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Roamin’ Romney

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After Mitt Romney’s antics during his European tour I honestly can’t imagine any sane person voting for him to replace Barak Obama. If the man was trying to signal his diplomatic skills in the field of foreign policy he failed dismally.

The British Press Were Not Amused

He has visited three countries, namely the UK, The State of Israel and Poland, and managed to upset someone every time he opened his mouth. First it was the Olympic Committee in Britain, then the Palestinian’s in Israel, and to top it off he upset the unions in Poland. This man desperately wants to become the next president of the United States and thinks he can do a better job than Barak Obama. Sorry Mitt, you can’t! As an ‘outsider’ I dread to think what harm such a man may do if he became President.

Obama has come under a lot of criticism during his time in office, but it does seem to me that much of it is unfounded. What people tend to forget is that he is a Democrat president with a Republican House of Representatives that consistently stood against him and many of his policies, effectively blocking them. The ObamaCare Health Bill is a prime example.  

It would be a bit like Britain having a Conservative prime Minister ruling over a Labour government. The two just don’t mix, and certainly cannot work together for the good of the common people.

It Certainly Seems Like It!

While I am in full agreement with putting an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, I shudder to think what will happen if the world had Mitt Romney’s finger on the trigger. He has already made it clear he would back any strike by Israel against the Iranian nuclear installations, but who does he think Iran will direct their anger at? Not just Israel that is for sure, and if America retaliates, before you know it the entire Middle East could be at war with the Western World! Sorry! But I for one don’t want that man’s finger on the trigger!

To me he comes across as far too ‘smooth’, and he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, and one question before I finish; Why won’t he release his tax records? It doesn’t take a genius to guess the reason.


OlympicsTo Be Hit By Another Strike

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What is the matter with people these days? This week, just ten days away from the grand opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) workers have said they will go on strike the day before the opening. Whatever happened to national pride at a time when the UK will be the focal point of the world?

As a nation have we become so consumed by self-interest that we cannot spare a moment for the reputation of our country across the world?

There have been a number of fiasco’s recently in connection with the games, what with the security company G4S not living up to their contractual commitment meaning troops will have to fill the gap, and the UKBA recently failing in their task by allowing hundreds of thousands of people to enter the country without any proper checks. I should imagine after that particular fiasco, insurgents were surprised at how easy it was to enter the country to prepare whatever they have in store for the games.

The sheer audacity of the UKBA staff deciding to strike for 24 hrs before the games is a slap in the face for every honest and patriotic Brit. Maybe they do have some legitimate grievances like people losing their jobs and privatizing parts of the service in order to cut costs, something I might add that is desperately needed, but to hit the olympics like this is no answer. Our country can expect to see tens of millions of visitors from all across the world and the reputation of the entire country is at stake.

In the past months we have seen overland and underground rail workers, bus drivers and taxi drivers all threatening strike action during the games if their demands are not met for an olympic bonus of between £500 and £1000 just for doing their job! Its holding the country to ransom and who will be next, toilet cleaners and binmen? This whole strike scenario has been shameful, disgusting, and immoral right from the beginning. To me it is a shame that a few of these Labour Union agitators cannot be taken out and hanged in public as a lesson and a warning that British pride and patriotism will not be taken hostage at a time when the reputation of our once (sadly) great nation is at stake!!!


Now Bus Drivers Hold the Olympic Games To Ransom

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The gaze of the whole world will be on Great Britain and London in a few weeks time and it should be every Brit’s desire to make the event pass off smoothly, but what do we get? Yet another example of the greed in today’s society unfolding as now London’s bus drivers threaten to strike for more pay during the Olympic Games. They are one of a long list of public transport workers who have threatened to strike either before, or during the games, which start in just a few weeks.

The bus drivers are complaining that they should receive an extra bonus of £500 for working during the games over and above their normal wage and overtime payments. They say that London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railways, Network Rail and Virgin will all receive between £500 to £900 pounds in extra payments and they feel they should receive the same. Who will be next, street cleaners, bin-men, traffic wardens, parking attendants, shop assistants, hotel bellhops and people walking their dog? The list is endless and its too ludicrous for words.

There will be an estimated 800,000 people travelling on the London bus network for the duration of the games, but that doesn’t give these money grabbing parasites the right to hold the country to ransom just so they can earn more beer money, and the same goes for all the other transport workers!

The Famous London Double-Decker

There are around 20,000 bus employees involved, and a £500 bonus for all would cost approximately £10 million, which you can figure will immediately be passed on to passengers in higher fares, as will the bonuses received by other transport workers.

These people know how vital their role will be in getting olympic visitors to their various destinations, and they know they hold all the aces, so this is just sheer profiteering at the expense of the public and the nation. The sticking point at the moment is that Transport for London (TfL), the company responsible for the buses say the drivers are all hired by 21 private firms so it not them who can decide.

Kavanagh In Action

The Unite Union’s regional secretary for London, Peter Kavanagh, said: “With 72 days left until the Games begin and a strike ballot under way, it’s astonishing that bus operators are still doing zero to resolve this dispute and TfL is refusing to get involved. Passengers should direct their anger at TfL and the bus companies. Their behaviour is a massive dereliction of duty to London”. He added, “If bus workers take strike action up to and during the Olympic Games the bus companies and TfL will be to blame.” Bullshit!

There can be little doubt that all the transport workers in London in general have held the nation to ransom in order to get an unjust payment over and above their normal salary and overtime bonuses at a time when the pride of the nation is at stake. These idiots are directing their wrath at the bus operator which has clearly stated that is has nothing to do with the rates of pay of drivers employed by private companies, but this doesn’t seem to sink in.


Leon Daniels Of TfL

Leon Daniels, TfL’s managing director of surface transport, said: “London bus drivers are employed by private bus companies and their pay and conditions are set by those companies. If bus drivers are required to work additional hours they are always paid overtime accordingly.”

The idea that you do your job on a daily basis for a fair day’s pay seems to have evaporated over time. In my opinion, just because the bus and train systems in London are going to be busier than usual does not entitle any of these vermin to an extra bonus. When is the next demand for a bonus going to come? Perhaps when we have extra visitors during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, or the next European Football Cup or World Cup.

Is this now going to be the pattern for the future? If it is, then pretty soon even the rich will not be able to afford to ride on the trains and buses in London. Whatever happened to national pride and the idea of gracious hospitality? I find it really sad, and a fine example of the petty greed and self-interest that is so prevalent in today’s society.


Is Greed Holding the 2012 Olympics to Ransom?

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With the Olympics less than six months away we now see the greed of some British workers surfacing. First of all we had the London Underground workers last year demanding pay rises and a bonus for the Olympics. Now the taxi drivers are demanding higher pay, knowing that if they go on strike during the Games it will cause chaos. Sometimes I despair at my fellow man and wonder where they get the audacity to hold the entire Olympic Games success to ransom.

London Underground - Fast and Efficient, Normally

Bob Crow, notorious leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), wanted a deal similar to the one previously agreed with Network Rail staff of a 10% pay rise over a two year period, plus a one-off payment of £500 for RMT members. Last May a deal was reached, and the prospect of underground train drivers staging strikes during the Games was averted. Now with little more than four months to go the taxi drivers are trying it on.

Internationally Famous

London’s black cab drivers are wanting to raise their fares by 22%, which to my mind is blatant greed just because their industry will be heavily relied upon by those attending the Games. They also demand access to the 50 kms of special traffic lanes set aside for the Games designated to ferry athletes, officials, media and VIPs to venues on time.  The threat of industrial action by the cabbie’s must be taken seriously by Boris Johnson and the London Council for they are, and have always been, an integral part of the London transport system. The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) union said between 30 percent and 50 percent of its members did not intend to work during this period. The LTDA, representing up to 10,000 of the capital’s 25,000 black cabs, has suggested allowing their drivers to use weekend and night-time premium rates during the Olympics, in an effort to get some back on the road. As a result, this means fares would rise by between 13 and 22%. The drivers rejected the deal.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Subsequently, there may be a serious shortage of black cabs over the period of the Games, although the minicab drivers will not mind for they will probably have more work than they can handle. If the black cabbie’s do go on strike, I hope they don’t make a cent during the games, and let’s face it, it will be their loss in the long run. The only sad part about it is, it will tarnish the reputation of Britain immeasurably. I just wonder how long it will be before someone else jumps on the band wagon!


The FBI at the 2012 Olymypic Games?

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 The United States wishes to have up to 1000 of its own agents at next year’s Olympic Games in London according to current news reports.

British sources say, naturally enough, that all the necessary measures have been taken, and in fact, some 12,000 police reinforced by up to 15000 agents from security company G4S will be available. Even units of the Army will be on special duty at the games, including SAS teams who be will be stationed along the Thames at strategic points to prevent any terrorists attacks.

London Riot

The U.S government has raised concerns about the relaxing of the controversial ‘stop and search’ laws, and of course the London riots of the Autumn. The slow police reaction to the riots has been held up by the Americans as reason enough for their agents to provide security for their people at the event.

Olympic Venue Under Construction

The Olympic Committee, the London Council and the government have all being working together to make the most of available resources for the protection of visitors, athletes, and dignitaries alike. According to reports, all seems to be on track and their are no worries about the arrangements, so why do we need gun-toting American agents on our streets? There can be little doubt these people will be carrying guns, for I doubt very much they will hand them over on arrival in the country.

Part of the problem is that England is seen as a ‘hotbed’ of insurgency by the USA, and not without good cause.

Tony Blair Should Be Hanged For Treason

We have been far too soft on radicals ever since Labour came to power in 1997. unfortunately, this has continued, although to a lessor degree, under the current coalition government. Coupled with that is the disgraceful lack of border controls currently hitting the headlines, also I might add, initiated by the previous government.

The caption says: Zakir Naik - "Every Muslim should be a terrorist".

For almost twenty years we have allowed Muslim hate preachers to spread their poison among the the youth of Islam in Britain, and done nothing about it. We have allowed our universities and schools to become a breeding ground for insurgents and suicide bombers, and done nothing about it. We have allowed Muslim radicals to hold protests in our streets and desecrate the memory of our fallen heroes on Remembrance Day and at Royal Wooten Basset and still do nothing about it. Why!!!!!!

American Secret Service (A.S.S.) Sniper on Every Rooftop?

While I do not like the prospect of gun-toting FBI and Secret Service agents on the streets of my country, I can sympathise with their feelings, and the sad thing is, we have no-one to blame but ourselves.

There can be little doubt that the Games will be a golden opportunity for any terrorist group to make a statement that will compare to 9/11, and with our border controls in such disarray, how will we know if these people are here or not.

Stickin' Yer Head In the Sand Ain't Gonna Help!

It has all to do with the fear of being labelled ‘racist’ in our society, and that is reason enough fo most people to keep their mouths tightly shut. Also, there are many misguided Brits who think they should be on the side of the Muslims just because they are a minority in our land. It beggars believe! Our justice system seem totally incapable of dealing with Muslims who break the law, probably for the same reason.

A Muslim Insult to Our War Dead

It strikes me as extremely unjust when in May 2010, Tohseef Shah spray painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama is coming” he was fined £585 and received a two-year suspended sentence before walking free from court. In November 2010, Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2mins silence. He was given a fine of £50 and walked free from court. In June of this year Steven Vasey and Anthony Smith were both given  a 12 month jail sentence for spray painting a poppy on the wall of a mosque. Just doesn’t sound like justice to me!

Taking Out the Trash

The government now has until 27th July next year to track down all radical Muslims and deport them prior to the Games. I can’t see that happening but it would certainly be a step in the right direction. They have the same amount of time to seal our borders properly so potential terrorists cannot just ‘waltz’ in whenever they feel like it. I can’t see that happening either, so I guess we will have to welcome our armed cousins from across the pond, just so long as we don’t foot the bill for the ammunition!


Occupational Health Gone Stark Raving Mad

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As everybody now knows, the Olympics will be held in the UK next year, and it seems the loonys have escaped the asylum just in time to add their ten cents worth to the preparations.

The Torch Route Is Made Public

On the 19th of May 2012 the Olympic torch, which is to be carried by 8,000 runners, will begin its 8,000 mile journey across the UK before the Olympic flame is lit at the start of the games in London. The torch will travel the length and breadth of Britain for 70 days before arriving at the Olympic Stadium, and will be escorted by members of the Metropolitan Police all the way.

‘The Met’ hierarchy are taking the whole thing very seriously and have done everything they can to ensure the police constables escorting the olympic flame are cared for in every conceivable way. The Occupational Health Department is currently making arrangements for the officers concerned to get counselling at the end of their duty to help them integrate back into work and home life!

A spokesman for the Met said:”We recognise this is a unique policing role never performed within British policing. Mindful of the fact that officers will be taken away from their homes for 70 days, their reintegration back into the Met after the event is already being carefully planned. The welfare of our staff is of paramount importance.” He went on: “Occupational health specialists are already developing plans (I’ll bet they are). The Met already has specialists who work with officers. These include counsellors, occupational psychologists and other medical staff.”

Jenny Jones, who sits on the Met Police Authority as London Assembly Member remarked:  “It sounds barking mad. A briefing, fine, but counselling? What a waste of resources.”

She is obviously not thinking about the unbearable stress officers will have to face being away from home for 70 days, and having to guard a man with a flaming torch in his hand as he runs through the streets of Britain to the cheers of the crowd. On top of that the officers will never have done a job like this before! I cannot for the life of me see how they will possibly be able to stand the strain.

Its good to know that police officers are properly being cared for, and have a therapist to tuck them in every night when they go to bed!

At such a public event you can be sure some nutters will want to demonstrate about something or other. It is also quite possible some idiot will want to go down in history as the one who doused the flame on the torch, so you can be certain the Met police officers will occasionally have their hands full, but I am sure they will handle it without having a nervous breakdown.

I can well imagine how this whole farce is going down in the police canteens across the capital as the rank and file read about the proposed plans. It seems to me that if the government wish to cut budgets for the police, one of the first places to look is the occupational health department who seem to be getting desperate to justify their existence with this plan.

Let’s Hope It All Ends Well!

Personally, I have never heard such a load of crap in my entire life and I think its time the ‘Met’ upper echelons took a good long hard look at what they are about. Whatever happened to just getting on with the job?

I don’t think ‘Met’ policemen are sissy’s who need a therapist to hold their hand when they do a job. It sounds to me like the system is overburdened with lay-abouts and busybodies who think they are God’s gift to mankind.


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