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The Anti-Smoking Hype Raises Its Ugly Head Again

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From a news report it seems the British government is once more on the warpath against smokers. The latest in a long line of attacks against people smoking comes with the possible introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes. As if that will make a difference!

Lansley – Sorry! You Are Nuts!

It seems the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is of the opinion that cigarette manufacturers are extremely clever by choosing special colours for the packets to ‘entice you to buy’. In his words, the tobacco companies use certain colours to trigger memories and their brands constitute a type of advertising. The man talks a load of twaddle!

Smoking Children – An Every Day Sight

They have already tried health warnings and graphic pictures on cigarette packets, but did it help – No! They removed cigarette advertising – did it help – No! They removed cigarette vending machines, did it help – No! They have raised taxes many times on cigarettes and did it help – No! They banned smoking in public buildings and enclosed spaces but did it help – No! They raised the legal age at which cigarettes can be bought, did it stop our youth and children from ‘lighting up’ – Not on yer life! So to be honest, I fail to see why so much public money needs to be spent on a such a cockamamie idea, for it too will fail. The only up side to such a move, at least for the criminal element, will be to make it easier to sell counterfeit cigarettes. According to Jane Chisholm-Caunt, secretary-general of the TMA, said: “There is no reliable evidence plain packaging will reduce rates of youth smoking”, i.e. just like all the previous measures taken.

Cranes In Hospitals Soon To Be The Norm?

All the hype gushing forth from critics is about the current ‘strain’ on the NHS of treating smoking related diseases, for it is estimated that 100,000 deaths a year are caused by smoking, but I have news for these idiots, more people are dying and/or getting treatment for sickness related to obesity and being overweight than smoking, but that is never mentioned. Already obesity is causing almost half-a-million premature deaths in Europe, and Britain is the obese capital. In a few years time smoking related deaths will be looked upon as the good old times by the NHS as their wards fill up with people suffering from diabetes, heart conditions and blocked arteries as a result of not taking proper care of themselves or their children.

You Can Get Life Threateningly Fat – But You Can’t Smoke!

Considering that at the present time an estimated 1 in 2 of the British adult population are either overweight or obese, we have but seen the tip of the iceberg. So in about ten years time when all these people are dropping like flies what will governments do, start banning food in public places and putting graphic health warnings on packets of sausages? The mind boggles! It all comes down to one simple truth; smokers are an easy target and research is biased and/or not objective enough!

For example, the medical profession does not seem overly worried about all the airborne chemicals we breath on a daily basis from industry, cars and trucks, something that we all suffer from every day of our lives, especially in the towns and cities. Perhaps scientists’ time would be better employed making a comparison between cancer deaths etc. in cities as opposed to deaths in the countryside away from these pollutants. The different rates etc. may well surprise them.

You’ll Notice The Guy Is Wearing A Chem. Suit!

Another important factor is the amount of unnatural chemicals we throw down our throats every time we eat something. As the natural growing potential of  the soil has decreased over the years through ever-increasing production quotas, farmers have been adding more and more chemicals to the soil so they can continue to grow crops essential for the food chain, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of insecticide sprayed on crops. We, innocent as we are, enjoy our breakfast cereal and chemically enhanced meat, followed perhaps by an apple containing traces of an unknown insecticide. In my opinion this is doing us more harm than smoking the pure tobacco leaf which is a natural product, but few seem to make the connection.

Speaks For Itself

Governments worldwide can take whatever measures they like, but if people want to smoke they will, and should have the right to do so if they wish, providing of course they do not inconvenience others. Doctor’s have been jumping on the bandwagon for years and everything from warts to an ingrowing toenail is caused by smoking. Cut your finger and go to the doctor and the first thing they ask is ‘Do you smoke?” Bullshit!

We as a species have been smoking tobacco for more than six centuries, and while I fully agree that modern cigarettes are not good for the health in general, I think people should have free choice just like those who drink alcohol.

Some Of Many Additives

If governments want to take action it should be directed in a different direction i.e. at the chemical crap that tobacco manufacturers put in cigarettes these days. I believe the additives are far more dangerous than the basic tobacco leaf.

Chemical Additives

In 1994 the American government ordered cigarette manufacturers to provide a list of chemicals they add to cigarettes, and you will be amazed to hear that the list contained 599 different compounds. Research has also shown that cigarette smoke has 30 different chemicals. So what are the manufacturers doing to us? Well, one example is they add chemicals to make sure the cigarette will continue to burn even when placed in an ashtray. You will notice the difference if you smoke rolling tobacco, for when you put them down they go out. When you think about it, its a clever move. If you place a freshly lit cigarette in the ashtray and forget about it, when you come back you will light up another. Two for the price of one so to speak, and more money for them! Manufacturers have also been accused of adding compounds that increase addiction to nicotine.

Drying Tobacco Leaves

Considering the number of centuries that tobacco smoking has been around, I believe governments can better put pressure on the tobacco industry to ban these chemical additives completely, for in my opinion, its not so much the tobacco that causes all the problems, but more the chemical cocktail these unscrupulous companies add to it.

If the world’s governments wish to make war on tobacco let them at least aim their ammunition in the right direction.


New York And The Anti-Smoking Hype!

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New York is once again to take a stab at smokers by banning smoking in OUTDOOR places like parks, beaches and tourist locations  like Times Square. So it seems that smokers are now killing people outside in the fresh air as well as in crowded bars, restaurants and disco’s. I wonder who came up with that gem of knowledge?????

Never Mind The Car Fumes -NO Smoking!

This unprecedented step has been taken by Mayor Bloombergs office who are quick to cite some report or other that “suggests” anyone within three feet of a smoker OUTSIDE runs the same risk from passive smoke as someone indoors! Where do they get these idiots from? “Hey Buddy, this hurricane ain’t gonna save ya. Better stay upwind while I smoke”!!!

Probably another jumped up researcher trying to get his name in the papers based on very dodgy results. It’s happened before! Remember the idiot who tried to convince everyone that obesity was caused by a virus!!!!!!

This time however, even Martin Dockrell, director of research and policy at the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health (A.S.H), has stated “there is no clear evidence of a significant harm to health from second-hand outdoor tobacco smoke” I repeat: No clear evidence of significant harm!!! If A.S.H say that you bet your life savings on it being true!!

The big question on everyone’s mind is: Will the rest of the world follow New Yorks lead again? The answer is, quite probably, if they see New York getting away with it. 

Pot? Never Tried It - More Of A Traditionalist Myself.

In the past, both the Island of Jersey in the UK and Holland tried to ban smoking in vehicles, but that fell flat when the European Law Courts stated it was illegal, because the inside of a persons car is as much their private space as the home.

The anti-smoking lobby have gained much ground in recent years and they can’t wait to cite the latest figures for the number of people who have given up smoking. This is mainly because they can’t afford it any more due to the tax increases, not because they want to. One year after the legislation hit Britain apparently 400,000 people gave up ‘the weed’ according to researchers at UCL.

Comments on the news article show clearly that people consider the New York measure ‘over the top’, and quite rightly point out that people are at far greater risk from the countless cars and trucks passing day and night, but of course they are absolutely necessary while a smoker is not.

As a smoker, you walk around with a great big target attached to your back and everyone wants to have a go at you. Many are miserable people who look for any chance to complain, many are the sanctimonious ‘holier than thou’ crowd, and the rest are the ex-smokers who begrudge their brethren the pleasure because they were forced to give it up themselves. Either way, its more to do with personalities than a social health problem.

Non-Smokers Dream?

Here in Spain I have watched the transition after the government introduced it’s anti-tobacco laws on January 1st. Inside the cafe’s and bars there were few people, but outside on the terraces, wrapped up against the cold, were the smokers who were more numerous. There were occasional smirks aimed in their direction from some non-smokers.

Now the warmer weather is here, and the smokers are still outside on the terraces (minus jackets and jumpers), but would you believe some non-smokers are now complaining they have to sit inside because the outside tables are taken by smokers??????? Perhaps they would like to see all the smokers move back inside just for the summer? No, but wait, we can’t do that because the non-smokers banned us from smoking inside, right? Oh well! I guess they’ll just have to learn to live with the results of their complaining. Some people are just never satisfied and will keep complaining until their victim is dead and buried!

Please don’t imagine that I paint all non-smokers with the same brush so to speak. I know there is a lot of tolerance out there on both sides, and not everyone is ready to chop off the head of every smoker they see. The tolerance has to be there, and each side can repect the other without knives drawn. Smokers would react much more to a kind request than to a mouthful of vitriolic poison aimed at them at high volume, as has happened to me in the past.

I admit freely, I have been smoking for more than fifty years and enjoyed every minute of it, and when I look back at the times when every bar, cinema and restaurant was hazy with tobacco smoke, non-smokers must have died at the age of three from all the second-hand smoke they inhaled; I’m amazed to remember, it wasn’t so!

Time For A Quick Drag?

But how can that be? All the researchers today claim that second-hand smoke is a deadly killer and non-smokers are dying like flies! According to the pundits, smokers are dying too from a variety of cancers but that’s their own fault and they deserve no sympathy!

When I was very young there were no hospitals filled to capacity with smokers dying of cancer as research today suggests there should have been.

Yes people died, and yes some died of smoking related sickness, sometimes, but if you put credence in today’s “research”, three quarters of the population would have died from smoking related sickness in the forties and fifties because 90% of the population smoked! But they didn’t did they!!!!!

I’m sorry, I will be the first to admit that smoking is bad for you, and yes, it does cause cancer in some patients, but I’ll be darned if I’ll admit that it is the great satan its made out to be! And no, I am not in denial because I smoke!

I am not alone in my belief that the information spouted by many scientists and researchers today is less than a tad reliable, for each have their own agenda and the competition for funding is tough. As I see it, smoking is without doubt a contributor, but by no means the catalyst, for that we have to look elsewhere, like the pollutants in the air and in our food.

More Of A Culprit Than Tobacco Perhaps?

In those far-off times, people were not breathing in sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the huge quantities we do today, or the particles from our road transport and factories that float in the air ready to be scooped up by the first pair of lungs that comes along. Airborne particles from  e.g. car exhausts, account for a large proportion of lung cancer deaths in modern society each year, especially among city people, but guess what, its smoking that gets the blame, directly or indirectly!

What people have to realise is that humans have been smoking tobacco for many hundreds of years, although it only caught on in Europe in the 1600’s after Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back from the America’s.

History does not recall moments when non-smokers cried out in anguish: “You’re killing me with your smoke – Aaaarrrggghh”!

Nowadays’ some people are approaching paranoia when they see a smoker: Off with his head!

These feelings have been stoked by short-sighted research projects and, as often happens these days, massaged results! The ‘experts’ among us are so full of spouting  bullshit data like; “3,000 people a day die from smoking related disease”, but in truth they have no idea where this information came from or how it was obtained!!!

Non-Smoking Lab Rat

I once saw a TV documentary about research being done on mice and rats with the intention of proving a link between smoking and lung cancer. The creatures were in glass cases small enough to prevent any major movement, and cigarette smoke was continuously pumped through for them to breathe. The smoke was so thick they could only be seen where they touched the inside of the glass, and they were breathing only this until they died. The researcher’s excuse for causing a rat to breath only pure cigarette smoke, was; “it was an accelerated test to simulate many years smoking”. Yes, OK, but really, was that an objective test? On this side of Hell it wasn’t. No-one breathes pure cigarette smoke twenty-four hours a day do they, and as for ‘second-hand’ smoke…?

No, I am of the opinion that far more research needs to be aimed at pollutants in our atmosphere, many of which are already known to cause cancers, before we conveniently hang every smoker from the nearest tree. If my plea for more common sense is ignored, rest assured I have my tree already picked out!


Smoking Versus Obesity – The Cost

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For the last twenty years or so, smokers have been considered a legitimate target by health organizations, governments and ‘holier than thou’ pressure groups, all of whom have done their best to stop people lighting up. One of the many excuses touted was the cost to the health system of treating smoking related diseases.

Many years ago I gave my opinion on this issue and stated that the costs of obesity related diseases would eventually far outstrip those of smoking. Seems I was right!

A report issued this week by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states that the number of Health Service patients receiving operations to reduce obesity in English hospitals has risen ten-fold in the last decade.

In 2000 the NHS performed just 238 operations to help people who were over-weight, this rose to 2,543 in 2007, the last year for which figures are available. You can bet your last dollar this number has increased significantly between 2007 and 2010.

The interesting point is, that these operations are only for those who need to lose weight, and do not cover operations and/or treatments for obesity related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

Most of the operations were for ‘bypass’ or so-called ‘banding’, both of which are designed to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body. Put simply, a ‘bypass’ operation will re-route food into a small stomach pouch added by surgeons, and ‘banding’ entails placing an adjustable band around a portion of the stomach to reduce its size.

The reason given for this dramatic rise in operations is that obese patients are becoming more aware of the fact that surgical procedures can help them reduce weight.

Obesity in the UK, as in many other countries, has exploded during the last couple of decades as peoples standards of living increased, and they became less interested in their outward appearance. It is all about living the good life now-a-days and to hell with the consequences. The sad thing is, the consequences will not be denied.

Living on the Costa del Sol as I do, it amazes me how many of the tourists that come here are grossly overweight. They lay on the beaches like a herd of elephant seals endeavouring to get that perfect tan, before tottering back to their hamburgers, potato crisps and other fat laden foods, all the time wailing that it’s not their fault.

The most disturbing thing is the increase in tomorrow’s obese, i.e. the children. I find it scandalous that today’s parents do not make any effort to ensure their children don’t end up like them.

The number of obese people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems is rising year on year, and there are tens of thousands of future patients out there who will develop major health problems.

For the past half century, life expectancy has grown significantly in many nations, particularly the affluent west, but with the rise in obesity it is possible the trend will come to an abrupt halt until people realise the inherent dangers of eating too much.

In a few years time there is every possibility that the health system will be struggling to cope under the massive demand put on it by obese patients, and many an over-stretched hospital will be looking back at the ‘good old days’ when all they had to deal with were smoking related diseases.


Labour ‘Nanny’ State Just Got Worse

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It’s amazing what some politicians think they can get away with! Now the Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham promises he will cut the number of smokers in Britain by half by the year 2020. He advocates draconian measures to FORCE smokers to quit by clamping down on 200 million illegal cigarette imports, cracking down on cheap cigarettes, banning vending machines, introducing plain packaging, and last but not least, banning smoking in ALL public places, even entrances and walkways, plus in your OWN HOME and CAR. Who the hell does this little Hitler think he is?

Illegal cigarettes I can agree with, while other measures may be accepted, but it will never fly. As an example, imagine you are sitting in your lounge watching the television having a cigarette, when the police come busting in and arrest you for smoking because someone saw you through the window! I don’t think we have gone that far down the road to a police state as yet.

A couple of years ago Romania tried to ban drivers from smoking in cars and it failed for one simple reason, the interior of your car is deemed to be an extension of your home, and no-one has the right to dictate what you may and may not do in your own home. On the basis of Civil and Human Rights the law broke down and could not be imposed.

Are we however to reach the stage where we must hide ourselves away to have a cigarette when people get off scot-free for smoking reefers, hash and the like, which are all banned substances, murder, rape and burglary, but you can go to jail or be fined for smoking a normal cigarette in your own home!

The Anti-Smoking Brigade have become ever-more powerful over the years, and we hear as one of their, and the governments main arguments, the cost to the NHS of treating smoking related diseases. This has in my estimation been over dramatised, but more to the point, by 2020 the NHS will be faced by an even greater crisis that is currently getting bigger year by year (excuse the pun). That of Obesity!

This has reached epidemic proportions in Britain today, and is getting worse year on year. By 2020, experts have warned the cost to the NHS of obesity related sickness, e.g. diabetes and heart problems etc. will far outstrip the current costs of smoking. It is a time-bomb waiting to go off!

I am sure however Andy Burnham will have a ready answer to that. He will just ban eating in all public places, in your own home, and in your car!

How do these people get elected?


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