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Why Is The U.N. Not Fulfilling Its Mandate!

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Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

Removing The Bodies In Ivory Coast

The latest terrible attack in Turkey, and the killing of holiday makers in Ivory Coast reinforces my belief that the United Nations, instead of sitting on its fat arse doing nothing, should step in to solve this terrorism threat to the world.

When you consider that it was formed to ensure world peace, ever since the Korean War in 1950 it has done nothing to solve the world’s problems. Now, since the rise of terrorism, all it has managed to do is verbally ‘condemn‘ the actions of these radicals who enjoy killing so much.

These terrorists are nothing more than religious fanatics who think that one day they will rule the world. The rest of us know this will never happen, but in the meantime they are killing tens of thousands of people in many countries.

Considering that the number one mandate of the United Nations is to eradicate war, you would imagine that this body of people would step in and do something to end the violence. But no! they just sit on their fat behinds and talk, talk, talk before verbally ‘condemning’ the actions of these vile people.

Meanwhile people across the world are being slaughtered and tortured, with women being forced into sex slavery for these maniacs. It has to stop!

Terror Once Again In Ankara

Terror Once Again In Ankara

It is a fact that the majority of the victims of these killers are their own people, but it brings home to the rest of us what animals they are when they attack places like Paris, Ankara and holiday destinations like Africa. Of one thing you can be sure, it is far from over, for Islāmic State have already made clear that a series of attacks will take place in Europe in the near future.

Angela Merkel’s insane invitation to immigrants to come and live in Germany has already ensured that there are literally thousands of I.S. fighters who have crossed the Mediterranean among the refugees, and are now busy getting themselves organized for some major attacks. It is only a matter of time before they strike. Once they are here it is very difficult to find and arrest them before they can do some harm, but we must try.

The U.N. should get together an international force and go to any country where these bastards live and wipe them out to a man. There is no need to interfere in that country’s politics, just go in, do the job and leave.

U.N. Mandate

U.N. Mandate

Currently there are Islamic terrorists in  139 countries across the world. We do not get to hear of most atrocities because the main Press attention is fixed on the victims of Islamic State and other Middle East groups.

The world just cannot go on like this, otherwise we will end up in a world war with almost every nation involved as they all battle with these radicals on their own soil. There has to be some concerted action coming from somewhere, and it is up to the nations of the world to come together at the U.N. and unite against these despicable people. It they do not, it will continue for years and years and eventually millions will die.


British Muslims Defend Radicals?

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Muslim Reaction To The 'Prevent' Programme

Muslim Reaction To The ‘Prevent’ Programme

Some time ago the British government tried to enlist the help of the Muslim population in tracking down radicals. It would seem the plan failed miserably.

The Challenge In Europe

The Challenge In Europe

It was called the ‘Prevent Programme’, and was intended to halt the radicalization of young Muslims, and to stop them being persuaded to fight in Syria or Iraq by radicals. All it entailed was for Muslim people to be watchful for any attempts to radicalize others, and to report them. It would seem the Muslim population has no intention of giving up these dangerous people.

Security Minister John Hayes said, “This year we introduced the Prevent duty, which requires key bodies across the country, including local government, prisons and schools, to have due regard to preventing people from being drawn into terrorism. Prevent is about protecting those who might be vulnerable to the poisonous and pernicious influence of radicalization. The programme is already working with hundreds of mosques, faith groups and community organisations”.

Unfortunately the Muslim population of Britain doesn’t see it that way. It would appear that Muslim parents are not prepared to assist the government in any way in preventing their sons and daughters from becoming Islamic State terrorists.

Radical Islam At Work

Radical Islam At Work

“Despite claims to the contrary, ‘Prevent’ almost exclusively targets young Muslims for the views they hold on religion or issues such as government foreign policy. Schools and teachers are cast in the role of spies on our young people. This is leading to increasing division and to a breakdown of trust in schools and colleges,” Muslim leaders said. Earlier in December 2015, the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques openly announced a total boycott of Prevent.

During the year up to June a total of 3,288 referrals were made to the Prevent Project, but a mere 280, or 8.6%, were actually from Muslims. The majority of the information came from public bodies outside policing, such as social services, NHS or education sectors. The rest came from the police and the prison system.

From the above figures it is very clear that Muslims are not prepared to give up the radicals that hide among them, for if they were, the number would be much higher than the 280 recorded. This makes the outlook very bleak, for as we all know, there are literally hundreds of Islamic State fighters coming to European shores claiming to be refugees, and once they get organized I believe all hell will break loose.

From the failure of the Prevent Programme in the UK it would seem that ordinary Muslims will not be willing to turn them over to the authorities, even if they move in next door. As you would expect, this will make it very much harder for the various country’s authorities to track down these I.S. militants should they move into their area.

Refugees?Looking at the news pictures and TV News coverage of the refugees arriving in Europe, it is easy to see that the greater majority of them are young men without families. Now I am not saying that all these young men are I.S. militants, but it is a fair bet that very many of them are. Why else would they flee their country in time of war without their families?

I leave you to decide what you do or do not believe!


Too Little Too Late?

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I was somewhat surprised to read in the news last Monday that the government is at last promising moves to crack down on Muslim extremist preachers and Sharia Courts. A great initiative, but could it possibly be too late, for much of the damage has already been done. But there again, better late than never…right!

Cameron - "Damn I Should Have Thought Of This Earlier"

Cameron – “Damn I Should Have Thought Of This Earlier”

To be honest it does make me want to vote Conservative at the election, because there will never be such a plan put forward by that clown Miliband and his Labour Party, for they rely too much on the Muslim vote.

It is well known that certain Muslim areas of British cities and towns are run on the principal of Sharia Law, and the law of the land is being totally ignored. Not only that, for at least twelve years extremist Muslim clerics have been preaching hate to many of the Muslim communities in our midst.

Anjam Choudrey And His Message

Anjam Choudrey And His Message

Remember Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa? Anjam Choudrey still walks the streets reciting his message of hate to anyone who will listen, and let us not forget our Universities that invite radical clerics to address seminars!

The messages of hate for the British people, our land and traditions have been spread far and wide by these people for more than a decade, and only now will the government do something about it. It really makes you wonder who’s side they are on.

This blatant hate campaign should have been stamped out as soon as it began, and we should have impressed on the Muslim community that we will not stand for it. Either they adapt to our ways or they can leave, it’s as simple as that.

Banned Radical Cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed

Banned Radical Cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohamed

It is one thing to go after these people and quite another when we try to deport them, for we have seen with the Qatada and Hamsa cases that they can spin out their appeals for more than ten years before we finally deport them. It is for this reason that I think they should be deported immediately once sufficient proof has been collected, and if they wish to appeal they can do it from their own country.

As we all know, the Human Rights Laws passed on to us by Brussels have been a big thorn in the side of British Justice, for literally thousands of criminals and radicals have escaped deportation by using these laws. It is way past time that the government told Brussels where to shove them, for our own laws have always been adequate in seeing  proper justice done.

Theresa May

Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May said on Monday, “To those who choose consciously to reject our values and the basic principles of our society, the message is clear: the game is up. We will no longer tolerate your behaviour.”

Under a Conservative government she said, measures would be brought in to include bans for groups which fell short of current terrorism proscription orders, closure orders to shut down premises owned or used by extremists, and extremism disruption orders to target individuals who incite hatred. Regarding Sharia Law she said there would also be an independent figure commissioned to investigate the use of Islamic law by Sharia councils, used to settle family and inheritance disputes by some British Muslims.

Sadly, the one thing she did not mention is the deportation of offenders, and that in my view is one of the most important factors. There can be little doubt that it is very important to rid the country of all these trouble makers so that those who live here can do so in peace.

Some Muslims Want Peace In Our Land!

Some Muslims Want Peace In Our Land!

I am sure it will be much easier for the average Muslim to assimilate into British society if they do not have a radical cleric whispering subversion in their ear. I am sure we will see a lot less Muslim youth sneaking off to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Islamic State, and Muslim criminals will certainly be less troublesome if they know they can no longer hide behind the Human Rights laws to stay in the country.

I am fairly sure that if we take the right steps to eradicate Muslim subversion Britain will be a lot happier place to live. Let’s hope it happens!


Cameron Dithering Again

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It is a sad fact that Britain is coming under threat, so why is Cameron unable to take positive action to stop it? I refer to the growing problem of UK Muslims going to fight in such places as Syria and now Iraq.

Baroness Neville-Jones

Baroness Neville-Jones

A former intelligence chief, Baroness Neville-Jones has stated publicly that, “Unfortunately the UK exports more young men to become jihadis in Europe than any other. The intelligence picture is clear. The numbers are there.”  It is true what she says but how do you stop it?

Cameron - Much Talk But Little Action

Cameron – Much Talk But Little Action

Mr. Cameron fully recognizes that young British Muslims who leave to fight will be radicalized, and when they return home could start a wave of terrorist attacks in this country when he said, “UK nationals fighting in Iraq and Syria could pose a “real threat” if they tried to return home.”

London-born Ismail Jamar Incited Lone-wolf Attacks Styled On The Lee Rigby Killing

London-born Ismail Jamar Incited Lone-wolf Attacks Styled On The Lee Rigby Killing

Intelligence estimates put the number of British Muslims fighting in Syria at around 400, and now many more are fighting for ISIS in Iraq. The numbers are growing daily but there is little anyone can do to stop it without strong action.

Radical Preacher Anjem Choudary, Pictured At A Rally Outside Paddington Police Station With Michael Adebojalo, Who Was Convicted Of The Lee Rigby Murder ...

Radical Preacher Anjem Choudary, Pictured At A Rally Outside Paddington Police Station With Michael Adebojalo, Who Was Convicted Of The Lee Rigby Murder

That these young man are being radicalized is not in doubt, for many are persuaded to go to these countries to fight by radical preachers here in the UK. Once they reach their destination they are radicalized even further before being taught how to fight, make car bombs and suicide vests. All in the name of Islam, the so-called religion of peace!

Baroness Neville-Jones’s posed the question, “How do we persuade young men that they belong to this country and share the ambitions of other Britons? That is the task that lies before us.”

Praying In The Streets Of London And The Police Can Do Nothing For Fear Of The Discrimination Laws!

Praying In The Streets Of London And The Police Can Do Nothing For Fear Of The Discrimination Laws!

In my opinion that is an impossible task, for few Muslims residing here are prepared to integrate into British society and accept the country and it’s people for what they are. This is why they are steadily taking over towns and areas of our cities and turning them into Muslim enclaves. In short, they will never integrate because they consider us a sub-species!

It is way past time that our politicians recognized this fact and did something about it. The only trouble, is the problem is huge and none of them have the balls to attack it head on. Cameron has promised to do  “absolutely everything we can” to protect the country from these returning radicals before all hell breaks loose.



In my view Mr Cameron the answer is not difficult. If you know these men have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight for the jihadists, revoke their passport and refuse them entry back into the country. This will stop stone dead any plans they may have for creating mayhem on our streets, and will serve as a warning to any more who may wish to leave.

The Baroness also said that older Muslims living here had a duty to inform and educate the young about the dangers of fighting and radicalization, and stop them from going to the conflict zones. I cannot agree with that statement, because if it’s a choice of believing the radical local Imam in the mosque or listening to your parents it becomes no contest.

Muslim Mosque

Muslim Mosque

Perhaps it is time we had undercover police in all the mosques, and as soon as an Imam or visiting preacher starts preaching about the “Muslim duty of Jihad” he is arrested and immediately deported along with his family. No trial, and therefore no excuse to appeal on Human Rights or Religious Discrimination grounds, pack your bags, you are out of here. We have to get tough with these people who are radicalizing Muslim youth and fermenting Jihad across the world, for they are at the root of all this evil.

Most people are slowly beginning to realize the threat posted by these returning radicalized youth as is often recorded in the comments column of news items on the internet.

Abdullah Deghayes Was Only 18 When He Was Killed Fighting In Syria

Abdullah Deghayes Was Only 18 When He Was Killed Fighting In Syria

An example: “Part of what makes us different to other countries is our tolerance of what might be deemed offensive views without any state punishment for holding such views. However – when these views drive and encourage behaviours which threaten the population, that very freedom, and through that the state – it’s time to act firmly. These people and their direct families should in effect become non-Britons.”

Two British Siblings, Radicalized In UK Mosques, Died Fighting Kurdish Rebels In Northern Syria.

Two British Siblings, Radicalized In UK Mosques, Died Fighting Kurdish Rebels In Northern Syria.

Another example: “British Muslims who are fighting abroad are a definite a threat to the people of this Country and a hard line approach should be taken, if not it wont be long before we see attacks against people on our streets. Lee Rigby (God Rest His Soul) is only the beginning. Muslims do not want to be British and what did David Cameron say the other day, stop being bashful, omg he has no idea.”

Typical Politician

Typical Politician

There is little doubt that among the British public there is little appetite for what the government has done so far to combat this problem. It is all Blah Blah Blah and no positive action. The measures I have put forward should be a solid beginning to the British people getting their own country back from these malcontent-ed immigrants.

As a further measure, Muslims who demonstrate on our streets holding placards saying “Islam will rule the world” and “All those who insult Islam will die” etc. should immediately be rounded up by the police, and along with their families be deported as undesirables. All illegals should also be rounded up and sent on their way in the same fashion.

To hell with all these Religious Discrimination laws from Europe, and the Human Rights Laws too. The government has to learn that this is OUR country and we the people will not allow Muslims to come here and dictate how we should behave and run our country. If they do not like it then leave!

All this may sound harsh, and I suppose it is, but I among millions of other ethnic Brits are sick and tired of the governments pussy-footing around this problem for fear of dictates from Brussels. In my view, it is time for the discussions to stop and the positive action to start.

Civil War Becomes A Possibility

Civil War Becomes A Possibility

If the government does not take positive action very soon on these problems, the words of Enoch Powell from so long ago may well become reality as we see mayhem on the streets directed at Muslim families from British people who have been pushed beyond the limit.

May all radical Muslims meet their heavenly virgins very soon.



British Jihadists – The Hidden Menace

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Judging by the latest news, people in Europe are heading for a very turbulent time in the not too distant future. It has come to light that hundreds of Muslim youth are being persuaded to go and fight in Syria, often by clerics in the mosques. Most go because they feel it is their duty to protect fellow Muslims, but in fact they are being brainwashed by hard-line terrorists into becoming suicide bombers.

Abu Hamza - The Evil One

Abu Hamza – The Evil One

Between 1997 and 2004 when he was arrested, Abu Hamza radicalized very many young Muslims into joining al Quada, some even paid £500 for their visa and air ticket. Many can be forgiven for thinking that this vile trade in impressionable Muslim youth stopped when Hamsa was arrested, but it didn’t, for today its even worse.

The fact is that today, 500 young British Muslims are currently being trained by al Quada affiliates like ISIS in Syria. They are being taught how to make a suicide vest and car bomb, with instructions to put this knowledge to good use when they return home.  Some 50 have already returned to Britain after receiving this training. If al Quada has its way Britain, and France in particular, will be on the receiving end of a great many car bomb and suicide attacks, perhaps this year.

This information comes from a defector from ISIS who became disillusioned with what was going on.  Like many of his compatriots he joined the cause to protect fellow Muslims from the Syrian Regime but was quickly radicalized by the hard-liners who saw an opportunity.

Radicalized Foreigners

Radicalized Foreigners

When he met many of these young volunteers he said:  “They talked often about terrorist attacks. The foreigners were proud of 9/11 and the London bombings. The British, French and American mujahideen [holy warriors] in the room started talking about places that they wanted to bomb or explode themselves in Europe and the United States. Everyone named a target. The American said he dreamed of blowing up the White House.”

It is a fact that tens of thousands of young Muslims have joined the fight against the regime of Assad, most believing they were helping to protect fellow Muslims from a brutal dictator. They fight on the side of the jihadists, not the rebels, who until recently had the same goal, the overthrow of Assad but all that has changed. Now they are fighting both the rebels and the regime, trying to gain control of the country.

Are We To Experience This Soon?

Are We To Experience This Soon?

France has much the same problem. It is reported that two 15 year-old boys left France on-route to Syria via Turkey to fight with the Jihadists. According to the father, they had been brainwashed via the internet. Currently it is estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 young Muslims have left France and Belgium to fight alongside ISIS. The big question is, how many of them will return with the intention of starting a wave of bombings.

There can be little doubt this is a serious problem that needs to be handled carefully. Many will instantly say: “Don’t let them back in the country!” and that would indeed be a simple solution, but…..there is always a but, it will be hard to prove they have even been to Syria. Currently they are travelling there through Turkey where the militants have a means of getting them over the border without passport checks.

On The Streets Of Europe?

On The Streets Of Europe?

Both the British MI5 and the police have their work cut out to nip this problem in the bud, and the chances are they will not always be successful. Andrew Parker, the Director General of MI5, is reported as saying,  “For the future, there is good reason to be concerned about Syria. A growing proportion of our casework now has some link to Syria, mostly concerning individuals from the UK who have travelled to fight there or who aspire to do so.”

Richard Walton, who leads Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command said,  “I don’t think the public realises the seriousness of the problem. The penny hasn’t dropped. But Syria is a game-changer. We are seeing it every day. You have hundreds of people going to Syria, and if they don’t get killed they get radicalized.”

Suicide Bomber Training

Suicide Bomber Training

There can be little doubt that al Quada and its affiliates have opened a new chapter in the war against the West, and it remains to be seen how successful they will be. Whichever way you look at it, there appear to be very dangerous times ahead.


So Now The British Tax-Payer Has Bankrolled Extremists?

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The ‘shinanigins’ that go on in the hallowed halls of power in the United Kingdom have long ceased to amaze me. This week yet another scandal left over from the sheer incompetance of the previous Labour government has come to light in the form of their ‘Prevent’ strategy  and its ties to Islamic power in Britain.

You Must Be Joking Right!

The Labour ‘Prevent’ programme, set up in the wake of the July 7 attacks in 2005, was designed to combat the insurgency and radicalization of Muslims in Britain and has, according to the current Home Secretary Theresa May, turned out to be a farce. However, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, considering how that party has been infiltrated by Muslims.

As a result of an MI5 warning last year that British Muslim militancy was at a high level, a new review of the scheme has been carried out and reveals that far from preventing government (i.e. tax-payer) funds from being given to groups bent on radicalizing young Muslims, it was in fact funding radical Islamic groups whose sole purpose was to convert young Muslims to anti-western ideology. The current government has subsequently slashed ‘Prevent’s’  funding from £63million to £46 million this year.

Azad Ali: Radical Islamist, Appointed By Met. Police As Muslim Community Consultant Against Terrorism

While not finding any ‘deliberate’ funding of radical groups, the report stated that controls were either totally inadequate or missing entirely, and it was therefore inevitable that some radical groups received funding.

According to ‘people in the know’ the following radical groups received funding from ‘Prevent’: Muslim Council of Britain, The Cordoba Foundation, The Islamic Foundation, iEngage, The STREET Project, Green Lane and Central Mosques and Global Peace and Unity. Quite a list, and these are only some of them who either had radical guest speakers or follow hard-line Islamic teachings. The most annoying part of it is, these hate preachers are using our own free speech laws against us.

Muslims Call For Jihad In England:

Muslim Madrass Students-Taught To Hate

The report also highlighted other areas; huge wastage funding on pointless sports clubs and cohesion schemes (“No Achmed, don’t strap on your bomb yet, come and play table tennis”), 2,000 Muslim schools (Madrassas) attended by around 100,000 Muslim children where they receive a ‘proper’ Islamic education, and astonishingly, that around 1,100 people were reported to the authorities for ‘displaying extemist sympathies’ of which at least a quarter were children! That says a lot for the Madrassas doesn’t it!

Would We See This In A Non-Muslim Child?

With regard to these Islamic schools, it would seem an entire generation of Muslim children are being raised to hate western civilization, its laws and traditions. It has been revealed that in excess of 300 Muslim children have been reported as potential terrorists for holding extremist views. A total of 55 are under 12 years old and a further 290 up to 16 years old. Talk about inviting a cobra into your home! Why do we allow these schools to flourish?

Inside a Madrass:

Mrs, May has promised that money will will no longer go to groups or individuals who do not support the values, traditions, and laws of our country: “If they do not accept these fundamental and universal values, then we will not work with them and we will not fund them,” she said.

Theresa May – Home Secretary

Theresa May called on all schools, and in particular universities, to stop allowing terror propagandists to give lectures and seminars on their premises. And about time too!

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As can be expected, many Muslim groups criticised the programmes re-launch, like the Muslim Council who said Prevent was “still flawed and stigmatised Muslims”. Strange, to me it doesn’t go far enough!

Abu Hamza – Well Known Hate Preacher

It seems ridiculous that we not only have to put up with all these radicals roaming our streets at will, but we are actually funding them too. How crazy is that? I am sure if this plan was put to Angela Merkel or Nicolas Sarcozy they would lock you up in the nearest looney bin! No-one else in the western world puts up with this kind of nonsense from Muslims, but the good old ‘British fair play don’t you know’ not only allows it, but helps them as well. Its incredible!

Why are we funding Islamic schools that are teaching hatred for our way of life to young impressionable children who may well grow up to be the the next generation of terrorists? Why are we allowing radicals to demonstrate on our streets against how we live?

Just Like The Sign Says!

It bothers me a lot see the general air of indifference among the British people for what is happening to our country. Its as though nobody cares a hoot so long as it doesn’t interfere with their saturday night out at the disco or pub. But mark my words – It will on some dark day in the future!

Only a fool will ignore the signs of what is happening around them, but when Britain finally succombs to Islamic power it will be too late. Winston Churchill’s famous “We shall fight them on the beaches….” speech to  the nation during the dark days of 1940 seems as significant today as it did then, if only someone was awake to hear it.


Britain to Blame for Extremism?

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  It emerged today that America is blaming Britain for the rise in Islamic extremism. Leading policy makers in the American administration have accused Britain of being “a menace to the rest of the world” because of its failure to tackle Islamic radicalism within its borders. Is the accusation justified? Most certainly!

For years the British people and government have been pandering to the Islamic minority of the country for fear of being seen as anti-Islamic – Islamophobia.

This sickness has found its way into every facet of British life to the extent that to utter a single word of criticism against Muslims or Islam, means you risk being   branded a ‘racist’, much the same as the sixties and seventies during the rise of ‘Black Power’. English traditions going back centuries are slowly dying out because they may offend the Muslim population.

This criticism of Britain has come to light after the failed suicide bomb attack on a Detroit-bound airliner by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who, it is said, was radicalised in London. For a time, he was president of the Islamic Society at the University College London (UCL) which has been severely criticised for allowing, and even actively encouraging, extremist Muslim preachers to give lectures on campus.

There are many universities in Britain with the same lax attitude towards Muslim extremism, and these places of learning are a fertile recruiting ground for groups like al Qaeda.

Evidence of this can be seen in the atrocities list of the past few years; Omar Sheik who killed Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 (London School of Economics); Asif Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif who blew themselves up in Tel Aviv in 2003 (King’s College London); Abdullah Achmed Ali leader of the liquid bomb plot in 2006 (City University London), the list goes on. All received an education in British Universities, and all were most certainly recruited there by visiting ‘lecturers’ like Anwar al-Awlaki a well-known radical Yemen-based Imam who has preached on various occasions at UCL among others, and gave spiritual guidance to both the failed Detroit bomber, and the Fort Hood assassin Nidal Hasan.

This institutionalised acceptance of allowing extremist and radical Islamic preachers to openly infect the minds of impressionable young men is beyond doubt a scandal, but all comes under the heading of Islamophobia.

Another accusation, levelled by Marc Thiessen, former speech writer for George W. Bush and Pentagon aide, was that Muslim immigrants into the UK were marginalised, and segregated into ‘ghetto’s’ instead of being integrated into society as in America.

This I cannot agree with for the simple reason that Muslims in Britain do not wish to integrate into British society. They form these ‘ghetto’s’ of their own accord by taking over entire areas, and even towns in their desire to live together as a separate community. This Islamization of towns is an on-going process and results, among other things, in them demanding Muslim schools, and English schools teaching the National Curriculum in Arabic. This is wrong, but symptomatic of the failure of the government to ensure the immigrant population is spread wide across the country. How would Mr, Thiessen feel if Muslim immigrants in the States demanded High Schools taught their children in Arabic?

Charles Allen, a recently retired CIA operative, claimed there is “a lack of assimilation, a great deal of alienation” towards Muslims in Britain, and to some extent he is correct, but not completely.

Tell that to the Muslim men in this film Charlie!

When the immigrant population of Britain and the rest of Europe are ready to admit they should adopt the customs and language of their new country relations will  improve, but instead they demand we change our customs to suit them. If we do not, we are racist.

The lack of willingness to assimilate on the part of most Muslims, coupled with the past failure of successive governments to ensure that ghetto’s were not allowed to form in the first place, has led to a feeling of mistrust by many members of the British population which has of course been crystallised by the terrorist attacks in recent years. The one feeds off the other.

There is much to support the American feeling that Britain has become a ‘hotbed’ of extremism in the world, but the problem has gone too far for a simple solution.

Britain, and indeed all European countries, need to stamp down hard on the  Imams who preach their hatred in the mosques, turning peaceful young men into extremists willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah.

It is also imperative the European Union law enforcement institutions project a more robust attitude towards the threat of terrorism within its borders, and as suggested by the news article, treat the terrorists as enemy combatants instead of just criminals.

However, in the long term it is only the Muslim people themselves who can put an end to this hi-jacking of their Faith for the purposes of terrorism.

May peace come to all – Inshallah!


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