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Rape Capital Of Britain?

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Welcome To Rotherham

Welcome To Rotherham

Disturbing news came out of Rotherham in South Yorkshire today that puts an entire council to shame. A government independent inspection has determined that the entire council is totally ‘unfit for purpose’ and  ‘in denial’ about its short-comings. Never in the history of Britain has such a damning report been written about a local council.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said the political leadership in Rotherham is “wholly dysfunctional”, and called for their immediate resignation which will take place as soon as they can be replaced by government commissioners.

The council consists of 62 people, of which 9 members are of the UK Independence Party, 2 are Independent, 2 are Conservative and 49 are Labour, so clearly a total domination by Labour.

A Girl In Danger

A Girl In Danger

The main cause for concern has been the handling of a total of 1,400 rapes of young girls in the town over the past 16 years. That comes to a startling average of 87 rapes a year over that period. This figure does not include grooming activities by Muslim gangs.

Professor Alexis Jay criticised councillors saying, “In just over a third of cases, children affected by sexual exploitation were previously known to services because of child protection and neglect. It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.”

Looks Promising - Allah u Akbar!

Looks Promising – Allah u Akbar!

You will no doubt not be surprised to learn that almost all the rapes have been carried out by Pakistani Muslims who make up a mere 3.7% of the population.

In Yorkshire the Independent Police Complaints Commission refused to confirm that one police officer was under investigation and a further 20 in relation with their handling of such cases.

For a long time the newspapers have reported on the systematic rape of women in various countries like Pakistan and India where rape is an everyday thing. In these countries few women get through their lifetime without being raped at least once. It is a sad fact of the Muslim faith that men feel free to rape a woman without fear of retribution from the law, for the Qur’an states that women are subservient to men.

There have been many cases where western women have been brutally gang raped by a number of men, and little or nothing is done by the authorities to capture and punish the offenders in these countries.

LIKE HELL! And Look Where It Got Us!

LIKE HELL! And Look Where It Got Us!

Since Tony Blair opened the floodgates to any and every Muslim who wanted to come to Britain, the entire disgraceful practice has moved here along with them. Young girls and women no longer feel completely safe on the streets of our country, and this is borne out by the rapid rise in the number of rapes in Britain over the last twenty years.

Of course, rape is not the only thing for children and young women in Britain to fear, for there is also the possibility of sexual exploitation by these gangs as stated by Professor Jay.

The South Yorkshire Police have come under heavy criticism for failing to apprehend rape suspects and child groomers, and for the most part have done very little to curb the this rampant crime.

Sue Police

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan

One such person arrested and sentenced to four years in 2010 was the Pakistani paedophile Mohsin Khan who groomed a thirteen year old girl before violently assaulting her. He is now free and walks the streets of Rotherham. The big question is, why was he not deported? The fact that he was born here should not be taken into consideration in light of his crimes.

Any first or second generation  immigrant who commits serious crimes in the U.K. should be deported at the end of their sentence. We have to show these people that they will be accepted providing they respect our laws and culture, but if they refuse they get shipped out!


Winston Churchill Had Sex With Me

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Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill shoved his willy up my bum when I was three years old. OOH! Shock, horror! I remember it well, he came to our house in war-torn Reading looking for some relaxation from his duties as Prime Minister and took a fancy to me. My parents could not object because he was so famous.

Yea! Right! My claim is just as credible as those that are being made against other famous figures that are currently suffering under allegations from forty or fifty years ago, like Cliff Richard and today, Prince Andrew. I do not believe a word of these ridiculous claims any more than I would that the man in the Moon really exists!

He Sure As Hell Did!

He Sure As Hell Did!

Ever since the Jimmy Saville news broke there have been countless claims of molestation against various stars and famous personalities dreamed up by old women looking for a moment of fame, or more likely some form of compensation. These people are destroying the reputation of famous people just to get their name in the papers.

There can be little doubt that the accusations against Saville are true and it was unfortunate that he died before he could face justice. Some of the other people mentioned in the past year could also be guilty, but imagine being faced with a star struck young girl who will do anything to take away a lasting memory of you. As a young man it would be a huge effort to say no.

Beatles Fan Overcome With Emotion

Beatles Fan Overcome With Emotion

During the sixties, with the coming of rock groups like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis etc, girls who went to their shows were fainting, crying, and screaming their heads off, overcome by the sheer emotion of the moment and would do anything to get close enough to touch these performers. It was adoration taken to ridiculous lengths. Any girl who got close enough would literally throw themselves at their pop idol just for the thrill of having any form of physical contact, and of course be able to tell their friends. I know I have seen it.

In many cases these young girls managed to get backstage and would stalk the stars and even sneak into their dressing rooms. Such was their hysteria that to be kissed or groped by them was the ultimate moment. For the stars themselves it was always a game of ‘cat and mouse’ as they tried to get out of the theatre without being mobbed.

Elvis Fans

Elvis Fans

Now today, thirty, forty or more years later, these same women are coming forward claiming they were ‘raped’ or ‘groped’ by these stars. So my question is, why did they wait so long to come forward? IF a crime was committed, why wait half a lifetime before coming forward and accusing these ageing stars? The same can be said about the current allegations against Prince Andrew.

It would appear that if you are, or were famous, any upstart can come forward with absurd claims of sexual impropriety and be believed.

It's Often About The Money

It’s Often About The Money

One of the main reasons I believe is the quest for some form of monetary compensation that can often be large amounts if the court finds for the plaintiff. It has nothing to do with the original act, brought about by the obsession for notoriety among their friends. If something happened in the sixties, why wait fifty years before coming forward, instead of going to the Police immediately afterwards.

At the time, if you could tell your friends that you got into so and so’s dressing room and were either ‘groped’ or had sex with them, you were a star in your own right among your friends, who naturally were all jealous.

Name Dragged In The Mud!

Name Dragged In The Mud!

The one thing that got me incensed recently was the disgraceful events surrounding the allegations against Sir Cliff Richard, where the BBC were allowed to even film the search of his property while the Police looked for evidence. What did they expect to find? Perhaps it was DNA from a display of ancient used condoms Cliff kept in a closet!

For this many heads should roll, and not just among the Police. The most shameful thing about the whole episode was that he knew nothing about it and was not even in country!

Now allegations are being made about Prince Andrew who is supposed to have had sex with a woman when she was under-age in three separate locations, i.e. London, New York and a Caribbean island. It all smells very fishy to me! If these allegations should prove to be untrue this woman should be locked up for a long time.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew

There can be little doubt that the Prince chose badly when he became friends with Jeffry Epstein who is supposed to have ‘forced’ under-aged girls into having sex, but that does not necessarily mean that the Prince is guilty. I am sure the girl, even if she was under-age would have enjoyed the rich lifestyle she was forced to ‘suffer’ at the hands of Epstein. Also, if she was under-age at the time why has it taken fourteen years for her to come forward?

No, I’m sorry but none of this holds water for me, and since the hundreds of women who have come forward in the last year about illegal sex with stars I don’t believe a word of it. These women have an ulterior motive behind their coming forward, either money or notoriety. I just feel sorry for the innocents whose reputation have been irrevocably damaged by these allegations.

In conclusion I wish to apologise to the Churchill family for using Winston’s name in this post. He was a great man, and without doubt saved this country from being trampled underfoot by the Nazi scourge. God Bless Him!


Weekend Laugh

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It’s weekend and time to enjoy everything that makes you happy. Read on and put yourself in the mood.

The Doctor’s Visit

A man goes to his doctor and complains that his wife hasn’t wanted to have sex with him for the past six months. The doctor tells the man to bring his wife in, so he can talk to her and hopefully determine what the problem is.

The following day, the wife goes to the doctor’s office. The doctor asks her what’s wrong, why doesn’t she want to have sex with her husband?

“Oh, that’s easily explained. For the past six months,” the wife says, “I’ve been taking a cab to work every morning. I don’t have any money.” The cab driver asks me, “Are you going to pay today, or what?’ So, I take an ‘or what.’

“Then, when I get to work,” she continues, “I’m late, so the boss asks me, ‘Are we going to write this down in the book, or what?’ So, I take an ‘or what.’

“I take a cab to go home after work and, as usual, I have no money. The cab driver asks me again, ‘So, are you going to pay this time, or what?’ Again, I take an ‘or what’. So you see, doc, by the time I get home I’m all tired out and don’t want it anymore.”

“Yes, I see,” replies the doctor. “So, are we going to tell your husband, or what?”



Someone Doesn’t like Fosters?

This lass says to me, “I gave my first ever blow job to my boyfriend today. Afterwards I had a pint of Fosters. Well, I had to do something to get that horrible taste out of my mouth. So I gave him another blow job”.



Three Women And A Poor Man

A man was sitting on a blanket at the beach. He had no arms and no legs. Three women, from England, Wales, and Scotland, were walking past and felt sorry for the poor man.

The English woman said, “Have you ever had a hug?” The man said, “No,” so she gave him a hug and walked on.

The Welsh woman said, “Have you ever had a kiss?” The man said, “No,” so she gave him a kiss and walked on.

The Scottish woman came to him and said, “‘ave ya ever been fooked, laddie?” The man broke into a big smile and said, “No.”

She said, “Well ya will be when the tide comes in.”


The Travelling Salesman

A travelling salesman, out on the road for two months, was beginning to feel lonely and horny. He stopped in at a bar, ordered a drink and asked the bartender what men did for fun around here. The bartender told him to go to room at the top of the stairs and wait for Vanessa. He did.

Soon the door opened to reveal the most beautiful black woman he had ever seen. “Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I’m $20,” she said. Much to his dismay the salesman had only $18, which he promptly offered. “Vanessa does not lower her standards for anyone,” she said. “I’ll send up Angela.”

A few minutes later a beautiful white woman appeared, took his money and treated him to a wonderful evening of sucking and fucking.

Twenty-five years later while on vacation, the salesman found himself in the same bar talking to the same bartender.

“Bet you don’t remember me,” he said. “Sure I do,” replied the bartender. “You’re the guy that knocked up Angela 25 years ago. That’s your son at the end of the bar. He’s been in every night for ten years, hoping to meet his daddy.

The salesman went over to the boy and said, “Son, I think I may be your daddy.”

The boy said, “Great! What is my last name?” “Bardowski,” the salesman said.

“Oh, no,” said the boy, “you mean that I waited ten years to find out that I’m Polish?”

“Hey, kid,” the salesman said, “two dollars more and you’da been black too!”


Old Golfers

A couple of old guys were golfing when one mentioned that he was going to go to Dr. Steinberg for a new set of dentures in the morning. His elderly buddy remarked that he, too, had gone to the very same dentist two years before.

“Is that so?” asked the first old guy. “Did he do a good job? “The second oldster replied, “Well, I was on the golf course yesterday when a guy on the next fairway hooked a shot. The ball must have been going at least 180 mph when it slammed me right in the nuts.”

The first old guy was confused and asked, “What the hell does that have to do with your dentures?”

His partner replied, “It was the first time in two years my teeth didn’t hurt.”


Band Aid

I tried to download the new Band-Aid song to raise money for victims of the Ebola outbreak, but my anti-virus software wouldn’t let me.


When I was a kid… I thought earwigs were nasty bugs that crawled out of your ear, and then I was scared stiff when I heard about… cockroaches.

I hope you feel good right now. Have a good weekend.






Is Sex Art?

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Would you have sex with a gaggle of people watching? No, neither would I, but it seems some people in Denmark consider this an art form!  Annie Poulsen, who is the project manager of the exhibition currently being shown in Silkeborg Denmark, is of the opinion that a couple having real sex in front of an ogling crowd of spectators in a gallery is art.

Sorry, This is All I’m Going To Show You!

It must take a special kind of man and woman to be willing to take off their clothes and perform the sex act in such conditions. It must take a really strange mentality to even imagine that such a thing can be called art. But there again, if a painting that a child of six or a monkey could do sells for millions of dollars what else do you expect.

If someone does decide to have sex in public there are always people who want to watch so there is no surprise there, because we are a breed with an insane streak of curiosity and in many cases pure lechery. Well, all these people should be happy!

In a radio interview with the BBC, Annie Poulsen said that the ‘performers’ would be on stage for three hours. Well, if that is so, all I can say is he in particular must have one hell of a lot of stamina, in a man that’s every woman’s dream, right? It also makes you wonder if they had to practice for many weeks before the exhibition opened. Now there’s a thought! Actually I can just imagine one of the watchers asking the guy his name and getting the reply: Thor. I hope you got that little gem!

The world of art is a very strange place filled with lots of strange people, but you know what they say, “Different strokes for different folks”! and I chose that saying carefully. It makes you wonder what these idiots will come up with next.


Crazy? You couldn’t Make It Up! Season 1 Episode 4

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Gimmee Some Peas

Today we begin with the tale of a cat that most certainly has nine lives. A black and white 1 year-old was trapped in a warehouse freezer kept at a constant -2*C for a period of four weeks, and survived. The cat apparently entered the warehouse freezer from the back of a lorry and was seen on several occasions over a period of a month by warehouse staff, but they couldn’t catch him. It was only when the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were called in that the animal was rescued. It seems the cat survived the big freeze by eating frozen peas and licking moisture from cartons. The poor thing did not escape scot-free however for it was necessary to amputate its tail and ears which had suffered frostbite. Thankfully it has made a full recovery and is now with a new owner. Not quite a case of ‘curiosity killed the cat’ thank goodness!!!

Move Boy -Go Do Yoga!

The Labour government has come up with another amazing scheme that is to say the least, laughable. They are currently hiring 1000 ‘Lifestyle Coaches’, and their job – teach child ‘couch-potato’s’ yoga and cheer-leading. So how does that grab you? The funny part about this ridiculous waste of public funds is at the same time they are doing this, they are selling off all the school sports fields where children could be doing sports. Yoga and cheer-leading will I suspect be bottom on the list of priorities of today’s computer and gaming youth. Far better I would have thought to have them doing sports during school hours so they get to move their little fat backsides once in a while!!!

I Got More Bugs Than I Used To!

It ceases to amaze me how scientists can come up with the craziest research and call it science. Today a team from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia have come up with the theory that obesity is caused by a ‘tummy bug’ that makes you eat. In the journal ‘Science’ they say tests carried out on mice, but relevant to humans, indicates a bug in the digestive tract that makes you want to eat more. Out the window go all the theories that fat people get that way from over-eating and lack of exercise. So if you are obese you can blame something other than your own self indulgence. Phew! You see, it’s not my fault!!!

Ughhhh! Yes! Yes!

Parents of children attending East Wol Primary School in Legbourn Lincolshire, are livid at the fact their 7 year-old darlings have been shown a controversial Channel 4 Cartoon video about SHHHH! S-E-X! The fuss is about a sex education video made by Channel 4 that has been circulating in schools  for almost ten years and has been very well received. One mother, who took her child out of the school said; “The cartoon was very graphic. My daughter was frightened and children have unfortunately been copying what they have seen“(Oops!). She went on; “Seven to nine-year-olds should not possess this knowledge. There is no educational or psychological benefit or need for children of this age to have full knowledge of what sexual intercourse actually entails.” It would seem the cartoon is extremely explicit, with the voiceover saying it is exciting (that rather depends on how good your partner is)!!!

Urghh! My Head!

You should be happy to know that you do not need to suffer a hangover after the night before anymore. I bet that’s good news to a lot of people! A team of researchers from South Korea’s Chungnam National University’s College of Pharmacy found that if oxygen is added to alcoholic drinks you do not get a hangover after consuming large amounts. It would seem that the elevated oxygen levels break down the alcohol much quicker in the body and increase the metabolism. The down-side, there has to be one, you do not stay drunk as long as you used to be. Bummer!!!!

Last but not least, a tale from the US. Eliza Gonzalez of New Jersey carved a copy of the Venus De Milo statue on her front lawn

Modesty Madness

and had many people stop by to admire it. The statue was without head and arms, cut off from the knees…….and just like the original, naked! And that was the problem. While many people admired her handiwork, one of her neighbours complained to the police. So along comes the black and white complete with two baffled police officers who tell her she has to cover ‘the naughty’ bits or tear it down. Hence, Venus de Milo a’ la New Jersey now wears a bikini top and a beach wrap. Some people should be put out of our (their) misery!!!

Stay Happy. Till next time.


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