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Britain Is Too Tolerant By Far!

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Today, a day of world sadness when we remember those who died on September 11 2001, still the Muslim fanatics must have their voices heard.

During the one minute silence for the victims, held at the moment the first hi-jacked aircraft flew into the World Trade Centre, a group of Islamic militants were outside the US Embassy in London shouting their hatred and burning the US flag. What is more amazing, is that the police moved on a group of European Defence League (EDL) demonstrators to make room for the Muslims.

Burning The Flag

The militants were members of the Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) movement, responsible for many anti-British and anti-American demonstrations. Among their atrocious acts have been burning poppies on Remembrance Day, when this country remembers those who fought and died in two world wars to give them the freedom to do what they do, demonstrating and hurling insults at soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and doing the same in Wooten Basset at the funeral procession of those killed in action in Afghanistan.

Secret Past Of Prince William?

Prior to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Moss, they voiced their intention to burn effigy’s of Kate outside Westminster Abbey. It didn’t happen, so I can only guess they changed their mind’s, or the police stepped in. It just makes me wonder how far this group wants to go in insulting everything British. The MAC website is full of anti-western propaganda and goes so far as to praise Muslim fighters.

The group was formed from the now banned Islam4UK that perpetrated similar acts in Britain, and Al Muhajiroun that was linked with terrorism.

Give The Bastards The Boot!

So why does the government not stamp down hard on these people and have them deported?

At A Funeral For Our Fallen

They come to live in Britain, probably on benefits, and do nothing but show their hatred for us and all we stand for. It is time Cameron and Co had them all arrested and deported back where they came from. No endless appeals – on the plane and  bye bye! Once far from our shores they can demonstrate as much as they like.

In the following clip are Muslims celebrating the life of Osama bin Laden, and who gets arrested by the police, you guessed it, British people protesting at the protesters. Proof enough that Muslims have more rights than the British population.

Don’t Upset The Muslims

During the time of the previous Labour government, these people were allowed to hold their demonstrations because Gordon Brown and his cronies were well into Muslim appeasement. You know:- “We don’t want to upset the Muslims!”

I sincerely hope we are not going to get more of the same tripe from the present government.


Trouble at The Royal Wedding? – I’m Holding My Breath!

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The Happy Couple

Eleven days to the Royal Wedding and I can’t help but wonder if it will really be a happy day. It should be for the couple about to get ‘spliced’, but it seems there are already groups planning to disrupt it with demonstrations.

So far only two groups have requested permission to hold a demonstration outside Westminster Abbey where the wedding will take place, one is the Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) and the other is a counter-demonstration by the English Defence League (EDL). According to reports both have been disallowed, although talks are on-going.

It really ‘gets my goat’ that Muslims would want to cause trouble on such a day of national celebration. Who the hell do these people think they are? This is the same group that were condemned for burning poppies, a symbol of national mourning for those who died in two world wars.

MAC Armistice Day Protest:

If I had my way they would all be rounded up and put on the first plane back to where they came from, regardless of their status and with no appeals.

These people came to our country, live off our taxes, and then have the sheer gall to demonstrate at a royal wedding. Try as I may, I cannot understand why they came here in the first place if they hate us so much. As I have always said about these people: If you don’t like it here, then sod off back to where you came from!

MAC In Action

The British are among the most tolerant people on the planet, as evidenced by all the crap we have taken from these immigrants over the years, but somewhere there has to be a limit!

It will not be enough for David Cameron to make good on his promise to reduce the influx of immigrants to ‘tens of thousands’, we also have to start deporting these troublemakers, and anyone else who refuses to accept our way of life.

The British people have for the most part, been silent about all the trouble caused by the Muslim trash that infest our cities and towns, but I see month on month the patience of many running out. We hear more and more often the normally unspoken views of good citizens when it comes to Muslims and immigration.

I am sure that if a referendum were to be held on the question of restricting Muslim immigration and deporting troublemakers and those who cannot respect our way of life, the answer would be an overwealming ‘Yes’ vote! But of course, that will not happen, for the government knows too well what the answer will be if they go to the people.

As the months and years go by I can see a steady trickle of voters sliding into the BNP camp, for although I do not agree with many of their policies, they may be the only ones who will do anything concrete about the situation.

Newsnight Interview with Tommy Robinson Of  The EDL:

The MAC Message

If you check out the web page for the MAC they are calling for all Muslims to disrupt the royal wedding. Why? To what purpose? According to them, the Royal Family “are the enemies of Allah!” It just strikes me that perhaps someone should ask Allah what he thinks! Its anybody’s guess what these twisted minds see as a reason to cause trouble on such a day.

I am sure there are many more good Muslims among us who, although they do not wish to celebrate the happy couples day, have no wish to cause trouble during the celebrations. To these people I say: You should do your civic duty and report those wishing to cause trouble to the police.

It is not enough to sit on the sidelines like the three wise monkeys and do nothing. You live in our country, and presumably, you have accepted the British people for what they are, and have learned to adapt and live among us which is fine and I salute you, but that is not enough! The troublemakers are within your own ranks and it is up to all Muslims to draw a line in the sand and say: No more!

An EDL Counter-Demonstration

There is no valid reason why Christians and Muslims cannot live side by side in peace, each respecting the others culture, but to do this we have to root out those who are bent on causing trouble just because they cannot accept life here for what it is.

If, as the Qur’an is said to state, all nations must be followers of Islam, why is it only during the last ten years that Muslims have started their crusade? Why didn’t they start it five hundred years ago? I would be interested to hear someone answer that question, if they can!

I for one hope the happy couple can enjoy their big day without any problems from the sidelines, although, like many others, I am holding my breath!


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