personally, I would put him on a ship and take him out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and then throw him overboard. Then we will see how much Allah loves him.

Without doubt, it is time this vermin was gotten rid of permanently, in any way possible!


14 February – Update: Well, this animal has been released from jail, and at last some headway is being made in talks with the Jordanian government. They say they passed a law last October preventing the use of evidence obtained by  torture, so with luck, Qatada may well be on a plane to Jordan some time soon. Hopefully the Jordanians will take him out of circulation for good and people can sleep peacefully in their beds once again.




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