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Sometimes I Really Do Despair At My Fellow Man

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In my lifetime I have seen major changes in the way people live their lives, but today I read about a case that is more than shocking. The incident was to say the least despicable, but is a good example of how uncaring people have become. I fully realize that not all people are bad and am grateful for that, but it still leaves an increasing proportion of ordinary folk who will stoop lower than the animals on this planet of ours.

The incident took place in Leigh, Greater Manchester in the UK last Wednesday when an 82 year-old woman was hit by a truck and left dying. While she was lying in the road a man walked up to her, stole her purse then walked off! I have to admit that in all my years I have seldom heard of such a callous act from a human being.

The police were called by witnesses but when they arrived the woman was dead. Detective Sergeant Neil Lawless who attended the incident said: “This is one of the most disgusting crimes I have ever investigated and I find it hard to believe someone could stoop so low to commit such a horrific offence. This man has taken what he sees as an easy opportunity by stealing a purse from a dying woman.”

Sadly, this kind of incident is not restricted to the shores of Britain for last month two men stole the wedding ring, purse and ifone from a  woman who suffered a brain aneurysm while buying food for her family at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Wichita, Kansas.

Again in Britain, Rochelle Palmer, 25, of Oakfield Road, Croydon, turned up at a pensioner’s sheltered housing complex in Eden Road on December 11, and asked to use the toilet. She asked for a cup of coffee and while the old gent was in the kitchen making it she stole bank cards, two rings and £85 cash.  Later that evening she used the cards to withdraw £500 cash and made purchases totalling £440 using the stolen plastic, police said. Ten days later she had the gall to return to the pensioners house, pushed him to the ground and took £180 from the coffee table. In total, Palmer stole £1,200 from her vulnerable victim. I am ashamed to say that after she was sentenced she only received 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to theft, fraud by false representation and robbery at Croydon Crown Court.

What have I said before about British Justice being soft on crime! For such a heinous crime she should have received at least two years.

Cases of this nature give a good indication of the depths to which certain people today will go for a small reward. When I was a young man this sort of thing was unthinkable. I remember that my grandparents never locked the door to their house. Not at night, and not even when going away for a two-week holiday. Their house was never broken into in all the years they lived.

Nowadays, leave your door unlocked for a minute and some lowlife will sneak in and steal whatever they can get their hands on. In England it is quite common for houses to be robbed while the family are watching TV in the front room!

There can be little doubt that as the years progress it will get worse for, in England at least, the courts are soft on crime and never hand out a sentence intended to deter future transgressions. People today are constantly looking for something for nothing, and sadly, more often than not, they find it which makes them want more.

I am well aware there are still kind, generous people out there still willing to help those less fortunate, but these days that just makes them victims. As these tales show, old folks are the most vulnerable and are constantly targeted by the heartless among us.

I makes me wonder what people will be like in, say, fifty years time. I dread to think!


Who ‘Nicked’ From the Police, and Which Police Were ‘Nicked’?

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Confused? All will be explained because I can imagine many international readers will be scratching their heads wondering what the post is all about. Well, let me clear that up right now: In England you could ‘nick’ (i.e. steal) something, in which case you get ‘nicked’ (i.e. arrested) by the police. Got it? Good, then let us continue.

Metropolitan Police London - World's First Police Force

Needless to say, this first post of the New Year has something to do with the British Police Force, those lads in blue who bravely step into the firing line whenever there is trouble, and of course dish out the odd speeding ticket or two, (or three). A news item today brought a smile to my face when I read that some daring people actually steal from the police. It seems nothing is too small or too big to be ‘nicked’ by the daring criminal.

Items that have been stolen include handcuffs (kinky sex tonight dear?), uniforms, speed guns (I guess someone got a ticket), dogs (how do you steal a trained police dog, and why!?!), riot shields, and even several patrol cars (oops!). Thieves have even helped themselves to warrant cards, bicycles (someone miss the last bus?), breathalyzers and even battering rams used to open locked doors (useful if the wife won’t let you in after a night out with the boys!).

No-one Ever 'Nicked' One Of These

It would seem from the report that theft has occurred in just about every police station in Britain at one time or another. As those in the know would expect, Manchester has the highest theft rate with not only patrol cars, but also a policeman’s private car being ‘nicked’ from the station. Referring to the Manchester thefts, a senior assistant chief officer, Lynne Potts said with a very stern face (its obvious ‘the brass’ are not happy) “it (the Force) took all such reports seriously and measures were in place to secure property, equipment and vehicles”.

Some of the more unusual items that have been ‘illegally relocated’ are a small fridge, a packet of crumpets (someone was hungry) and a fern plant in a plastic pot (brought you a present Gran!). However, the most serious, and one that caused the most anger among the constables was when someone stole the £48 tea money from Pontfract police station in Yorkshire. The officers at Pontefract have been without a cup of tea for two weeks now and are anxiously awaiting payday so they can buy more tea, sugar and milk.

Some of the more audacious thefts include six pints of semi-skimmed milk from Cambridgeshire Police HQ and a £1 cereal bowl and empty lunch box from Hucknell in Nottinghamshire.

Now - Budget Cuts!

As you can expect, many people are questioning how the police can give crime prevention advice to the public, yet have large amounts of stuff stolen from inside police stations. But who are the culprits? That is the question on everyone’s lips. Could it be the officers themselves?

Well, in some cases it could well be, for official figures have recently shown that at least 944 serving police officers across the country either had criminal records before joining, or got one after. The Metropolitan Police, a force of more than 34,000 police and community support officers said 356 officers and 41 support officers had convictions.

Among the crimes committed by policemen and women are; burglary as a teenager – stealing car number plates, putting them on another vehicle and obtaining petrol without paying – dangerous driving – forgery – perverting the course of justice, and last but no least, perhaps the most despicable and dastardly of them all – fishing without a licence!!!!

You're Nicked!

The Home Office guidelines on the recruiting of police officers states candidates should have ‘proven integrity’ due to the pressures of the job, but do not indicate that applicants with a record cannot be hired, only those who have committed ‘serious offences’.

I guess, like many other things, its a ‘sign of the times’. Life, and more so people, ‘ain’t what they used to be’ and that’s a fact. It all goes to show that police officers are just as human as the rest of us, and they make the same mistakes we do. I for one am still glad we have them, even if there is the odd one who is not ‘a credit to the force’.

Happy New Year Folks!


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