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It’s Crying Time Again!

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CryingYou really couldn’t make it up could you? We all make mistakes which is true, but sometimes government mistakes are so laughable it makes you want to scream and cry in sheer frustration.

Currently politicians are back-peddling furiously after yet another prisoner cock-up, this time a killer and his friend, Thomas Moffett both of which failed to return to prison after day release.

This is a couple of weeks after a vicious armed robber called Michael Wheatley went missing while on day release, and committed another armed robbery  before  being recaptured.

Arnold Pickering - A Killer On The Run

Arnold Pickering – A Killer On The Run

The prisoner this time was Arnold Pickering who was sentenced to life in prison (with an eighteen years minimum) in 1991 for the murder of a man in Oldham Lancashire. Apart from this killer being in an open prison in the first place, he had twice before absconded while on day release. You have to ask why he was on day release at all with such a record?

The incompetence inside the prison system is also highlighted in this episode, in that Pickering was supposed to report back to the prison at 16.30 but the fact that he was missing was not reported until 19.00. Maybe they thought he had missed his bus and was waiting for the next one? A man can travel a long way in two-and-a-half hours.

Manchester Prison

Manchester Prison

Pickering first escaped from Manchester prison in 1990 after which he stabbed a man to death and was later recaptured and sentenced, and then in 2009 he absconded again while on day release from Kirkham Prison. Now he has done it again. It has since been revealed that he was recaptured while staying at a house in Greater Manchester.

The most obvious question is: As a killer, what was he doing in a low security open prison in the first place? Secondly, you would have to ask what he was doing out on day release with at least four years left to serve of a ‘life’ sentence? And lastly, why was he out on day release when he had already absconded twice  before?

Politician's View Of Overcrowding

Politician’s View Of Overcrowding

So far as question one is concerned, the government’s excuse is that maximum security prisons are overcrowded. The answer to questions two and three? Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Peter Mcparlin

Peter Mcparlin

Peter McParlin, who is chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said the system was under “immense pressure”. “We have overcrowding in the prison estate, people are being put into open conditions who are unsuitable for open conditions. Twenty prisons have closed in the last three years and prison staff numbers have reduced by 6000 since 2010. “And it’s clear to me that the tick-box mentality that goes into transferring prisoners to open conditions has failed the public.”

This brings up the question, if we have such over-crowding, why did the government close down twenty prisons? You will have to ask Cameron for an answer to that one.

Working With Others To Protect The Public - You Must Be Joking!

Working With Others To Protect The Public – You Must Be Joking!

One thing this whole saga does do however, is highlight the total incompetency of Parole Board hearings and the ‘bleeding hearts’ that sit on them, and the whole parole system itself. Really, how would any sane person allow a killer out on day release after he had twice run away before? It makes me think these ‘bleeding heart’ people who make up parole boards are either complete and utter idiots, or are a sucker for a good sob story. Is someone going to get fired over this stupidity? I doubt it!

It is a proven fact that between April 2012 and March 2013 a total of 204 prisoners have absconded from open prisons. This fact alone proves the system does not work for all those with more than three months left to serve of their sentence. With that amount of time left, prisoners are less likely to run away for fear of having their sentences extended when caught.

It all points to the fact that Parole Boards have no idea what they are doing, because recapturing escaped prisoners costs valuable police time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

If I had my way I would round up all these Human Rights and Do-Gooder nutters and ship them off to somewhere they can do no more harm. Actually the Shetland Isles does spring to mind for they can pontificate as much as they like up there and no-one will give a toss!

Chris Grayling - Justice Secretary

Chris Grayling – Justice Secretary

As you would expect, the government officials and MP’s are jumping out of the woodwork to say how terrible this whole saga is. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said, “There have been a number of instances in recent months that I find unacceptable and in future prisoners should not expect to find the same system that’s perhaps been there for the last, well many, many years.”

Prisons minister Jeremy Wright is reported as saying: “This will be looked at as a matter of urgency. I am not prepared to see public safety compromised.” Well well! Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Electronic Tag

Electronic Tag

Another valid question comes to mind, and that is why are these day release prisoners not electronically tagged? If they do decide to do a runner then at least they can be caught much quicker without wasting too much police time.

I find the hypocrisy of present day justice totally unacceptable in that killers/rapists etc. are sentenced to ‘life’, but with the proviso they must spend a minimum of ‘X’ years in jail. Either they are sentenced to life or ‘X’ number of years, but don’t dress it up by calling it life because you are not fooling anyone! What the hell happened to a proper life sentence?

No Overcrowding Here!

No Overcrowding Here!

Oh dear, silly me! I forgot the prisons are full! So now we cannot afford to give prisoners long jail sentences because we might trample on their human rights by having two share a cell. We might as well let them out after serving a quarter of their sentence! So what happened to Cameron’s much vaunted plans for the building of new prisons? Oh Damn! We can’t do that because it costs money! It’s far cheaper to give hardened criminals ‘a slap on the wrist’ or send them away for a mere year.

The justice system in the UK is in such a mess that it will take changes of earthquake proportions to put it right. The biggest problem is that we cannot mete out proper justice because of the strangling Human Rights Laws that ensure our prisons are like holiday camps, and we must provide all the comforts of home.

Eu Parliament Brussels

Eu Parliament Brussels

Rules and regulations come from Brussels demanding that we treat all our killers, rapists and so forth with kid gloves for we might offend their human rights. These laws make a mockery of justice and treat the perpetrators better than the victims. It is time we had a government with the balls to tell Brussels to shove their rules where the sun don’t shine and we get back to the proper the fair system of justice we once had. As things stand its enough to make a grown man cry!

Anyone need a handkerchief?


There’s Dumb, Dumber and Unbelievably Dumb!

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Reading the news today has revealed to me how utterly stupid our government really is. You would expect them to do silly things now and then, but nothing that could be classed as putting the public at risk. But sad to say that has happened – again!

A Vicious Robber

A Vicious Robber

I refer to the fact that a vicious robber sentenced to thirteen life sentences for brutal robberies has escaped after being let out on ‘day release’ from an open prison. The man is question, Michael Wheatley must be laughing himself sick at the stupidity of the British legal system that not only kept him in an open prison, but allowed him out on day release. Naturally, as you would expect he did a runner and is now being sought by police, as if they don’t have enough to do!

Michael Wheatley, otherwise known as the ‘Skull Cracker’ was sentenced at the Old Bailey in 2002 for a string of really brutal raids on banks and building societies. He got the name of Skull Cracker for his habit of pistol whipping victims over the head with a blank-firing pistol during the robberies. He even went so far as to repeatedly hit a 73 year-old woman over the head in an act of sheer brutality.

Caught on A Security System Camera

Caught on A Security System Camera

For his deeds he received thirteen life sentences for robbery and thirteen concurrent five-year sentences for possessing an imitation firearm. The judge said he must serve a minimum of eight years. Now for a start off, how can someone be sentenced to life, and be told he must serve a minimum of eight years??? Perhaps the judge thought he might die after eight years!

This is one of the most stupid judicial systems in the world where they call it a life sentence but you must do a minimum of eight years. Either he is in prison for life or he is in for eight years, why name it any different. The whole sentencing system in the UK is a total and utter farce from beginning to end. Is it just a smoke-screen to fool the public into thinking someone got the sentence they deserve?  Its no wonder the criminals in Britain are falling on the floor laughing.

The Justice System Is In Need Of Repair

The Justice System Is In Need Of Repair

What makes it even more incredible is that he committed the above offences just three weeks after being released from a twenty-seven year sentence for other robberies!!!! I suppose the judge sentenced him that time to twenty-seven years but he must serve a minimum of five years. Either way, you would have thought any sane judge would recognize this person for what he is with him going on the rampage just three weeks after release from a previous sentence.!

HMP Standford Hill Open Prison On The Isle of Sheppey

HMP Standford Hill Open Prison On The Isle of Sheppey

Also, you have to ask why such a man was serving his sentence in an Open Prison??? This is a very relaxed prison system where prisoners have little or no restrictions and are allowed out each day to work. They are supposed to be ‘training’ facilities where inmates are prepared for life back in the community when their sentences are nearly over. But surely, going straight back to robbery again after being in prison for ‘twenty-seven’ years must have told these idiots something, i.e. that he cannot be trusted, and yet he still goes to an open prison where he can just walk out the door!!! It is absolutely astounding!

I have to admit that I am truly and utterly amazed at the crass stupidity of those in charge of our justice system, for believe me, this is not an isolated case.

The Scales Of Justice - Weighted In Favour Of The Criminal

The Scales Of Justice – Weighted In Favour Of The Criminal

It is no wonder that crime is rife in the country when the entire sentencing system is such a joke. If you don’t pay your taxes you go to jail for longer than a killer or a rapist. Is that right? There are so many killers who are paroled after serving a mere fraction of their sentence and end up going back into crime, sometimes within a week of release. And yet the politicians cannot see this. Why?

I believe part of the problem is the so-called prison overcrowding. Prisoners must have a cell to themselves with their own TV, games centre and sound system because of the Human Rights Goody Goody Brigade. According to them we have to treat our prison population better than the victims of the crimes they commit, all in the name of Human Rights. If the prisons are overcrowded then put two in a cell, or three, who cares they are criminals. They do not have the right to be better kept than their victims!

British Justice In Action

British Justice In Action

Another major problem is the ‘good-goody two shoes’ on the parole boards who have the responsibility to decide if a prisoner is readjusted enough to be released on parole. Are these people mental??? They listen to the sob stories of hardened criminals and let them out after they have served a fraction of their sentence. The ‘toerags’ leave the prison with a big smile on their faces and go straight back to what they were doing before. Wheatley is a prime example of that.

It is way past time that we get out from under the heavy yoke of the Human Rights Commission in Europe and get back to making our own laws and standards again for these rules are making a mockery of the justice system.

Nigel Farage - Perhaps The Country's Only Hope.

Nigel Farage – Perhaps The Country’s Only Hope.

I do not support any political party and I never have, but this time around I am sure that the only way forward for the UK is to support UKIP in the hope they can do better than the other three waste of space, namely the Con/Lib/Lab crowd, all of whom have brought us to this sorry state.

Like everyone else I have no idea what UKIP will be like as a government, but they can certainly be no worse than the other lot. I do not think it a good idea to withdraw totally from the EU for that will have serious economic consequences, but we have to refute all control of our justice system and immigration from Brussels.

Phew! I’m glad I got that lot off my chest. May your days be happy, and may all criminals rot in hell!


Britain – Where the Law is An Ass!

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Once again the British Justice system has triumphed by letting out a cold-blooded killer after serving only a fraction of his sentence. There is quite rightly, outrage among many people that Ricky Preddie has been released from jail again after serving  just over half his sentence for murder. His brother Danny was released last September.

Damilola Taylor Caught On CCTV On His Way Home

Most people will be familiar with the murder of 10 year-old Damilola Taylor, who was stabbed in the thigh with a broken bottle and left to bleed to death by the brothers Ricky and Danny Preddie in 2002. In 2006 both were sentenced to eight years at Her Majesty’s pleasure for the murder, but not surprisingly both served only half their sentence. Ricky was released in September 2010 on parole but was returned to prison last year for breaking the terms of his probation, While Danny was released last year. Ricky had already broken the terms of his first release in 2010, and now less than a year later the Independent Parole Board have released him again.

The Preddie Bros. In Prison - Reformed? Hardly!

The really sad thing about it is that neither brother has once shown any remorse for the killing and are not considered to have reformed in any way. So this begs the question: Why are these two animals back in circulation? With regard to Ricky, Gary Trowsdale managing director of the Damilola Taylor Trust, said: “We do not understand why he was released in the first place. What can we do, though? The system is the system, and the system is flawed.” Flawed indeed, for it is not the first time child killers have been let out of jail long before the end of their sentence. The Bulger killers Thomson and Venebles is another case in point.

Ricky Preddie Today

This is another example of the sickening do-gooders on the Parole Board who seem to think that so long as a killer has spent five minutes behind bars he/she is fit to rejoin society. It is inconsistent with justice, it is inconsistent with public safety, and it is grossly immoral. If a convicted felon has shown that he is sorry for his actions, proven to be a model prisoner, and has clearly changed his ways then there is a case for early release, but these two killers have shown none of this, so why were they released early?

Typical Parole Board Hearing

I can only conclude that the ‘Bleeding Hearts’ Brigade have taken over the Parole Board and made it their own, because I cannot believe that any sane person would allow such an injustice. These people are making a mockery of the entire justice system, although they are not the only ones of course. We have weak judges who give thugs a slap on the wrist, and when one finally does jail an offender they get let out by this stupid excuse for a Parole Board. I’m sorry, but to me, justice in the UK stinks to high heaven!


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