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Christmas Shopping In July?

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It must seem totally nuts to many people that some High Street shops are now offering Christmas goods in the middle of the summer holiday season.

In July?

Year on year Christmas items have made their first appearance in the shops ever earlier, when traditionally it was always in the lead-up to this festive season i.e late November and December. Now it seems the drive for profit is advancing the date every year.

A Christian Christmas Starts In Church

There is no doubt that Christmas is now more about making money than the religious celebration it once was, after all, there are probably more atheists than Christians  around these days.

A Time For Children

Apart from the few good Christians left in our society, usually among the elderly, Christmas has become a time for the children, who greedily wait to see what they will receive this year. Meanwhile, the adults concentrate on the food, drink and office party aspect.

A Family At Christmas

The one thing that has remained constant is Christmas being a time when families come together, and that cannot be bad at all. Once a year, relatives appear from all corners of the land, often at Mother’s house, to chat about their lives and how they are doing. The usual promises are made to ‘keep in touch’, but are mostly forgotten by January 2nd.

But really, do we need to ‘Christmas shop’ in July? I can’t help but think this sort of practice will eventually destroy once and for all the true meaning of Christmas, not that there is much of that left these days.

Harrod's At Christmas

It would seem that the shops concerned, like Harrod’s and Selfridge’s who are the first, are apparently out to capture tourist trade ‘bucks’, for they believe tourists will want to shop for Christmas goods while on holiday in London. It is true I suppose that some chinese tourists for example, may be attracted by the Christmas baubles that hang in the windows. It is almost certain that other shops will now want to get in on the act, but I can’t imagine business being brisk. But there again, you never know – It is after all a crazy world!


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