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Has Obama Opened the ‘Gay’ Rights Floodgate?

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When President Obama endorsed ‘gay’ marriage a couple of weeks ago, he may have unwittingly opened the door to a whole series of future law changes. It would seem that having gained this major victory, ‘gay’ rights activists are already racking up a list of new demands.

They are already eying the idea of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, (DOMA) extending Social Security benefits for gay partners, and changing the regulations governing the deportation of immigrants in same-sex marriages. So you see, the story is far from over.

Mitt Romney Is Against It

There can be little doubt that Obama’s move has created a wave of fresh votes in his bid to be re-elected, but he may be getting himself into more hot water once he has beaten his rival Mitt Romney. His opponent has already stated quite clearly on numerous occasions that he will not go down that road and naturally enough, the ‘gay’ community will vote for anyone who they see will help them achieve their aims, which is full parity with normal people in all aspects of life. They have made it clear the fight will not end until this is achieved by any means possible.

It would appear that Obama’s  stand on ‘gay’ marriage has not as yet obtained full endorsement by the Democratic Party as a whole, because the issue is yet to be added to the Party Convention platform.

American States Approving Gay Marriage

The move is sure to lose Obama votes in States like North Carolina where ‘gay’ marriage has been banned. Meanwhile more States, such as Washington, Maryland and Maine are due to hold votes on the subject in the near future.

Repealing the DOMA, which puts into law that a marriage consists of the union between a man and a woman, would be a major step for ‘gay’ activists as would extending Social Benefits to partners in ‘gay’ marriages. Changes to the law governing the deportation of immigrants in same sex marriages is also sought, which means that any illegal immigrant ‘married’ to a homosexual or lesbian could no longer be deported as an undesirable, thereby having the same rights as someone in a normal marriage.

Gays In The Military

Another card the ‘gays’ wish to play is  the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which bans sexual discrimination in the hiring and firing of ‘gay’ people in the federal workplace. This is due for discussion by the Senate in June, but activists say Obama should sign it into law immediately by an Executive Order. Last month, the White House told advocates Obama would not sign the order but opted instead to pursue a multi-pronged effort to induce companies and contractors to prioritize anti-discrimination on their own.

With the changes he has made in removing  the ‘don’t ask; don’t tell’ policy in the military, Obama has already made some inroads into removing discrimination against ‘gays’ and has shown he is willing, up to a point. But certainly, the ‘gay’ issue is a thorny one and will not go away. Considering that he has raised the issue in his campaign, it is certain the ‘gay’ activists will see this as a golden opportunity to push even harder to get parity in all things with normal couples.

Sharia Solution?

This could well turn out to be a millstone around Obama’s neck if he is re-elected, for his current stance will not silence the ‘gay’ community, only cause them to shout louder. You know the old saying; “give them an inch and they’ll take a yard”. The only thing that will effectively silence these ‘people’ is Sharia Law, but considering the downside, maybe its not worth it!


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