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Obesity – A Deadly Menace

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Walking around these days you see more obese people than slim ones. Obesity is becoming an epidemic of huge proportions and it won’t go away. People are stuffing themselves with poor food that is supplied by the food manufacturers and it it needs to change.

Crops are no longer grown naturally, but fed with chemicals instead of allowing them to grow naturally. Many farmers have two or three crops a year fed by these chemicals and they all end up in the food factories. They are not natural, but have many chemicals added, and on the whole they are tasteless without adding more chemicals like salt, pepper and sauces to give them flavour.


I cannot for the life of me see why so many people go to McDonald’s and Burger King among others to have a meal. These are the main reasons why so many people are obese, apart from the poor food they eat at home.

Even cows, chickens and other animals are force feed with chemicals that will make them grow faster and fatter and this is no good. For when we put a steak and vegetables on the table we are ingesting these chemicals and it is not doing us any good.

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Walking down the street you see obese people left and right, and this is worse in Britain than anywhere else, except perhaps the United States. In a few years time the hospitals are going to be overcrowded with people seeking medical help with their obesity.

It is a fact that obese people will suffer greatly from sickness including, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types such as breast and colon cancer. There is no way these people will live to a ripe old age as the present old age pensioners do. This will overload the NHS in Britain to such an extent that it will run out of money very quickly. In the end the whole NHS will collapse in on itself.

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If people are to live to a ripe old age things have to change, and that means the way we eat will have to change rapidly. We cannot go on the way we are for this will lead to a catastrophe.


Plus Size Models – Do Me A Favour!!!!!

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You Must Be Kidding

You Must Be Kidding

This new trend of plus size models is to me going way beyond what is acceptable. I have seen some of the photos of these creatures, and also read the report from a group of scientists who say that such a thing will encourage people to be obese. This I can quite believe.

Those who are promoting this craze are of the opinion that it will make fat people more acceptable, but I for one just don’t see it that way. I much prefer to see a woman with a perfect slim body, and I don’t mean skinny, walking down the catwalk than a fat one wobbling down it.

A Joke Surely!

A Joke Surely!

How could anyone in their right minds think that having fat women modelling their clothes will promote sales. I just don’t see it, do you?

Obesity in the western hemisphere has become a plague that has hit all countries, and it is abhorrent to say the least. When I was young 99% of girls and women were slim and they looked good, but since the seventies fat has taken over because people just don’t care what they look like. Sad to say it has become the norm, even with young children.

Modern Times - Sad Times

Modern Times – Sad Times

It distresses me to see young children of even 6 and 7 with large fat bellies and fat legs waddling along with their fat parents. Why oh why don’t the parents have more respect for their children who will suffer untold misery and pain when they grow up because their parents did not teach them properly.

People have complained about smokers over the last decade and they always highlighted how they are filling the hospitals unnecessarily and put a great strain on the NHS financial resources. What people today do not realize is that when an obese person gets to middle age or older, they will be the ones going to hospital several times a week for treatment.

The Future For Obese People

The Future For Obese People

What these obese people do not realize is they are going to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol levels and cancer, and will by far outnumber those admitted for smoking related illnesses. In effect it means that hospitals will be much more overloaded than today.

For every fat child I see I blame the parents who have not brought up their children properly. They feed them rubbish food because they do not have time, or can’t be bothered to prepare a proper meal, and I know in Britain it’s often chips (French fries) with everything. Cheap processed food from the supermarket with little or no nutritional value at all, and then there is of course the regular trip down to McDonald’s or Burger King for a hamburger and chips. No-one today seems to know what good healthy food is any longer, so it’s no wonder we have obese people walking our streets everywhere.

Your Child?

Your Child?

Even when the kids are not eating they are slumped in a chair in the bedroom on the computer so they get little exercise. The parents just dump themselves in front of the T.V. when they are not at work, so again, little or no exercise. Even if they just pop down the road to the supermarket, which may be 500 yards away, they will go in  the car instead of walking. For the past thirty or so years we have changed our lifestyle to become a shadow of what we once were.

This Is What We Should See - An Inspiration

This Is What We Should See – An Inspiration

However, to have fashion houses now employing fat or obese models must surely be the icing on the cake for our times. I have to agree with the scientists who say that to have fat women on the catwalk will make many people think that to be obese is perfectly acceptable in today’s world and they should not worry about it. This I feel would be more than true among the youth and children of today.

Many young girls these days look at fashion shows and want to be slim like the models, and I have to say there is nothing wrong with that provided they are taught properly how to do it. It is time the youth of today learnt that to be obese is sickening in the extreme, and we got back to women having the beauty and shape of what they were intended to be. A slim woman will always be more successful in life than an obese one. I hope this post will be an inspiration to at least some people to do something about their excessive weight.


The Mad Scientists of Today

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Science and Physics are not attracting as many schoolchildren as they used to, and it makes me wonder why. Perhaps these two subjects have little attraction for youngsters these days, it’s too hard, or maybe, its just all the crazy stuff they read in newspapers from ‘scientists’. I put that in inverted comma’s specifically, because some of the trash they are coming out with these days is unbelievable.

Good Luck Friend!

Just as an example, scientists at Oxford University have ‘proven’ that tall people are more likely to get cancer than short people, while ‘experts’ in the USA have ‘proven’ that tall men are far more likely to get testicular cancer than short men! The one that sends me into fits of laughter however is that which states, ‘second-hand smoke doubles the hearing loss among teenagers’!!! Where do they get this tripe!!!!

Disco Speakers - Designed To Blow Your Head Off!

I suppose the fact that teenagers deafen all around them with their music set to 140db, and the disco’s and pop groups must have the volume from car-sized speakers at maximun, often louder than a Jumbo jet, is insignificant by comparison????? When out walking, how often do you hear a distant boom boom boom that steadily gets louder and louder as a teen drives past in his car with the windows down and the car stereo at maximum volume? Its a good job the windows are rolled down, for if they were not they would probably shatter from the onslaught. How many times can you hear the music from an iPod listener several feet away as they listen to music on a headset? But of course, this has nothing to do with teen hearing loss in the minds of these idiot scientists.

Military Jet Engine Test

I know what I am talking about, for I spent 37 years working on aircraft in the RAF and NATO, and suffered signifcant hearing loss myself. Naturally it was my own fault, and I blame no-one but myself.

I for one have often claimed the only reason they come up with this stupid research, is to make a name for themselves in scientific circles, get a paper published, or impress financial backers to get grants for more stupidity! 

Yea! I Got This Virus Ain't I!

You will not believe this, but a couple of years ago, one very serious scientists made the claim that his research had led him to the conclusion that obesity was simply due to a virus!!!!! Nothing at all to do with filling the hole in your face with massive amounts of all the wrong food, and being a ‘couch potato”!

City Air Pollution

They used to portray ‘the mad scientist’ in the old Bram Stoker movies, but today they have become a reality. I am sorry guys, I know you are serious people in a very competative world, but for crying out loud, give us a break from your wild ideas and get down to some serious problem solving like the world energy crisis and pollution. I for one would be more inclined to believe your results!


Smoking Versus Obesity – The Cost

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For the last twenty years or so, smokers have been considered a legitimate target by health organizations, governments and ‘holier than thou’ pressure groups, all of whom have done their best to stop people lighting up. One of the many excuses touted was the cost to the health system of treating smoking related diseases.

Many years ago I gave my opinion on this issue and stated that the costs of obesity related diseases would eventually far outstrip those of smoking. Seems I was right!

A report issued this week by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states that the number of Health Service patients receiving operations to reduce obesity in English hospitals has risen ten-fold in the last decade.

In 2000 the NHS performed just 238 operations to help people who were over-weight, this rose to 2,543 in 2007, the last year for which figures are available. You can bet your last dollar this number has increased significantly between 2007 and 2010.

The interesting point is, that these operations are only for those who need to lose weight, and do not cover operations and/or treatments for obesity related illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems.

Most of the operations were for ‘bypass’ or so-called ‘banding’, both of which are designed to reduce the amount of nutrients absorbed by the body. Put simply, a ‘bypass’ operation will re-route food into a small stomach pouch added by surgeons, and ‘banding’ entails placing an adjustable band around a portion of the stomach to reduce its size.

The reason given for this dramatic rise in operations is that obese patients are becoming more aware of the fact that surgical procedures can help them reduce weight.

Obesity in the UK, as in many other countries, has exploded during the last couple of decades as peoples standards of living increased, and they became less interested in their outward appearance. It is all about living the good life now-a-days and to hell with the consequences. The sad thing is, the consequences will not be denied.

Living on the Costa del Sol as I do, it amazes me how many of the tourists that come here are grossly overweight. They lay on the beaches like a herd of elephant seals endeavouring to get that perfect tan, before tottering back to their hamburgers, potato crisps and other fat laden foods, all the time wailing that it’s not their fault.

The most disturbing thing is the increase in tomorrow’s obese, i.e. the children. I find it scandalous that today’s parents do not make any effort to ensure their children don’t end up like them.

The number of obese people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems is rising year on year, and there are tens of thousands of future patients out there who will develop major health problems.

For the past half century, life expectancy has grown significantly in many nations, particularly the affluent west, but with the rise in obesity it is possible the trend will come to an abrupt halt until people realise the inherent dangers of eating too much.

In a few years time there is every possibility that the health system will be struggling to cope under the massive demand put on it by obese patients, and many an over-stretched hospital will be looking back at the ‘good old days’ when all they had to deal with were smoking related diseases.


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up! Series 1 Episode 5

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This last week has seen another crop of crazy and off-beat stories in the English Press. Some are so mind-boggling that one has to wonder at the intelligence level of people and institutions, but on the other hand, some of it is good-ish. Even the Labour Government falls into the weird category with the first story this week (Nothings changed there then!).

Mmmm! Delicious!

The government National Food Agency (FSA) is asking fish and chip shops to sell thicker chips rather than the normal chips because they say it will help in the Labour battle against obesity in the land. According to the ‘experts’, thicker chips contain less fat than their thinner counterpart, and are therefore ‘more healthy’. That is, if chips can be considered healthy at all.

Food Tasting

In a pilot scheme, the FSA is sending out ‘advisors’ to all fish and chip shops in Cambridgeshire who will measure the fat content of chips on sale, and advise the owner on improvements. Should this prove satisfactory the scheme will be applied to the whole country.

Needless to say, the attitude of the retailers is “Hands off our chips” because they say, fast food outlets sell extremely thin French fries

A La Fast Food!

while theirs are much thicker. And they do have a point! If you have ever been to Burger King, KFC or the American Embassy (Mcdonald’s to the uninitiated) you will find their chips are like matchsticks. Its probably all a storm in a teacup, but considering the British eat 1.5 million tons of chips a year as part of 225 million meals served per year. Thats an awful lot of chips off the old block!!!

If you have a yen(?) to go to Beijing in China you may be interested to know that the Chinese are planning to build a railway line with high

The Harmony Express

speed trains that will get you there, from London, in two days. That’s 5,070 miles (following the crow) in just two days, or if you go on to Singapore you will cover 6,750 miles in three days. Fair takes the breath away!

These clever people are planning routes from China to Europe, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore.

The trains will run at 200 mph across 17 countries crossing the continents of Asia and Europe in a network connecting all the major cities. They are currently expanding their domestic rail routes with an extra 19,000 miles of track, and already have the world’s fastest train, the Harmony

All Strapped In - Ready to Go.

Express which travels at an amazing 250 mph. I hope the passengers have some means of ejection other than the conductor throwing them off the train (ejector seats!!!) You have to hand it to these fiendishly clever Orientals. I doubt Confucius has a saying to cover that!!!

Have you heard the one about the pharmacy assistant who refused to give a 38 year-old woman ‘The Pill’ because it was against her religion? It happened to Janine Deeley, a mother with two children, who took a doctor’s prescription to her local chemist. She was

The Pharmacy

prescribed the pill by her doctor because she suffers from a condition that gives her extreme abdominal pains during ‘that time of the month’ (you know what I mean, well, women do anyway). When she went to have her prescription filled the assistant refused to give her ‘the pill’ because she said it was against her religion!

Needless to say, Ms. Deeley complained and after the story hit the Press the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great


Britain (RPSGB) said the pharmacist was acting within her rights. According to this high and mighty clique, a pharmacist has the right to refuse such a request on religious grounds, providing they make no attempt to force their personal view on someone else. If there were many like her the birth rate would go through the roof!!!

There are many opinions on speed cameras and if you ask the average British motorist he will call them money-making machines for

Speed Camera

the local council. Well, this opinion may well be accurate in at least one case anyway. A particular speed camera at road


works on the M6 near Carlisle has made £334,000 from 5,569 naughty speed devils for the local council in just five weeks. If the trend continues, this single camera will make £500,000 during the two months it will have taken to repair the road at that point. That is the same as £3 million in a year, which breaks a record by a camera on the M11 which cost unwary drivers £1 million in a single year. Could it be the local councillors are each planning to buy a villa in Spain!!!

If you think the National Health Service in Britain is on its knees you wouldn’t be far wrong, and here is a case in point. Donatella Coppini, who suffers from osteoarthritis of the spine and can only walk with difficulty on crutches, was in such pain her partner was

Southend A&E

forced to take her to the hospital. They arrived in the family car and he parked just 150m away from the entrance while he went inside to ask for assistance in getting her into the A & E Department. To his disbelieve he was told to dial 999 (the emergency number) and call for an ambulance. It was 150m that’s all. They both had to wait in the car until an ambulance arrived and the Paramedics could help her into the hospital.

Ambulance for 150m?

Dr. Caroline Howard, the Clinical Director of A & E at Southend Hospital said staff at Reception were ‘not trained in helping patients’. She went on to add “this is standard procedure” and also “we have a set ratio of nursing staff in our A&E department and if any staff leave the department, it leaves us short to care for patients.”

Perhaps the following sign should be put up by the door! ‘NHS patients are requested not to be ill outside the door of A & E, but if you cannot avoid it please ring 999. Thank you. The Management!!!

Oh to be in England, now the Looneys have taken over!


Crazy? You couldn’t Make It Up! Season 1 Episode 4

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Gimmee Some Peas

Today we begin with the tale of a cat that most certainly has nine lives. A black and white 1 year-old was trapped in a warehouse freezer kept at a constant -2*C for a period of four weeks, and survived. The cat apparently entered the warehouse freezer from the back of a lorry and was seen on several occasions over a period of a month by warehouse staff, but they couldn’t catch him. It was only when the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were called in that the animal was rescued. It seems the cat survived the big freeze by eating frozen peas and licking moisture from cartons. The poor thing did not escape scot-free however for it was necessary to amputate its tail and ears which had suffered frostbite. Thankfully it has made a full recovery and is now with a new owner. Not quite a case of ‘curiosity killed the cat’ thank goodness!!!

Move Boy -Go Do Yoga!

The Labour government has come up with another amazing scheme that is to say the least, laughable. They are currently hiring 1000 ‘Lifestyle Coaches’, and their job – teach child ‘couch-potato’s’ yoga and cheer-leading. So how does that grab you? The funny part about this ridiculous waste of public funds is at the same time they are doing this, they are selling off all the school sports fields where children could be doing sports. Yoga and cheer-leading will I suspect be bottom on the list of priorities of today’s computer and gaming youth. Far better I would have thought to have them doing sports during school hours so they get to move their little fat backsides once in a while!!!

I Got More Bugs Than I Used To!

It ceases to amaze me how scientists can come up with the craziest research and call it science. Today a team from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia have come up with the theory that obesity is caused by a ‘tummy bug’ that makes you eat. In the journal ‘Science’ they say tests carried out on mice, but relevant to humans, indicates a bug in the digestive tract that makes you want to eat more. Out the window go all the theories that fat people get that way from over-eating and lack of exercise. So if you are obese you can blame something other than your own self indulgence. Phew! You see, it’s not my fault!!!

Ughhhh! Yes! Yes!

Parents of children attending East Wol Primary School in Legbourn Lincolshire, are livid at the fact their 7 year-old darlings have been shown a controversial Channel 4 Cartoon video about SHHHH! S-E-X! The fuss is about a sex education video made by Channel 4 that has been circulating in schools  for almost ten years and has been very well received. One mother, who took her child out of the school said; “The cartoon was very graphic. My daughter was frightened and children have unfortunately been copying what they have seen“(Oops!). She went on; “Seven to nine-year-olds should not possess this knowledge. There is no educational or psychological benefit or need for children of this age to have full knowledge of what sexual intercourse actually entails.” It would seem the cartoon is extremely explicit, with the voiceover saying it is exciting (that rather depends on how good your partner is)!!!

Urghh! My Head!

You should be happy to know that you do not need to suffer a hangover after the night before anymore. I bet that’s good news to a lot of people! A team of researchers from South Korea’s Chungnam National University’s College of Pharmacy found that if oxygen is added to alcoholic drinks you do not get a hangover after consuming large amounts. It would seem that the elevated oxygen levels break down the alcohol much quicker in the body and increase the metabolism. The down-side, there has to be one, you do not stay drunk as long as you used to be. Bummer!!!!

Last but not least, a tale from the US. Eliza Gonzalez of New Jersey carved a copy of the Venus De Milo statue on her front lawn

Modesty Madness

and had many people stop by to admire it. The statue was without head and arms, cut off from the knees…….and just like the original, naked! And that was the problem. While many people admired her handiwork, one of her neighbours complained to the police. So along comes the black and white complete with two baffled police officers who tell her she has to cover ‘the naughty’ bits or tear it down. Hence, Venus de Milo a’ la New Jersey now wears a bikini top and a beach wrap. Some people should be put out of our (their) misery!!!

Stay Happy. Till next time.


Snippets of News and Nonsense

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Desperate Dan

The news these days is often like reading the old time comic books. There are some strange stories out there that find their way into print. Take the case of a woman who had her car stolen while she was delivering a parcel. An opportunistic thief jumped into her car and drove off with the woman’s 3 year-old daughter in the back. The police found the car abandoned some 20 minutes later with the girl safe. It was removed by the police for forensic examination, and the victim received a letter from the tow company working for the police to say she would have to pay £150 to get her car back because it had been ‘abandoned’. According to a police spokesman, this was standard practice for abandoned cars. But it wasn’t abandoned, it was stolen the woman said, but she still had to pay. How nutty can you get!

It can be revealed that Gordon Brown the UK Prime Minister has changed his favourite snack from Kit-Kat chocolate bars to bananas. He now eats 9 a day. His reason, he wants to appear ‘radiant’ for the General Election. It seems they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that can be converted into seratonin by the body which then improves your mood. Doctors say that consuming so many bananas every day can cause gastrointestinal problems and flatulence. It would certainly be unseemly for the Prime Minister to have an attack of flatulence during a speech! – “I can assure you” Phuuurmh! “this government will” Phuuurmh! “lead our country for the next four years” Phuuurmh!”

Better cut down on the banana’s Gordon.

It has just been reported that in 2009 over 2,000 people in the UK claimed benefit because they were too fat to work! This figure is only slightly less than the figures for 2008 when 2,070 people claimed benefit on the grounds of obesity. Currently this is costing the tax-payer £10m a year and the figures are set to rise annually. It is estimated that 17% of men and more than 25% of women are now obese in Britain, and among the country’s youth more than 33% are now considered overweight. The problem is only going to get worse. The down side, especially for the overweight youth of today, is that life expectancy will be down by 10-15 years. Even now, overweight people are struggling to live past 55 years of age. The answer is obviously a strict diet and exercise!

Yesterday, passengers on a number 24 bus in London were left gob-smacked when their driver suddenly stopped the bus and got out of his cab leaving the engine running. He laid out a mat on the floor of the bus by the exit and to the astonishment of all, after removing his shoes knelt down and started to pray. He was a Muslim. It was 5 minutes before he got back into the cab and continued the journey. Good job he wasn’t a pilot! Inshallah!

A Greek Cypriot ex-teacher of Bigland Green Primary School in Tower Hamlets London is suing his old school for racial discrimination. He had complained to the headmistress Jill Hankey that the children in his class, 8-10 year-old Muslims, were uttering openly racist and extremist comments. Some were; “We want to be Islamic bombers when we grow up”, and “Kill all Christians and Jews”. Once when he accidentally brushed against a boy, the child turned on him and said “Don’t touch me, you are a Christian”.  Most of the class said they thought the 9/11 bombers were heroes and martyrs. The teacher, Nicholas Koufuris claims he was forced out of his job by the headmistress for complaining about what was being said in his classroom. Each time he mentioned it she made excuses to justify the comments. My only comment is, that if children of such a young age are being corrupted to such a degree, and this behaviour is widespread among Muslim children, then Britain and perhaps the western world are headed for big trouble.

Have you heard about he woman who thought her swollen stomach was due to a complication with an ovarian cyst and found out she was 7 months pregnant? She had been diagnosed as having an ovarian cyst, an under-developed womb and blocked fallopian tubes in her early twenties. When her belly began to swell she thought it was to do with her illness because she had been told she would never bear a child. Eventually she went to her doctor who diagnosed that she was 7 months pregnant. Now at the age of 33, she had a premature baby girl 2 weeks later. The wonders of nature!

Harriet Harman, Gordon Brown’s Minister for Equality and Leader of the House of Commons is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Her latest plan is to ‘outlaw’ the word Chairman! She feels that the name is sexist and should be replaced by ‘Chair’ or Chairperson’ or even ‘Occupant of the Chair’. She also wants the Chairman’s Panel to be called ‘The Panel of Chairs’. Grow Up Harriet! You would be far better employed ensuring the Muslim Burka is banned from the streets of Britain! Oh Damn! Of course you can’t do that because it would upset the Muslims!

Just another day in paradise!


Labour ‘Nanny’ State Just Got Worse

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It’s amazing what some politicians think they can get away with! Now the Labour Health Secretary Andy Burnham promises he will cut the number of smokers in Britain by half by the year 2020. He advocates draconian measures to FORCE smokers to quit by clamping down on 200 million illegal cigarette imports, cracking down on cheap cigarettes, banning vending machines, introducing plain packaging, and last but not least, banning smoking in ALL public places, even entrances and walkways, plus in your OWN HOME and CAR. Who the hell does this little Hitler think he is?

Illegal cigarettes I can agree with, while other measures may be accepted, but it will never fly. As an example, imagine you are sitting in your lounge watching the television having a cigarette, when the police come busting in and arrest you for smoking because someone saw you through the window! I don’t think we have gone that far down the road to a police state as yet.

A couple of years ago Romania tried to ban drivers from smoking in cars and it failed for one simple reason, the interior of your car is deemed to be an extension of your home, and no-one has the right to dictate what you may and may not do in your own home. On the basis of Civil and Human Rights the law broke down and could not be imposed.

Are we however to reach the stage where we must hide ourselves away to have a cigarette when people get off scot-free for smoking reefers, hash and the like, which are all banned substances, murder, rape and burglary, but you can go to jail or be fined for smoking a normal cigarette in your own home!

The Anti-Smoking Brigade have become ever-more powerful over the years, and we hear as one of their, and the governments main arguments, the cost to the NHS of treating smoking related diseases. This has in my estimation been over dramatised, but more to the point, by 2020 the NHS will be faced by an even greater crisis that is currently getting bigger year by year (excuse the pun). That of Obesity!

This has reached epidemic proportions in Britain today, and is getting worse year on year. By 2020, experts have warned the cost to the NHS of obesity related sickness, e.g. diabetes and heart problems etc. will far outstrip the current costs of smoking. It is a time-bomb waiting to go off!

I am sure however Andy Burnham will have a ready answer to that. He will just ban eating in all public places, in your own home, and in your car!

How do these people get elected?


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