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Is Brexit A Good Thing For Britain?

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BrexitOur country was almost split in half by the referendum, with a 17+ million lead in voting for Brexit, so where does that leave us? Well, so far as the losing side is concerned, many are clamoring for a second referendum, but I don’t think that will solve the problems. We have voted by a majority to leave and that is that.

Demonstration For Europe

The Young Demonstrate For A Return To Europe

Over the last six days we have seen demonstrations, and gloom because the pound fell and the FTSE fell dramatically, giving everyone the impression that we were heading down a deep hole. But look at the situation now, just six days later, and the pound is back up, the FTSE is back up and so are most of the other financial indicators. Many who thought about this hard, and I was one of them, knew that everything would bounce back after a few days.

The country’s youth are crying out for us to get back in the E.U., but for what reason? Do they think the flow of immigrants will cease if we get back in? Do they think we can regain control of our justice system from the Human Rights Commission that have turned it into a farce? Do they honestly think we can retain control of how our country is run once those idiots in Brussels initiate their plan to formalize the ‘Union of European States’?

European Commission

These People Decide What We Can And Cannot Do!

As I said in my last post, already the European Commission is making more than 53% of our laws, and we are fast coming under the heel of the Brussels jackboot! If we continue under their leadership they will be running the whole country, and its not just us, but every country in the bloc.

If you really think about it we have got out just in time, for I do not want to be fully controlled by those un-elected fools in Brussels. You cannot think of just the here and now, you have to take into account what will happen in the future. Already they have plans for every nation in the union to have the twelve gold stars of the Union prominently imprinted on every national flag.

Why the Scottish people are so up in arms about staying in the Union I really cannot guess, for they are surely shortsighted if they think their country will be better off in it. Considering all the points I have already mentioned I doubt if they will be happy being just a tiny cog in a huge machine with the Commission deciding what they can and cannot do. For once these people take over control of all the nations in the bloc, the Scottish M.P’s will be standing in the dole queue. You need to look ahead before you decide what path you will follow, and they certainly have not done that. I might say that goes for all the young people who voted to stay.

Wing Construction

Airbus Wing Construction In Britain

Many say we are headed for trouble because we will lose heavily in trade with the Union, but that is not so. Most companies are not going to suddenly rip up contracts with British companies because we have left. We have one of the best manufacturing bases in Europe and our expertise is widely known. In my last post I mentioned that Airbus will not be cancelling its contract for the airbus wings that are made in Britain, and many other companies will follow.

On top of that, already countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many more have expressed their interest in doing trade with us. So in effect, we will be heading once more for a global trading system that served us well in the past.

Britain is far from dead, in fact we are awakening from the deep sleep we have been in since 1975. I see in the future a lot of international trade, and our country will rise out of the mud it has been stuck in for a long time. We will be free to make our own choices, make our own laws once again, and rid ourselves of all these benefit draining parasites that are living here at the expense of every true Brit. It will then be possible to enact laws that do not allow any benefit payments until those that require them have paid into the system for perhaps three or four years, much like Germany.

Muslim Rapists

Our Great Shame

We will be able to rid ourselves of Muslim rapists and criminals that are clogging up our prison system, and shut the door to all the benefit seeking migrants. Only those with qualifications would be allowed in to fill jobs that need filling. The rest we turn away.

We will also be able to regain control of our education system which at the moment is being taken over by immigrants. Immigrant children are being sent to our schools without any knowledge of the English language, and our children are suffering heavily because many classes are given in Arabic by immigrant teachers. Our children are left on the wayside and cannot get a proper education. What does that say for the future of our children? You won’t be able to change any of this if we remain in the E.U., because Brussels insists we maintain open borders and lay out the welcome mat!

It's Done

Time To Cut The Ropes

So if you are one of those who think we should remain in the Union, think about this for a while. Britain needs to control its own destiny, and the only way to do that is for us to make our own decisions on what we do, and not be dictated to by Brussels. So out is the only way. In less than five years time the population of Britain will be very grateful that we took this step today.

We were once the greatest nation on this planet, and although we will never see those days again, we will survive, and at least be free to decide our own future.


The Destruction Of A Nation From The Inside

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Strange though it may seem, the United Kingdom is now in more danger than even during the threat of Nazi invasion in  the dark days of 1940. Britain withstood the might of Hitler during the Second World War by fighting the common foe together, but now, sad to say the threat of destruction comes from the inside, and there is no defence.

Sorry! Couldn't Resist A Dig At Alex!

Sorry! Couldn’t Resist A Dig At Alex!

This all due to one man, Alex Salmond and his ambition to go down in history as the man who ‘freed’ Scotland from Britain after three hundred years.

Yes or NoWith now four days to the referendum on Scotland breaking away from the rest of the United Kingdom, the entire country has reached a crisis point from which it will probably never recover.  It does not matter if Salmond gets a Yes or No vote, irreparable damage has already been done.

The biggest worry will be the economic impact of a Yes vote. Many major companies and banks have already said they will leave Scotland if that happens. Even if the No camp win, there will still be major damage to the U.K. economy. The costs either way will be enormous, and as everyone knows, we can’t afford it.

RBS Pulling Out?

RBS Pulling Out Among Others?

Already we have seen investors pull out a massive £16.6 billion from the British economy because they are running scared of the impact of a Yes vote. Many are indicating that economic chaos will follow in the wake of Salmond getting his way. Even the European Union countries are holding their collective breath, scared that he will win. There can be little doubt that economic turmoil will follow if he does, and that will damage the U.K. economy in ways we have not yet thought about. It will also cause major problems on the international stage, for if Scotland breaks away it will no longer be considered a part of the E.U., and needless to say, Britain’s standing in the international community will also be damaged.

HMS Argyll

HMS Argyll

In today’s newspaper reports, the question of defence has been raised due to the demands on our armed forces Salmond is making if he wins. Should the Scottish people vote in favour of separating from the rest of the U.K. he is demanding that we hand over aircraft, ships and Army regiments to the value of £10 billion to form a Scottish Defence Force. The British Navy is at its lowest level for more than 500 years in the number of ships etc., but Salmond is demanding that Westminster provide 2000 sailors, plus reserves to man the two ships he wants. He will also demand RAF ground-crew and equipment to keep his 12 Typhoons in the air.

Should Cameron be obligated to fulfil this agreement, such a small force would never be able to defend Scotland, and it would weaken the U.K. to the extent where we too would be all but helpless.

Britain's Nuclear Deterrent Based At Faslane

Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent Based At Faslane

At such a challenging time in world history I find this extremely disconcerting, for it reduces the effectiveness of Great Britain’s defence capabilities, and international cooperation with the likes of NATO. Other nations have already intimated their concern at such a move. There is currently talk of Britain’s nuclear deterrent having to move to the United States for it would no longer be able to remain at Faslane in Scotland. Can you imagine such a ridiculous situation, our deterrent based in a country 3,500 miles away?

Even if the No camp win the damage has already been done. Cameron and his cronies have promised more devolution for Scotland in such an event as a measure to sway voters into the No camp. Naturally, as you can expect, Wales and Northern Ireland will want their share of that too, which eventually will mean the slow erosion of what was once the United Kingdom.

English Counties

English Counties

I read an article on devolution from London going even further with more power being handed to cities within the country. Its seems they would be allowed to handle tax-raising and spending powers among other things with directly elected mayors. I suppose you could liken the idea to the American State system.

The one thing that is certain is we need a clear-out in Westminster, for the three main parties have done nothing to alleviate the problems within the country. Labour can best be described as traitorous, the Conservatives as gutless, and the Liberals as a waste of space. The way all three parties have handled this Scotland affair among others, certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

Anyway, come Thursday the Scottish people will sign the death-knell for the country my father, and many of yours, died for during the Second World War.


Scottish MP Condemns UK Immigration Policy

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I found it quite discomforting to read today that a Scottish External Affairs minister Humza Yousaf, has severely criticized the current UK government policy on reducing the flow of immigrants by saying it is damaging the Scottish economy. At first my hackles rose and I thought: Who the hell does he think he is? I read on and realized he is just misguided.

Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousaf

Mr. Yousaf says that Scotland needs skilled workers, and curbing the flood of immigrants coming into the United Kingdom every month is damaging that. There are several things Mr, Yousaf has not taken into consideration.

Firstly, if Scotland needs skilled workers why do they not recruit them from the hundreds of thousands currently living off the tax payer in England. Surely an advertising campaign inviting these people to apply for jobs in Scotland should attract them, and believe me, the Scots are more than welcome to them.

Secondly, what Mr, Yousaf does not take into account is that most of the immigrants, mainly Muslim, are nothing more than layabouts who are quite happy to live off the state and do nothing for it. But there again, take them all Mr, Yousaf and you are welcome to them. Maybe you can get them to work for a living.

Thirdly, what he seems to forget is that practically all the immigrants coming into the country live in England, for I believe very few move north of the border. Maybe its just because they don’t want to live in Scotland. Perhaps that is also the reason why so many Scots have moved south over the decades. London, Manchester, Leeds and towns like Bradford seem to attract these people like flies because they find entire boroughs of their own kind. In Tower Hamlets London for example, you probably won’t find an English face anywhere.

Granted, many Eastern European workers do come here to find jobs and most are successful, so if there is a skills shortage in Scotland start campaigning to get some of them to move North Mr. Yousaf! As for the rest, most are here merely to sponge off the state, but you are welcome to them too.

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

There is a fine line to be drawn between honest individuals who come here to find work because they cannot in their homeland, and the millions of hangers-on who come here merely for the perks and the free room and board, but either way you are welcome to them Mr, Yousaf. I am sure the Scottish people would be more than glad to care for them. Neither the British government or the people are stopping them from moving north if they so desire.

Patrick Harvie, who is co-convener for the Scottish Green Party, said in an interview that: “attitudes to immigration differed in Scotland, as well as economic needs north and south of the border”. Well Mr Harvey, you are probably right but that is because the Scottish tax payer doesn’t have to support them. He also said: “I’ve canvassed in Scotland and I’ve canvassed with my colleagues in the Green Party in England, and it’s very clear to me that there is a degree of hostility which exists in some parts of England towards immigration and immigrants which doesn’t exist here, or not nearly to the same degree”. He continued: “We have not had the experience of people coming in in large numbers simply to take advantage of the benefits system, and if we did see that in Scotland I think public opinion would change radically”. You bet your ass it would!

UK Asylum Applications 1979-2009.
Guess When Tony Blair Came To Power!

If Scotland had been deluged in immigrants like England has ever since the traitor Tony Blair came to power, they would be thinking the same as we are. I am sure the Scottish people would not wish to see the fabric of their nation torn apart from the inside, our traditions, beliefs and laws spat upon by Muslim radicals who even spit at the corpses of our dead troops being paraded through the streets of Wootton Basset.

By all means take them all Mr, Yousaf for we will be glad to see the back of them. If I had my way, every one of them that is not self-supporting would be rounded up and shipped over the border to you. Then we’ll see how much damage is done to the Scottish economy!

The Scots May Lift Their Skirts To England – Again!

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The debate about Scotland possibly leaving the United Kingdom has taken another turn this week with independent experts saying that Scotland would be out of the UN, NATO and the EU if they decide to break away from the rest of Britain next year. Something I am sure perhaps even Alec Salmond hasn’t thought of.

Salmond's Dream

Salmond’s Dream

In the opinion of the International Law experts, leaving the UK would give Scotland the status of a “new state” and it would have to re-apply to these bodies for membership. This in itself would perhaps not be such huge hurdle, but what interests me more is the Scottish Nationalist Party’s (SNP) claim that the country would survive economically on its farming, fishing and oil revenues. That I find hard to believe.

Let’s take a closer look at these claims. First of all farming brought in a total of £630m during the year 2008 to the economy. Farming output is around £230billion of which £400m is exported. The rest is for home consumption. Around 75% of Scottish land is given over to agriculture and employs around 65,000 people with a further 250,000 in related industry, which is 1 in 10 of the population. The average income of a Scottish farmer is £40,000 per annum.

Whiskey is another mainstay of the economy in Scotland and contributes £2.7billion to the Scottish Gross Value Added (GVA). The industry employs 10,000 workers and has a gross income of £460m per year. The production of Scotch whiskey provides a further 35,000 associated jobs and creates a value of nearly £3.9 billion each year in profits and wages (GVA) across the Scottish economy.

Scottish Business Doesn't Like The Idea

Scottish Business Doesn’t Like The Idea

By far the biggest problem for Scotland is the oil. Alec Salmond seems to think the country sits on a goldmine of oil and gas that will provide all the country needs in the way of revenue. This is not so! Experts are of the opinion that by 2020 the oil will start drying up and by 2040 is likely to be non-existent. This will prove a major headache for anyone who has placed all their bets on these products to support the economy in the future.

Also, this North Sea ‘gold’ is expensive to extract and is largely dependent on the market price of oil. Should the price drop to around $90 a barrel, 23 billion barrels of oil and gas could still be extracted and a profit made. At $70 a barrel this falls to 16.5 billion barrels, any more and the extraction process costs overtake the profits. Its is estimated that the oil and gas revenues have accounted for 13% and 23% of Scotland’s economy during the past two years which in anyone’s terms is a large slice. So you see that oil is hardly going to keep the Scottish economy afloat for very long.

There is little faith in the minds of economists that the farming and whiskey industries will be sufficient to prop up the economy despite what Alec Salmond and the SNP say. Scotland has seen a constant £41b deficit in its budget, and that includes all the oil and gas revenues. Should Alec Salmond still decide to ‘go it alone’ this will mean severe economic problems for the Scottish people at some point in the future when the government must get the economy figures balanced.

Not The Economy Foundation It Appears To Be

Not The Economy Foundation It Appears To Be

Michael Moore, MP for Scotland said: “….in the last 30 years, the UK and Scottish Governments have spent £197bn more in Scotland than the total tax generated in Scotland.” He continued: “If you had allocated every single penny of oil and gas revenues to Scotland over the past 30 years – a figure of £156 billion – then you would still fall £41 billion short of what both governments have actually invested in Scotland”.

Defence is another thorny issue for Scotland which currently comes under the United Kingdom defence forces. In the event of a break-away, the country will be expected to provide its own defence forces at an estimated cost of £1.8billion. Under present arrangements, Scotland contributes only £0.3billion under the combined UK defence policy so this will add a large amount to Scottish government costs.

When the Scottish people vote to leave the United Kingdom many will not realize exactly what that means, and Alec Salmond is not likely to tell them. The entire infrastructure of the country will need to be overhauled, including the introduction of new government departments in areas where Scotland is currently covered from Westminster. Tax, health, employment, foreign office, defence and many other ministries will need to be set up as the country begins to look after its own business, and all this at a huge cost.

If the split takes place The UK government will have to do much to assist in the setting up of this new land and the cost will be born by the UK taxpayer, but once the transition is complete, the Scottish people should not think they can come back ‘cap in hand’ to Whitehall when the real difficulties start.

What The Scottish People Think

What The Scottish People Think

There is little doubt that should the Scottish people decide to break away from the United Kingdom there will be very hard times ahead and the general public don’t even know the half of it. In my opinion, this whole idea of Scottish independence has come about with one purpose only – to glorify the name of Alec Salmond as the ‘man who led Scotland out from under the English yoke’, and that doesn’t include his political ambitions!

I just hope the Scottish people think long and hard with their minds, and not their hearts when the time comes, for it is a very big and dangerous step to take, attractive though it may seem on the surface.


On Scottish Independence

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Recently the headlines have been full of the spat between members of the Scottish  Nationalist Party (SNP) and David Cameron the British Prime Minister, which once again has given some publicity to the SNP’s push for Scottish independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. The big question is though; do the Scots really want independence from the rest of Britain?

Alex Salmond – A Man With A Mission?

If you believe Alex Salmond the leader of the SNP, then the answer will be a resounding yes in favour, however, if you look at the result of polls taken among Scottish people then the answer is definitely no! According to a recent poll 54% definitely wanted to stay in the Union while only 29% (mostly under 30’s) wanted full independence for Scotland. I guess the remaining 25% are still trying to decide.

But still Mr. Salmond is going ahead with his referendum, and still he hopes to lead ‘his’ country to independence by ‘hook or by crook’. He even wants the referendum be held on or near the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn on the 24 June 2014 which was a significant Scottish victory in the Wars of Scottish Independence. If ever a day was to inspire Scottish patriotism that would be it, and he obviously hoped it would be enough to swing the vote his way.

N.S. Oil Production is Falling

Independence for Scotland would be fraught with peril, for the country does not have any real industry that can fully support the economy, and that is an important factor. Alex Salmond always used to quote the North Sea oil and gas fields as the main money-maker for Scotland, but they are close to drying up, and will be producing only a third of their peak 1999 production by 2020, and certainly will not sustain the Scottish economy for very long.

Not Enough To Sustain the Economy

The country has always been famous for its fine whiskey, but again, this industry, while well established and an obvious survivor, is nowhere near large enough to prop up the economy. Shipbuilding used to be the major Scottish industry with the shipyards on the Clyde, but the deadly strikes of the fifties were enough to practically kill off the entire industry in the whole of Great Britain. So to be honest, I cannot see how Mr. Salmond hopes to finance his independence in the short or long term.

Ever since the last election he has been beating his gums about leaving the Union even though he must have known from poll results that he was preaching to a minority of Scottish people. I have always had the impression that Alex Salmond is a man with an axe to grind who is determined to tear Scotland away from the rest of Britain no matter what anyone says, including his fellow countrymen!

The Voice Of Reason

In his outburst yesterday he accused David Cameron of ‘dictating conditions’ governing the timing and content of the referendum. It seems to this observer that what the Prime Minister is worried about is the legality of Salmond’s referendum plans. Cameron has never said he is against it, he just wants it to be held in an impartial way and in accordance with the law. In my view he is quite correct when he says that any referendum held for independence in any one of the  four nations that make up the United Kingdom affects the remaining members, and therefore, each must ensure it is correctly done. The British Prime Minister also believes that the referendum should have one basic question put to the Scottish voters: Do you wish for full independence for Scotland – yes or no? Salmond on the other hand is clouding the issue with other questions like: Do you wish to see further devolution? David Cameron has stated that the referendum should be held in 2013 and if Salmond is not willing to do it, he will do it himself.

Scottish Pride

Why for example does Salmond insist that the referendum is held in 2014? Because this is the year of the 700th Bannockburn celebrations, and when Scotland hosts the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup, all events that will give a tremendous boost to Scottish pride. He wants to tag on this future defining referendum during these celebrations as an afterthought? Come on Salmond! – Do you think the Scottish people are stupid and can’t see through your little charade? In a year when Scotland is centre-stage and Scottish pride at its maximum, he hopes that will be enough to swing the much needed votes his way from people who are on a ‘patriotic high’, and may not fully realise the implications of their actions.

If you put all the cards on the table there is not a hope in hell that Scotland can survive on its own economically, which means in effect the country will always be dependent on the rest of the UK. However, if the Scottish people do vote for full independence then they should have to manage on their own without being ‘propped up’ by money from English, Welsh and Northern Irish taxpayers. Fair is fair, you cannot ‘have your cake and eat it too’ as we all know.

Johann Lamont – Plain Speaking

Today (12/1) Salmond is being accused of sleight-of-hand even by members of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Labour SMP Johann Lamont accused Salmond of dictating terms to Holyrood and refusing to allow full government cross-party talks on the subject. Salmond also wants 16 and 17 year-olds to be allowed to vote in the referendum for he knows most of the backing for independence comes from the young Scots today.

I have always believed that Alex Salmond is doing this for Alex Salmond, not for Scotland or any other noble purpose. I think he means to go down in history as the man who brought Scotland ‘out from under England’s shadow’ single-handed, and of course he would not really want the job of Scotland’s first President, but would feel bound to accept it if it were ‘forced ‘ on him by a grateful party. Poppycock Salmond!

The Scottish Government

So you see, if the Scottish people can see through Alex Salmond’s con job in the Scottish Parliament, the whole episode will be a non-event and with luck Salmond’s political career will be over. On the other hand, should he be successful in bamboozling the Scottish voters into voting yes it will be a disastrous day for Scotland, and a sad loss for the rest of the British Isles. I hope common sense prevails.


Crazy! You Couldn’t Make It Up. Series 1 Episode 7

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Last week has seen a bumper crop of weird news stories. Everything from an actors embarrassing moment, to prisoners making an imaginative escape.

Actor Channing Tatum was rushed to hospital during filming of his latest movie, The Eagle of the Ninth, with a rather embarrassing complaint. Many scenes called for him to wade through ice-cold water, and to protect him from the freezing temperatures a mixture of boiling and cold water was poured into his wet suit. It would seem someone in the film crew forgot to mix the boiling water with some cold to cool it down a bit and poor old Channing ended up getting his manhood severely scolded. Thankfully, after treatment he was, in his own words, “…..back on top, ….back in the game.” He could probably use the same advice I gave to a friend while he was deciding whether to get married or not; ‘Test the waters Old Boy, test the waters!!!”

Administrative bungling by governmental departments are nothing new as we all know, but a case this last week must rank among the top ten. Terence and Marilyn Walker, a retired couple who live in Cheadle Hulme Manchester, both sent their passports away for renewal. When they got them back, Marilyn Walker found the Passport Office had put her husbands photo in her passport! Much has been done to make British passports difficult to forge and various security checks are incorporated, such as holograms, laser dots and complicated watermarks, but it would seem the powers that be did not take into consideration one vital component – human error!!!

Argentinean Prison Officials have a great amount of egg on their faces after it was revealed that two prisoners, Maximiliano Pereyra and Arial Diaz, managed to escape from a top security prison near La Almeda dressed as sheep. It would seem they stole complete skins from a local ranch and after putting them on, along with a realistic looking sheep’s head, mingled with the sheep. Police officials have been quoted as saying that to identify the pair among a herd of a thousand sheep was impossible. Local people had seen the pair running through the fields at night and reported it. An obvious solution to the problem does come to mind. Release a few rams into the flock and grab the two ‘sheep’ that stand up and try to run!!!

An Australian publishing firm made a costly mistake when they printed a cookbook with a ‘minor’ typing error. The book, The Pasta Bible’, contained a recipe for tagliatelli with prawns and proscuitto which called for the adding of ‘salt and freshly ground black people’. It should have read ‘salt and freshly ground pepper’ but the mistake was discovered in time and 7,000 books had to be destroyed and a re-print ordered. That’s what happens when you trust a computer to proof-read something!!!

We all make mistakes, but it becomes extremely annoying when someone else’s error costs you a small fortune. Such is the case with a UK housewife and her electricity company. A Miss Drummond of Brampton in Cambridgeshire recently received an electricity bill for £10,196.59 because the company had been reading her meter wrongly, saying that is what she owed them. Miss Drummond said she had always been careful to check the usage and pay her bills on time, but this floored her. It would seem the company had only been reading four digits on her meter for the previous four years, but when they recently started to read five digits the error came to light. More fool them I say. It’s their mistake they should carry the loss. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got their digits in a mess, ask Channing Tatum!!!

What do you call a butcher without a sharp knife? Answer: A waste of space! But that does not seem to apply to the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. A man went into the Penylan store in Cardiff and asked the butcher to remove the bone from a joint of lamb, only to be told that he couldn’t since his boss had told him he could not use a knife because he might cut himself! More Health and Safety madness! The butcher had been cutting meat for thirty years and had taught many of the young butchers how to cut meat but now he could not use a knife. The man went to the information desk and was told it was company policy for the butcher’s own safety. A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said all their butchers got special training on how not to cut themselves but the one in question had not received all the training. So what has he been doing for the last thirty years, slicing meat with his teeth???

An American university professor has gone on record advocating that UFO studies become a university legitimate subject. A lecturer at Niagra County Community College, Professor Phillip Hasely said that there are sufficient unknown and unexplained phenomena to warrant such a step. You can imagine the interview for some high flying job can’t you. Interviewer: “So you went to university did you?” Applicant: “Yes Sir” Interviewer: “What was your degree for young man?” Applicant: Unexplained Flying Objects Sir” Interviewer: “Thank you……NEXT!” Does anyone really believe we have been visited by aliens? I can just imagine the conversation when the explorer got back to the mother ship. “Find anything?” “Nah! Just some sub-culture with illusions of grandeur. Lets go!”

Until next time.


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