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“I Have to Sell My Home to Pay a Thief Compensation”

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These days the law often gets it wrong, and as usual, it’s the victim who suffers. Such is, in my view, the case with Simon Cremer who recently caught one of his employees stealing from his company. Cremer discovered the thief, Mark Gilbert, had written a company cheque to himself for £845  and decided to hand him over to the police.

Angered at the betrayal of trust, he marched Gilbert to the local police station with a placard around his neck stating his crime. To cut a long story short, all Gilbert got from the police was a caution, which means in effect a ‘slap on the wrist’ and they would take no further action on the case.

A Thief Paraded Down The High Street - Morally Unjustifiable?

Simon Cremer was very surprised to hear later that Gilbert was taking legal action against him for false imprisonment, and seeking compensation for the “stress, humiliation and trauma” he had suffered while being marched down the main street. Cremer wanted to fight the case but was told by his lawyers it would be cheaper to settle out of court. 

Mr Cremer now faces bills totalling £34,000, which include £5,000 compensation for the thief Gilbert, and almost £30,000 in legal fees. When looking at the lawyer fees, one has to ask who the real rip-off merchants are here!  The final result is, Mr. Cremer will be forced into selling his home to pay for this failure of the judicial system.

So, once again we see a common criminal getting the better of the law, and the victim paying the cost. Many say Mr. Cremer should have just phoned the police on discovering the crime, and to a certain degree they are right, but morally speaking, what is wrong with humiliating a thief in public? The man is after all a thief!

Considering the fact the law seems totally incapable of giving criminals the sentences they deserve these days, a little public humiliation may be just what these people need to get them ‘back on track’ in society. Any way you look at it, the current system of locking them up in 5-star hotels doesn’t seem to be working.  

In any event, Gilbert got away scot-free with his crime and is now ‘laughing all the way to the bank’, while the victim will have to sell his home, enduring all the disruption and stress this will cause his family. It just goes to show, the old saying of “Crime doesn’t pay” is totally irrelevant these days.

It is a sad fact of life today that criminals can operate with almost total impunity from the law, and in fact, even turn on their victims at will. You can talk about the ‘Human Rights’ of criminals like Gilbert, but when the law proceeds as in this case, you are saying a thief can manipulate it on moral grounds and the victim has no defence.  The previous labour government was always criticised for being ‘soft on crime’, and it is many of their policies that brought us to this stage.

Including the Victims of Crime???

The upsurge of ‘Human Rights’ and Equality Laws in recent years have seriously damaged society as a whole, and all because the law has lost its ‘moral’ way. As David Cameron commented some time ago, “Britain has become a ‘Compensation Culture’ and must change”. While there are many justified claims for compensation filed in UK courts, these laws are open to abuse by unscrupulous people who milk the system for all they can get. Many are criminals who escape justice completely.

Had I been in Mr, Cremer’s shoes, I think I may well have acted as he did. If, as in this case, there is no doubt whatsoever about the persons guilt, then the action taken by Mr. Cremer is fully justified in my view. I do not find any moral problem in parading a thief down the High Street wearing a placard telling everyone what he has done. It is time the courts accept the fact that if you kill, steal, or assault someone you automatically give up any rights to morally correct treatment and should be treated for what you are, a criminal.

I am tired of hearing of innocent victims being crucified in the courts by thieves and killers who think they have more rights than their victims. It is high time the legal system in Britain was completely overhauled with the power, and moral high ground, taken away from the criminals and returned to the victims of crime. Our only hope is that the Cameron government can see how extensive the breakdown of law and order is in the country and do someting about it. I live in hope!


Prisons Under Strain?

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Who should be surprised the British Prison system is nearing collapse? The government feeds us statistics each year saying there is an annual drop in crime rates, but they do not tell the whole truth.

Modern Prison Cell

A little research shows the prison population in Britain has risen from around 19,000 to a staggering 65,000 in 1998. Since 1998, the government will have us believe things are getting better because fewer criminals are going to jail, but that is also untrue. What has in fact happened, as most people know, is that criminals are now being given non-custodial sentences because the prisons are over-full. More and more even violent criminals are being given the so-called Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) and /or Community Service Orders (CSO) simply because there is no room for them in the prisons.

Experience has shown that the ASBO/CSO system does not work because it is totally ignored by those who receive it, and no-one can be bothered to do anything about it. The Probation Service seems powerless to enforce Community Service Orders placed on felons and they just go back to their old ways.

When they are jailed, criminals are given ridiculously short sentences, and even then, let out early to make room for newer inmates. When someone commits murder they receive a ‘life’ sentence, but what is that, just seven years, and more often than not they are let out after four or five years. We hear daily from the courts that so-and-so has received a sentence of twenty-five years, but everyone knows this person will be back on the streets in three to five years.

A recent example of that was the young Edlington twins (see Blog UK Child Sadists Sentenced – 22  January) who tortured two young boys for ninety minutes. They were sentenced to be detained ‘Indefinitely’ serving a minimum of five years. It has since emerged these two sadists will be released within three years with a new identity. What has ‘indefinitely’ got to do with ‘minimum five years’? If the Judge understood the English language he should know ‘indefinitely’ means without end or for an unspecified period!

At the trial, the younger of the two (10 years old) was described as a potential psychopath by a prominent psychologist, and they want to let him out after three years? Who will take responsibility when the little tow-rag kills someone after his release? It sure as hell won’t be the idiots responsible for his early release.

The number of criminals who re-offend after release from prison is soaring, proving once again “its business as usual” for these people. The prison system is so lax that even being incarcerated does not stop their criminal activities for they continue their activities from their cell. Gang-Lords are still in charge of what goes on ‘on the outside’ knowing they will be free within a short time.

The people to blame for the slow destruction of Britain’s Penal System are without doubt the bleeding heart Politically Correct (PC) and Human Rights (HR) Groups who infest our land with their lunacy. I have been saying for years that it is time to kick out the barmy idiots that are currently running the system and turn it back into what it once was, a penal system to be feared.

Just ask any ‘old lag’ from the forties and fifties what it was like in prison in those days and they will tell you, more likely with a tremor in their voice.

In those days prison was a thing to be feared and no-one wanted to go back ‘inside’. The mere thought of going back into prison caused most criminals to think twice about re-embarking on a life of crime once they got out. Their day consisted of twelve hour shifts of hard work, a meal, and then into the cell for the night. There were no gym’s, pool tables, libraries, cinema’s, TV ‘s in the cells with all the comforts of home. It was a strict regime, and woe betide anyone who overstepped the mark. More to the point, the prison was run by the Governor and his Warders, not the prisoners like it is today.

1950’s Cell

But what is happening today? Well, I can tell you. A letter just released by the Lord Carlile of Berriew, President of the Howard League for Prison Reform goes in completely the opposite direction. The letter states; “Instead of more legislative hyperactivity in the field of criminal justice, instead of ramping up ever-higher our costly use of imprisonment, the Commission argued forcibly for a principal of moderation, and not excess, to hold sway”.

The Commission recommended (1) “A significant reduction in the prison population and the closure of establishments” (2) “Investment in the localities that currently produce prisoners to reduce crime” and (3) “The replacement of short prison sentences with community based responses”.

I have never heard a bigger load of twaddle in my entire life!

What this in effect means, is that we are now supposed to give criminals even less ‘punishment’ than they now receive, and not even remove them from our streets. It would seem these people want to reduce the prison overpopulation by releasing huge numbers of prisoners and closing down many prisons! I really find it impossible to grasp that a Lord of Our Land and his cohorts could come to such a recommendation in these crime ridden times. What planet do these people live on???? I have to say however, it is typical of the way the ‘people in charge’ think of crime these days. I wonder what these people would think if they were on the receiving end of a vicious thug who burgled their home or killed one of their loved ones?

Lord Carlile was big enough to admit that “people have lost faith in the system” and “do not feel safer” but does not seem to understand that his Commissions plans would make things ten times worse. They do not seem to grasp the idea that to reduce the criminal statistics and the prison population, we need to go back about 60 years and return prisons once more to a place of punishment instead of five star hotels.

I truly despaire at the stupidity of some people.


Face-book Threats By Prisoners

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Accounts of how prisoners in some of Her Majesty’s Prisons have been able to threaten victims families using Face-Book have come to light during the past week. It begs the question, how is this possible?

The answer is not as complicated as you may think. Britain has gradually become softer on criminals since the abolition of hanging in 1964. Various ‘Human Rights’ and Liberal ‘Civil Liberties’ Groups have steadily degraded the prison system to the extent it has become a chain of five star hotels, where the only punishment served by criminals is a temporary restriction on their liberty. Criminals live in better conditions than the majority of those serving their country in the armed forces.

A criminal, even a murderer, does not serve a suitable punishment for his crime anymore. No longer are they locked away so as to pose no further threat to society. Liberal minded Parole Boards regularly allow hardened felons to be released for days at a time before their prison term has been served ‘to help them integrate back into society‘. Most go straight back to their old ways, and many commit fresh offences even while on these Day Releases.

Killers, pedophiles, rapists, robbers, drug barons and their ilk are looked after in better conditions that the average working-class family in our society. They have all the amenities that many families can only dream about. Food, shelter, clothing, TV (with satellite), games rooms, exercise equipment, library, education, cinema, the list goes on and on. They even went so far as to put curtains on cell windows so the prisoners could not be ‘traumatised’ by the sight of the bars.  All this is provided by the tax payer as a punishment for crimes committed against tax payers!

Our prisons are rife with drugs to the extent that if you never took them in your life, you soon will once you get behind bars. Gang Lords rule the prison population with an iron fist, to the extent the prison warders are nothing more than lackeys in their service. If you ask the one bald question: “Who runs the prisons, the answer must be; The prisoners!

It is high time the Wardens and Governors took back control of our prisons and measures were introduced to make it more like a system of punishment. Strict regimes, prison uniforms, hard work and no TV or games rooms. No contact between visitors and prisoners as in the States which should help reduce the amount of drugs in prison. Warders who ‘work’ for the prisoners by bringing in illicit materials get an immediate six month sentence themselves. This should help stamp out the corruption among prison staff.

Gone in an avalanche of ‘Civil Rights’ campaigning is the strict prison regime that made many a criminal ‘go straight’ for fear of ending back ‘inside’. Criminals do not fear a prison sentence anymore for the simple reason its like a holiday camp.

 This is borne out by the steadily increasing crime rate over the past forty years to the extent that the prisons are so overcrowded, Judges have been ordered to reduce custodial sentencing in favour of more community sentencing i.e. ASBO’s etc.

‘Life’ imprisonment now means seven years and not life as the word implies. Even those who get a so-called ‘life’ sentences are often out in five years or less, thanks to the ‘Barmy Do-Gooders’ who think they have ‘learnt their lesson’.

It is sickening to read in the newspapers that a killer or pedophile just released for ‘good behaviour’ after serving a paltry four years of a ‘life’ sentence has struck again within weeks of release. Prisons today are nothing more than ‘Crime Academy’s’ where the not so good criminals get an education on how to ply there trade better.

There is today a major imbalance in sentencing too. If you kill someone in cold blood you will get a lower sentence than if you take part in an assisted suicide for a loved one who is suffering terribly from an incurable disease. Justice is no longer just blind, it is suffering a terminal illness itself.

The subject of youth criminality is nowadays on everyone’s lips as the rate of major crime committed by children as young as eight or nine-years-old escalates out of all proportion. The majority of children who commit murder, and even torture victims in a ninety minute orgy of sadistic savagery as with the Edlington case two weeks ago, can expect no more than three years detention before being released with a new identity to protect them. The question is; How far down this road will we go before Law and Order breaks down completely?

It is time for politicians to stand up and be counted in the fight against crime, for we are losing the battle at an ever increasing rate. The government, from whichever party, must have the guts to stand up to the ‘limp wristed’ Brigade of ‘Do-Gooders’ and start clamping down on sentencing and prison conditions before we all drown in a cesspit of our own making.

It is long past time we got back to justice and prison regimes reminiscent of the 1950’s where criminals feared going back inside. Only by making our prison system a thing to be frightened of, and sentencing that fits the crime, can we hope to get back any form of decency in our society.

In my opinion, though many will disagree, there is a good case for reintroduction of the death penalty into our system of law. In my view, if you are a terrorist, kill in cold blood, commit pre-meditated rape, sodomise a child or invade someone else’s property with the intent of stealing, you forfeit your human rights.

Much was made of mistakes during the years when hanging was legal, which contributed to the removal of this punishment, but today we have far better methods of detection, and forensic science has advanced to the point that being able to pin-point the culprit is no longer a lottery. You will note that the words ‘in cold blood’ were italicised in the previous paragraph. This was done intentionally to indicate that hanging should be considered only in those cases where the crime was pre-meditated.

Pedophiles who commit a second offence should be castrated without the right of appeal, for it is only in that way we can be sure they will never strike again. How much longer must we allow our children to be brutalised by these perverts before we say; ‘Enough is enough’!

It is for sure that we cannot continue with the ‘softly softly’ approach to crime and expect to stamp it out. Our society needs the rule of law to be strong so that it puts an end to the reign of terror on our streets and in our homes.

Part of the problem these days is that no-one wants to get involved. So long as it doesn’t affect you personally, why should you bother? As a society, we have become so insulated within ourselves that we have no stomach for taking action for the good of all. Everyone sympathises with a mother who just had her ten-year-old knifed to death on the street in full view of many, but are we prepared to actually do something to stop this in the future?

The simple answer is; NO! We do not have the guts to stand up to these idiots who think they know what is best for the criminals and our society in general. Well, it is time, for time is running out for the reassertion of law and order on our streets. Only the people can change things by demanding their politicians take action before it is too late, and we sink into total anarchy. If, as a people, we take no action on this issue, we will most certainly deserve what the future holds for us.

It is time to stand up and be counted.


National Military Service – A Cure For What Ails Us?

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Yahoo’s editor has posed the question in his column: Should the UK reintroduce national service in the Armed Forces? In the last decade Britain’s youth has become the most savage on the planet, and it is clear that neither government policies, nor the intervention of all the ‘limp wristed’ Goody Goodies have made an iota of difference. The British justice system is in tatters, with the courts incapable of handing out proper sentences for crimes committed by youths because the prisons are overcrowded or the Law considers them too young. The best the Government and Courts have been able to come up with is the infamous ASBO or Anti-Social Behaviour Order, which only places certain restrictions on them. These have become so ineffectual that they are viewed by most toe-rags as a badge of honour and are completely ignored anyway.

So what is the answer? Is the reintroduction of national service the solution to sorting out these malcontents once and for all? In short, I think the answer is yes, but not as we have known it in the past.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Greece have all reintroduced national service successfully to combat youth crime and the ‘yob’ culture. So why not Britain?

Comments on the news column show that many people are afraid their loved ones, once committed to national service, could end up in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and this fact is turning people away from the idea. To make this work a compromise is needed.

It has been suggested that young criminals be given the choice of jail time or serving in the army, with repeat offenders having the choice removed and being committed to serve a fixed term.  This could work in some cases but not all. The compromise suggested earlier would mean that young offenders be given the assurance they would not be sent to a war zone during their period of sentence. That takes care of parents concerns.

But what of the time spent in the Army? David Cameron of the Tory Party has suggested a non-obligatory period of six weeks for all 16 year olds, note the non-obligatory! Six weeks could never provide the necessary deterrent with violent youth because just as the malcontents got used to the idea they would be free with insufficient time to learn anything useful. Young criminals would need to spend a minimum of nine months in the loving bosom of the Army before any sort of character changes could manifest themselves. Within that time, it is fairly certain the constant application of strict discipline could begin to change the way these people think of themselves, and their place in society.

Each ‘soldier’ could in that time be fairly accurately judged by their instructors as to whether they are fit to re-enter society. If they are deemed not to have learnt anything they stay in until they have. Simple.

But what of the army? What could they do with all these nasty individuals? We are constantly hearing the army is under-manned and there is insufficient manpower to fight two wars, i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure that handing over some of the UK Base tasks to the criminal element after sufficient training, would make more manpower available for the front from our volunteer army. But what jobs? Well, how about Transport, Administration, Security, Supply and Catering just to quote some examples. These are jobs that do not require intensive long drawn out training and could be done by many criminals. The added advantage is it would teach them a trade for use when they are released.

So how could you be sure those working in ‘Supply’ for example, (thinking they have been handed a golden opportunity to make some money on the sly) don’t start selling army property behind everyone’s back? Well, after finishing their ‘Basic Training’ and before any of them start becoming productive, they should be given a guided tour of the the National Military Detention Centre at Colchester. Just the sight of what goes on in that military prison will scare the pants off them. Normal prisons are holiday camps by comparison (well, come to think of it, they are anyway). After all, why should they not be subject to military justice while serving their sentence? If they do not break the rules they have nothing to fear.

There would of course need to be one major change to army thinking. The new ‘softly softly’ attitude to recruits would have to go out the window for the detainees. A soft hand with them would make the whole exercise a wasted effort. They need the iron fist to instil the normal  attitudes of decency, respect and responsibility that the rest of us take for granted. There are more than enough drill instructors who would love to put these misfits through the hoop.

The hard cases will only respond to men who are tougher and stronger than they are, and in any army drill instructor they will meet their match. It’s the story of the ages; power respects power! I am sure any low-life who thinks he is tough will soon wilt when he is doing a ten mile run through the Cairngorms in pouring rain with a 30lb pack and an Army instructor yelling at his heels.

I am no psychologist, but I am fairly sure that nine months of army training will make for a more mature and responsible citizen. Once these young people have finished their ‘sentence’ they could be given the choice of staying in.

Some readers may now be thinking they have found a flaw in my plan, because many of the youth criminals today are as young as 10 and 11 years old. Does that matter? Naturally, there are ways to downscale the action plan to cover these junior horrors. Many of them think they are tough anyway, and their age is no reason to go soft on them because they are only 10 years old. If they are old enough to commit murder, as many have, they are old enough for a taste of junior army life.

One concession to their age could be made by making them do only six months instead of nine months or a year. No! Young as they are, they can still turn out for inspection and parade at 06.00hrs every morning just like army recruits. If they spend the day learning to march, to keep themselves and their environment clean plus continuing their education under strict supervision they are sure to learn the error of their ways. Many of the normal infantry training tactics used in the army today such as physical education and assault courses, scaled to fit the trainees of course, would be a benefit in teaching them to work as a team, to help and respect each other. After all, if it can work in other countries, why not Britain?

There will always be the few hard cases who think they are tougher than the system, and some will run away because after all, an army camp is not a prison. But that’s OK, 48 hours in a real army prison will soon make them realise that co-operation is the best way out, and 48 hours is all it will take.

All this would place a burden on the army, and would be expensive to set up, but consider this! In the medium to long term, how much government money would be saved by getting these criminals off the streets, along with the eventual major reduction in the crime rates across the country? I am well aware that the Upper Brass of the Army has already said it is against the idea of the army being used as a sort of ‘prison service’, but what other effective solution is there. I am sure that with the proper organization this whole plan could be made to benefit the Army in many ways.

Life in  the army can be hard, and training would be structured such that we would eventually get back to the situation where criminals, once they have been through the mill, will not return to crime for fear of having to go through it all again. As in the old days, the only way to fight perpetual crime is to make the punishment such that criminals will not wish to subject themselves to it again.

Say what you will, but the best deterrent for crime is the fear of punishment.

The days when a youth can commit murder and get away with it because of his/her age has to end. Only then can we all live in peace and without fear of a group of youths hanging around on a street corner. It is time we stopped being soft on criminals or we will end up with total anarchy.

It’s time for positive action, but who will dare?


Britain – Land of the Loony’s.

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If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny! For this post I have chosen five of the most ridiculous stories to come out of the UK this week. Firstly, in Southampton in southern England, a man turned up at the hospital’s casualty department with his penis stuck in a length of steel tubing. The hospital staff could not release it because the situation had caused the man to become aroused thereby enlarging his penis and making it impossible. You really couldn’t make this up!!!! Eventually his penis was freed from the pipe by a very delicate operation carried out by…..wait for it!…..Firemen with a metal grinder!!!!!! When I read this story I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Apparently the man left the hospital without any explanation as to how he got his penis stuck in a piece of pipe.

Ed Balls the Schools Secretary for Great Britain is quoted as saying that primary school pupils (aged 7 to 11) and secondary schools (ages 11 to 16) should learn Mandarin i.e Chinese! His reason for such a statement is that Britain has increasing business ties with China and the business sector needs Chinese speakers. Does this mean that it must become part of the national curriculum and a requirement for all children to learn Chinese?

He is right in one thing, it should be compulsory for all children in English schools to learn a foreign language; but Chinese? It would be far more useful for them to learn French, German or perhaps Spanish. Britain has for decades fallen behind other European nations in the teaching of foreign languages in schools, leaving it up to the pupils to decide. When it comes to languages the British are notoriously lazy.

Britain’s erstwhile Prime Minister Gordon Brown has decreed that poor homes should be given a free laptop and broadband access so the parents can communicate with their children’s school. So Gordon is of the opinion that the tax payer should foot the bill for this, and of course poor parents will immediately get ‘on line’ and follow their offspring’s progress at school. I think it more likely there will suddenly be a glut of laptops being offered at knock-down prices in the local pubs to finance a few more pints of best bitter.

On a more serious note, A family of five bought a house for £285,000 and decided to have it structurally altered and renovated. They moved into a rented apartment while the builders were working. After the Christmas break they went to the house and found a group of Romanian squatters occupying the house. They had changed all the locks which prevented the owner from entering. He went to the Police, and on enquiring as to the legal status of the squatters being in the country was told he was racist. Eventually it turned out that the Romanians had become victims of a black con man who had ‘rented’ them the property. They thought they were legal and had every right to be there, but the black guy was not the owner. It took two weeks for the legal situation to be sorted out, and now, much to the families relief, things are back to normal. The Squatters, they moved into a house further down the street. The con man? He disappeared into a richer puff of smoke.

It has been known for years that Britain needs more jails, and now finally the Labour Government has made plans for more to be built. Britain is way ahead of the rest of Europe when it comes to the size of its prison population. For years, Judges have been given instructions not to send so many felons to jail, no matter how much they deserve it, because the jails are already overcrowded. Prisoners have been released after serving a fraction of their sentence to make room for the next influx of criminals. Many have been hardened criminals who go on to offend again and again after release. For the toe-rags inside for drug dealing, theft and rape etc. they do a tiny fraction of their sentence and then its business as usual.

Strange though it may seem, this plan to build more jails has raised a storm of criticism. Groups, and even MP’s, are decrying the move saying resources should be put into preventing crime, not punishing it. I suppose this means more Miss Goody Two-Shoes talking to hardened career criminals trying to convince them of the error of their ways??? I suppose this means that felons will get more non-custodial sentences while the ‘Goody Brigade’ go to work on them to convince them that it really isn’t ‘nice’ to beat up old age pensioner ladies for the few shillings they have in their purses???? It really is too bizarre for words. These ‘Goody Goody” idiots have done so much harm to the English way of life that they should be put against a wall and shot without the chance of parole. I have always been of the opinion that if a criminal is behind bars, he cannot commit more crimes. If the British Penal System were designed to make incarceration so hard that felons would never want to go back to prison after release (like the old days), that more than anything else would cut the crime rate.

Such a shame, but I think the whole country has gone to the dogs!

Woof Woof!


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