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So! Most Muslims Want Sharia Do They?

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At the beginning of May the Pew Report came out, and before you ask: “What the hell’s that?” – I’ll tell you. It was a survey carried out by the Pew Research Centre, a ‘fact-tank’ based in Washington, that did research into the Muslim religion and beliefs across thirty-nine countries. I have to admit, the results are not much of a surprise.

I have often asked in my previous posts why Muslims do not protest at the insurgent violence, which more often than not is aimed at them,  and why they are so determined to undermine the framework of countries they have emigrated to. Well, suffice it to say, the answers are in!

Trophy - A Thief's Hands. This Sharia Law In Action.

Trophy – A Thief’s Hands. This Sharia Law In Action.

From the report it seems that of the thirty-eight thousand people canvassed across the world, the vast majority want Sharia Law, with large differences between countries. In Afghanistan for example, the percentage wanting it was 99%, but in Azerbaijan the figure was only 8%. As you would expect, the majority of Muslims in the Middle and Near Eastern countries, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia are the ones that would like most to see it enforced. Having said that, it must be noted that not all these countries are Muslim, which probably explains the continuing violence in many where Muslims are in the minority, but still wish to impose their will on everyone.

Sharia is a big bone of contention within the Muslim world, for although most agree they want it, they cannot agree what form it should have. Many are against the more severe forms of punishment like chopping off the hands of thieves or executing those who leave the Muslim faith for another, but are happy to have it for settling family or property disputes. This will not sit well with people like the Taliban, who enforced the strictest form of Sharia across the whole country when they were in power. In those times it was nothing to see corpses hanging from streetlights or cranes across the country.

Pakistan - A Christian Church Set Alight By A Muslim Flash Mob

Pakistan – A Christian Church Set Alight By A Muslim Flash Mob

It is somewhat baffling to find that most Muslims, even in Pakistan, say there should be religious freedom, and Sharia should only apply to the Muslim population. This is somewhat at odds with the facts when persecution of Christians for example is a daily occurrence. Currently in Myanmar, there is regular violence between Muslims and Buddhists, all in the name of religion, which goes against the general statement by Muslims in the survey.

Religious Killers

Religious Killers

I think there is a fundamental difference between the ordinary Muslim and those who ‘fight for Allah’. For as we see from the survey, most Muslims say they are happy for other people to practice their faith, but the insurgents are not prepared to allow that, for they think everyone should be Muslim and infidels should be slaughtered. Another flaw in this thinking is the experience of Christians in countries like Saudi Arabia, which is more western orientated than most Arab nations. There, as a Christian you are shunned, forbidden to practice Christianity openly, or have places of worship, and if you are caught the consequences can be severe.

Suicide Bomber - Iraq

Suicide Bomber – Iraq

Around 72% were against insurgent violence, but that still left 28% who agree with it. This leads me to ask why, if the majority is against it, they do nothing to stop it, because lets face it, most of the bombers, and fighters were convinced to join the cause by radical clerics like Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada in Britain. Many in the USA have also been recruited by evil clerics. If I went to my local church and the preacher started inciting the congregation to violence against anybody, I would shout him down and report his actions to the authorities. As a responsible human being I would not stand for it, so I have to ask, why do Muslims not do this?

What Muslims Think In America

What Muslims Think In America

Is it because they agree with the clerics words and secretly think the whole world should be Muslim, or have they become so indoctrinated that the clerics word is law? No matter what, as a Muslim, it would leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth if I knew these radicals were convincing young men and women to strap on a bomb and blow up innocent people. From my rudimentary understanding of the Qur’an this is against everything Muslims believe in.

Another Facet Of Sharia

Another Facet Of Sharia

A Shameful Way To Treat Women

A Shameful Way To Treat Women

It was also interesting to note in the report that most Muslims are against the so-called ‘honour killings’. Only in Iraq and Afghanistan do the majority of people support the killing of women who have ‘stained the family honour’ by having pre-marital sex or committed adultery, although, as we all know  there are more than 800 cases of this in Pakistan annually. Most Muslim men also think women should have the choice of whether or not to wear the infamous burka, and most, including the women, say a wife must obey here husband. (I will have to pass that on to the wife!)

From the survey it also becomes clear the inter-racial differences between Sunnis and Shia are considered to be unimportant to the majority, and only in Lebanon and Pakistan (38%-34%) is it considered to be a major problem. I suppose you could equate this to Protestants and Catholics hating each other.

There is beyond doubt a lot of good in the Islamic religion, for it professes to be a religion of peace, however, the current facts speak differently, and I can only surmise that it has been hi-jacked by those who do not believe in the real message of Islam, but have twisted it for their own ends. As for the insurgents, they certainly have their agenda, and at the moment I think it should be clear to just about everybody that they want to see the whole Muslim world in turmoil for they have certainly done their share in fanning the flames. I believe groups like al Quada are mostly responsible for all the current unrest and most certainly had a hand in starting the ‘Arab Spring’, from the background of course.

In Your Dreams Pal!!!!

In Your Dreams Pal!!!!

The idea that ‘Islam will rule the world’, as so often displayed on placards by radical Muslims demonstrating on the streets of Britain and other capitals, is but a pipe dream, for there is not a chance in hell that countries like the USA, Britain, France and other European countries will ever bow down to Muslim rule, and you can take that to the bank! We are a long way from being perfect, and in many areas we are totally rotten, but it is ours, and no-one is going to take it away and force us into religious slavery.

Muslims Block Roads in New York While They Pray

Muslims Block Roads in New York While They Pray

It is clear that in Britain today, one of the most tolerant people on the planet, there is quiet anger and huge dissatisfaction at the number of immigrants that came into the country  courtesy of that imbecile Tony Blair and his acolytes. At the moment it is mostly hidden, but many have shown their dissatisfaction by voting for the UKIP candidates at the last local elections. It is a protest, for no-one in their right minds would imagine that UKIP could run the country as a government, but its an indication of the unrest among ethnic Brits and something has to change.

I have said it before, and I will repeat it: I have no objection to immigrants who are prepared to work hard, speak English and integrate fully into society, much like the Caribbean immigrants from the 70’s. They did all of that and are now as British as you or I and God bless them for it. But as for this current shower of mostly Muslims who want to take over the country, I think its time we showed them the door with the message: If you don’t like it here – LEAVE!


Drones – Why the Empty-Headed Protest?

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I have to admit to getting seriously sick and tired of these stupid people who look for any excuse to hold a demonstration. Since it was made known last Thursday that UK drones in Afghanistan are being controlled from RAF Waddington, some bright spark seems to think the people should demonstrate against them. Once again the empty-headed brigade are on the march calling for them to be grounded, and an end to all war. Where do these people think they are, in a kindergarten where all the children play happily together?

If these idiots had been in control in 1939 they would have welcomed a Nazi invasion force sent across the channel by Hitler with cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches!

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

OK! So let’s look at this sensibly and without the empty-headed emotion. If both the American’s and we stop flying the drones over Taliban country, that means we will have to send in ground troops to get the job done. So my question is this: Would these idiots rather see plane-loads of coffins arriving at Brize Norton instead? For to stop the drones is paramount to condemning some of our soldiers to death because they will have to go in on the ground and be subject to Taliban attacks and road-side bombs!

Another Taliban Victim

Another Taliban Victim

Many are crying that we should stop the war against the Taliban. Why are our troops fighting in such a far-off country they cry. Well, the simple truth is, when the Taliban ran Afghanistan they gave safe haven to the likes of al Quada. So instead of going in and sorting the bastards out these idiots would prefer regular bomb attacks on Britain and other western countries?

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, terrorist groups openly had training grounds all across the country. It was there they planned and trained for such attacks as the bombings in London and Madrid that came much later. It took the Americans, Brits and Aussies among others to drive them out, and I might add, stop the reign of terror under which the Afghan people were living.

We Are Fighting Terrorism To Stop THIS Reaching OUR Streets

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read the comment by Chris Nineham who is vice-chairman of the Stop the War Coalition. He claimed drones were being used to continue the “deeply unpopular ‘war on terror“. Perhaps Mr. Nineham you would prefer bombs on the streets of our cities???? After such attacks as 9/11, London, Madrid and now Boston, I find it inconceivable that anyone could be so stupid. If we stop hunting them down does he really think the terrorists will put away their weapons and bombs and become peaceful citizens. They want world domination you idiot!

Empty-headed People

Empty-headed People

I am truly sick of these do-gooders without an ounce of intelligence in their heads who think they are so much wiser than the rest of us. Many are nothing more than professional demonstrators who wander from one demo to the next without an ounce of intelligent thought being put into why they are demonstrating.

Demo Island – You Can Demonstrate As Much As You Like Here.

Talk about empty-headed idealists! I have a message for them all: If you want to live somewhere without defending the basic principles of life, like freedom of speech and liberty against the sick individuals who would force their ideas on innocent people, then I have an answer for you – Go live on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, and leave those of us with a sense of responsibility and right to defend the less fortunate! End of rant!


The Erosion of Christian Human Rights

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Why  does everyone seem to have human rights except christians in today’s world? Christians are once again under attack for their faith in England, this time by The National Secular Society (NSS) who have been in a long-running battle with Bideford Council, and are now threatening to take them to the European Court because the age-old traditional saying of prayers before a council meeting convenes human rights.

Bideford – Council Under Fire

The moment of prayer before a council meeting is a tradition that goes back centuries, but is now under attack because it ‘breaches the human rights of atheist and agnostic council members’. Well I say, what about the human rights of Christians? The NSS is determined to halt the practice through judicial means and will not be satisfied with just winning against Bideford, but will, it is believed, go on to have the practice banned in all council chambers up and down the country.

Founder of the NSS

This society, formed in 1866 by Charles Bradlaugh, was intended to combat Christian religious privilege, separate church and state, and promote secularism. Currently, the society campaigns for the disestablishment of the Church of England, an end to tax exemption for religious schools, and public funding of priests who work in jails, hospitals, and the armed forces. They are also deeply involved in the abolition of the blasphemy laws and are intent on keeping religion out of human rights, healthcare, legislation and equality issues. And now, they have Bideford council in their sights! According to councillors, they have been chosen because it is not a rich council.

The sad thing is these people don’t belong to any faith, they are agnostics and atheists, and because of their lack of faith, it seems they think they can restrict the practice ours. It is without doubt the right of any person to be an atheist or agnostic, but equally so, it the right of any individual to believe and practice that belief. Britain is after all a christian country.

The act of prayers before a council meeting is a way for councillors to seek guidance to do the right thing for the people they represent, and yes, it is based on christian beliefs and values, but those who do not believe do not have to take part. To quote the words of a christian councillor, Tony Inch; “those who do not wish to take part can twiddle their thumbs”.

According to Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the NSS, councillors should pray at home or in church but not at meetings (he now wishes to tell us when we can and cannot pray?); “It is not appropriate in modern-day Britain for prayers to form an integral part of council meetings”. It all comes down to a small number of people wishing to force their views on the majority and put an end to yet another age-old tradition, when the simple answer is just to not take part. Those who value their christian faith and traditions can take a moment or so to pray, but it doesn’t mean the non-believers have to. They can out of respect for the human rights of the believers wait just a moment or two with their own thoughts while the prayers are concluded.

The most annoying part of situations like this is people who play the ‘Human Rights’ card in an effort to deny others theirs!

Standing Up For Christian Rights

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey has voiced his concern at yet another attack on christian values in Britain by calling it an “attack on freedom”, and he is quite right. He said; “The centuries long tradition of saying prayers before council meetings is simply an acknowledgement of the important role the Christian faith plays in civic life. The attempt to rule such prayers as discriminatory is an attack on freedom and a cynical manoeuvre to drive public expression of faith from national as well as local life.”

The Human Rights Charter 1948

The Human Rights Charter, the world’s response to the atrocities that took place during the Holocaust of WW2, was signed in 1948 at the UN but is sadly used today by any crackpot, fringe group, terrorist, criminal or the insane to get what they want at any cost. Its misuse is eroding all the nobler values that have stood the human race in good stead for centuries. Now, just because you don’t like what Joe Blogg’s does because it doesn’t fit with what you think he should be doing, take him to court to satisfy your own twisted ideals.

It’s all wrong folks! Our higher moral standards, religion, system of government, our very way of life is being dictated by a handful of self-righteous, self-centred individuals who think they can use the law for their own ends just because what we do does not fit with their ideals.

It doesn’t matter what noble purpose our forefathers had when creating these ‘Rights’ for the people, once the edifice starts to crumble through gross misuse it will not be long before the whole building collapses, and where will we be then; Back in the Dark Ages?

May God help us see the light of reason.


So Finally it Begins!

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Free Speech! What is it worth to you in our democratic state? I hope it means something, and I hope you consider it worth fighting for because a sneaky, stealthy attack on free speech is underway. Today, a Christian preacher, Dale McAlpine, was arrested in Wokington, England for daring to utter the words ‘Homosexuality is a sin against God and the Bible”  in a public place.

Dale McAlpine – Street Preacher

He was charged under the 1986 Public Order Act, which originally was implemented to combat rowdy football fans, drunks and violent rioters. The man is a devout Christian but it would seem he does not have the right to say publicly what he believes in. Such is the level to which life in England has stooped. He told the Police that he made no reference to homosexuality during his sermon, given from the top of a stepladder, but the words were uttered to a woman who engaged him in conversation. According to the Community Service Police Officer, who is a homosexual and relations officer for homosexual, lesbian, trans-gender and bisexual deviants, he made the statement in a loud voice for all to hear.  The fact that this person is homosexual, and quite probably personally motivated,  I suppose has no bearing on the case!!!! Either way, the unfortunate man was placed in the back of a police van and ‘put through the system’ like a common criminal.

I find it incredible that such a thing could happen in the country of my birth, and one that I love dearly. This simple man was not doing anyone any harm, except for the fact he ruffled the feathers of a pompous, over-bearing and personally motivated community service officer who practically accused him of starting a riot.

Miguel Hayworth

An almost identical situation developed in Manchester at the end of July 2009 when a father and son were reading passages from the Bible on the street and were threatened with arrest for inciting hatred and racism.

What’s He Got We Don’t – FREE SPEECH

It all goes to show that our right to free speech is under attack by small-minded bigots who think the only people allowed to preach their brand of religion are those from minority groups. If Christians do it in a Christian country they are inciting a riot. Balderdash!

As Sam Webster, lawyer for the Religious Institute pointed out, the police “must also support the rights of free speech”, something enshrined in the United Nations Human Rights Charter. It would seem the more rights we get, the less we can use them!

Heaven save us from ourselves.


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