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Keep Your Mouth Shut – You Might Offend Someone!

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It’s really got to the stage where you almost dare not open your mouth to say anything for fear of upsetting some ‘holier-than-thou’, high and mighty dipstick these days. Words have become an almost useless means of communication because no matter what you say, you are bound to upset someone.

The Paparazzi - Step Outside  Your Door And They Follow Your Every Move.

The Paparazzi – Step Outside Your Door And They Follow Your Every Move.

I refer in particular to the flak being thrown at Charlize Theron for something she said a couple of days ago. During an interview with Sky News she said that being constantly dogged by the paparazzi and having her entire life becoming “Fodder” for the type of journalism that “exists in dark places” is like being raped. Oooh! Shock! Horror! That really set the blood rushing through the veins of the goody-goody crowd!

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than the holier than thou crowd started baying at the moon in protest, demanding that she apologize! This is all despite the fact that Charlize has for years been an avid anti-rape campaigner and appeared in a number of advertisements for the cause.

Rape victim Jill Saward told Sky News Theron’s remarks are “abhorrent” and she should apologise. She said: “I was really shocked and disgusted by what she’d said. Being in the situation she’d been in, campaigning for rape, she definitely ought to know better. I think that press coverage can be very damaging, it can be very difficult, but it is absolutely nothing in comparison.”

Katie Russell of Rape Crisis in England and Wales, said: “We are concerned when anyone uses rape as a metaphor for less serious issues and uses the language around sexual violence casually because it trivializes sexual violence and it fails to acknowledge what is a very serious crime.”

People, get off your ‘high horses’ and think for a minute! It was most likely an ‘off the cuff’ remark, and I can well understand her drawing such a comparison.

Anything For The Right Shot

Anything For The Right Shot

It must be hell on earth to be followed around by low-life paparazzi photographers every time you step outside your door, usually hoping for a shot of an unguarded moment that will embarrass you. Just like the case with the Duchess of Cambridge and her battle with the wind in recent weeks. You can have no idea what it is like not to have a private moment outside your own home. I draw another comparison with the Duchess in that while on a private holiday in France, some low-life with a very big telescopic lens managed to photograph her topless while she and Edward were relaxing by the pool, and they were splashed all over the media.

Such situations are like being raped, especially for a woman! We all know, well those of us with a functioning brain, that Charlize was not drawing a direct comparison with the actual act of being raped, but more with the feeling of hopelessness that you can do nothing about it.

Sure, if you become a famous film star you must accept photographers and reporters as part of the fame, but these days it has become a nasty, vicious and sordid business where these people will go to any lengths to get you in a compromising position.  This has been proven many times over in recent years. Look at how the paparazzi chased Lady Diana to her death for crying out loud!

Fancy A Camera In Your Face EVERYWHERE You Go!

So for heaven’s sake, stop being so high and mighty and get on with life because its short enough as it is. Pretty soon anyone in the public eye will be afraid to even say “Good morning” to the postman for fear that their words might be misconstrued as meaning something else.

To all you ‘do-gooders’, high and mighty idiots and ‘holier-than-thou’ clowns I say this: Before you start on someone for an innocent comment (a) Make sure your own house is in order (b) Make sure you understand what is said and why, and (c) Mind your own bloody business!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Cameron: Can we please have the Outer Hebrides to house these trouble-makers?


Another Scandal Of British Justice

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Killer On The Run

Killer On The Run

The sheer stupidity of the British Justice system amazes me in that it allows killers out on so-called ‘Day Release’. Now, yet another has absconded! I am talking about Paul Maxwell, sentenced to life in prison for the robbery and murder of 85 year-old pensioner Joe Smales of Wakefield. While the police do not consider him a danger to the public, this is not always true, for some have gone on to commit further murder or rape while on release.

Joe Smales lived in a cottage with his brother Bert when in 1998 they were set upon by Paul Maxwell and his brother Daniel Mansell. The two robbed them of £7,000 leaving Joe Smales and his brother gravely injured. Joe died from his injuries. Both Maxwell and Mansell were sentenced to life in prison in 1998.

An appeal launched in 1999 was overturned, but Maxwell was retried after the Court of Appeal overturned the original verdict in 2009. This was after a long investigation in which police irregularities with the star witness were uncovered.

Lee Wheeler - Killer On The Run

Lee Wheeler – Killer On The Run

At this time Maxwell wrote to the court confessing to the murder, and after giving him a life sentence, Judge Butterfield ordered that he serve a minimum of seventeen and a half years. His brother Mansell was released. That was four years ago.

So the big question is, what was he doing out on day release? It is a fact in British Law that very many prisoners with life sentences for heinous crimes are let out on day release. While many return back to jail as ordered, there are many who do not. Many of these are hardened killers, some of children, so why should they be given this privilege?

In the last three years a total of thirty seven killers and rapists have escaped custody while on day release. This is ridiculous, and still the practice goes on. The cost of recapturing these people is costing huge amounts of tax payer money, and all because someone decided we should give these animals a day out on the town.

Alan Giles - Killer On The Run

Alan Giles – Killer On The Run

The scheme was first introduced for prisoners nearing the end of their sentence in an effort to prepare them for reintegration into society. So why are killers and rapists with a life sentence being given this privilege?

There can be little doubt that today’s justice system is as soft as a baby’s belly, and getting worse. In the last twenty years or so the ‘Do-Gooders’ and Human Rights crowd have taken over and it is now hardly any punishment at all to be incarcerated. One thing you can be sure of, they have never personally been on the receiving end of violence or rape for if they had they would not be so ‘high and mighty’!

It is way past time we had a complete overhaul of the legal system in this country, and punishment became punishment once again instead of a stay in a five star hotel. Bring back prison uniforms and do away with prisoners being allowed to wear ordinary street clothes. Should they escape custody they will be far easier to track down instead of just disappearing into the crowd.

The Scales Of Justice - Loaded In Favour Of The Criminal

The Scales Of Justice – Loaded In Favour Of The Criminal

Compared with fifty or sixty years ago, when punishment was real, life for the modern criminal is a breeze. Our justice system has become a laughing stock, all in the name of ‘humanity’ and ‘human rights’! I have to ask; What of the human rights of the victims and their families?


Islamic Contributions To Science

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Few people realise the amazing contribution Islam has made to science! It seems that some profound thinking has been going on in the dark shadows of the mosques in Islam.

Image 1

Try selling this one to the wife!

Image 2

Of course not, because how else can Muslim men get away with rape!

Image 3

Shame on modern scientists for leading the world astray on this issue!

Image 4

So that’s where earthquakes come from.

Having seen this I guess everyone can understand why the Islāmic contribution to the world of science is not general knowledge!


Muslim Law and Rape

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Anyone who thinks that rape is not ‘condoned’ in Muslim law had better think again. I read with pleasure that a Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai and sentenced to 16 months in jail for ‘having sex outside marriage’ is to be released. How magnanimous of the Dubai authorities! Mind you, they didn’t have much choice after the international condemnation they received for this farce.

Marte Deborah Dalelv's  - Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s – Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s was sentenced after she reported a rape to the police and was promptly arrested for having sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol, and ‘lying to the police’. According to Sharia law, before charges can be brought the rape must be witnessed by at least four men or the rapist has to confess, and only then will charges be brought.

In the case of Ms. Dalelv the rapist, a Sudanese was charged and received a 13 month sentence for having sex outside marriage and consuming alcohol. Notice the difference, the rapist gets 13 months jail time and the victim gets 15 months. So much for Dubai justice!

Dubai - Built On Foreign Capitol

Dubai – Built On Foreign Capitol

When you travel to Dubai, you can be expected to honour the standards and traditions of the country just like anywhere else. The UAE is a Muslim country with strong Muslim laws, but they seem to apply more to foreigners than to their own, even though the international business people and visitors outnumber the locals by about ten to one. Most are from America, Britain and the rest of Europe, and contribute hugely to the wealth of the country. Dubai relies on foreign money and would be nothing without it, so why do they come down so hard on foreigners?

Quite rightly there was international outrage at the news that this woman, a rape victim was to be charged with having sex outside marriage. As you would expect, the Norwegian government was the most vocal, followed closely by all the Civil Liberty and Human Rights groups. This action is certainly going to make any western woman think twice about reporting a rape in the future, knowing that she could end up with a prison sentence herself.

It seems to me that women visiting the country should seriously consider wearing an old-fashioned chastity belt complete with a very big padlock. I for one would like to see the face of a Muslim rapist when he sees that!

Dubai Police Car - No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

Dubai Police Car – No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

In my view, Muslim men seem to think they can rape a woman whenever they please because the chances of them being arrested are slim to none, and even then, more often than not, will never come to trial. Really, four male witnesses required for a conviction? I guess if there were only three the rapist would go ahead anyway because there are not enough.

There can be little doubt that Muslim law is on the side of the male in society, for these same laws subjugate women to being mere chattels to be used by men as they see fit. Women have no rights under Muslim law, and we all know about them having to cover themselves totally in case “they inflame the passions of men”! Maybe that is the problem with many Muslim men, they are only capable of thinking with their penis.

100 Lashes? The Shame of Islam

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These days there are countless disgraceful miscarriages of justice all over the world, but few have the repugnance of a case in the Maldives where a 15 year-old girl has been sentenced to 100 lashes by a Muslim Sharia Court, after she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather over a number of years. There is no question of the man’s guilt, or the complicity of the child’s mother.

Paradise? - Look Deeper

Paradise? – Look Deeper

We all know the island chain as a dream holiday destination, but it is clear it has a dark side to it. The Maldives legal system is based on a mixture of Muslim Sharia and English common law,  and all who live there are subject to it. Sharia, the barbaric code of law peculiar to the Muslim faith, has for years been responsible for atrocities across the world in the name of justice, and because it is so embedded in the Muslim faith, is unlikely to change.

The girl in question was repeatedly raped by her stepfather over a number of years, and fell pregnant when she was fourteen. To keep everything secret, her mother removed the girl from school until the baby was born. The stepfather killed the newborn and buried the body in the back yard, and the rapes continued. All three were arrested in June last year when during an investigation, the police found the body. In court the man was found guilty and sentenced. The mother is also facing charges.

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed

Maldives President Mohamed Waheed

It came out in court that the girl had consensual premarital sex with another man, which for women is against Sharia Law. Subsequently, the court ordered she undergo eight months of house arrest and was forced to serve it in a children’s home. When reaching the age of eighteen, she will also receive 100 lashes for premarital sex. It is not enough that this young girl has for years suffered humiliation at the hands of her stepfather, given birth at the tender age of fourteen, and could not even turn to her mother for solace, but now she must undergo the shame and humiliation of a flogging.

The girl is not the only one to receive such punishment in the Maldives for in 2012, a 16-year-old was lashed for the ‘crime’, and in 2009 a pregnant 18-year-old received 100 lashes for having sex with two different men.

This present case is another example of cruel injustice within the Muslim world where Sharia dictates a harsh system of law that is out of place in a modern world.

Alleged Unfaithful Wife

Alleged Unfaithful Wife

Muslims have for centuries twisted and manipulated them to suit their own purposes, and as a prime example, husbands can get rid of unwanted wives just by accusing them of adultery, whereby they are stoned to death.

Rape is endemic in many Muslim countries, where men consider it their right to violate a women whenever they please, for those of the female sex are there only to serve them. It is a matter of record that in the past three years no cases of rape have reached a satisfactory conclusion in the islands, and already this year three cases have been reported. It is said that one third of Maldives women have at one time or another been sexually assaulted.

Public Flogging Of A Young Woman

Public Flogging Of A Young Woman

It brings shame on Muslims world-wide when women can be raped at will and no man is punished for the crime, but a young girl of fifteen, a rape victim herself, receives 100 lashes for pre-marital sex. It just goes to prove what I have always thought, women are nothing more than objects to Muslim men, to be owned and used as they think fit.

I rather think that if The Prophet were ever to return, he would condemn every one of them to hell.


There are several protest sites that are campaigning against this young girl’s sentence, and if you wish to sign up the link is as follows:

Britain and the Devil’s Children

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Amazing how some young children can become monsters, and should perhaps have been strangled at birth. Three stories of occurrences with children caught my eye this week and prompted this post. When it comes to teenagers in Britain, most people are afraid of them, especially if they are hanging around on the street corner ahead wearing the inevitable hood. They are totally unpredictable and may let you pass unmolested, or they may on occasions pull a knife on you. It all depends on their mood and how they see you.

Children are our little darlings and wouldn’t hurt a fly, right? Well, I have to tell you that just this last week there were three cases that I for one find shocking, and totally unacceptable.

The Dreaded Hoodie

The first concerns a 15-year-old Gainsboro’ boy who has just been sentenced to six years in prison for raping two young boys – one of whom was just five. It came out in court that the offences, which took place between April 2008 and September 2010 with a further two in January last year, first occurred when one of the victims was five years old, while another seven-year-old was repeatedly raped over a period of time. In summing up the judge said he could not avoid handing down a custodial sentence due to the repeated nature of the crime.

In another case, the mother of a young Downes Syndrome sufferer is appealing for help in a vicious hate campaign against her daughter. It seems that childhood photos of her sixteen-year-old daughter Heidi had been hi-jacked from the website of the local support group she ran, and along with others, are being used in an internet hate campaign against people with Downes Syndrome on Facebook and other sites. The mother reported the offensive images to Facebook which were eventually removed. It does however indicate how sick some youngsters are that they would post such hate-filled pages on the internet for no apparent reason other than to deeply hurt others.

In Northampton last Monday, two girls saw a group of young boys throwing a very small kitten between them like a ball, and when they got tired of the sport they tossed it from a bridge into the stream flowing underneath. Eventually, once the group departed, the girls were able to retrieve the poor animal from the water. Thankfully, it survived the ordeal and is now in the hands of the RSPCA.

Gang Violence – Girls Too!

None of these incidents are related, but it shows the kind of animals in the guise of youth we are raising these days, and makes me wonder how much further down this road to hell we are going before parents finally decide to become parents and teach their children how to behave. Britain has the highest number of child criminals in Europe and the numbers are rising.

Apart from handing out tougher sentences the government can do very little about curbing youth crime, for the true responsibility lies with the parents alone. They cannot blame the government or the schools, for it is their legal and moral duty to raise their offspring to become responsible citizens in today’s society. In this many are sadly failing and have done so for years, hence the problems we have today. It is no excuse for a parents to yell that they cannot control their kids because they are too wild, for if that is the case they started trying far too late and are not putting enough energy into it.

I have always been convinced that a child must know who the boss is in the house from the cradle. It is no good allowing a child to dictate things for the first two years because; “well, he/she is just a baby” because by the time they get to three and you try applying the discipline you will surely find it is far too late. This happened to some good friends of ours, for now their life is hell and the daughter is only four-years-old. Now she throws tantrums and screams her head off until they give way and let her have what she wants. I would never venture to say that she will eventually grow up into ‘a bad ‘un’, but the possibility is there.

Advice for knuckleheads:

Saturday Night in Any English Town

Now we sit with a generation of youth who think they can get away with murder, literally, and can go out on a Friday and Saturday night and get paralytic drunk without any fear of retribution for their actions. So how bad is it going to get when they become parents and their children are growing up? I leave you with that thought!


Ken (Clark) Finally Gets Something Right!

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Ken's On A Roll!

After a year of bumbling, Ken Clark the Justice Secretary, has at last got his priorities right and is doing something useful for a change. It seems he is finally taking positive steps to stop the endless court appeals of people who are due for deportation from the UK.

Ever since the European Human Rights Act (EHRA) came into force in 1998, anyone who is rejected the ‘Right of Abode’ in Britain for criminal or others reasons has had the legal right to appeal a deportation order time after time. This has meant that they could stay in the country at tax payers expense for years while their endless appeals are heard.

Danga and Girlfriend - How Can She Have Two Children With a Twice Convicted Rapist?

The stories of callous criminals who have used this Act are endless. William Danga, a Congolese convicted of raping two young girls (one aged four) was released in 2006 after serving just half of a ten year sentence. He was ordered to be deported but claimed he ‘lost’ his passport which prevented it. He then jumped on the ‘appeal train’ and used the well-tried ‘Article 8’ (Right to Family Life) of the EHRA because he had children with his english girlfriend. He has since been arrested and convicted on fresh rape charges, and sentenced to fifteen years after which authorities will try once again to deport him.

Ibrahim - A Callous Killer

Just two months ago, Nigerian rapist Akindoyin Akinshipe also used the same defence and beat his deportation order. Some time ago I reported on Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd with a long criminal history, who sidestepped deportation after he ran over a 12 year-old girl with his car and left her to die in the road. He too used the Article 8 ‘right to family life’ defence.

In fact a total of 200 immigrant criminals have won the right of abode in the UK using the infamous Act, which to me is a shocking state of affairs. The whole sordid affair is an outrage to common decency and an insult to the good people of any nation.

Open To Misuse

Now it seems our judiciary are moving towards a UK Bill of Rights that could replace the Human Rights Act if the Conservatives have their way, however, it is reported that Nick Clegg of the Liberal Party is saying the EHRA must stay and is opposed to the idea. If that is true, then I have one thing to say to Mr. Clegg: “Sir! You are a disgrace” (and I am being very kind and very polite!!!!!!).

Ken Clark said the new laws would put an end to the situation where “everybody who’s just lost his arguments about deportation should be able to go there and get in the queue, wait a few years to get it all re-heard again when he’s lost the argument three times already”.

Council of Europe - Member Countries

It is Britain’s turn to hold the chairmanship of the Council of Europe, which oversees the court, and this began earlier this month. Mr Clarke said: “A lot of member states have been pushing for similar things, and a lot of them believe a British chairmanship is the best time to deliver it, and they think we’re the best hope of drawing this to a conclusion. The term human rights, it gets misused. There is a tendency in this country for the words human rights to get thrown about as much as health and safety. Both of them get hopelessly misused.” Well, I have to say you got that right Ken! 

He says the agreement with the European Court of Human Rights could be agreed as early as  April next year at a conference to be held in London. Personally, I think tomorrow would be better!!!!


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