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Racist Crap Going Too Far In America!

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A Beautiful Christmas Song Not A Symbol Of Racism

A Beautiful Christmas Song Not A Symbol Of Racism

Some of this current racism going around in America is such a load of bullshit it makes me angry. Now the poor ‘downtrodden’ blacks in the States are criticising the fact that the age-old Christmas song ‘White Christmas’ sung at the lighting up ceremony of the New York Christmas tree is racist!!!

Darius Rucker, the former Hootie and the Blowfish singer, sang the song when the famous Rockefeller Centre tree was lit up during the annual event. Immediately this was seized upon by low-lifes as being a racist song.

Says It All

Says It All

So what do these idiots think Marius should have sung: I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas? I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a black Christmas and especially black snow! When I read of such things it makes me glad I am not an American because this is so petty as to defy all forms of logic.

This song was written by Irving Berlin in 1940 and has been a major hit across the world since then. The Bing Crosby release is perhaps the best-selling single of all time with over 50 million sales, and is still widely played at this festive time of year .

Racio Blacks, Hispanic and White Deaths

Ratio Blacks, Hispanic and White Deaths

I am well aware that many black people in America have legitimate concerns about how they are treated by the police, what with the shooting of unarmed black people recently in the news, but come on, this is way out of line! Its just a traditional song for crying out loud.

We have reached a stage of ‘political correctness’ where the word ‘nigger’, yes I said Nigger, cannot be used by white people in case we offend some black person, but the funny thing is, black people use it all the time among themselves, but if a white person uses it he’s racist!

So far as the recent incidents with the police are concerned, It is very obvious that the news bites did not show the run-up to the shootings. I refer in particular to the ‘choke-hold’ death of  Eric Garner, who was a very large man, pushing away a police officer before he was grabbed. After all, it took four of them to bring him down. In such a situation a little cooperation will go a long way, like just answering the questions put to you without a show of resistance.

Yeh! Yeh! Of Course He Was Innocent Just Because He Was Black!

Yeh! Yeh! Of Course He Was Innocent Just Because He Was Black!

Self Explanatory

Self Explanatory

The big problem from my perspective is that the black and hispanic people in America feel they are persecuted by all, but do not have the capability to look inward and ask themselves could they become better citizens. When you see black and/or hispanic communities on the TV or in films they are often hanging around on street corners in gangs, are deeply involved in drugs, and committing other crimes. This of course is not indicative of all black or hispanic people in America and I have no intention of indicating that it is.

Rightly or wrongly, part of this scene is they appear to make little or no effort in school to try and get a proper education and make something of themselves, and so consequently are doomed to a life of crime.

It does not matter if you are black or white, if you learn properly in school, pass your exams and get into higher education, you will have a better life than hanging around on street corners looking for a chance rob someone or sell drugs. This is far better than constantly whining about how hard done by you are.

Open Society

Britain’s Open Society

When the Caribbean people first came to Britain in the sixties there was to begin with some resentment from the British people, but they very quickly assimilated into our society and have for decades been respected as equals. Certainly a lesson for the black population of America.

I am well aware that this post may be controversial but I think someone has to say it and it might as well be me because the ‘persecution complex’ used by so many black and hispanic people in America today is getting very tedious.

Black Gang

Black Gang

Just like the white man, it is up to each and every coloured person to stop whining about how hard done by they are and assimilate into the American culture, and to make something of their lives by paying proper attention when in school for example, instead of staring out the window or going to sleep in class.

Very many black people have gone down in American history as great examples to the modern generation so it is time to get off the ‘persecution train’ and make something of yourself. It may be hard in the beginning but it is the only way forward. And please do not associate White Christmas with racial hatred, after all its only a traditional Christmas song.


Met Police Exonerated in ‘Kettling’ Case

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Much has been said and written about the Metropolitan Police (Met) tactic of ‘kettling’ protesters when a demonstration turns violent as with the G20 protests in 2009. ‘Kettling’, i.e. the containment or corralling of protesters into a small area during violent demonstration used by the ‘Met’ on several occasions, has proved  to be very effective.

Well Done Lads!

It has however resulted in a storm of protest in itself which resulted in a High Court ruling in April 2011 that stated the police went too far and was labelled “unjustified force”. Thankfully this ruling has now been overturned in an appeal by the Met. It’s good to know there are some level-headed people in the Justice System.

Lord Neuberger

Appeal Judge Lord Neuberger ruled that kettling “was justifiable on the ground that containment was the least drastic way of preventing what the police officer responsible for the decision reasonably apprehended would otherwise be imminent and serious breaches of the peace”, adding: “there was no valid basis for concluding that [Met Chief Superintendent Michael] Johnson’s decision to contain the Climate Camp at 19.00 on 1 April 2009 was unlawful”.

As a law abiding citizen, I fully concur with this ruling, for surely it is better to have violent protesters bottled up in a side road than allow them to run rampage down the High Street causing havoc, as happened during the riots of last year. To me it is basic common sense that you do not want malcontents smashing shop windows, setting fire to cars and terrorizing the population in a huge swathe across the city. Rather that they be contained in a small area where they can do less harm and the damage is restricted to a small area.

When you consider the numbers involved in this sort of behaviour these days the police are usually stretched to the limit when trouble breaks out, last years riots are a prime example of this. The tactic of ‘kettling’ takes some of the pressure off the police, for when the movement of these people is severely restricted less police are required to contain them.

Why the Mask?

In my opinion, we should be grateful to the police for greatly restricting the freedom of these idiots bent on destruction, instead of constantly complaining about them. The police are in the front line against these agitators who want to destroy something because they themselves cannot have it, and they don’t care whose business, car, or home is destroyed in the process. 

I am well aware many people these days would rather cheer on the thugs, providing that is the incident is not taking place in their street! But how attitudes would change if it was their shop that got smashed or their car that went up in flames. Oh how fickle we are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peaceful Protest?

It is a proven fact that most of the violent types who turn up at demonstrations have no interest in the original protesters agenda, but are there purely to ‘have a little fun’ at everyone else’s expense. To the violent fringe of todays’ youth the opportunity of smashing a few shop-fronts, setting fire to few cars and more importantly, having a go at the police, is like a holiday in the Caribbean. They love it!

Neither we, nor the police, can stop these maggots from oozing out of the woodwork every time there is a legitimate protest somewhere in the country, but we can ensure our police force has the necessary power to crack down hard on them when they do.

In conclusion may I add, that there is nothing wrong with peaceful protest. We have seen many in which a minimum of police presence is required and there is no violence committed by anyone. To those who wish to protest in this lawful manner I say, good luck, and may you be successful.


Dale Farm Round 2?

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It seems some people never want to give up as evidence shows many of the Dale Farm travellers are returning to occupy the site from which they were evicted. Such stupidity is hard to fathom after they had been removed from the illegal site by Basildon Council bailiffs a month ago.

The Dale Farm Site

We have already had a ten year legal battle to get rid of these people who were occupying  green belt land illegally. Their complaint is they have ‘nowhere else to go’ and to that I say bullshit!!!! Most are Irish travellers and there is always one place they can go – back to Ireland and lets see if the Irish justice system is as forgiving as the English one. According to reports, many own large expensive houses so I fail to see how they can uphold such an argument.

Sky Report and interview with Miss Goody Two-Shoes:

Parked on the Approach Road

These people are in effect a contradiction, for they call themselves ‘travellers’ but have been living on the Dale Farm site illegally for more than ten years. Unless my understanding of the english language has decreased with age, I always thought the word ‘traveller’ meant someone who moves around from place to place. If these people wish to settle down they can apply for housing like anyone else, but the trouble is, if they do that they will have to begin paying taxes like the rest of us. Oops! Their only reason for calling themselves ‘travellers’ is to dodge the taxman.

They were in fact offered alternative housing by the council but turned it down, but still ‘they have nowhere else to go’! It is time these people realised that if they wish to live in this world, they must live up to their responsibilities like the rest of us.

Council Hands Out Injunctions

Britain today is no place for a nomadic life style because the country has changed drastically in the last fifty years. Our population has more than doubled, for the most part due to the steady influx of immigrants (thanks Tony), and towns and cities are stretching their boundaries ever wider to accommodate everyone. It is becoming an ever increasing struggle to maintain areas of green in our land, and that is why such things as ‘Green Belt’ land exists.

Gone forever are all the places where travellers could ‘pull over’ for a few days like in times gone by. There are legal sites they could go to, but they are not interested, for some reason it must be Dale Farm. Well, they have been threatened with prison if they try to stay on the site again, and that is the right place for them!


End of the Dale Farm Saga

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I must say, its about time the ridiculous Dale Farm eviction saga  was resolved. Now, after ten years of court hearings and appeal after appeal, Lord Justice Sullivan of the High Court finally refused the Dale Farm travellers the right to any further appeals. It was high time the bailiffs moved in, and now they have, along with a necessary escort of riot police. 

Protesters at Dale Farm

As you would expect in such an inflammatory situation, there was violence, perpetrated (for the most part) not by the travellers, but by the misguided youth who formed the protest group. These were a section of the population who had nothing whatsoever to do with Dale Farm, and eight weeks ago had probably never even heard of it. But an opportunity to challenge authority brought them to Dale Farm by the dozen. Some had even come from abroad!

They erected barriers, set fire to caravans and chained themselves to obstacles, which is nothing new. They came from far and wide to “show their ‘solidarity’ with the downtrodden people of Dale farm”. Bullshit, and again Bullshit!!!!

ITV Report on eviction:

Trouble Flares

These misfits were nothing more than a bunch of immature misguided idiots who do not know what to do with their lives, and therefore fill their minds with radical ideas, touring Europe looking for incidents like Dale Farm, or any other excuse to hurl insults, and have a go at the police, the government, or anyone else in authority. By this time next month, they will have forgotten all about Dale farm, having found some other ’cause’ for which to crusade! 

What a total waste of a life! I’m damn sure most of them live off benefits paid for by the people they so love to insult and fight against. Spending as much time as they do at demonstration sites like Dale Farm, its pretty certain none have a job. The only words I have for these stupid people are; Grow up, get a life, and start acting like a responsible human being!!!

Anyway, all that aside, its interesting to note that for the most part, the travellers stood on the sidelines and let the protesters fight their  battle for them! Naturally there was trouble with bricks, bottles and stones thrown at the police, but of course, ‘it was the fault of the police and their heavy-handed tactics, and anyway, they started it!!!’  Yea Yea! We’ve heard it all before.

Its the same old twaddle rioters and protesters spout every time they confront the forces of law and order and cannot get their own way. Like I have always said, if you’re a policeman; you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t! I guess that adds up to being double damned.

Final Court Decision

For those who may have forgotten the origin of the whole Dale farm thing, about ten years ago these Irish travellers bought a piece of land adjacent to a legal site and proceeded to place caravans and homes on the site without authority under the council planning laws. Its a bit like someone building a house in the middle of the countryside and to prevent everyone doing it, we having planning laws. The council was within its rights to ask them to remove the structures, but they refused.

They call themselves ‘travellers’, but if that is what they are, why do they wish  to live permanently at Dale Farm? Surely that is a contradiction in terms. One of the excuses they used in court was they had ‘nowhere’ to go, but if you are a traveller you are constantly on the move are you not? Kathleen McCarthy, a resident, said: “The memory of Dale Farm will weigh heavily on Britain for generations”. Ha! I doubt that Kathleen! I think 99.99% percent of the population are glad you all finally got your comeuppance, and that the whole miserable saga is over.

The truth behind the Travellers lies.

A BBC Report:

One daily newspaper complicated the story further by showing that many of the ‘squatters’, for that is what they are, actually owned large expensive homes in Ireland!?! So much for nowhere to go!

Clearance Initiated

Whilst everyone has a right to a nomadic lifestyle if they choose, they should still be paying taxes, which reportedly these travellers were not, for they were not registered for tax purposes with any council, being ‘nomads’. What makes this whole situation more disgusting, is that reaching the final court decision and clearing the site, will cost a staggering £18 million of tax payers money.

Anyway, I for one am glad to see the whole mess ‘done and dusted’, but I am sorry those unpaid mercenaries, professional protesters, call them what you will, do get sorted out and set on the right path through life. All they will get is a caution (slap on the wrist) and it’ll be ‘See you at the next demo” when once again, they will be free to have a go at anyone in authority, and claim police brutality! 


Rebellion – The Spring Of Discontent

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Ever since the world ushered in 2011, with the hopes of a fruitful year and a return to economic stability, it seems the pendulum has swung the other way. The prospect of global economic recovery seems as far away as ever, and the news has been dominated by country after country being racked by protests and regime changes, albeit mostly in the arab world.

A New Year With Renewed Hope

As we all know by now, Tunisia was the spark that ignited the trail of discontent across North Africa and on into the Middle East. Protesters in both Tunisia and Egypt have successfully rid themselves of an oppresive regime and may be turning to democracy, but we shall have to wait and see.

Further afield we have seen Libya, Syria, Yemen and The United Arab Emirates among others all suffering civilian unrest. In the case of Libya, outright war between the populace and the government is on-going with Syria heading in the same directiuon. The protesters all demand the same thing, release from an oppressive regime that has held power too long.


It has always been the nature of dictators not to relinquish power once they have achieved it, a fact that still holds true today. Many who have, or perhaps will be toppled in the near future, have all held power for many decades and it often occurs that time makes such people lose contact with those they rule.

Libyan Protest

History teaches us that people will accept such a situation with passive acceptance – initially, but over time, especially if their living standards deteriorate, the discontent grows until it suddenly bursts forth in uncontrollable rage. Poor living standards are a great driver to action for those living in oppressed countries.

Desperate measures are taken by some rulers like Gaddafi of Libya and Assad of Syria, who attempt to quell the unrest by force of arms, but as we have seen in both these countries, it only makes the protesters more determined. Libya is now racked by civil war, and even with the help of a UN resolution and the actions of NATO, we are approaching a stalemate.

There are indications the war in Libya will take on a new twist that may well cause headaches at NATO Headquarters. The latest news quotes government sources as saying the eviction of the rebels from Misrata will be left to local tribes who have suffered loss of trade with the city since the uprising began. The army is said to be retreating from Misrata and negotiations will take place between tribal leaders and the rebels. If the tribes do in fact attack the rebel positions in the city it will be civilians against civilians, so where will that leave the coalition forces and the UN Mandate?

Syria Defiance

Meanwhile, Syria is seeing daily deaths among the protesters at the hands of the security forces. International involvement has only taken place in Libya, and it seems unlikely at this time that such action will be repeated in other countries.


Ivory Coast and Nigeria have also been trouble spots for the last few weeks but the reasons there are different.

The Ivorian Protagonists

In Ivory Coast the dispute arose from the failure of its President, Lauren Gbagbo to accept defeat when he lost the election. Fighting has been going on there for some time as forces loyal to Gbagbo sought to prevent the elected President Ouattara from taking office. Eventually Gbagbo was defeated, but now Ouattara is finding it hard to reign in his troops and stop fighting between Gbagbo supporters and his own. Once again, the UN has made pleas for calm which have fallen on deaf ears.

Ivory Coast:

A similar situation is developing in Nigeria where the defeated presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhuri, refuses to accept his defeat against Goodluck Johnson in an election that was cleared by international observers as being fair. Should the violence continue, there is a chance the Muslim north of the country will be at war with the Christian south.

Sectarian Violence in Nigeria

The difference between this altercation and others seems to be religion, for like Muslims everywhere, they wish to dominate, and the north will not be satisfied until it rules the whole of the country purely for the purposes of turning it into a Muslim state. A story we have all heard before.

The UN is still confining itself to useless pleas for calm and a cessation of violence in the various nations currently in the news. This is standard practice for the international body that rarely sees fit to actually take action to prevent bloodshed and war.


The United Nations was formed as a body with the ideal of ending war and insurrection in any country but has over the years been found wanting. The various nations have almost always found it impossible to come to a decision to end violence, for each country must first look to its own interests before embarking on any agreement to intervene in trouble spots around the world.

The Libyan conflict serves as a prime example, for many countries could not bring themselves to endorse Resolution 1973 until it was too late to be of any strategic use, perhaps because they did not wish to offend the Middle East nations for fear of jeopardising their oil imports. Now with Syria and Yemen they again cannot agree for the same reason, and content themselves with platitudes and pleas for a cessation of the violence, all of which go unheard.

A Sign Of UN Impotence At Ending Wars?

It is obvious these nations will not take any notice, for it has become a power struggle with the elite not wishing to relinquish their grip, and the protesters refusing to accept anything less.

Countries like Russia and China who hold veto powers, refuse to allow any UN action to stop the bloodshed for reasons of their own, which is most likely an attempt to gain influence in the area.

There is little doubt the UN, founded with such lofty ideals, is failing in its mandate in a disastrous fashion, for it was intended to end wars and provide a platform for the settlement of international disputes. Something it has never managed to do, and in my opinion, never will. Meanwhile, ordinary people die needlessly!


‘Police Brutality’ at Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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Here we go again! Another demonstration and more cries of police brutality. It seems the police are always the scapegoat for unruly demonstrations these days. If they use the ‘soft glove’ they are ineffective, and if they do their job correctly they are ‘brutal beasts’.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing the whining complaints from protesters whenever they are on the streets. If you break the law of the land you can expect action by the police, and their response is proportional to yours.

At the Copenhagen Summit, a group of around 100 youths wearing masks, many dressed in black, went on the rampage which prompted the police to take action. They were corralled by Police and arrested.

The news picture of demonstrators sat on the ground and handcuffed has raised a furore of  protest from demonstrator groups, but look closely! They are for the most part the masked youths who caused all the trouble, and not as many people suppose, innocent demonstrators. It just goes to show how misleading a single photo, and the cries of police brutality from a bunch of thugs can be.

With the exception of 13 who will face charges, all have since been released from custody. Hopefully they have learned a lesson, but I doubt it.

It is illegal in Denmark to wear a mask at a demonstration, and rightly so. If you are a peaceful demonstrator why do you need a mask?

Bricks and fireworks were thrown, and shop windows smashed in the city centre in wanton violence, and you have to ask what that has to do with demonstrating against climate change?

It is a fact that the greater majority of people who attend these demonstrations are peaceful people who want nothing more than for their voices to be heard, and I fully respect that. Democratic countries have the right to peaceful demonstration and so they should. The problem is, these events also attract the thugs and fanatics who are out to cause mayhem, anything from burning cars, smashing windows and attacking the police at every opportunity. To them it is like a sport, a drug. They get off on it!

There have been countless situations in many countries where these people have hi-jacked a demonstration for their own ends. Once the bricks and glass start flying should the police stand by and do nothing? No of course not! If it was your car or shop that was damaged, you would be yelling for them to do something.

At many demonstrations the police are outnumbered perhaps 500 or more to one and have a very difficult task to perform. Looking at news footage it is easy to see the difficulties they face. One is injured by a flying bottle or brick, but who threw it? Usually the cowardly culprit does his deed and then disappears laughing into the throng of peaceful demonstrators. So as a policeman what should you do, just take it? What would you do in the circumstances?

What is the answer? Perhaps organizers of demonstrations should make their followers more aware of the fringe element that always hides within their ranks, and make sure people know their civic duty.

If a group of thugs, fanatics, call them what you will, start masking up and throwing things, those peaceful demonstrators surrounding them could themselves take action. If the thugs were confronted by, say fifty or a hundred ‘righteous citizens’ and told to cease their activities it would help. People power can be used for good as well as evil, and there is strength in numbers.

Part of the problem today, and the reason these idiots get away with it, is people have become insular and ‘do not want to become involved‘. If you are there at all, you are involved whether you like it or not. If the peaceful demonstrators do not stand up themselves to the thugs and fanatics, we will continue to see the sort of action that took place in Copenhagen.

Many of the complaints refer to those arrested being kept outside in the cold for hours without toilet or medical facilities i.e. the troublemakers. With a total of 968 arrests for disorderly conduct or criminal damage I can quite believe police resources were stretched to the limit. What did these idiots expect, a nice warm coffee lounge with free cigarettes and drinks while they were waiting to be processed.

In my opinion, the police were doing their job to the best of their ability considering the restrictions placed upon them. The bottom line is, ‘if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen’!

Peaceful demonstration is a right, those who abuse that right have none!


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