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Can You Trust Your New Car?

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Martin Winterkorn CEO Of VW - Is That It? - No Accountability?

Martin Winterkorn CEO Of VW – Is That It? – No Accountability?

Car manufacturer recalls are becoming normal these days as one after another, customers find faults with their new vehicles. The biggest scandal to hit the manufacturing industry currently is of course the Volkswagen emissions cheat that has put the company in an unenviable position.

Emissions Test

Emissions Test

This scandal is not directly dangerous to those in the vehicle for they have been fitting parts to cars that cheat the emission regulations and this act not only affects Volkswagen but also Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and overseas-brands SEAT and Skoda. So from this you can gather that a great many vehicles have been affected.

The sad thing is that air pollution has become a major worry today with the number of vehicles on our roads which are causing many diseases like cancer among those who breathe in the fumes daily. From this you can understand that cheating an emissions test is putting people’s health at risk, although not directly. But Volkswagen are not the only ones, for many other companies have had to recall their products for one reason or another.

New cars cost a fortune these days, but sadly times have changed for it is difficult to have 100% faith in what you have bought. Eleven vehicle manufacturers have issued recalls because of faulty Takata airbags in their vehicles that have killed more than 10 people and caused the recall of 34 million vehicles. Drivers were killed when a faulty airbag exploded in front of them and sent shrapnel into their face and bodies.

Result Of Toyota Gas Pedal Fault

Result Of Toyota Gas Pedal Fault

Among some of the worst problems associated with manufacturing errors were the Toyota ‘out-of-control’ gas pedal in 2009 and 2010 which resulted in 30 deaths. In 1980 Ford recalled more than 21 million cars for a fault that allowed the gearbox to slip from ‘Park’ into ‘Reverse’ causing more than 6,000 accidents, 1,700 injuries and 98 deaths. In 1995 car makers Honda, Nissan, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, GM, Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru and Isuzu were caught out by a seatbelt failure where the release button jammed and people were trapped in the car by their seatbelts. Since 1980 a total of 50 million cars have had to be recalled by the manufacturers for serious defects.

These are all manufacturing faults that are causing problems for motorists across the world. It makes me wonder how far this trend will go? Are we at some time in the future going to be travelling at 120kph down a motorway when one or all four wheels fall off the car?  It makes you wonder.

VolkswagenIt is a sad indictment of today’s world that manufacturers will take any risk to save a few pounds to increase their profits. Years ago when I was young you bought something knowing you would get literally years of use out of the product because it was made properly without any shortcuts, or as today, a built-in life of a year or maybe two if you are lucky.

The main problem is that people today are fixated on money, and the more they have the more they want. All manufacturing companies take shortcuts, or use items in the manufacture of their product that they know will have a limited life.

I worked for a well-known copier manufacturer in years gone by as a Quality Test Engineer and carried out tests on parts used in the machines to see how long they would last. I also carried out quality tests on products being used to build the machines on the manufacturing line. Many times I found unsatisfactory parts, but was overruled by management who went ahead and fitted them anyway.

Faulty Airbag

Faulty Airbag

That was a long time ago, but now the situation is even worse, as indicated by the use of the Takata airbags which obviously had not been quality tested sufficiently. It is an epidemic where manufacturers concentrate on profit instead of reliability, for they do not care if what you bought breaks down after one year, because they know people these days will just go out and buy a new one. Such is modern life and the sad thing is, no-one seems to be held accountable.


How Heartless Can People Be Today?

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I was scanning the Yahoo News page today when I saw CCTV footage of a speeding car that ran into a 91 year-old RAF veteran. The car, driven by Gurpreet Sandhu, aged 27 was speeding at 56mph in a 30mph zone when he hit John Downes in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands of Britain as he was crossing the road. The driver was listening to very loud music in his car.

Three other people were waiting to cross the road at the time he crossed. As the car hit him and flung him high into the air and over the car, they saw everything that happened.

There were two women and one man who saw everything, but once the old man hit the ground the two women turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened. From the video it appears that only the man dropped his umbrella and moved across the road to help the victim.

I find this typical of many people today who are simply not willing to help others in trouble because they think it has nothing to do with them. I am truly sickened by this uncaring attitude of people today who think that if it does not affect them directly its none of their business. How can anyone be so heartless as to ignore an old man lying critically injured in the street? The least they could have done was take the time to call an ambulance!

Whatever happened to our Christian values?


When The Law Is An Ass!

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Supposedly, the law is all about justice, but the sad fact is, these days it means very little and is often farcical. This is true of a monumental miscarriage of justice in Britain being discussed at the moment.

Ibrahim - Not Even Remorse

In 2003 a failed Iraqi immigrant ran over a 12 year-old girl on the streets of Blackburn, England, and ran off, leaving her dying, trapped under the wheels of his car. The immigrant, Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, had previously been caught three times driving while being banned and for having no insurance, and was awaiting deportation after a failed bid to remain in the UK.

After the accident, Ibrahim was charged with driving while banned and failing to stop after an accident. He served a four month jail sentence and was released. Unbelievably, he was never charged with manslaughter over the child’s death and got away ‘scot free’ for killing the girl.

Ibrahim had previously entered the country claiming asylum because, being an Iraqi Kurd, he was ‘persecuted’ by Saddam Hussein’s regime. He was due for deportation in December 2009, but after release from prison in 2003 he had met a British woman and got married, having two children with her.

British Justice - Not So Impartial Anymore

As a result of his family status, despite being convicted of a string of offences, including, drugs possession, criminal damage and theft, he will be allowed permanent residence in the UK because his lawyer argued he has a right to family life under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. To me that is a crock of baloney!

The Bereaved Father Fighting For Justice

The father, Paul Housten, whose only child was mown down by Ibrahim and thereby has no family any more, has been trying for the past seven years to get justice for his daughter, but sadly, the law was not up to the task. Once again we see an immigrant playing the human rights card to his advantage.

I find it inconceivable that he was never brought to trial for the death of the young child, and the sad thing is, he has never shown remorse for the death he caused. All the law seemed interested in was that he had, once again, been driving without a licence and that he fled the scene of the accident. An innocent child died, but her death meant nothing to the legal profession. Anyone who was not an immigrant would have been charged with the young girls death and spent several years in prison.

Amy - The Innocent Victim

There is without doubt one law for native Brits and one for immigrants, and that is to say the least shameful! The laws in Britain are in urgent need of overhaul, because at the moment, they always favour the criminal at the expense of the victim. This has been demonstrated time and again during the last twenty years.

The government has promised a review of the human rights laws in Britain, but I fear as always, they will not go far enough. That terrorists and immigrants can use these laws to escape deportation or even prosecution for crimes committed is appalling. These laws have been usurped and twisted by dubious lawyers time and again in order to get their clients ‘off’, and the only people who can put a stop to it is the government. Are they up to the task? I doubt it!



Today the government has issued a statement to say there will be an appeal against the ruling by the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal in this case. PM Cameron has expressed his outrage at the ruling which he says has: “Left me with great anger”. The UK Border Agency will appeal the decision at the Upper Tribunal in the hope of getting a just decision.

Let us hope that eventually, justice will be served.

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