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Hindu Open Air Cremations

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On the 26th of March last year I reported on the case of Davender Ghai who was challenging a British 1930 Law which prohibited the burning of bodies in the open air. His case rested on his religious beliefs as a Hindu, and the inevitable ‘Human Rights”. Needless to say, he has won the right to be cremated in the open air when he dies. All you need to do these days is mention ‘Human Rights’ and your case is won for you.

The case was reviewed by the Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger and three other judges. In their opinion, Mr. Ghai’s request could be “accommodated within current cremation legislation”.

At the time, I said that this sort of thing should not be allowed, and today I stand by that. It is common practice in India for all Hindu’s who believe it is the only way for the soul to leave the body and enter the ‘afterlife’. Another ‘quirky’ religious tradition among so many invented by people of all faiths.

However, I feel there is a limit on how far a western democratic nation should go to appease immigrants. Especially when it is so one-sided.

So what now! Has this appeal court opened the floodgates for all Hindu’s to be cremated in the open air? Are we now to see Hindu funeral pyres in the fields if we go for a drive? I guess the next thing will be the setting up of ‘official Hindu cremation sites’ in town market squares across the country at the tax payers expense; forget not that Hindu cremations are public affairs in India!

It is the thin end of the wedge my friends. The British Labour Government, with its ‘multi-cultural’ mania is steadily handing over control of the country to the immigrant population at an ever-increasing pace. This is just one more move in that direction. Pretty soon the British People will have no say whatsoever on affairs in their own country. With this case we open the floodgates to all non-conformists and idiots who only have to scream the words ‘Human Rights” at the top of their voices and get whatever they want. Will we be forced to respect the human rights of some obscure religious group who protest it is essential for an animal or human sacrifice to be made so the spirit may leave the body?

I do not blame Mr. Ghai for this, it is not his fault. He is only trying to depart this life in accordance with his religion. No, the ones that are at fault are Gordon Brown and his cohorts, and the British legal system for pandering to immigrants who are slowly taking over control of the country. The rights of decent British families are being pushed aside to accommodate the more base needs of immigrants who come to our country and expect business as usual and never mind the original inhabitants.

How far down this road is the Labour Party willing to go? I leave you to ponder this question!


Religious Rights.

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Should open-air cremations be allowed in Britain? Some followers of the Hindu religion are pressing for the open-air burning of bodies in accordance with their faith, which is illegal in the United Kingdom.

According to Hindu religious beliefs, the body should be burnt in the open air, allowing the soul freedom to leave the body and be reincarnated. This 4,000 year-old practice is normal in South Asia, but in Britain is banned by the 1930 Cremation Act which restricts the burning of bodies to crematoriums.

Today, The High Court in London is hearing the case of Davender Ghai, a seventy-year-old Hindu. Mr. Ghai has received the backing of the influential UK Hindu Council Organisation and some Hindu temples in the U.K. He is requesting a Judicial Review of the 1930’s Law on religious grounds, and in part, on the 1998 Human Rights Act which covers the freedom to practice religious beliefs. In 2006, Mr Ghai was lucky to escape prosecution when he cremated the body of a 31-year-old Sikh man at a secret location in Northumberland. The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to pursue the case against him.

Not all Hindu’s agree with Mr. Ghai’s assessment however. Jay Lakhani, a member of the Hindu Academy educational body is quoted as saying: “Hindu scriptures should be interpreted judiciously and teaching does allow interpretation in a modern way.” He went on further to say he “could not understand why UK Hindus would want to dispose of bodies in an “antiquated” manner”.

While I have great respect for Mr. Ghai and his religious beliefs, I really cannot agree with his proposition. There has to be a limit on the rights of an individual who, of his own free will, is living in someone else’s country. There are too many people playing the human rights card these days just to get what they want, and they are usually a minority.

It has always been my firm belief that if you are, what amounts to a guest in someone else’s land, you should adapt as far as possible to the laws and traditions of that land. I say this as someone who has lived outside the U.K. since 1972 when I first moved to Holland. I am now a ‘Gentleman of Leisure’ in Spain. However, I have never asked for anything from either host country, I have always paid my way, and done my best to integrate into that country’s culture.

In Spain and many other Catholic countries, it is customary at Easter for processions carrying images of the Virgin Mary and Christ on the Cross to be held in every city, town and village. Imagine trying to do that in a Muslim country like Iran for example (worst case I know)! You would start a riot and be stoned all the way. Such countries do not allow any religious beliefs other than their own. I am almost afraid the Church of England will be disbanded because we might upset the immigrants!

The British have for decades been pampering the minority immigrant population, and in the process have lost their own national identity. I take my hat off to Boris Johnson the Mayor of London who said it is time we English started celebrating St. George’s Day, he is after all our Patron Saint. The Irish, Scottish and Welsh do, but for forty years the English haven’t because we are afraid to upset some minority groups. What rubbish!

It is time the British learned they are not a multi-cultural society, they are a society of British with a large immigrant population. That is the way every other nation on earth thinks of itself, why not us?

For example, an end must be made to schools struggling to teach classes in foreign languages because they have immigrant pupils. These children will grow up as citizens of Britain, and as such their first language must be English.

An end must also be made trying to make our country fit the ideals and beliefs of immigrants lest we offend them. In my opinion, if you can’t fit in, you know where the door is!

Thank God we still have free speech, or is that next on the agenda!!

May your beliefs always be yours.


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