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Advertisement Airbrushing Should Be Illegal

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The controversy over airbrushing of advertisement posters has once again surfaced after one by L’Oreal was banned because of excessive airbrushing on the face of the model Rachel Weisz. The advertising companies have gone overboard with this technique ever since the arrival of Adobes’s Photoshop a couple of years ago.

How Can Such A Fraud Be Allowed?

We have gotten used to seeing adverts featuring models with a perfect unblemished skin promoting creams and lotions that will supposedly give you the same look, and many women, and in particular younger ones, think they can achieve the same look using them. I have to tell you now, its all a big con! Anyone who thinks smearing a certain cream on your face will remove wrinkles and blemishes are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Before and After

Before you buy one of these creams you should ask yourself, if they are so good, why don’t we see before and after treatment photo’s of these models? Why are the people featured in the posters all young with very few blemishes, all of which are airbrushed out? Why do we see women below the age of thirty or thirty-five featured in anti-wrinkle adverts. It would seem to me that if the manufacturers have any faith in their product at all, they should be featuring women over forty and giving us some before and after photo’s.

How it’s done:

Britney Spears – What A Travesty

The list of models who have been airbrushed is so long as to include almost everyone in the business. Not only have facial blemishes been removed, but also such things as cellulite. Models have been made to look much slimmer than they are in real life, photo’s of Britney Spears are a fine example.

Airbrushing Makes Everything Possible.

What annoys me most is that no-one seems interested in doing something about it. Government advertising watchdogs remain silent while women everywhere are bamboozled into thinking they could have such looks. Naturally enough most women realise that the whole thing is fake, but that doesn’t stop them, and the few that believe the hype, from  wanting the products in the vain hope it will work. Consequently the companies get rich based on a complete lie for none of these products are cheap, they cost the earth. It is time a stop was put this mass marketing fraud and the cosmetic trade got back to some form of normalcy.


Antibiotics losing their grip?

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Disturbing news came to light this week that may worry many people. It would seem a new generation of ‘superbug’ has arrived on which the usual antibiotics are useless, and for many that could spell trouble.

The Wonder Drug

The ‘wonder drug’ has been around in many forms since the first commercially available antibiotic. It was invented by a German research team under Dr. Gerhard Dermagk in 1932, and marketed by the I.G. Farben conglomerate in Germany. Dr. Dermagk received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1939 for his work.

Since that time, the drug has undergone many changes and is used to treat just about any kind of infection. Naturally enough, the bugs have also been around and we are now entering a period where these drugs are beginning to lose the battle.  

In my opinion the reason is quite simple really, these drugs have been over-prescribed during the last forty years. I know from my own experiences that in Britain for example, doctor’s have prescribed antibiotics for just about everything from the common cold to rickets.

Overprescribing Antibiotics:

The NDM-1 Superbug

For this reason, it seems logical that over a period of time the bugs will mutate into a form that is immune to the drugs, and that is what is now happening. So in effect, we have created the problem ourselves by over indulgence in what was once a miracle cure.

We can be certain that unless a substitute for antibiotics or a new strain can be found, we are heading for a major problem in world health. In the EU alone 25,000 people die from ‘super bugs’ that are resistant to antibiotics, and the World Health Organization has described the problem as ‘critical’.

Defacating, Washing And Drinking In The Ganges

Many of the persistent bugs come from India and Pakistan, countries that are synonymous with poor sanitation standards, where tests have shown that water is contaminated.

We are now living in a world where people from all countries travel and mix freely, and this in turn will only exacerbate the situation by allowing the bugs to be introduced by carriers.

The Superbug:

There is little doubt this is a problem of global proportions that needs to be addressed quickly, otherwise there exists a strong possibility of epidemics breaking out all over the world with no known cure. Food for thought!


Your Anti-Wrinkle Cream May Not Be All It Appears

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A most bizaar crime was uncovered in Peru last week. A group of criminals were killing people to extract their body fat for onward sale to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It would appear from the report that human body fat is used in the production of cosmetics and anti-wrinkle cream. Ugh! I think I’d rather have my wrinkles.

Local people were lured into the net with the promise of jobs and then summarily killed. In a makeshift lab, body tissue was removed and the body fat extracted. These items were transported by bus to Lima, the capitol, and then sent on to Italy where other gangs sold the stuff to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in Europe. It would seem to be a profitable enterprise, for a litre of body fat sold for $15,000.

Police said the gang, referred to as the Pishtacos after a Peruvian legend, could be responsible for the deaths of up to sixty people in the region. According to one of those arrested, the ringleader Hilario Cardena had been committing these crimes for decades.

As crimes go, this must rank as one of the most bizarre, and is an indication of how warped the human being can be in the search for riches. If you are a person of, shall we say ”large” proportions, it would perhaps be advisable to cross Peru off your visiting list.

Rejoice in your wrinkles, for the alternative may make you an accessory.


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