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Ferguson Aftermath

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Finally the fury following the police shooting of an unarmed black thief in Ferguson and the following deaths of unarmed blacks in Utah and New York have died down, and life is for the most part returning to normal. But since those events some interesting facts have come to light.

Some NYPD Officers Turn Their Back As The Mayor Speaks.

Some NYPD Officers Turn Their Back As The Mayor Speaks.

Chief among them was the ‘revenge’ killing of two New York police officers as they sat in their car. During one of the funerals last weekend it was notable that many of the police officers turned their back on the Mayor as he was giving his address to the gathered mourners.

Black Gang

Black Gang

This entire episode of the last five months has brought to the surface the deep antagonism between the black population of America and its white citizens. For their part the black population, especially in the more deprived areas, seem to be of the opinion that life owes them something, and this also true of the Hispanic populations as well.

For these people the idea of getting a good education and a job are foreign because they think there are easier ways of making a living, and that usually involves crime. Just take a look at the following:

2010 American Crime Statistics

2010/12 American Crime Statistics

When you read the above statistics it sheds light on one of the reasons why there is so much distrust of blacks in America, because they account for by far the largest proportion of crime, be it drugs, rape, robbery or murder.

They Did It - Why Can't You!

They Did It – Why Can’t You!

What these people need to learn is that if you want to make something of your life you have to work at it, i.e. integrate, get an education and then a job. Always try to get higher up the ladder by improving, rather than sit on your heels and expect someone to give you everything you need. The important thing to remember is that you have to do it yourself, for there are no ‘free rides’ in today’s society.

To a great extent a lot of the blame must fall on the parents, because they are the guiding light for any child growing up. If they have the will to push their children to make something of themselves despite their own failures, we would see more integration between the different communities in America. The following picture tells a lot about the attitude of parents to their children and crime:

A Black Parents View Of Black Crime

A Black Parents View Of Black Crime

From the looks of the placard held by this father, robbing a store is part of everyday life and I guess for some that’s true. It is a police officers sworn duty to uphold the law, so what do these people think he should do when a black teenager runs out of a shop with a gun in his hand after robbing the place? The teenager is certainly not going to put his gun down and allow the police officer to arrest him. So the inevitable happens.

Corner Stone Of A Strong Country

Intergration – Corner Stone Of A Strong Country

If the black population decided together to leave the ghetto’s and fully integrate with the white population who knows what could be achieved. It is certain that to begin with the road would be difficult for their will still be the basic distrust among the white citizens for the black man, but by hard work and advancement this could eventually be overcome.

If the black population really want to integrate there is no real reason why America should not have a true black or Hispanic President at sometime in the future, if that person has made the effort to improve him/herself sufficiently.

All Americans need to understand that to move forward together, they have to work together, for it is only in this way that the country can fully prosper.

Race hatred is a bad thing, but like it or not, we all share the same planet and must learn to live with one another.


New York – Another Walmart?

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I have from time to time put up posts about the strange people you find in Walmart supermarkets, but now I find that New York has its fair share also. The following photo’s were taken on the New York Metro System and highlight some of the more strange people among us.
















It just goes to show you that the age old saying “Different strokes for different folks” is still highly relevant today.

A Happy New Year to all!




The Press and Morality

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Do two such opposites as the Press and morality go together? From recent events it seems not in many people’s eyes.

Could He Have Done More?

Could He Have Done More?

The recent death of a man at Times Square station on the New York Underground photographed by a freelance photojournalist Umar Abbasi, and the disgusting headline and photo on the New York Times front page that followed, has raised a storm of protest about news journalists and photographers in particular.

Many are complaining that instead of continuing to take photographs, Abbasi should have done something to help the poor man who was pushed under the approaching train by an unknown person with whom he had previously been talking. Abbasi contends there was nothing he could have done to help the victim back onto the platform before the trains arrival in the station, but that he did operate the flash on his camera several times down the track to try and alert the train driver.

Tasteless In Extreme

Tasteless In Extreme

The New York Times was also heavily criticized for its poor judgement in making the incident a front page story with graphic photo’s.  I too find it most distasteful when the Press revel in the suffering of humanity, like that which we saw daily from places like Gaza during their recent spat with Israel. Bloody corpses and a father carrying the mutilated body of his daughter. The newspaper editors today seem intent on putting gory photo’s on the front page in an effort to attract more readers. The sad thing is, it works because people today love to see pictures of the suffering others – just so long as they do not have to witness it first-hand of course!

A Vulture Stalks Its Prey

A Vulture Stalks Its Prey

There have been many cases in the past where ‘the shot’ is more important than those under threat. In 1993 photographer Kevin Carter was awarded the Pulitzer prize for his picture of a vulture stalking a starving Sudanese toddler, but afterwards received so much criticism for not saving the child he committed suicide a year later.

Do We REally Need To See This?

Do We Really Need To See This?

The base desire to get that magic photo that will sell millions of newspapers is overpowering for many photographers today and they will do whatever is necessary to get it. We saw this with the death of Princess Diane in Paris all those years ago where the paparazzi were fighting with police and ambulance men to get close enough to photograph the inside of the car!

The Paparazzi Camp Outside The Hospital

The Paparazzi Camp Outside The Hospital

We see it daily at any big news event like when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was taken to hospital recently. I would describe photographers today as a pack of wild dogs, but that would be an insult to wild dogs. The pushing and shoving of photographers surrounding an important news event make a rugby scrum look extremely gentle and sophisticated by comparison.

Paparazzi 'Scrum'

Paparazzi ‘Scrum’

It always amazes me that after getting a good photo they still have to fight for position to take a hundred more that turn out just the same. When I photograph something I take one shot and if its good I end it, not keep the camera shutter clicking for about two minutes non-stop. The trouble is, these days with digital camera’s you can take a hundred or more photo’s, whereas in the old days you only had a limited supply before you needed to put in a new film.

Death Through Indifference?

Death Through Indifference?

The basic question here is: Should a photographer put down his camera and go to the aid of someone in trouble? Photographer Abassi was criticized for not doing that even though he maintains there was nothing he could do. That may be, but obviously, basic morality says he should at least have made an attempt, but he didn’t. For a professional photographer it is difficult to make a decision to forgo a possible Pulitzer Prize photo with the fame and money that comes with it, or to drop the camera and perhaps save a life or prevent someone getting badly hurt. Its a sign of how people and moral standards have changed today.

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

Don’t for one minute think that this dilemma applies only to Press photographers, for you or I could face the same situation at any time, on any day. Do you take the photo that could make you a lot of money but at the risk of serious injury or death of another human being, or do you drop your camera and perhaps save a life? I’ll leave you to decide!


The Death of a Chinese Toddler Causes Righteous Indignation

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I have to admit to being as shocked as everyone else when I saw the news about the accident involving two-year-old Wang Yue at a market in Foshan China last week. That the poor child should have lain gravely injured in the middle of the road for so long, and ignored by so many passers-by says a lot about our ‘humanity’, or rather the lack of it.

Just Before Impact

It is distinctly possible the driver of the white van didn’t see her in the road as she was so small, and the same could be true for the second driver also, either way I would not like to speculate. Both drivers have been traced and arrested by the authorities in Foshan so I guess the facts will eventually come out. Today, the news is the poor child died of her injuries.

The Height of Callous Indifference

There can however be no doubt about the callous disregard for such a small human life by the many people who strolled past without a second’s thought of doing something to help.

I have included both the full and edited version of the video of the accident and its aftermath. The unedited version is only fit for those with a strong stomach. 

Full Video: 

Edited Version: 

Mother of Wang Yue

I was not surprised at the righteous indignation this news provoked in many countries, in particular the West. Notably, a considerable number of American TV Networks were outraged by the; ‘callous indifference shown to the suffering of a small child in China’ and ‘the Chinese people should be ashamed’ etc. etc.  

Hugo Tale Yax - A Good Samaritan

In April of last year, I reported on a similar incident that happened on the streets of New York no less! He was a homeless Guatemalan immigrant called Tale Yax, who unselfishly came to the aid of a young woman who was being assaulted. He was stabbed by the attacker and left bleeding to death on the pavement by both his assailant and the woman. In total, 20 people walked casually by and did nothing to help as he slowly bled to death. One person even came out of an apartment block across the street and took a photo of the dying man on his mobile before disappearing back inside.

See Post: 

Wang Yue Fighting For Her Life

Before anyone starts getting hot under the collar at the shameful actions of others, we should first look to see if our own hands are clean! There can be little doubt we have become self-centred, and for a great part, extremely callous to the suffering of others in the past decade or two. It says a lot about the way people think these days, and how insular we have become.

Look First To Yourself!

It is so easy for us to point the finger at the failings of others without looking first to our own. Christianity is slowly dying in our world as with each new generation fewer people believe, but one of the good things that comes from having a religion like Christianity, is that it teaches us the need to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Perhaps that is what is missing in today’s society.

It is high time we started to look inward at ourselves, and ask if we really want to live in a world where compassion, and the urge to want to help others less fortunate has all but disappeared. If you pass someone laying in the gutter, do the human thing and help, otherwise you are no better than the people of Foshan or New York!


New York And The Anti-Smoking Hype!

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New York is once again to take a stab at smokers by banning smoking in OUTDOOR places like parks, beaches and tourist locations  like Times Square. So it seems that smokers are now killing people outside in the fresh air as well as in crowded bars, restaurants and disco’s. I wonder who came up with that gem of knowledge?????

Never Mind The Car Fumes -NO Smoking!

This unprecedented step has been taken by Mayor Bloombergs office who are quick to cite some report or other that “suggests” anyone within three feet of a smoker OUTSIDE runs the same risk from passive smoke as someone indoors! Where do they get these idiots from? “Hey Buddy, this hurricane ain’t gonna save ya. Better stay upwind while I smoke”!!!

Probably another jumped up researcher trying to get his name in the papers based on very dodgy results. It’s happened before! Remember the idiot who tried to convince everyone that obesity was caused by a virus!!!!!!

This time however, even Martin Dockrell, director of research and policy at the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health (A.S.H), has stated “there is no clear evidence of a significant harm to health from second-hand outdoor tobacco smoke” I repeat: No clear evidence of significant harm!!! If A.S.H say that you bet your life savings on it being true!!

The big question on everyone’s mind is: Will the rest of the world follow New Yorks lead again? The answer is, quite probably, if they see New York getting away with it. 

Pot? Never Tried It - More Of A Traditionalist Myself.

In the past, both the Island of Jersey in the UK and Holland tried to ban smoking in vehicles, but that fell flat when the European Law Courts stated it was illegal, because the inside of a persons car is as much their private space as the home.

The anti-smoking lobby have gained much ground in recent years and they can’t wait to cite the latest figures for the number of people who have given up smoking. This is mainly because they can’t afford it any more due to the tax increases, not because they want to. One year after the legislation hit Britain apparently 400,000 people gave up ‘the weed’ according to researchers at UCL.

Comments on the news article show clearly that people consider the New York measure ‘over the top’, and quite rightly point out that people are at far greater risk from the countless cars and trucks passing day and night, but of course they are absolutely necessary while a smoker is not.

As a smoker, you walk around with a great big target attached to your back and everyone wants to have a go at you. Many are miserable people who look for any chance to complain, many are the sanctimonious ‘holier than thou’ crowd, and the rest are the ex-smokers who begrudge their brethren the pleasure because they were forced to give it up themselves. Either way, its more to do with personalities than a social health problem.

Non-Smokers Dream?

Here in Spain I have watched the transition after the government introduced it’s anti-tobacco laws on January 1st. Inside the cafe’s and bars there were few people, but outside on the terraces, wrapped up against the cold, were the smokers who were more numerous. There were occasional smirks aimed in their direction from some non-smokers.

Now the warmer weather is here, and the smokers are still outside on the terraces (minus jackets and jumpers), but would you believe some non-smokers are now complaining they have to sit inside because the outside tables are taken by smokers??????? Perhaps they would like to see all the smokers move back inside just for the summer? No, but wait, we can’t do that because the non-smokers banned us from smoking inside, right? Oh well! I guess they’ll just have to learn to live with the results of their complaining. Some people are just never satisfied and will keep complaining until their victim is dead and buried!

Please don’t imagine that I paint all non-smokers with the same brush so to speak. I know there is a lot of tolerance out there on both sides, and not everyone is ready to chop off the head of every smoker they see. The tolerance has to be there, and each side can repect the other without knives drawn. Smokers would react much more to a kind request than to a mouthful of vitriolic poison aimed at them at high volume, as has happened to me in the past.

I admit freely, I have been smoking for more than fifty years and enjoyed every minute of it, and when I look back at the times when every bar, cinema and restaurant was hazy with tobacco smoke, non-smokers must have died at the age of three from all the second-hand smoke they inhaled; I’m amazed to remember, it wasn’t so!

Time For A Quick Drag?

But how can that be? All the researchers today claim that second-hand smoke is a deadly killer and non-smokers are dying like flies! According to the pundits, smokers are dying too from a variety of cancers but that’s their own fault and they deserve no sympathy!

When I was very young there were no hospitals filled to capacity with smokers dying of cancer as research today suggests there should have been.

Yes people died, and yes some died of smoking related sickness, sometimes, but if you put credence in today’s “research”, three quarters of the population would have died from smoking related sickness in the forties and fifties because 90% of the population smoked! But they didn’t did they!!!!!

I’m sorry, I will be the first to admit that smoking is bad for you, and yes, it does cause cancer in some patients, but I’ll be darned if I’ll admit that it is the great satan its made out to be! And no, I am not in denial because I smoke!

I am not alone in my belief that the information spouted by many scientists and researchers today is less than a tad reliable, for each have their own agenda and the competition for funding is tough. As I see it, smoking is without doubt a contributor, but by no means the catalyst, for that we have to look elsewhere, like the pollutants in the air and in our food.

More Of A Culprit Than Tobacco Perhaps?

In those far-off times, people were not breathing in sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the huge quantities we do today, or the particles from our road transport and factories that float in the air ready to be scooped up by the first pair of lungs that comes along. Airborne particles from  e.g. car exhausts, account for a large proportion of lung cancer deaths in modern society each year, especially among city people, but guess what, its smoking that gets the blame, directly or indirectly!

What people have to realise is that humans have been smoking tobacco for many hundreds of years, although it only caught on in Europe in the 1600’s after Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back from the America’s.

History does not recall moments when non-smokers cried out in anguish: “You’re killing me with your smoke – Aaaarrrggghh”!

Nowadays’ some people are approaching paranoia when they see a smoker: Off with his head!

These feelings have been stoked by short-sighted research projects and, as often happens these days, massaged results! The ‘experts’ among us are so full of spouting  bullshit data like; “3,000 people a day die from smoking related disease”, but in truth they have no idea where this information came from or how it was obtained!!!

Non-Smoking Lab Rat

I once saw a TV documentary about research being done on mice and rats with the intention of proving a link between smoking and lung cancer. The creatures were in glass cases small enough to prevent any major movement, and cigarette smoke was continuously pumped through for them to breathe. The smoke was so thick they could only be seen where they touched the inside of the glass, and they were breathing only this until they died. The researcher’s excuse for causing a rat to breath only pure cigarette smoke, was; “it was an accelerated test to simulate many years smoking”. Yes, OK, but really, was that an objective test? On this side of Hell it wasn’t. No-one breathes pure cigarette smoke twenty-four hours a day do they, and as for ‘second-hand’ smoke…?

No, I am of the opinion that far more research needs to be aimed at pollutants in our atmosphere, many of which are already known to cause cancers, before we conveniently hang every smoker from the nearest tree. If my plea for more common sense is ignored, rest assured I have my tree already picked out!


Pig Power at Ground Zero Versus Tolerance (if you get my drift)!

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Ground Zero Mosque? - No Way!

On the 7th of September I wrote about Pig Power and Ground Zero, which much to my surprise received over 500 hits. Today I received a forwarded e-mail from a good friend that offers another solution to the problem, and thought I might share it with you.

I have no idea who wrote the original text, but what it has to say is quite profound. The message was as follows:

“I am appalled that so many of my friends are against the mosque near Ground Zero.

We should allow it in order to promote tolerance.

I propose that a gay nightclub be opened next door to the mosque.

We could call it “The Turban Cowboy” or “You Mecca Me Hot”.

Next door could be a butcher shop that specializes in pork.

And right across the street a very daring lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret”.

Then we will see who is tolerant!”

Muslim Prayer

The above would probably be a little more difficult to implement, but who is to say it is not possible. I am sure that any one of the three businesses, if they actually opened, would cause a storm of protests from our good, kindly and tolerant friends, the Muslims.

Gay Bar

So far as the gay night-club is concerned, it wouldn’t surprise me to find the mosque started operating Muslim ‘snatch-squads’ who’s job it would be to get rid of all who enter these premises.

Pork Butchers

I have a feeling that any Muslim walking down the street would cross to the other side rather than walk past a butchers shop selling pork so it is a fair bet they would petition the New York City Mayor to have two pedestrian crossing put in place, one either side of the butchers premises.

The Lingerie Shop

The Lingerie shop might not prove so much of a problem to the mosque, and most Muslim men seem to be lustful sex maniacs. One can assume this from passages in the Koran that states women must be covered from head to toe (i.e. the burqa) because otherwise they will be a temptation to (Muslim) men. Kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it.

Very few people know what Muslim women wear under their Burqa’s, but according to Jeremy Clarkson of BBC Top Gear fame who says he saw a Muslim woman in a burqa slip and fall in London, revealing very sexy pink underwear underneath, it would seem anything goes, underneath! Therefore, it’s a fair bet the lingerie shop could do quite well in a surreptitious way.

You can just imagine the conversation when Mohammed slips in through the back door to buy something new for his ‘turtle-dove’; Assistant: “Yes Mohammed, what will it be today?” Mohammed, looking furtively around the shop: “Listen! I’ve told you before, don’t call me Mohammed, call me Colin.”

Ah Well! Inshallah!

My thanks to the anonymous writer.


Death Through Indifference

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Have we become so insular in our lives that we will not reach out and save a dying man? Yesterday the news reported something that should shock each and every one us to the core, but I doubt that will be so. I refer to the sad case of a Good Samaritan who died needlessly on the streets of New York because 20 people ‘passed by on the other side’.

A homeless Guatemalan immigrant, a Mr. Tale-Yax helped a woman who was being attacked by a low-life and was stabbed. Both the assailant and victim ran off in different directions leaving Tale-Yax in the street lying in a pool of blood. What came next is the really horrifying bit; 20 people walked by the dying man without a single offer of help.

Death Through Indifference

Many walked by without more than a single glance, thinking possibly the man was a drunk. One man actually bent down and shook the victim, where upon seeing the pool of blood, he quickly walked on. Even more incredible, a man came out of an adjacent block of apartments, took a photograph of Tale-Yax on his mobile and went back inside. I have to ask myself what went through the minds of these two individuals, and what will they think the next time they go to church?

After three emergency calls, two of which gave the wrong address, Police finally found the Good Samaritan but he was already dead from his wounds. He had slowly bled to death over the 1 hour 40 minutes it took to find him. His life could have been saved by any one of the 20 people who so casually strolled by with indifference. All this is known because it took place within sight of an ever-watchful CCTV camera.

I find it incomprehensible that so many people can do nothing when such a thing takes place. How can any Christian turn his back on someone in such dire need and still call himself a Christian?

I guess part of it is the modern fear of ‘getting involved’ that drives such actions, but it doesn’t say much for our Christian values does it? An anonymous 911 call would have saved this poor mans life without the need to ‘get involved’. But no! That was too much trouble for these people. A collapsed drunk should receive help, even if it is a self-inflicted ‘injury’.

I feel with certainty that someone of my generation would never have passed by in such circumstances without an offer to help, but today people have become so centred upon themselves and what life can give them, they no longer care about others. This is sad.

Without doubt, the most despicable act of all was the sheer callousness of the person who came out and photographed the dying man without any attempt to help him. How long will we have to wait before the photo appears on YouTube?

I sincerely hope that these callous people will be haunted for the rest of their lives by the fact they could have saved this man’s life by doing their Christian duty. I am sure when they meet their Maker, He will have something to say about it. It is more likely it will trouble their conscience for little more than a day though, so insular have we become.

It seems you can be a member of a pious Christian nation and still ignore the teachings Christ.


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