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Pig Power and Ground Zero

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If you are against the building of Muslim mosques, like ‘Ground Zero’ for example, then don’t waste your time demonstrating because you won’t win.

The Spanish in Seville have found the perfect answer to preventing the building of a mosque anywhere. No petitions, no demonstrations and no fuss, all they did was bury a pig at the proposed site for a huge mosque that had received planning permission from the local authorities, whilst making sure the act was well publicised. This is verified on an Islamic website, and therefore not fiction.

Pig Mosque Builder?

Muslims have a morbid fear of pigs, which they consider an unclean animal,  and believe that contact with any part of one will stop them entering Paradise. Even ground that has been soiled, or on which pigs have been, means a fate worse than death to a Muslim.

Islamic Law even goes so far as to forbid the building of a mosque on pig contaminated ground.

So from a non-Muslim point of view, if you don’t want a mosque in your backyard, ‘Do the Pig Thing’ and all your troubles will be over.

Cordoba Grand Mosque. Spain

We non-Muslims have had to stand by for far too long and watch these people spread their influence within our borders, making full use of our democratic laws of religious freedom and human rights to get what they want.

You may well consider me a religious bigot as you read this article, but let me assure you, the day the first christian church gets built in Riyadh or Tehran (or for that matter any devout Muslim country), and when christians may openly pray, I will be happy for them to build a mosque in our country.

Until then I say, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander!”


The Changing Face of British Terrorists.

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Co-ordinated terrorist strikes on British soil have reduced significantly since the 7/7 attack, perhaps because the pressure being applied in Afghanistan has put al Quada group on the defensive. However, a disturbing report released by the  Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) indicates that the ‘war’ may be entering a new phase.

7/7 Bombers

According to the report, a new breed of terrorist is being groomed in British prisons at this very moment. Currently there are approximately 8000 Muslim prisoners in high security prisons across the country, and as many as 1 in 10 have been successfully radicalised by extremists. Many of these will be released within the next five to ten years and the Institute has forecast that many will carry out lone attacks once back in circulation.

One of the London Bombings

al Quada it seems is aiming to switch its strike profile from co-ordinated assaults by a number of individuals, to lone attacks by these radicalised prisoners. They will be poorly trained, but the terrorists are going for numbers, knowing that eventually one or more will succeed.

The main fear is that such actions, if they are successful, will serve the radicals cause by boosting recruitment, plus giving them an enormous propaganda boost which will have the same end effect. Most of the individuals targeted by radicals have no previous history of terrorists offences, but have proved to be fertile soil for the jihadists as they attempt to convert fellow Muslims to the path of terrorism.

It is a sad indictment of our times that we are breeding a new form of terrorist within our prison system that is treating its inmates more as hotel guests rather than punishing them for crimes committed.

A Man of Vision

It is perhaps time we turned the clock back to 1911 when an American General named Pershing stopped terror attacks in the Philippines cold for a full 50 years by ordering his men to capture several insurgents and round up some pigs.

The terrorists were tied to posts and forced to watch in abject horror as his soldiers slaughtered the pigs in front of them and then doused them in the animals blood. All but one was shot and dumped in a mass grave where the innards of the pigs were strewn across the bodies before covering them up. The last individual was allowed to escape and duly reported to his group what had happened.

From that moment on there were no more attacks.

Muslims have always believed that by carrying out terrorists attacks they will automatically be granted a place in heaven and receive from a grateful Allah a bevy of virgins.

A Muslims Worst Enemy

On the other hand, Muslims are literally terrified of the common pig, which is seen as unclean, and any contact with one will prevent them from entering heaven altogether. By pointing a gun at, or shooting, an insurgent you are really doing him a favour, for they have no fear of death because of what they believe awaits them afterwards.

The only ‘fly in the ointment’ is the pig, and all it means to a Muslim, so why not exploit this basic weakness?

It seems to me that by using General Pershings approach today will lead to an end of insurgent attacks far quicker than any of the measures currently employed. If all terrorists are informed that when caught or killed they will receive ‘The pig treatment’, the whole war against terrorism will be over once and for all in very short time.

Death of a Suicide Bomber

The democracies of the world are fighting for their very survival against the onslaught of Islam and it is only by taking drastic measures that we can save what we have for future generations.

The Infidel Pig

Of course, all the ‘human rights’ addicts will be up in arms because they feel that Muslim killers have as much right to humane treatment as the rest of us, but it seems they are not so hot on the rights of the victims. Muslims sincerely believe that non-Muslims have no rights at all so why should we accommodate them?

Until drastic action is taken to curb the insurgency we cannot hope to win the ‘war’. It is time to show these people that we mean business and its a ‘no holds barred’ war.

Bring on the pigs! It’s about time we took the initiative!


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