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Forget Africa! Paris Is More Important?

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The recent events in Paris have hit the headlines world-wide and caused mass outrage, but compared to what happened in Africa during the last few days, that event is minuscule.

Thousands Gather In Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo

Thousands Gather In Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo

In Paris seventeen people were killed during the terrorist action and that is terrible, but what if I tell you that an estimated 2,000 died in a Boko Haram atrocity in Nigeria last week.

The most shocking thing about the Nigerian incident is that it never hit the headlines, or even got mentioned in the press as all eyes turned to Paris, but there again, it was in Africa and it seems few people care what happens there! As tens of thousands of people gather for today’s Paris march, I’ll bet none of them even know about the massive loss of life in Nigeria.

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

I do not mean to belittle what happened in Paris for it was without doubt an outrage against good people, but we prefer to concentrate on the killing of a mere 17 people in Paris and do nothing about the thousands who died in Nigeria from this single terrorist attack. But there again, it’s only Africa!

The most horrifying part about the whole episode, is that the majority of victims were women, children and old people who could do nothing to defend themselves.

Murdered By Boko Haram

2,000 Murdered Indiscriminately By Boko Haram

It began on January 3rd when Boko Haram attacked and took over a military base in the north-east of Nigeria. From there they headed for the town of Baga and continued on into all the surrounding villages shooting indiscriminately as they went. The people ran in terror into the bush but were followed by the Boko Haram fighters. The entire area is littered with corpses and the definitive death toll will not be known for some time.

“The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous,” Muhammad Abba Gava, a spokesman for the poorly armed civilians of a defence group that fights Boko Haram. He added,  “No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now.”

According to Amnesty International, reports from the town estimated that as many as 2,000 people were killed in this single attack. Daniel Eyre, Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International said, “This marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram’s ongoing onslaught,”

download (1)It is said that around 10,000 people were killed by the insurgents last year and this latest action is an indication that just as many, if not more, could be part of the body count by the end of 2015.

The really sad thing about this is that the Nigerian government seem completely unable to take the fight to the insurgents who rampage far and wide as they please. The Nigerian Army complains they do not have enough weapons or even ammunition to take on the terrorists, and are therefore all but powerless to stop them. It is clear the Nigerian Government does not have either the will or the means to stop them either.

These Islamic terrorists are on a killing spree, and not only is no-one doing anything to stop them, but there is no condemnation from other Muslims as we have witnessed for the attack in Paris.

Muslim Leaders Condemn Paris Attack

Muslim Leaders Condemn Paris Attack

Considering the number of Arab countries, institutions and people who have roundly condemned the high-profile Paris attack, nothing has been said by these same people against groups like Boko Haram committing genocide. Rather strange don’t you think!

Currently, Africa has the Ebola crisis and this merciless terror group, but the countries of the world are taking little or no notice of either. After all, it’s only Africa!

Ebola Crisis

Ebola Crisis

It is true that some concerned nations are helping with the Ebola crisis but there is no unilateral action in which all countries participate to relieve the suffering of the these people. There has certainly been no assistance in Nigeria to battle the terror of Boko Haram! So the people continue to die, but let’s face it, it’s only Africa.

As I have said before, and will continue to say, it is time for the United Nations to get off its fat backside and offer help to Africa in ridding it of the Ebola plague and groups like Boko Haram. An international effort sponsored by the U.N. could have ended the Ebola outbreak months ago but still volunteers from a few nations are struggling to cope. As for the insurgents, all voices have been silent on that score.

United Nations Fighting Force

United Nations Fighting Force

What is wrong with the U.N. getting together an international force to go into Nigeria and wipe out these terrorists once and for all? Don’t bother arresting and putting them on trial, just kill them all where they stand until there is not one of them left.

A united world front against these terrorists would send a strong message to the likes of al Quada and Islamic State that we, the people of the world, will not stand for their terror tactics.

If such a thing happened in Europe, the United States, or any other western nation there would be an immediate military response, but no, here it’s not necessary because its only Africa, and that’s very sad.


Ebola – Is The World Doing Enough?

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It amazes me that we have a sickness that could destroy most of mankind on this planet if it got out of control, and on a global basis few people seem interested. There is no cure, and it is highly infectious as we have seen from the events of the past few weeks. And yet, despite this chilling fact, very few people seem to be taking the situation seriously.

Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak

Until recently all the cases were to be found in three West African countries, namely Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea and I guess because they are so far away, and in Africa, no-one seems alarmed. However, now a case has been diagnosed in the United States and suddenly people are taking notice. What most people do not realize is that it takes one person to start an epidemic in any country on the planet. This is what we could have seen in the States.

Thomas Eric Duncan, A Liberian National Visiting Family In Texas

Thomas Eric Duncan, A Liberian National Visiting Family In Texas

I know, we have not reached that stage yet thank goodness, but it could happen. One person, Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national was diagnosed with Ebola over a week after arriving in the country. The incubation period for this disease is estimated at two to twenty-one days and once it manifests itself becomes highly contagious through bodily fluids.

The Texas authorities dealing with the case are trying to trace anyone who had contact with Mr. Duncan during his time there, and have so far identified 12 to 18. How many other people has he had contact with in that time?

Texas-Presbyterian Hospital

Texas-Presbyterian Hospital

What is dangerous about this case is that he visited the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on 25 September for a “low-grade fever and stomach pains” but was sent home again. The reason being, they did not recognize it for what it was, despite him saying he came from Liberia. Now the full scale of the problem has been made known it multiplies exponentially. Such diseases are a roller-coaster ride in that an infected person could conceivably infect someone, or several people, who then passes it on to more, who then pass it on to more. And so it goes Ad Infinitum. Before you know it you have a full-blown plague on your hands. OK, you can say that we are a bit more ‘savvy’ in our approach to such things than decades ago, but it is still a risk.

Ashoka Mukpo

Ashoka Mukpo

Now yet another man, a freelance news cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo has been flown to the States for treatment from Liberia. He had been hired by NBC News’ chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman and now the whole team are being quarantined in the USA.

When bodily fluids are the carrier, meaning sweat, blood and saliva, it is very easy for the disease to be transmitted on to someone else by for example, a handshake, a cup or beer glass, plus a hundred other things.

I am glad to say we have not reached the epidemic stage yet and I hope we do not, for you can be sure in America such an occurrence will be treated quickly and efficiently. But what if it was somewhere like India, Azerbaijan, or Mexico where the systems are not so efficient. Food for thought!

The People Who Should Be Controlling The Effort

The People Who Should Be Controlling The Effort

The one thing that surprises me is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has not taken more of a lead in this outbreak. They have relied on western countries to offer help to the people battling this outbreak in Africa instead of calling for international help from across the globe. But there again, it is a U.N. organization and they are probably still discussing what to do.

Reaction to the whole episode has been disgracefully slow by everyone, and in the meantime, more people are being infected and more are dying without proper help in Africa. There has been no coordinated response to the problem and that heightens the risk of a traveller from one of these three countries starting an epidemic somewhere. Once you have thousands of victims spread across many countries it will be almost impossible to control.

Liberian Village Life

Liberian Village Life

I am glad that western nations are stepping in to help these poor people, but to be honest, it is too little. Most of the infected areas are small villages where people are not educated and move around as and when they will. There have been many cases where the villagers just do not believe it when they are told by officials that they are in danger. There have been cases where officials have been beaten and even killed whilst trying organize these people to stop the spread of Ebola. They are simple folk with no understanding of such things.

This I believe is yet another reason why the WHO should be taking the lead on this epidemic by providing not only the medical expertise for the victims, but also in organizing the people so it does not spread any further.

Clearing The Bodies

Clearing The Bodies

Already there have been deaths in villages due to Ebola, but the local people do not know what caused the death and have taken no precautions against being infected. They just do not believe that they are in the middle of a plague area. The death toll is rising steadily with, according the the WHO, a total of 3,338 deaths. Liberia has been hit the hardest with some 1,998 deaths, Guinea with 710, Sierra Leone with 622 and 8 in Nigeria.

I certainly think it is time for a more coordinated effort to be made by the WHO in helping these poor people and ridding the world of this scourge.


How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Muslim Extremists?

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Nigerian College Victims - Shot While Asleep

Nigerian College Victims – Shot While Asleep

Once again Muslim extremists from the group Boko Haram have gone on a killing spree, this time in an agricultural college in north-eastern Nigeria. According to reports they entered the student dormitories and opened fire on those sleeping there without warning. It would seem that as many as fifty students were slaughtered in this massacre, many burned alive when the insurgents set fire to the dormitories. This has shown the world once again the unmitigated brutality and ruthlessness of these Muslim fanatics.

As I am sure you are aware, this follows closely on the heels of the shopping mall incident in Nairobi by the Somalian group al-Shabaab that caused another fifty-two deaths.  Africa has been hard hit with insurgent groups fighting in Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria and now Kenya among others.

In Nigeria in particular, Boko Haram are fighting because they wish that country to be Muslim, despite the fact that more than 50% of the population are Christian. These fanatics will not give up their goal until they have achieved it, or they are all dead.

Christian Victims In The Phillipines

Christian Victims In The Phillipines

In many countries across the world, from the Middle East to Indonesia, these extremists are wantonly killing innocent people to get what they want – A Muslim state with their barbaric Sharia Law.

It was started by al Quada twelve years ago with the infamous 9/11 attack, and since then, more than one hundred splinter groups like Boko Haram and al-Shabaab have sprung up all across the globe, but they all have the same aim. They kill indiscriminately in  the name of Allah, and the authorities do not seem able to stop them.

Malala - A Young Girl Shot By The Taliban For Wanting An Education

Malala – A Young Girl Shot By The Taliban For Wanting An Education

In Pakistan the Taliban have free reign over much of the north eastern territories, killing Christians and any young Muslim girls who wants an education. Over time it has been very clear that the Pakistan government is not prepared to take decisive action to rid the world of these people. Many believe, and I am one of them, that they secretly support the terrorists.

The people of Afghanistan went through a period of hell when the Taliban ruled the country, and it was only thanks to western powers that they were finally driven out. There are records enough of their brutality when they ruled the country so I do not need to reiterate them here.

Far eastern countries have seen countless attacks on Christian communities and it is clearly an attempt to rid the world of Christianity and replace it with the Muslim faith.

The sad thing about all this is, that most countries sit back and do nothing for fear of the ‘war’ ending up on their doorstep. There is no international effort to help rid the world of these people.

Victims Of Terrorism

Little Victims Of Terrorism

If I had my way, every country on Earth would concentrate on wiping these vermin out, and they would do it together. Each and every country should ensure these people have nowhere to hide, for just like in Afghanistan, when the army get close they just crossed over into Pakistan until the heat died down. The same thing happened in Africa with the terrorist groups crossing over the border after an attack or when the army made it too hot for them.

In my view, the army of the neighbouring country should have had a force waiting for them when they crossed the border and left them with nowhere to hide. This makes sense to me both politically and militarily. This would have been particularly useful on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, for when NATO forces got too close and the insurgents crossed the border there was no-one from Pakistan to greet them with a bullet. As you would expect, once the NATO forces withdrew they crossed back into Afghanistan again.

I am not a politician, nor an army general, but even I can see that the only way to put these people out of business is for all countries to cooperate in ridding us if them once and for all.

Quite some time ago I read of a very effective solution to the Muslim insurgent problem that we really do need to put into practice today.

Gen. John J. Pershing - A Man Of Vision

Gen. John J. Pershing – A Man Of Vision

It happened in 1911 in The Philippines when an American general, Gen. John J. Pershing, was in charge of a garrison. His men had suffered repeated attacks from Islamic terrorists and he solved the problem quickly and easily.

Muslims have a pathological fear of pigs, which they consider to be an unclean animal! They believe they will never go to heaven, or their version of it, and get their 72 virgins if they have come in contact with pigs.

Captured Terrorists

Captured Terrorists

Pershings’ plan was simple, when he caught a small group of insurgents alive he first made them dig their own graves and then brought in some pigs which his men slaughtered. He had his men rub their bullets in the pig fat and blood before they loaded their weapons. The watching terrorists were horrified because they knew they would never get to heaven contaminated in this way.

Pershing has his men shoot all but one of the prisoners and made the last one watch while his men smeared the bodies with pig fat and blood and covered them in the innards of the dead pigs. This one prisoner was allowed to escape and report what had happened to his fellow fighters.

I Guess Muslims Will Not Read This Post For Fear Of Contamination!

I Guess Muslims Will Not Read This Post For Fear Of Contamination!

This treatment, that some may consider barbaric, made such an impact on the Islamic fighters that there was not another attack in the Philippines for a further fifty years.

Such is the extent of the Islamic terrorist threat today that this is exactly the measure that we need to take to solve this crisis. There can be little doubt that any insurgent who knows he will be buried in pig blood and entrails will forget his desire to subjugate other people to the barbarity of Muslim law and return to being happy with what they have. We need only make an example of a few along with the threat of such action being continued with not only those captured, but those killed by our forces and I am sure the insurgency will fade away. This would be doubly effective for any insurgent leaders that are captured. For all the Human Rights idiots who would think this is unacceptable, I would answer that why should we show mercy to them when they show none to those they slaughter?

Mohammed Gets His 72 Virgins

Mohammed Gets His 72 Virgins

All we need now is governments to have the balls to carry out this action. Naturally there will be uproar among many Muslim nations, but let’s face it, if they are not actively assisting and encouraging these terrorists like Iran for example, they at least do nothing to stop them.

I think the ball is in our court!


Nigeria and the Insurgency

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Nigeria, a West African country with a long and colourful history, is now embroiled in ethnic fighting and suicide bombings in which, as usual, the innocent suffer the most. This time though its all in the name of religion, for once again the Muslims seem to think they can bend the will of a people, and determine the future of an entire nation just to satisfy their own ends. The Islamists have declared war on the Nigerian Christian community in an effort to either drive them out of the country, or at least subjugate them sufficiently to allow Sharia, the barbaric Muslim version of law, to be introduced in the land.

Dr. Peter Hammond

This has become standard procedure once the Muslim community of a country reaches above 20% of the population and follows closely the analysis by Dr. Peter Hammond in his book  Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. 

See post:

Following Dr. Hammond’s predictions, Nigeria has experienced increased attacks on Christian churches and followers as the Muslim radicals gather strength and spread their influence. Nigeria already has a Muslim population of around 50% who live mainly in the north of the country, the Christians living for the most part in the south.

Churches Attacked

It is clear that Nigeria can expect increased violence as the Muslims attempt to rid themselves of the rest of the Christian community by driving them out. In fact, the the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the current spate of attacks, and a spokesman calling himself Abu Qaqa said the group was responsible for an attack on a church in Gombe state late Thursday that killed six people and wounded 10 and demanded that Christians in the largely Muslim north leave the region. President Jonathon has said he will rid the country of the radical Muslim group, but to date not much has been done.

This form of intimidation is a tried and tested Muslim method of gaining control of a country and population which has borne fruit in the past, and is still happening in other parts of the world like Malaysia, Sudan etc.

London Muslims

Even on the streets of Britain, and I might add in many other western countries, the radicals shout their hatred for our way of life and demand Sharia Law, so it seems certain that Nigeria’s fate is also to be our own when the Muslim’s high birthrate begins to make a serious impression on the country’s population totals, which it will in twenty to thirty years time.

There is little doubt that once the Muslims have secured the north of Nigeria, they will begin a push on the south and attempt to drive out the Christian population altogether until Nigeria becomes yet another Muslim state. This at least is the plan, but it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

Nigeria’s Secular Divide

In the last twenty years, ever since the Muslims started making their grab for power, they have made the world a dangerous place in which to live and its all about domination. In the fifties and sixties you never heard the word Muslim….Oh, that’s them fella’s that live in the Middle East right? Quiet as a church mouse until suddenly 9/11 flashed across our TV screens with all its horror.

This one act by al-Qaeda, under the leadership of the now dead Saudi radical bin Laden, changed the face of terror for ever, and it acted as a catalyst for insurgency groups to pop up all around the world. Disaffected Muslims flocked to fight the infidel, each one succumbing to the hatred spouted by so many radical priests who saw a chance to assert their authority on young innocent people and bend them to their will.

Perhaps the Insurgents Should Ask the Victims If They Wish To Be Slaughtered in Allah’s Name?

After the initial onslaught in New York further attacks took place in London and Madrid. Although sporadic attacks against UN Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have become the ‘norm’, by far the highest number of casualties in this ‘Holy War’ have been fellow Muslims in crowded market places in Baghdad and Kabul. Muslims killing Muslims is against the Qur’an but this fact seems to have been overlooked by the insurgents.

Now, as previously stated, many countries are suffering at the hands of Islamic militants. In trouble spots where Islam already dominates, like Iraq and Afghanistan the fighting is between Muslims as one sect tries to dominate another e.g. Sunni versus Shia etc.

Today’s Muslims make no secret of their wish to dominate the world and bring Sharia Law into every home in all the nations. It will never happen of course, but who knows what damage will be done and how many thousands will perish while they try. It seems clear in Nigeria’s case, as in many others, a long drawn out struggle is about to take place that will consume the country from within and there will be little or nothing anyone can do about it.

Nigeria’s Muslim Terrorists – Boko Haram

The problem with the Muslim insurgent snake, is if you chop off its head it just grows another, and so it will be necessary to change the thinking of the radical priests who ferment this hatred towards anything ‘infidel’.

However, more than anything else, it is the moderate Muslims who need to denounce to the world their more vicious cousins and put an end to the violence across the world. Although the insurgents are often quoting the Qur’an, and telling everyone that it is Allah’s will that all infidels die, nothing is further from the truth. As most Muslims will tell you, Islam is a religion of peace, although this does not seem to go hand in  hand with the facts at the moment.

Until the miracle comes, Nigeria like all the other countries under threat, will have to make do and try and get through another day with a minimum of bloodshed. It will be a great day for mankind when these terrorists are put out of action for good


Rebellion – The Spring Of Discontent

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Ever since the world ushered in 2011, with the hopes of a fruitful year and a return to economic stability, it seems the pendulum has swung the other way. The prospect of global economic recovery seems as far away as ever, and the news has been dominated by country after country being racked by protests and regime changes, albeit mostly in the arab world.

A New Year With Renewed Hope

As we all know by now, Tunisia was the spark that ignited the trail of discontent across North Africa and on into the Middle East. Protesters in both Tunisia and Egypt have successfully rid themselves of an oppresive regime and may be turning to democracy, but we shall have to wait and see.

Further afield we have seen Libya, Syria, Yemen and The United Arab Emirates among others all suffering civilian unrest. In the case of Libya, outright war between the populace and the government is on-going with Syria heading in the same directiuon. The protesters all demand the same thing, release from an oppressive regime that has held power too long.


It has always been the nature of dictators not to relinquish power once they have achieved it, a fact that still holds true today. Many who have, or perhaps will be toppled in the near future, have all held power for many decades and it often occurs that time makes such people lose contact with those they rule.

Libyan Protest

History teaches us that people will accept such a situation with passive acceptance – initially, but over time, especially if their living standards deteriorate, the discontent grows until it suddenly bursts forth in uncontrollable rage. Poor living standards are a great driver to action for those living in oppressed countries.

Desperate measures are taken by some rulers like Gaddafi of Libya and Assad of Syria, who attempt to quell the unrest by force of arms, but as we have seen in both these countries, it only makes the protesters more determined. Libya is now racked by civil war, and even with the help of a UN resolution and the actions of NATO, we are approaching a stalemate.

There are indications the war in Libya will take on a new twist that may well cause headaches at NATO Headquarters. The latest news quotes government sources as saying the eviction of the rebels from Misrata will be left to local tribes who have suffered loss of trade with the city since the uprising began. The army is said to be retreating from Misrata and negotiations will take place between tribal leaders and the rebels. If the tribes do in fact attack the rebel positions in the city it will be civilians against civilians, so where will that leave the coalition forces and the UN Mandate?

Syria Defiance

Meanwhile, Syria is seeing daily deaths among the protesters at the hands of the security forces. International involvement has only taken place in Libya, and it seems unlikely at this time that such action will be repeated in other countries.


Ivory Coast and Nigeria have also been trouble spots for the last few weeks but the reasons there are different.

The Ivorian Protagonists

In Ivory Coast the dispute arose from the failure of its President, Lauren Gbagbo to accept defeat when he lost the election. Fighting has been going on there for some time as forces loyal to Gbagbo sought to prevent the elected President Ouattara from taking office. Eventually Gbagbo was defeated, but now Ouattara is finding it hard to reign in his troops and stop fighting between Gbagbo supporters and his own. Once again, the UN has made pleas for calm which have fallen on deaf ears.

Ivory Coast:

A similar situation is developing in Nigeria where the defeated presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhuri, refuses to accept his defeat against Goodluck Johnson in an election that was cleared by international observers as being fair. Should the violence continue, there is a chance the Muslim north of the country will be at war with the Christian south.

Sectarian Violence in Nigeria

The difference between this altercation and others seems to be religion, for like Muslims everywhere, they wish to dominate, and the north will not be satisfied until it rules the whole of the country purely for the purposes of turning it into a Muslim state. A story we have all heard before.

The UN is still confining itself to useless pleas for calm and a cessation of violence in the various nations currently in the news. This is standard practice for the international body that rarely sees fit to actually take action to prevent bloodshed and war.


The United Nations was formed as a body with the ideal of ending war and insurrection in any country but has over the years been found wanting. The various nations have almost always found it impossible to come to a decision to end violence, for each country must first look to its own interests before embarking on any agreement to intervene in trouble spots around the world.

The Libyan conflict serves as a prime example, for many countries could not bring themselves to endorse Resolution 1973 until it was too late to be of any strategic use, perhaps because they did not wish to offend the Middle East nations for fear of jeopardising their oil imports. Now with Syria and Yemen they again cannot agree for the same reason, and content themselves with platitudes and pleas for a cessation of the violence, all of which go unheard.

A Sign Of UN Impotence At Ending Wars?

It is obvious these nations will not take any notice, for it has become a power struggle with the elite not wishing to relinquish their grip, and the protesters refusing to accept anything less.

Countries like Russia and China who hold veto powers, refuse to allow any UN action to stop the bloodshed for reasons of their own, which is most likely an attempt to gain influence in the area.

There is little doubt the UN, founded with such lofty ideals, is failing in its mandate in a disastrous fashion, for it was intended to end wars and provide a platform for the settlement of international disputes. Something it has never managed to do, and in my opinion, never will. Meanwhile, ordinary people die needlessly!


African Countries Dare To Criticise Libya Action: Bloody Cheek!

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The old saying: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” comes to mind when I look at the latest news about Libya. It seems that after their initial success in getting western nations to solve what is after all an Arab, and by extension an African problem, now members of the African Union are ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ to criticise the way we are handling the situation.

Un Resolution 1973

Firstly, the African Union voted for Resolution 1973 in the United Nations which allows for “all necessary action to secure the no-fly zone”, and secondly, if they did not trust the west to do the job right, why didn’t they do it themselves?

Meddling! So Why Didn't You Do Something?

It’s true what they say you know: ‘You can’t please all the people all the time’, but I do find it extremely petty of the African nations; Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria, whose leaders have come out in open criticism of the way the no-fly zone is being enforced.  Namibia’s President Hifikepunye Pohamba was even audacious enough to suggest that the coalition bombing was “meddling in the internal affairs of Africa”.

Zuma - Strong Words

Mr. Zuma of South Africa went even further, saying that all military action should stop and a ceasefire be sought for he: “rejected any foreign intervention, whatever its form”. Funny that, coming from a man who agreed to Resolution 1973!!!

Some African politicians, like Odein Ajumogobia the Nigerian Foreign Minister, have argued why the western powers ‘chose to intervene in Libya and not for example, in Bahrain or Ivory Coast’? The answer is quite simple; We were not asked!!!

The western nations, despite what some people like to think, are not the worlds policemen and it is up to individual countries to solve their own internal problems. However, if the United Nations gets involved because a population is being massacred by a madman, and the Arab League requests action, we will do all we can to help. I for sure have not heard of any Arab nation requesting UN help with the protests in Bahrain. Have you?

The Union of African States

It makes me sick to hear the continual whining of these spineless politicians who leave it to western nations to ‘carry the load’ at their behest, and when we do, can’t wait to sharpen their long knives. In my opinion, if you don’t have the courage of your convictions, stay out of politics!

When this is all over, I have the nasty feeling that the coalition nations are once again going to be crapped upon from a great height by the nations that should by rights be grateful that we are sorting out this problem, i.e. The Arab League and the African Union members. 

President Sarkozy

During the interminable weeks the UN was discussing the issue, and people were dying on the ground I might add, neither the African Union nor Arab League raised a finger to help the people of Libya. All they could do was sit around the table wringing their hands and mumbling into their coffee cups! Without the persistence of people like Nicholas Sarkozy (France) and David Cameron (UK) they would still be at it. 

Gaddafi - Not Quite Got All His Marbles?

There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that had Gaddafi been able to finish the job, there would have followed a massacre of anyone even remotely connected with the revolution. He is well-known as being a little ‘off balance’, and his rambling speeches during the crisis gave a good idea as to his intentions.

Without a doubt, when the dust finally settles, the people of Libya will be well within their rights to ask the Arab and African nations why they did not help them much sooner.

I sometimes think the world would be better off without politicians!




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