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The Hidden Truth Behind Muslim ‘Honour’ Killings

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Everyone has heard of the Muslim tradition of ‘honour’ killing after the events of the past decade, coupled with the increasing Islamization of western countries. It is a system of so-called justice within the Muslim faith so barbaric as to strike horror into the hearts of all decent, intelligent people.

Women’s View

It is a well known fact that these acts are predominantly meted out on women, and are a constant reminder of their subservient position in Muslim society, for to Muslim men they are nothing more than possessions.

The news that prompted this post is a report that ‘honour killings’ have dramatically increased in Britain over the past year. As everyone knows, our country has very large Muslim communities, many that refuse to accept British Law and revert to their own brutal Sharia Law.

A survey of almost every police force in the country by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (Ikwro) has shown a total of 2,823 killings in the last year alone. Almost all were of women who have in some way ‘supposedly’ stained the family or community ‘honour’ and have been either beaten, mutilated or even killed. This ‘stain’ on the family honour could be the refusal of a young girl to marry the man of her families choice, she may have been seen talking to boys without a chaperone, or even just adopting western style clothing.

I give you as an example the case of Banaz Mahmod, from Mitcham, south London, who in 2006 was strangled on the orders of her father and uncle because they thought her boyfriend was unsuitable. Of course when it comes to men its usually the homosexuals who are in the firing line.

Father of Banaz Mahmod

It is not enough for the Muslim male to completely dominate his partner and subject her to covering her entire body ‘lest she inflame the passions of another man’, but to put one foot wrong can mean she pays the ultimate sacrifice. A prime example is Mohammad Shafia, who is being tried along with his second wife and their 20-year-old son for the murder of his three daughters and his first wife. The Canadian police secretly recorded a conversation in which he boasted “he would kill them again if they came back a hundred times”. He called his daughters ‘whores’ just for having boyfriends. The really sad thing is, he saw nothing wrong with his actions because they had ‘stained the family honour’.

Even worse is the case of a Libyan man who slit the throats of three of his daughters, aged 15, 17, and 18 after they were raped by pro-Gadaffi forces, as if it was their fault! Two Muslim women in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh helped each other use ropes to choke the life from their daughters after the two young women returned home after marrying Hindu men. “We killed them because they brought shame to our community,” When questioned they said, “How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse.”

In London a Danish man was forced to drink acid after being beaten, and lost his tongue. He was suspected of having an affair with a married woman from Pakistan. One of the attackers was the woman’s brother. It is certain the woman concerned is in great danger herself. In Pakistan, three teenage girls were buried alive in mid-July in a remote village because they planned to choose their own husbands. The girls, aged 14, 16 and 18 were abducted and tortured, then buried still breathing. Two older women who tried to help them were also buried alive.

From information readily available, Pakistan and India have the highest rates of honour killings in the world. In Pakistan alone it is estimated there are around 5,000 such killings a year.

Women Are Often Disfigured Before Being Killed

In Iraq men are seldom prosecuted by the law for honour killings as this is seen as a normal way of life.  An Iraqi father who suffocated and stabbed his 17-year-old daughter has only one regret over her honour killing: That he didn’t murder her “the instant her mother delivered her.” Her crime? Talking to a British soldier! The father was arrested, but released by the police without charge because according to the father, “The officers were by my side, congratulating me on what I had done.”

There are conflicting views that honour killings are allowed under Sharia Law, some scholars attest that it is allowed while others say it is not. In the book on Sharia Law, paragraph o1.2 has the following phrases; “The following are not subject to retaliation: (4) A father or mother (or their fathers and mothers) for killing their offspring or their offspring’s offspring”. This translation from the original Arabic was certified by Al Azhar of the Islamic Research Academy.

While others assert there is nothing in the Qur’an allowing this practice, it is for sure that the Islamic Holy Book is also being corrupted by individuals to satisfy their own ends, much like the insurgents who kill fellow Muslims, which is strictly against the Qur’an.

While many Muslims, including academics, will have us westerners believe the Islamic Faith is one of peace, the evidence is all around us that it is not so. The extremists in places like Iraq and Afghanistan are not directing the majority of their attacks against westerners, but against their own innocent people.

The Crusades

Christian followers have not been on such a rampage of death and destruction for the last six hundred years. Such a thing is not something one would expect in the 21st century of civilized man, and where it will all end is anyone’s guess. Muslims everywhere need to take a long hard look at themselves and their religion, and see the reality as it is and compare it with the real teachings of Allah.

As a peace loving man I can only hope this madness comes to an end very soon, for one thing is sure, there will be no winners!


Muslim Power!

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Muslim Power is on the march again as a Dutch MP is to go on trial next week for “insulting Muslims”.

Geert Wilders – Dutch Politician

Geert Wilders, Leader of the Freedom Party, who has just entered into an agreement with the Liberal Party and Christian Democratic Alliance to form the first minority government in the Netherlands since WW2, is to stand trial “for inciting hatred, discrimination, and insulting Muslims”. According to sources, if found guilty, he could be sentenced to two years in prison or a €19,000 fine.

The fact that he is now a crucial member of the minority government makes it all the more ridiculous.

Among the measures to be introduced by this parliament (due no doubt to Wilder’s Freedom Party) is the banning of full-face coverings worn by Muslim women (i.e. the Burqa) in all public places in the Netherlands. This is much the same as France has already done.

Wilders – A Marked Man

Wilders has been consistently in the news because of his efforts in trying to wake up the Dutch people to the Islamization of their country, as is all too evident in Great Britain.

It would seem the fear of insulting Muslims has now over-ruled our, until now, sacred ideal of free speech at least in the Netherlands. The danger is that such an action will set a precedent that could spread to other countries, in which case, free speech will eventually be stifled and wither on the vine.

Geert Wilders is most famous for his short video called ‘Fitna’ which swept the western world after its release in March of 2008. In it he quoted verses from the Qur’an (Arabic spelling) to highlight the hatred among Muslims for non-Muslims, and related these facts to the 9/11 atrocities in New York.

The Qu’ran

I have had dialogue with many Muslims on the subject, and all told me the lines are quoted ‘out of context’. You will need to read the Qu’ran for yourselves to decide what you believe in.

Burning Church

Muslims burn bibles, and even churches (Ref: Far Eastern Muslim States like Indonesia etc) and not a word of protest is uttered by christian societies, the church or governments. Anyone found to be practising the christian faith in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are immediately condemned to death, but not a voice is raised by these same governments and organisations.

We make more fuss over a Muslim woman accused of adultery and murder sentenced to death by stoning than we do about ‘insults’ to our religion.

At times it must seem that everything we do is an insult to Muslims, in fact listening to the rhetoric that comes from the mouths of some Muslim clerics you could believe our very existence as non-Muslims is an insult to Islam.

Iraq Suicide Bomb

The Qu’ran strictly forbids the killing of Muslims by other Muslims, but that doesn’t seem to have held back the insurgents who detonate explosives strapped to their bodies in crowded market places in Iraq and Afghanistan where the majority of victims are fellow Muslims.

Proposed Muslim Centre for Ground Zero

Geert Wilders has done his best to highlight the creeping Islamisation of western countries like Holland and Britain where Muslims have more rights than the ethnic population. This slow cancer is also being seen in America where Muslims even have the effrontery to want to build a mosque within a stones throw of ‘Ground Zero’ (See Blog entry: Pig Power and Ground Zero 7/9/10), scene of the biggest atrocity so far this century.

The Rights of ethnic Europeans and Americans are being trampled underfoot because no politician has the guts to stand up and say what an ever increasing portion of the public is thinking. In which case I say, thank God for Geert Wilders. He at least is man enough to say what he thinks.

It is a scandal that he should be pilloried by his own country’s legal system and the gutless politicians who run the country. One can only hope he brings down the government if found guilty.


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