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Humans Won’t Be Around Much Longer

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OverpopulationA bold statement if ever there was one, but the way things are going on planet Earth, and the way we are messing things up, it could come true within a few decades.

I read with interest a report by NASA that this year has broken all records for being the hottest Spring in history. You can bet your life that we will see reports at the end of the year that the summer will also become the hottest on record. You have to ask how long this trend will continue?

We Are Not Complaining

We Are Not Complaining

Whether we like it or not our planet is changing, and not for the better, although some holiday makers may disagree. One of the major problems with the world hotting up is something we depend on to survive, i.e. water.

Already we have seen record droughts in various parts of the world which in turn threaten our food supply. Granted most people in the western world are not feeling the effects of such a thing at the moment because the supermarkets are still full. But what if this tendency continues?

Massive Ice Loss Since 1979

Massive Ice Loss Since 1979

Another major point is the loss of ice at the north and south poles. Huge areas have lost their ice cover as it melts and heads to the sea. This has already been reported as raising the sea levels, and it will get worse as time goes by.

Maldives - Soon To Be Underwater

Maldives – Soon To Be Underwater

Scientists have predicted that with the rising sea levels, places like Florida and many along the Californian coast among others will be lost to the sea. The rising sea levels are already affecting some coast dwellers. It is anticipated that the Pacific islands of the Maldives will disappear within twenty years as the rising sea covers them. I know I would never buy a house in any of these places.

Hail Storm Damage In India

Hail Storm Damage In India

We have seen unparalleled changes in the weather in many countries across the globe. The storms, flooding, rainfall and droughts which are not restricted to the Far East, are something we should be taking note of, even if it does not affect us at the moment, for it is a sign of things to come.

It is easy as we sit in the comfort of our homes to disbelieve everything the scientists tell us and pass it off as scaremongering. But you only have to look at what is happening across the world to see that they may just be right.

How It Is!

How It Is!

You and the wife still drive to work every day along with millions of others and think nothing of it, but when you do this you are adding to the problem, maybe only at an infinitesimal level, but so are billions of others, and in such large numbers it becomes a major problem for the environment.

Our CO2 emissions just cannot be handled by the Earth’s climate and it is steadily becoming more and more contaminated. Since the 1900’s the number of vehicles has risen to over a billion on the world’s roads, and it is increasing daily.

Industrial Air Contamination

Industrial Air Contamination

On top of this of course we have the industrial emissions. Factories that are still using coal as a source of power, and of course the electricity generating stations, are all adding to the CO2 levels on the planet. If we keep this up, very soon the planet will be so contaminated that human life will become extinct.

Another major contributor to this problem is the rampant birthrate in countries like India and China. As an example, the population of these two countries is greater than all other countries put together.

No Hope!

No Hope!

The world population has grown to such an extent that millions are dying of hunger and sickness, and there is no help for any of them. If the predictions are right, based on our current birthrate, the world population will grow to nine billion by 2040. These people are already suffering from major food shortages, so imagine what will happen by 2040. It could affect all of us!

Bold words and I guess the greater majority of people will scoff at this prediction, just as they do when we are warned by the scientists. But if we keep up our present lifestyle something has to give!

There can be little doubt that if humanity is to survive, fundamental changes have to be made to the way we live. As the old saying goes: ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too!’


Oh England! What Has Become Of You?

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The Future - Unless We Do Something About It!

The Future – Unless We Do Something About It!

As a Brit have you ever had that sinking feeling as you look around at what is happening in the country today? When I see the incompetence of our politicians and justice system in today’s world it makes me want to cringe. When I see the thousands upon thousands of immigrants clogging up the country’s entry points it makes me want to scream. And yet, no-one seems capable or in some cases interested, in doing anything to save our civilization.

Some of the recent news items made me want to move to a desert island somewhere (with all the mod-cons of course) and shut myself off from the world completely.

Theresa May - Home Secretary

Theresa May – Home Secretary

Just this last week the U.K. Court of Appeal has given immigrants facing deportation for crimes committed in the U.K. the right to appeal their deportation in the courts in direct contradiction to the new rules initiated by the Home Secretary Theresa May. May’s new rule makes it possible for immigrant criminals to be deported immediately, but allows them to appeal from their home country. So far one thousand have been deported under this rule, but now, Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls, sitting with Lord Justice Underhill, has given permission for two convicted drug offenders to challenge May’s ruling.

The challenges are being brought by Kevin Kinyanjui Kiarie, a Kenyan who came to the UK as a young child in 1997, and Courtney Aloysius Byndloss, a Jamaican father of at least seven children born in the UK from three partners.

See What I Mean

See What I Mean

The Justices argue that deportation would cause harm to their ‘family life (Art. 8 of the HRC), and according to them, the criminals will not have the benefit of legal aid and could face serious problems, including gaining access to video-link or internet facilities. Oh dear! What a shame! They are convicted drug criminals for crying out loud! Should we feel sorry for them?

Following this farce you can bet your last dollar they will be allowed to stay and continue their chosen trade. It seems we let them all in but can’t get rid of them when they turn out to be criminals.

It was also revealed last week that the U.K. population has risen drastically in the last year and now stands at a record 64,596,800, an increase of almost half a million since mid 2013.  Now I wonder how that happened?

Between mid-2013 and mid-2014 the overall figure for migrants arriving in the UK was 582,600, compared to 322,900 people leaving the country. I have to ask, just how long is Britain supposed to accept these immigrants before we can say NO MORE! They are breeding like rabbits once they get here and pretty soon will outnumber us.

Immigrants - Getting in Any Way They Can!

Immigrants – Getting in Any Way They Can!

We already have far too many, but we can’t deport even the criminals because of stupid laws from Strasbourg and our own impotent justice system, so I guess in 20 or 30 years they will take over. Don’t think that Britain is alone in this, for it will happen in the majority of European countries. Even the mighty United States is in danger at sometime in the future.

When it comes to immigrants everyone is so ‘touchy’ and frightened that last Thursday (25/6) a man was charged with “inciting racial hatred ahead of a proposed demonstration in an area of London with a large Jewish population.” The Police are reported as saying, “We are working with residents to ensure that people can exercise their rights in a way that is lawful.”

A Muslim Demonstration

A Muslim Demonstration – See What I Mean?

There is not much information on this issue, but when it comes to racial hatred the Police and laws are very one-sided. If British people demonstrate in the streets about the flood of immigrants they are arrested, but if the Muslims stand on a street corner shouting hate slogans at passers-by they are given a Police escort. Where is the justice in that?

I think we are getting close to the time when mankind should be eradicated on this planet so we can start all over again, and hopefully make a better job of it.


Heading For Calamity Through Indifference

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The Way It Is!

The Way It Is!

It is truly amazing how thick-headed some people can be even when the evidence is all around them. The UN Climate Body has just given its strongest warning yet that the human race is heading for disaster unless we change our ways. The funny thing is, people still scoff at the idea of climate change and all it entails. Here are some public comments on the news item:

“Complete and utter rubbish. Major changes in our climate occurred well before the industrial revolution, and clearly occur without any influence by human activity whatsoever then and do so now. It is unclear whether the human beings have any impact, considering all of the predictions by the highly paid lying climate change scientists have proven to be way off, there is no unbiased scientific thought into this that gets published.”

“We’re already past the so-called ‘tipping point’, thus any changes to our habits would be pointless. A ‘business-as-usual’ approach is recommended by all impartial experts.”

“Lies. lies and even more lies.”

There have of course been these warnings before, but never in the magnitude of this one, which was put together from reports by thousands of scientists across the world and 30,000 scientific papers.

Climate Change Conference 2014Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the IPCC said: “We have the means to limit climate change. The solutions are many and allow for continued economic and human development. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”

The experts are telling us that we have to limit the rise in world temperature to just 2C otherwise we can expect major problems in the future like rising temperatures and sea levels, species extinctions, more heat-waves and intense storms, worsening health and poverty, water shortages and damage to food security.

Rajendra Pachauri went on to say, “To keep a good chance of staying below 2C, and at manageable costs, our emissions (carbon) should drop by 40% to 70% globally between 2010 and 2050, falling to zero or below by 2100. We have that opportunity, and the choice is in our hands.”

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary General

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who launched the report said: “Science has spoken, there is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.”

Now, I really don’t know about you, but this news makes me fear for not only my children, but their children in the years to come. People have become so self-centred and greedy in the last forty years, they don’t even think about the world our children and future generations will have to live in providing they have what they want.

Bury Your Head In The SandWhen you have lived as long as I have, and seen the changes in the world over the past seventy years, you begin to understand a little of what the scientists are talking about. But young people today, without the experience of age, feel so secure in what they have, and the idea that their life style could be threatening the continued existence of mankind on this planet is to them hogwash. Many today do not have the education or imagination to envisage life on Earth in say 50 or 100 years time as a consequence of what we are doing today.

It is a scientific fact that  mankind produced more CO2 in the last 100 years than at any time in Earth’s history. This excess has formed a blanket in Earth’s upper atmosphere and effectively traps heat that would normally escape into space, turning the world warmer, hence the original term ‘Global Warming’.

CO2As we know, CO2 is absorbed by trees and even the oceans, which convert this gas into oxygen and so there is a cycle that keeps us all alive. But that has changed rapidly since the coming of the industrial age and any fool should recognize that we are saturating the planet in CO2 with all our factories, power stations and cars etc.

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

Saving One Tree Aint Gonna Do It!

At the same time we are removing at a steady rate one of the major things that redress this imbalance, and that is trees. Country-sized areas of the world’s tropical forests like the Amazon have disappeared along with much of the forests that abounded in countries all over the world sixty years ago. Its like saying you are under water with a bottle of oxygen to keep you alive, but someone keeps changing the bottle for a smaller size until eventually there is not enough to keep you alive. Tests on trees in some areas have shown that many of them are saturated with CO2 and they cannot absorb any more. As the rain forests get smaller so will the production of life giving oxygen into our atmosphere.

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

No Ice Melt? Yes There is!

Over the last twenty years or so we have seen dramatic changes in weather patterns across the world. Hurricanes like Katrina in America, massive flooding and droughts in places where such a thing is unthinkable, like the UK, and the disappearance of sea ice at the poles. Just this last two years have seen not gales, but hurricanes and even tornado’s causing significant damage in the United Kingdom. The last few years have also seen unprecedented levels of flooding on a magnitude never seen before. All changes unprecedented in our history, despite what ‘the natural weather cycle’ enthusiasts say.

Every country is pushing to produce more and more electricity to keep up with our ever-increasing appetite for power, which means more power stations to satisfy demand, and yet in every city across the world, huge towering office blocks have all their lights on throughout the night, every night. It may look pretty, but it is a disastrous waste of power.

Spreading Fertilizer

Spreading Fertilizer

On top of all this we in the west are poisoning the ground more and more with artificial fertilizers made of chemicals, and this is seeping into our water supplies. In the desperate drive to produce more and more food, with a view to extra profit, the ground has lost its natural ability to replace nutrients that allow plants to grow, so we have been forced to substitute them.

On a global scale, part of the problem with food is the ever-increasing world population that keeps pushing the boundaries of our ability to produce enough to feed everyone. There can be no doubt that our world is grossly over-populated, but currently there seems to be no way of preventing it rising further. In the future this will be exacerbated by weather changes such as draughts that will make huge areas of land currently used for food production unusable.

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea Level Rise Sceptics

Sea levels are rising as more pole ice melts, not that you would notice that on your local beach, but it is happening all the same. The oceans are becoming more acidic due to man’s contamination, which if it continues, will drastically affect fish stocks. We have been raping the seas for decades with factory ships now removing a hundred times more fish in a single voyage than the fleets of old, and catches show the fish are getting smaller and smaller due to them not being given time to grow properly. As an example, when I was young fish like cod were far bigger than they are now, and the likelihood is that in a few decades there will be few left to catch.

There are many differing views on the validity of scientists claims today, but those of us who have many years under our belts will recognize the changes that have taken place over the past seventy or eighty years, and I for one can say with sincerity that the outlook is not good unless we drastically change our lives and the way we do things. Many today shrug it all off as hocus pocus because they have neither the age experience nor the intelligence to see things as they really are. The hypocrites among us shrug it off because they know it will not effect their lives and that is sad for these people will never change.

Think Of Them

Think Of Them

Despite what you may think of this Climate Report, as a species we have to start changing our ways, otherwise our continued existence on this planet will come to an end. For myself, I think this warning, like all the others will be totally ignored by the majority of governments, though some may pretend to follow its recommendations. If everything happens as predicted by the scientists, there is one thing for sure, I will not be around to say “I told you so”.


Britain’s Dangerous Population Growth

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You may well be asking yourself how population growth can be dangerous, but then you may consider the ever increasing number of people in the world, and begin to wonder what that could possibly have to do with the British Isles.

Policy ExchangeThe ‘think tank’ Policy Exchange has released a report that states unequivocally that the current population growth rate is very dangerous for every white man, woman and child in the country. What they are reporting is the tremendous increase in immigrant births over those of the ethnic population.

Currently, some fourteen percent (8 million) of the population come from an ethnic minority, but owing to the disparity in birthrates, that will increase to a third or more of the population before 2050. Ethnic minorities now represent twenty-five percent of all people under the age of five, and the gap is increasing daily. What this means in effect, is that some time in the future, ethnic white people will become a  minority in their own country.

Population Increase By  Group

Population Increase By Group

The report says that our politicians will have to start catering to the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups in order to form a government.

The Westminster Joker

The Westminster Joker

As we all know, Labour started this whole thing during their last period in power, and its odds on that the minority groups will vote Labour at the next election. If this party do get in power again, I am sure they will finish the job they started when they first opened the floodgates. Current Labour thinking is obviously, more immigrants equals more votes.

What these Labour idiots do not seem to recognize is that with the birthrate among immigrants being nine times that of white people, within a few decades they will no longer need Labour, for they will have taken over the country by sheer force of numbers.

The Future Of Britain

The Future Of Britain

The ethnic minority vote is important to all Party’s. In the 2010 election sixty-eight percent of the ethnic minority population voted Labour, while only sixteen percent voted Conservative and fourteen percent Liberal. Those who voted Con/Lib were mainly people of Indian descent. With Labour’s publicized intention of opening the gates again after the next election, we can see the possibility that many more immigrants will vote Labour at the next election.

Most of the British electorate are wise to the damage Labour did to the country during their last period in office and are liable to vote differently this next time, but the immigrant vote could sway the results.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Due to their stance on getting out of Europe, the UKIP party is making huge strides both in the up-coming European vote, and potentially the national vote in 2015. It will be interesting to see who holds the strings in the next government. It is fairly certain that the immigrant population will not vote UKIP, but it remains to be seen if there will be enough white voters to sway the balance.

Another interesting point raised by the team showed that in 2011, when the poll took place, only fourteen percent of whites identified themselves as being British, while sixty-four percent saw themselves as being English. Of the minority communities, four times that number identified themselves as being British, with only a small number calling themselves English.

Pakistani's At Home In Leeds

Pakistani’s At Home In Leeds

So far as location in the UK goes, by far the majority of immigrants (50% +) live in or around London. The Indian population are the most widely dispersed when it comes to places to live, with the Bangladeshi’s the least. The Pakistani’s have made a home for themselves in towns in the  Midlands and North of England while more than half of Blacks live in London.

Of course, as any white person knows, incoming immigrants have flocked together and taken over whole sections of towns and cities, for example Tower Hamlets in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Leeds.

Skilled Indian Worker

Skilled Indian Worker

The report shows that unemployment among the minority communities, who in general are largely unskilled, is double that of white workers.  The exception is the Indian population who have been successful in obtaining work in highly skilled occupations.

It is interesting to note that of school-leavers who go on to higher education, minority groups outnumber the white children by almost fifty percent. This indicates that in the future, by far the largest number of people employed in skilled higher paid jobs will be from an ethnic minority.

What Lies In Her Future?

What Lies In Her Future? What Are We Doing To Our Children

This report highlights the fact that the average white person in the United Kingdom has become so apathetic to what is going on in our country that the ethnic minorities will be in charge within twenty to thirty years. Everything that was once proudly British will die an ugly death. A sad indictment  of today’s society considering the unparalleled history of our once great nation.


POST SCRIPT: As you will notice from the comment below, I have been accused of being racist with this post, but I must assure you that I am not, and never have been.

It would seem that to some readers the main thrust of it has been misinterpreted, so I am here again to explain a few things.

I fully agree with Katerina’s assessment that all cultures will eventually disappear in the melting pot that is humanity, for we can see that happening today more than ever. In future years there will be no ‘white’ man or ‘black’ man because by intermarriage we will all be the same. I believe that will be a good thing, for then there will be no such thing as racism.

Britain is an island nation and therefore has not been used to the influx of immigrants like other countries.The first major migration to these shores came when Indian and Caribbean people moved here in the late 60’s and early 70’s. These people came to Britain fully prepared to learn the language, fully integrate into British society and respect our traditions, laws and way of life. After a short while they became as British as anyone and were accepted fully.

When Tony Blair opened up the gates to anyone and everyone who wanted to come here to form his ‘Multi-Cultural’ Britain, he began handing out many forms of benefit, free housing and free health care to anyone who entered the country, all this at the expense of the tax payer. Now the British people are suffering heavily for his excesses.

When these people arrived, instead of learning the language and integrating into our society, they formed ghetto’s in towns and cities by taking over all property in their chosen area. They made no attempt to learn the language, respect our customs or traditions but have ever since been trying to turn the areas they have taken over into a duplicate of their homeland. By all this you will no doubt cotton on to the fact that we are talking about Muslims here. Let me make it very clear that I do not say this of all Muslims, for some are willing to live side by side with us in peace.

British people know all too well that they are trying to take over this country, for we see their placards “Islam will rule the world” or “Sharia Law for Britain” all over the place. They insult our war dead when they return home, shouting insulting remarks and carrying placards saying “Killers” or “Murderers – Burn in hell”. If they cannot get what they want the scream ‘Racism’ until they do. If any ‘white man’ goes on the streets carrying a board saying “Down with Islam” he will immediately be arrested under the racism laws, but Muslims can do as they please every day of the week.

I have nothing against Muslims or any other race so long as they respect us and our ways, language etc. But it has become clear over the past years that many Muslims have no wish to do that.

As reported by the Policy Exchange Board, the Muslim birthrate is outstripping the ethnic, or white, people’s birthrate by nine to one, which means that they will be in the majority in a couple of decades. When they reach more than twenty-five percent they will begin decisive actions to take over the country and turn it into an Islamic State. They have followed this pattern in many countries across the world. Look at their attempts to take over Nigeria by force of arms where they make up about twenty-five percent of the population, the rest being Christians. Britain is not the only European country to suffer this, for it is happening in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

What this means in effect is that the country will be taken over by sheer force of numbers, and not by inter-racial integration which would be acceptable. The end product will be a new Islamic country following the laws of Islam whether we want it to or not. It means that Britain and all its stands for, its people and religions, will disappear and be subject to Muslim rule. This is far removed from the process of inter-racial integration. Imagine if you will that we have the barbaric Sharia Law in Britain, all women must cover themselves, and the Christian faith is outlawed!

Already they are infiltrating government and local councils, and have infiltrated our schools, starting to turn them into Islamic Learning Centres (Operation Trojan Horse). Our education system was ruined by the measures put in force by Tony Blair when he brought in his ‘League Tables’ and lowered the threshold for pass rates to make his government look good. Today the majority of British children leave school unable to read or write properly, so what prospects do they have for a good job. Many cannot get into College or University, but the better educated immigrants can, so where does that leave us in the future job market?

I hope you see my point, which is not racist, but more a statement of future fact. In such conditions it is clear that all the top jobs will go to immigrant children and not our own. I should add that it is not all the fault of the immigrants, for the Labour government failed our children when they were in power.

To a great extent we, the British people, have done this to ourselves by voting in a Labour government again and allowing them to finish their destruction of Britain.

It would not have been a problem if all those people from Bangladesh, Pakistan and African Muslim countries had been willing to integrate as the Indian and Caribbean migrants had done, but sadly they did not. This post is not about ‘white’ power over immigrants power but more of an indication of how things will develop in our country. Great Britain has a history unparalleled by any other nation on Earth, and it is sad to see the way it is being destroyed from the inside.

May God be your guide through life.

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