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Occupational Health Gone Stark Raving Mad

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As everybody now knows, the Olympics will be held in the UK next year, and it seems the loonys have escaped the asylum just in time to add their ten cents worth to the preparations.

The Torch Route Is Made Public

On the 19th of May 2012 the Olympic torch, which is to be carried by 8,000 runners, will begin its 8,000 mile journey across the UK before the Olympic flame is lit at the start of the games in London. The torch will travel the length and breadth of Britain for 70 days before arriving at the Olympic Stadium, and will be escorted by members of the Metropolitan Police all the way.

‘The Met’ hierarchy are taking the whole thing very seriously and have done everything they can to ensure the police constables escorting the olympic flame are cared for in every conceivable way. The Occupational Health Department is currently making arrangements for the officers concerned to get counselling at the end of their duty to help them integrate back into work and home life!

A spokesman for the Met said:”We recognise this is a unique policing role never performed within British policing. Mindful of the fact that officers will be taken away from their homes for 70 days, their reintegration back into the Met after the event is already being carefully planned. The welfare of our staff is of paramount importance.” He went on: “Occupational health specialists are already developing plans (I’ll bet they are). The Met already has specialists who work with officers. These include counsellors, occupational psychologists and other medical staff.”

Jenny Jones, who sits on the Met Police Authority as London Assembly Member remarked:  “It sounds barking mad. A briefing, fine, but counselling? What a waste of resources.”

She is obviously not thinking about the unbearable stress officers will have to face being away from home for 70 days, and having to guard a man with a flaming torch in his hand as he runs through the streets of Britain to the cheers of the crowd. On top of that the officers will never have done a job like this before! I cannot for the life of me see how they will possibly be able to stand the strain.

Its good to know that police officers are properly being cared for, and have a therapist to tuck them in every night when they go to bed!

At such a public event you can be sure some nutters will want to demonstrate about something or other. It is also quite possible some idiot will want to go down in history as the one who doused the flame on the torch, so you can be certain the Met police officers will occasionally have their hands full, but I am sure they will handle it without having a nervous breakdown.

I can well imagine how this whole farce is going down in the police canteens across the capital as the rank and file read about the proposed plans. It seems to me that if the government wish to cut budgets for the police, one of the first places to look is the occupational health department who seem to be getting desperate to justify their existence with this plan.

Let’s Hope It All Ends Well!

Personally, I have never heard such a load of crap in my entire life and I think its time the ‘Met’ upper echelons took a good long hard look at what they are about. Whatever happened to just getting on with the job?

I don’t think ‘Met’ policemen are sissy’s who need a therapist to hold their hand when they do a job. It sounds to me like the system is overburdened with lay-abouts and busybodies who think they are God’s gift to mankind.


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