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Should We Give In To Obama’s Blackmail?

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The Two Love Birds

America it seems is now wielding the ‘big stick’ in the Brexit campaign in a shameless effort to get Britain to stay in the European Union. What this has to do with America is beyond me, for it is something the British people must decide for themselves.

But Obama has waded in by saying that should we leave, any trade agreements with America could take ten years to be ratified – Why? To my mind, any trade agreements we have with the USA have nothing whatsoever to do with Europe, for it would be between them and us.

This is just out and out blackmail to help Cameron in his efforts to convince the British people that we should stay in the Union. Now Hillary Clinton has waded into the fray by saying that she too believes we should stay.

To say that these revelations are annoying is putting it mildly, but the American government would control the world if it had a chance, and this is just a another example of their meddling.

I apologise to the American people for this outburst, for this is not a slight against them, for I guess they know as well as I do how their government operates. The USA may well be the most powerful country in the western world, but there is no excuse for throwing its weight around in things that do not concern them.

I may not be a politician or even a businessman, but I fail to see what influence Britain’s separation from the E.U. has to do with trade agreements between our two countries. We have been working together ever since the Second World War and there is no evidence of problems with trade agreements that are mutually beneficial to us both. They are between Britain and the USA and have nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of Europe.

178408_600There can be little doubt that the way the E.U. is heading, i.e. a single state controlled from Brussels is not a good thing, for the members of the European Council have already proven their incompetence time and time again with their stupid rules and regulations.

Our Justice system has been all but destroyed by the interference from the Human Rights Commision, and our country is being overrun by immigrants because we no longer have control of our borders. This is just two of the most important examples.

National government control in all European countries is slowly being eroded away by those idiots in Brussels and to what purpose, to form the United States of Europe under their sole control.

Their total incompetence has also been for all the world to see over the past year with the refugee crisis that has caused major problems for every country in the Union.

Britain needs to get out from under the stranglehold that is tightening around  every European nation, and you can be almost certain that should Britain leave, many other countries will follow.

There is already unrest among the common people in countries like France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and many others, all caused by the refugee crisis. This is a sure sign that given the chance, many would vote ‘out’ because it would mean they can once again control their own borders.

The European Union was a fine idea when it first started because it meant real cooperation between member states, but when you consider that the people in Brussels have got ‘too big for their boots’, the whole plan is falling apart. The amount of control they wish to maintain over member states is becoming intolerable.

I sincerely hope that the people of Britain will not be swayed by Obama’s comments during his stay in the country, for it is up to each and every individual to make up their own minds and vote accordingly.


Obama Caught Out By Advanced Technology

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Its true what they say, you cannot stop the advances in technology that hit us from all sides on a daily basis. This time it seems that the President of the USA was caught out.

Air Force One

Air Force One

For decades the safety of the President has been in the hands of the Secret Service who are tasked with protecting him. But it would seem that now a new measure has been introduced thanks to advanced technology.

It concerns the safety surrounding Air Force One, the Boeing VC-25 that currently takes Obama around the world to various meetings, conferences and on diplomatic visits. Normally the aircraft always has a military escort but this is soon to be replaced.

New scientific advances have allowed the aircraft to become totally invisible, which will give the President and his entourage complete protection from terrorist attacks because you cannot shoot down what you cannot see.

The aircraft was ready for its maiden flight and an Air Force General asked Obama if he would like to fly on the test flight. Obama immediately agreed that he would and they proceeded to the airport. The following photo was taken as the President boarded the plane.




President Boards The New Invisible Air Force One

President Boards The New Invisible Air Force One


The U. N. Is Failing The World

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Its true I seldom have a good word to say about politicians, but this time I must praise one, but more of that later. The fight against the so-called Islamic State, or I.S. has to me been a pantomime of epic proportions, mainly because the United Nations, who you would expect to be in the driving seat, has been left sitting on the pavement.

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

It has taken a long time for action to be taken against the I.S. murdering butchers, and that is (here comes the praise bit) thanks to one man who had the fortitude to get the world moving to defeat these people. I mean of course President Obama of the United States who almost single-handedly has woken up the western and Arabic nations to actually do something to stop these people.

I.S. Tank - Thanks To The Iraqi Army

I.S. Tank – Thanks To The Iraqi Army

Before this help arrived in the shape of aircraft bombing missions in Iraq, the Iraqi’s were losing ground at a fast rate. This was mainly because their army just wasn’t up to the task of taking on the I.S. fighters. I.S. now have a lot of American weapons, tanks, armoured cars and artillery all left behind by the Iraqi army when they abandoned them and ran. This despite all the multi-million dollar training and equipment they were given by American troops before they left the country.

Ground Held By I.S.

Ground Held By I.S.

Nations United

Nations United

With Baghdad close to falling to the insurgents it was clear that something had to be done to prevent these people taking over the country. As we now know, negotiations were opened with Arab State governments and some have reluctantly joined in the fight. Aircraft from this Alliance have been bombing I.S. targets in Iraq, and now also the oil refineries that I.S. control and are using to make millions of dollars with oil sales to Syria.

The New UN Logo

The New UN Logo

But my point is, all this has come about not by any action from the U.N. but from the American President and his NATO colleagues. All the U.N. Assembly have been able to do is verbally condemn the actions of I.S.! This body of politicians who represent the entire world and are charged with maintaining world peace, have done nothing but sit in their ivory tower and talk!

Navi Pillay

Navi Pillay – UN Human Rights High commissioner

The best any of them could come up with came from Navi Pillay, U.N. high commissioner for human rights, who condemned the widespread and systematic violation of human rights perpetrated by ISIS, charging it and other armed jihadist groups of daily committing “grave, horrific human rights violations.”
There was no “Come on lads, lets pool our armies and deal with these bastards once and for all!” There was no “Let’s work together to solve this problem”! The only decision they came up with was to ‘condemn‘ what I.S. is doing. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of human cooperation and goodwill where all countries work together to solve problems throughout the world, and yet, on this, the biggest world threat since WW2 – Nothing!

I.S. Fighters

I.S. Fighters

Some may consider that overstated, but think about it! If this radical Muslim group is victorious and forms its own ‘Caliphate’, are you really so naive as to think it will stop there? Once they have triumphed, terrorists will have an entire country as a base of operations, and next in line will probably be Afghanistan as they assist the Taliban in gaining control of that country.

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

Already they have attracted more than 3,000 E.U. citizens to go and fight for their cause, which is of course the total supremacy of Islam across the world. Many western governments are fearful of what will happen when these radicalized youth return to their homeland. It is thought by many they will begin a wave of attacks in their home country.

American's Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

American’s Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

What amazes me about this whole saga is that the U.N. is not taking the lead in eradicating this major threat. They sit quietly on the sidelines and leave it up to Obama and the NATO countries to take any form of action. The one good thing that has come of this is that Arab nations have finally decided to take a stand against this threat. During the Afghanistan war fought by western nations they sat silently on the sidelines and did nothing. They did not even recognise the terrorist threat when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and what it could mean for world peace, and look where we are now. Islamic terror groups have sprung up all across the world as they try to inflict their beliefs on every country.

British I.S. Killer

British I.S. Killer Jihadi John

As you would expect, the Arab Nations have joined the coalition out of self-preservation, for they know full well that I.S. will not stop if they triumph in Iraq and Syria. You can bet your last dollar that if they win they will ferment trouble in many Middle East States which will eventually lead to war. The terrorist plan of sowing the seeds of insurrection have been seen in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt among many others. It is reported that militants from Indonesia and Malaysia are now fighting in Syria alongside the I.S. and who knows from where else. I.S. will train these people and send them back to their own countries to begin attacks in their homeland. There has already been major problems with terrorists in these countries and it will only get worse.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

This makes it all the more imperative for the U.N. to get off its fat arse and begin getting together an international force to wipe out these people and any like-minded groups. Until that happens the trouble will go on and on and we will see no end to it. NATO and its allies may well curb the aspirations of I.S. in dominating the Middle East but that is not enough. We still have groups like Boko Haram and al Shebab in Africa, and many more in other countries who will ferment insurrection for their religious beliefs and they all need to be wiped out. The world has to let these people know in no uncertain terms that we will not stand for it, and if they continue they will be squashed like a bug.

Poor Misguided People

Poor Misguided People

One more thing I have to mention is the big demonstrations in America by the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ (STWC) this last week. The demonstration was against the bombing of I.S. targets in both Iraq and Syria, and to me this just shows how terribly naive some people can be.

Arab Nations Get The Message

I.S. – Arab Nations Get The Message

So far as they are concerned we should just let the I.S. take over Iraq, and maybe even Syria, and then spread their wings into Afghanistan and any other Arab state they feel like until the whole of the Middle East is under their control. I just wonder what it will take for these stupid people to realize the threat that is about to unfold on the world. If they think I.S. will be satisfied with these conquests they are woefully misinformed.

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

I.S. is a movement that is bent on dominating the world and making every country an Islamic State just like all the other terrorist groups. Do these people really believe they will be able to sit in their ivory tower and I.S. will never attack America? What will it take to convince them that once these people have consolidated their position in the Middle East, America will be their number one target. Perhaps when American civilians start dropping like flies after a series of terrorist atrocities like the metro attacks that I.S. are rumoured to be planning? How many people from western nations are going to die before these brainless idiots start taking notice of what is happening?

Makes Sense!

Makes Sense!

Not everyone on this planet can be gifted with common sense, but even an idiot must see that such a stance is not only stupid, but extremely dangerous. The one thing these misguided people must learn is that ignoring great danger does not make it go away, or make it any less dangerous.


Time For A New Chapter In American Presidential Elections?

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It seems the American political system is desperately in need of a major overhaul, judging from all the presidential elections I have witnessed over the years. As someone who loosely follows these campaigns for the White House hot seat, I have to say that from my perspective I am tired of the mud-slinging that all candidates have indulged in over the past few years. If a candidate cannot be chosen on his merits then the rest is all wind.

As a voter I would be more interested in what policies the candidates have for the country, and not what skeletons they have hidden in the closet. But that is all that seems to count these days, what with Romney and Obama digging into the past of the other and trying to find something dirty. 

This sort of tactic has been employed to greater or lesser degree since the election of Ronald Reagan at least, and if I were an American citizen I would be totally fed up with it by now. Certainly in the last two elections the tempo seems to have ‘hotted up’ as to be white hot.

When a Presidential candidate comes to my town I would like to hear what he is going to do to help solve the problems that abound in today’s society, both domestic and foreign, not that the other guy gave millions to some now defunct solar company. I don’t want to hear that so and so was a bully in school or cast doubt on the legitimacy of the current President as a an American citizen.

What is the matter with people that they can’t get enough of this mud-slinging, for it seems to me that the one who wins is he who has they least amount of mud clinging to them on the final day. That is not the way to choose a leader for the next four years or even the next four hours. I know its an important office, but why does a campaign have to take a whole year. I would be tired of the constant campaigning if I were an American. Three months seems to me like a long time.

Whoever becomes the next President will have tough decisions to make, perhaps on a daily basis. He will control one of the world’s foremost armed forces and be required to make the correct assessment of situations that can have world-wide implications. Hell, he can even start a nuclear holocaust that could put the continued existence of mankind in doubt.

As an American, would you want someone with questionable ethics or courage with their finger on the button? I sure as well wouldn’t!

So as an adult, I find it somewhat childish to go in for this petty name-calling and dirt-digging that plays such a big part in campaigns today. It has gotten out of all proportion and its time candidates paid more attention to laying out their policies for easing the suffering that everyone (except the rich) are going through in these troubled times. 

To me, it seems people should want to know what a future President will do about getting health care for every American citizen, and generating  jobs for those that do not have them. High on the agenda should also be sorting out the countries deficit, solving the problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and bringing pressure to bear on countries like Brazil and Indonesia to save the rain forests. To be honest, I would think this last should be high on the agenda considering the massive increase in tornado’s and hurricanes in America over the last ten years.  

In all honesty I have to say that the same attitude is creeping into British politics of late, and it is a trend that does not bode well for our country.

When will politicians learn that they need to ‘come clean’ during their election campaigns and stop telling lies and sowing deceit just to get elected. For it is an ever increasing trend that they will tell the electorate what they want to hear to get elected, but as soon as they are, all the promises are like dust in the wind. It is time they realized that they are entrusted with leading their country forward and solving problems that crop up along the way, not to sit in their ivory tower and view the world through rose-tinted glasses while they line their pockets at the people’s expense.


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