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AIl Is Not Lost With Brexit

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Pat Condell has always been known as a straight talker, and his views on Brexit are quite interesting. Watch and Listen:

Do you still want to stay in the European Union?


An Interesting View On Why Britain Should Leave The European Union.

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A very interesting view on the possibilities of Britain leaving the European Union. This is quoted as being written by the well known author Frederick Forsyth who has had many successful books published. He has laid out the situation in Europe in a very clear and concise manner, as well as giving some foresight into the past and how the Union was formed, and why.

“A long time ago a very wise old man advised me thus: “If ever you are confronted by a highly complex situation and a decision cannot be avoided, never rush to an early emotional judgment. Subject the subject to the four-pronged ARID. It stands for Analyse, Research, Identify and then Decide.”  We all now face the decision: should we continue as obedient members of the EU or should we sever the link? Let me try to apply the old man’s advice.


Any country other than a shambolic anarchy must have a government. That said, most governmental systems end with the five-letter “cracy” derived from the Greek for “rule”. There are about 10. We know about autocracy, rule by a single tyrant. There is theocracy, rule by the priestly caste, such as Iran.  Add stratocracy, rule by the army (Egypt) and plutocracy (by the very rich). We have seen gerontocracy, with the reins of power in the hands of the extremely old – the Soviet politburo in its last days. And aristocracy, rule by the nobles, long gone.   But two are with us and visible. One is bureaucracy, government by the officials, the constant competitor for power with rule by the “demos”: the people. Democracy. It is by far the hardest to establish.  It is the most fragile, the easiest to fake with rigged elections, meaningless ceremonies and elaborate charades. I estimate about 100 phoney democracies worldwide. But ours is parliamentary democracy so let’s give it a glance.  Of course it is indirect. We cannot expect the electorate to go to the polls for every tiny decision. So we divide the country into 650 constituencies with one MP for each. The party with the most MPs in Westminster governs for five years. At the pinnacle is the Cabinet and, with encircling junior ministers, forms the Government, which I will call the power.  But there is more. The power is held to account, not five-yearly, not annually or monthly but every day. Doing this is the official Opposition but also the backbench MPs even of the government party. This “holding to account” is vital. Assisting these critics is hopefully a free and unafraid press.

I have travelled very widely, seen the good, the bad and the very ugly and have come firmly to the view that with all its flaws the British parliamentary form of democracy is the best in the world. Not for those in power but for the people who between elections still have a voice. It is against this template that we can judge the system of the EU.


Just after the war a group of men, politicians, thinkers, intellectuals and theorists, formed around Frenchman Jean Monnet, became convinced that what they had witnessed at close quarters – the utter destruction of their continent in a vicious war – must never, ever, happen again. It was not a bad view-point, indeed it was a noble one.  They then analysed the problem and came up with two solutions. The first was that the various and disparate nations of Europe west of the Iron Curtain must somehow be unified into one under a single government. They accepted that this might take two, even three generations but must be done. This was not an ignoble vision.  It was their second conclusion to which I take exception. The whole group was mesmerised by one fact. In 1933 the Germans, seized by rabid nationalism, voted Adolf Hitler into power. Their conclusion: the people, any people, were too obtuse, too gullible, too dim ever to be safely entrusted with the power to elect their government.  People’s democracy was flawed and should never be permitted to decide government again if war was to be avoided. Real power would have to be confined to a non-elective body of enlightened minds like theirs.

In the 70 years since, the theory has never changed. It remains exactly the same today. The British Cabinet has power and may delegate that power to a wide range of civil servants: police chiefs, generals, bureaucrats. But it itself remains elective. The people can change it via the polling booth. Not in the EU. The difference is absolutely fundamental. They realised, those founders, that there would have to be façades erected to persuade the gullible that democracy had not been abolished in the new utopia. There is indeed a European Parliament – but with a difference.  In London it is the Commons that is the law-giver, the Upper House is the vetting and endorsing chamber. In Brussels the EU Parliament has no lower house, it is the endorsing chamber. It ratifies what the real power, the non-elective European Commission, has decided.  The broad masses would also have to be convinced that the purpose of the Monnet utopia was economic and thus about prosperity. This untruth has prevailed to this day and is the main plank of the establishment propaganda in our present British decision-making.  In fact the final destination of the EU is entirely political. It is the complete political, legal and constitutional unification of the continent of Europe into a single entity: the State of Europe. This clearly cannot make war against itself, thus guaranteeing peace. Albeit without democracy.

It is amazing how many intelligent people have fallen for this fiction. Thus David Cameron can tell us with a straight face that he repudiates the three pillars of the EU – the doctrine of even closer union, a single external border but no internal ones (Schengen) and a single currency (eurozone) – but still thinks we will sit at the top table. He believes the EU is about trade and tariffs. No, that’s what we thought we joined.


Back in the 1960s one British premier (Macmillan) after another (Heath) came to the view that with the empire departing into independence and the USA becoming more protectionist our economic days were numbered. If the world beyond the oceans was not communist it was Third World, meaning impoverished.  Both premiers became convinced the future lay east across the Channel. Back then the union was six countries: Germany, France, Italy, plus minnows Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Wealthy, especially Germany, booming. Just the trading partners we needed.  So under Heath we joined the Common Market. As a trading nation for centuries we were delighted to do so. Then the lies began. It would never go further, we were told. The Six became the Nine but all in western Europe.   Heath lied to us. He said there would never be any question of “transfer of significant sovereignty”. He had read the whole Treaty of Rome. No one else had. He knew this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Then in 1992 came the Maastricht Treaty. We were told it was just tidying up loose ends. More lies. It was transformational. It created the European Union. Slowly, decree by decree, rule by rule, law by law, our ancient right to govern ourselves the way we wanted to be governed and by whom was transferred from London to Brussels. Today 60% of all laws are framed in Brussels, not London.  The lies multiplied. The entire establishment, much espoused of power without accountability, has become hugely enamoured of the new governmental system. Less and less need to consult those wretched people, the voters.  It is no coincidence that the five professions that worship power – politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, quangocrats and lawyers, plus the two that lust for money, bankers/ financiers and tycoons – today constitute almost the whole of the stay-in campaign. Almost to a man.  And the lies proliferate. “There is no intention to proceed to a superstate.” Really? Read the Treaty of Rome. That is the whole point of the EU. What is not said is that in a unified continent there can be no place for the independent, autonomous, self-governing sovereign nation/state.  The two are a contradiction in terms. Only here in the UK is that denied. In Brussels it is accepted as wholly obvious. “The end of nation” is regarded as a work in progress. Endgame is foreseen as a decade, maybe two.


The referendum decision of June 23 will be the last ever, the decision permanent. So this is your choice. This is about the country in which we will spend the rest of our lives, the land we will pass on to our children and grandchildren.  What kind of a country, what kind of a governmental system? People’s democracy or officialdom’s empire? Our right to hold power to account or just two duties: to pay and obey? For me it is simple and takes just five words. I want my country back.”

Certainly ‘food for thought’.


Gaza Erupts Once Again – But Who Is To Blame?

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Once again trouble has flared up between the Palestinians in Gaza and Israel, and who is getting all the blame – Israel naturally. But are the Israeli’s really to blame? Sorry, but I don’t think so. As in many times in the past the Israeli government reacted to provocation by the Palestinian insurgents in the only way they could without a full scale invasion.

A Palestinian Casualty – So Loved By The Media

The newsreel pictures of injured women and children so loved by the media have once again played into the hands of the militants in this propaganda war, which as usual is turning people’s hatred against Israel. I heard on EuroNews yesterday how they made meat of the fact that two of the victims from one Israeli air attack were a child and a pregnant woman – trumpet fanfare please!!!! On most news channels there is no more than a split-second mention of the Israeli dead and injured and the videos are all about Palestinian casualties. It’s all part of the Hamas propaganda war and millions of people are swallowing it ‘hook line and sinker’.

Target Austin, Düsseldorf or Newcastle?

So let me put this to you – If you are an American citizen, would you applaud or decry a military response if Mexican militants fired rockets on San Antonio, Corpus Christi or Austin in Texas? If you lived in England how would you feel if Scottish nationalists started raining missiles down on Newcastle? If you lived in France, Holland or Germany would you allow a missile attack on one of your cities or towns from across the border? I am fairly sure that the answer to all these questions would be a resounding NO! So why do so many people think that Palestine is justified in showering missiles on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other towns and villages in Israel? Does Israel not have the right to self-defence against attack, or do you think they should just shrug their shoulders and say ‘its just another day in paradise?’ Perhaps you imagine they should just bury their dead and forget the whole thing!

An Israeli Woman Is Helped From The Wreckage Of Her Home

To be honest, I am sick of these mealy-mouthed idiots who’s ears are closed to all but the propaganda initiated by Hamas and perpetuated by the Press, and blame Israel for their response to these attacks when they don’t have a clue of what is really going on but just see ‘mighty’ Israel stamping on the ‘poor Palestinians’ yet again! Most of them don’t have half the brain they were born with and are totally incapable of logical thought. They just listen to the news and read the headlines to see that another woman or child has either died or been injured in an Israeli attack and immediately get on their ‘high horse’ and spout nonsense to justify their ‘superior’ attitude.

Hamas Rocket Firing Surrounded By Dwellings

Naturally we mourn for these people and feel sorry for their plight because many casualties are innocent civilians, but then you should ask, why do the insurgents always fire their rockets from the middle of inhabited areas? The answer is simple, they want to maximise the civilian casualties for propaganda purposes, and as usual the media take the bait. Instead the media should be asking Hamas why they insist on firing missiles from inhabited areas, and please, don’t bleat to me that there are no uninhabited areas close to the border!

There is no way the civilian population can be called totally innocent in the true sense of the word, for they voted the terrorist organization Hamas into power in free elections, and if you vote for a terrorist organization you have to accept the consequences. Nothing Hamas has done since they came to power has convinced me, and many level-headed people, that they are prepared to negotiate for peace with Israel, for they have flat-out refused every time they were invited.

The Israeli’s Too Have Their Casualties But They Seldom Appear In The News

Their transparent tactic is to call for a cease-fire when their supply of rockets has been exhausted, during which they re-arm themselves with more rockets, provided by Iran free of charge I might add. Iran doesn’t give a damn about the Palestinian people but see them merely as a tool in their ongoing hatred of Israel. Do you ever hear of ‘caring’ Iranians entering Gaza to help the poor people trapped there? Do you hell! Does Iran have aid organizations inside Palestine like western nations? Do they hell! You  can bet your life Hamas doesn’t have to pay for the rockets they get from Iran. In my view, anyone who doesn’t recognise these facts is blind.

Rockets Rain Down On An Israeli Town – Should Israel Ignore This?

The UN and many national governments are trying to get Israel to stop its attacks on Palestine but most forget what their own reaction would be if a foreign country started raining missiles down on their citizens. Hamas has fired more than 600 rockets at Israeli territory in this latest spat, with more than 150 fired last friday alone. If you lived within range of these rockets, and were subject to such action in your hometown no matter which country you were in, how would you feel? Would you or would you not want your military to put an end to it. Judging by the rhetoric of those who blame Israel for her response, they would perhaps shrug their shoulders and sleep in an air-raid shelter for the rest of their days?

Uninformed Hatred Against A Nation Defending Itself Against Terror

In conclusion let me just say that I am neither Jewish nor a Jew lover, but merely an individual who sees the injustice of a situation that has no end. I am tired of hearing the ‘holy’ and ‘righteous’ among us shouting their collective heads off about something they have not an iota of understanding. It is time to look past the propaganda and examine the real facts.


Update Sunday 18/11/12: Interesting to note that on the news programmes today, governments, the UN, and the Arab League are all telling Israel to cease their attacks on Gaza, but I haven’t heard a single report of anyone saying Hamas must stop firing their rockets on Israel. How one-sided can you get!!!

The Unbelievable Stupidity of Some Voters!

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Speaks For Itself!

Reading a news article today I was amazed at how short-sighted and stupid some of the general public are when it comes to voting. The results of an opinion poll just released, say that support for Labour now stands at 43% over the Conservatives 32%. In broad terms, this means that should a general election be held today, Labour would romp home with an 11 point lead.

As saving grace, the public does seem to think that Con/Lib George Osborne is more likely to solve the countries economic problems than Labour’s Ed Balls.

But in general, it’s the same old story really, one Party makes a mess of things, and their replacement, while trying to sort out the problems they inherited, get kicked in the shins. What a short memory Labour voters have!

Most seem to have forgotten already that Britain’s problems were caused by the incompetent Labour Party in the first place.

Architects of Chaos

It was the Blair/Brown combination that instigated the massive overspend and the huge unemployment with their policies during the Labour years. Now that is thankfully at an end, a shaky coalition is now trying to get the country back on its feet and find jobs for everyone.

While this is not an impossible task, it is clear that everyone must make sacrifices in order to balance the books. It has to mean higher taxes, and less take-home pay for all, for the simple reason there is no other way! But do the voters understand this? It doesn’t look like it.

People voluntarily taking a cut in pay to ease the financial burden is not unheard of. In this time of crisis it is happening in other countries like Holland. The people don’t like it, but they have the common sense to see that it is necessary to get the economy back on an even keel.

Another Broken Promise From Brown

Conversely, according to reports, it looks very much like Britain is about to be overtaken by a wave of strikes as workers protest at the measures taken. So this year, the working class will perhaps have to limit their drinking to 8 pints instead of 10 at the pub, and the middle class may have to spend their holiday in Blackpool instead of Majorca, but its only temporary folks!

Thankfully, the excesses encouraged by the last Labour government had to come to an end. Britain’s financial state is more precarious than it has been for decades, and only action by a strong government will balance the books at the end of the day. But it means everyone must make do with a little less!

Of course, if things follow the normal pattern, once the Tory/Liberal coalition have got the country back on its feet and the books balance once again, the voter will think its time for a change and Labour will be in again.

Labour’s Legacy – Immigrants Queueing To Get In

Tony Blair and his henchmen brought the country to its knees with their ill-conceived policies. Perhaps the biggest mistake was opening the country’s doors to allow just about anyone to come and live here, even extremists! For decades these people have lived off the tax-payer, made a mockery of our justice system, and when they do finally do some work, take jobs away from ethnic Brits.

What seems to escape many, is that the jobs market in any country is a fine balance between the number of inhabitants and the number of jobs available. Its simple mathematics: Twenty into twenty goes once – forty into twenty goes a half! If you have two applicants for a single job one must lose out, which in turn means he/she is living off the state in the form of benefits and dole money. More governmental expense.

The Final Goal

So this leads me to the question, why did Blair & Co actively encourage hundreds of thousands of immigrants to enter the country during their term of office. Well, according to ‘those in the know’, it came down to two things; Blair had a vision of a multi-cultural Britain, and of course, the immigrants were sure to vote Labour in a general election.

What We, The People Pay For!

But look where it got us! Immigrants living in stately mansions in the centre of London with a weekly rent of £2,000+ paid for by the tax payer! Its disgusting, its insulting and it should never have been allowed.

The country had its share of illegal immigrants too, but what did Tony do, he gave them free housing and benefits for all the years it took their case to be heard, and usually ended up giving them citizenship anyway. More expense to the public purse, and more jobs lost to those with the right to them.

Now we see the Cameron/ Clegg combination attempting to sort out the mess they inherited and getting caned for trying. What we the people have to consider, is the job will be very hard and we the people, must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve the goal of economic stability for all.

The Cost

It just seems crazy that many will vote in those who caused the trouble in the first place because they may lose £20 pounds a week. Balancing the country’s books in the current economic climate will be a sore test for any government, and although mistakes will be made along the way (no-one is perfect) it will be hard but equally necessary. This is no reason to vote in at the next election the clowns who got us in this mess in the first place. Better two years of austerity and a return to ‘the good life’.

On The Right Track? – Give Them A Chance!

One can only hope that future polls will see the balance swing the other way, for as we all know, they are only a rough indicator of public feeling.


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