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The Afghanistan Comedy

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Today (28/12/2014) the NATO presence in Afghanistan has finally come to an end with some outrageous claims being made during the low-key ceremony held in Kabul.

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander

General John Campbell, the U.S. NATO commander, said in his speech, “Together we have lifted the Afghan people out of the darkness of despair and given them hope for the future. I hope you take great pride in the positive impact you’ve made and will continue to make upon the Afghan people,” He told the gathered troops, “You’ve made Afghanistan stronger and our countries safer.” Seldom have I heard such a load of sanctimonious bullshit!

The event itself was even held in secret for fear of a Taliban attack on the ceremony, so how the hell can they have “made Afghanistan stronger?”

American Casualties

American Casualties

Ever since the war started in 2001 the ISAF has suffered 3,485 deaths, and that’s just the Americans! The British have also lost 453. Additionally, there have been 93 fatalities among troops from the non-NATO contributors to the coalition, Georgia, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, Jordan, South Korea and Albania.

Afghan Caualties

Afghan Casualties

The biggest casualties are among the Afghan people, for the war has cost an estimated 174,000 civilian deaths. The annual figures rose to a new high during 2014, with a total of 3,188 deaths in the first ten months of the year. The Afghan Police too suffered heavily in the last year with an estimated 4,600 deaths over the same period.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid said, “The US and NATO mission was an absolute failure as today’s ceremony shows. They are fleeing from Afghanistan. They have not reached their goals in defeating the Afghan mujahideen, but they are keeping some forces here to reach their vicious aims.”



Admittedly, since ISAF went into Afghanistan the Taliban have had their wings clipped, but after 13 years of war they are still a potent fighting force that in my view, may well end up controlling the country again within a couple of years.

At the ceremony, control was officially handed over to the Afghan Forces which number around 350,000, but as we have seen in Iraq, numbers don’t say very much. Who is to say we will not see the Afghan soldiers running away every time the Taliban attack?

So far as the NATO Forces involvement is concerned, the whole exercise has basically been for nothing, for not much has really changed in Afghanistan.

British Soldiers On the Battlefront

British Soldiers On the Battlefront

Had ISAF gone into the country in 2001 with the express purpose of destroying the Taliban totally, the war would have been over in half the time and the Afghan people would now be safe. As it is, not a lot has been achieved.

I believe the commanders made half-hearted, uncoördinated attacks against the Taliban which in effect achieved very little, for they are still a strong and effective force within the country. Now they are just waiting for the bulk of the foreign forces to leave before making their attempt to take over again.

The Afghan Army is in my view not a force that can be relied on, which does not bode well for the country’s future. But I hope I am wrong, for the sake of the Afghan people.

Pakistani Troops Fight The Taliban In The NW Province

Pakistani Troops Fight The Taliban In The NW Province

When the Americans and British made their sweep of the southern provinces a couple of years back in an effort to wipe out the Taliban forces, they were stupid enough to leave the back door open i.e. the border with Pakistan. As you would expect, the militants just crossed over until the troops left and then came back. Some months later the Pakistan Army made a half-hearted attempt to clear their North-West Provinces on the border and the reverse happened.

It makes basic common sense to me that if the two attacks had been coordinated to occur at the same time, the Taliban would have had nowhere to hide and the whole action could have resulted in a major victory. As it is, the whole exercise was a waste of time.

Afghan Army - We Have Yet To See if They Can Fight

Afghan Army – We Have Yet To See if They Can Fight

What saddens me the most is that all the casualties incurred during the war were basically for nothing, because little has been achieved. Now the troops are coming home, leaving a few behind to act as instructors to the Afghan Army. An Army which has yet to prove it has the guts to fight and win against the Taliban.


The U. N. Is Failing The World

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Its true I seldom have a good word to say about politicians, but this time I must praise one, but more of that later. The fight against the so-called Islamic State, or I.S. has to me been a pantomime of epic proportions, mainly because the United Nations, who you would expect to be in the driving seat, has been left sitting on the pavement.

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

At Least Someone Has Recognized The Danger

It has taken a long time for action to be taken against the I.S. murdering butchers, and that is (here comes the praise bit) thanks to one man who had the fortitude to get the world moving to defeat these people. I mean of course President Obama of the United States who almost single-handedly has woken up the western and Arabic nations to actually do something to stop these people.

I.S. Tank - Thanks To The Iraqi Army

I.S. Tank – Thanks To The Iraqi Army

Before this help arrived in the shape of aircraft bombing missions in Iraq, the Iraqi’s were losing ground at a fast rate. This was mainly because their army just wasn’t up to the task of taking on the I.S. fighters. I.S. now have a lot of American weapons, tanks, armoured cars and artillery all left behind by the Iraqi army when they abandoned them and ran. This despite all the multi-million dollar training and equipment they were given by American troops before they left the country.

Ground Held By I.S.

Ground Held By I.S.

Nations United

Nations United

With Baghdad close to falling to the insurgents it was clear that something had to be done to prevent these people taking over the country. As we now know, negotiations were opened with Arab State governments and some have reluctantly joined in the fight. Aircraft from this Alliance have been bombing I.S. targets in Iraq, and now also the oil refineries that I.S. control and are using to make millions of dollars with oil sales to Syria.

The New UN Logo

The New UN Logo

But my point is, all this has come about not by any action from the U.N. but from the American President and his NATO colleagues. All the U.N. Assembly have been able to do is verbally condemn the actions of I.S.! This body of politicians who represent the entire world and are charged with maintaining world peace, have done nothing but sit in their ivory tower and talk!

Navi Pillay

Navi Pillay – UN Human Rights High commissioner

The best any of them could come up with came from Navi Pillay, U.N. high commissioner for human rights, who condemned the widespread and systematic violation of human rights perpetrated by ISIS, charging it and other armed jihadist groups of daily committing “grave, horrific human rights violations.”
There was no “Come on lads, lets pool our armies and deal with these bastards once and for all!” There was no “Let’s work together to solve this problem”! The only decision they came up with was to ‘condemn‘ what I.S. is doing. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of human cooperation and goodwill where all countries work together to solve problems throughout the world, and yet, on this, the biggest world threat since WW2 – Nothing!

I.S. Fighters

I.S. Fighters

Some may consider that overstated, but think about it! If this radical Muslim group is victorious and forms its own ‘Caliphate’, are you really so naive as to think it will stop there? Once they have triumphed, terrorists will have an entire country as a base of operations, and next in line will probably be Afghanistan as they assist the Taliban in gaining control of that country.

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

I.S. Even Beheads Young Children!

Already they have attracted more than 3,000 E.U. citizens to go and fight for their cause, which is of course the total supremacy of Islam across the world. Many western governments are fearful of what will happen when these radicalized youth return to their homeland. It is thought by many they will begin a wave of attacks in their home country.

American's Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

American’s Fighting And Dying In Afghanistan

What amazes me about this whole saga is that the U.N. is not taking the lead in eradicating this major threat. They sit quietly on the sidelines and leave it up to Obama and the NATO countries to take any form of action. The one good thing that has come of this is that Arab nations have finally decided to take a stand against this threat. During the Afghanistan war fought by western nations they sat silently on the sidelines and did nothing. They did not even recognise the terrorist threat when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan and what it could mean for world peace, and look where we are now. Islamic terror groups have sprung up all across the world as they try to inflict their beliefs on every country.

British I.S. Killer

British I.S. Killer Jihadi John

As you would expect, the Arab Nations have joined the coalition out of self-preservation, for they know full well that I.S. will not stop if they triumph in Iraq and Syria. You can bet your last dollar that if they win they will ferment trouble in many Middle East States which will eventually lead to war. The terrorist plan of sowing the seeds of insurrection have been seen in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt among many others. It is reported that militants from Indonesia and Malaysia are now fighting in Syria alongside the I.S. and who knows from where else. I.S. will train these people and send them back to their own countries to begin attacks in their homeland. There has already been major problems with terrorists in these countries and it will only get worse.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

Arab Nations In The Fight against I.S.

This makes it all the more imperative for the U.N. to get off its fat arse and begin getting together an international force to wipe out these people and any like-minded groups. Until that happens the trouble will go on and on and we will see no end to it. NATO and its allies may well curb the aspirations of I.S. in dominating the Middle East but that is not enough. We still have groups like Boko Haram and al Shebab in Africa, and many more in other countries who will ferment insurrection for their religious beliefs and they all need to be wiped out. The world has to let these people know in no uncertain terms that we will not stand for it, and if they continue they will be squashed like a bug.

Poor Misguided People

Poor Misguided People

One more thing I have to mention is the big demonstrations in America by the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ (STWC) this last week. The demonstration was against the bombing of I.S. targets in both Iraq and Syria, and to me this just shows how terribly naive some people can be.

Arab Nations Get The Message

I.S. – Arab Nations Get The Message

So far as they are concerned we should just let the I.S. take over Iraq, and maybe even Syria, and then spread their wings into Afghanistan and any other Arab state they feel like until the whole of the Middle East is under their control. I just wonder what it will take for these stupid people to realize the threat that is about to unfold on the world. If they think I.S. will be satisfied with these conquests they are woefully misinformed.

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

Have These Idiots Forgotten 9/11 Already?

I.S. is a movement that is bent on dominating the world and making every country an Islamic State just like all the other terrorist groups. Do these people really believe they will be able to sit in their ivory tower and I.S. will never attack America? What will it take to convince them that once these people have consolidated their position in the Middle East, America will be their number one target. Perhaps when American civilians start dropping like flies after a series of terrorist atrocities like the metro attacks that I.S. are rumoured to be planning? How many people from western nations are going to die before these brainless idiots start taking notice of what is happening?

Makes Sense!

Makes Sense!

Not everyone on this planet can be gifted with common sense, but even an idiot must see that such a stance is not only stupid, but extremely dangerous. The one thing these misguided people must learn is that ignoring great danger does not make it go away, or make it any less dangerous.


The Wasted Lives of NATO Troops in Afghanistan?

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By the end of 2014 all NATO Coalition troops will have left Afghanistan completely, and what then? Well, considering the recent spate of attacks on not only civilians, but also the military, I think the Taliban will be back in charge within a few months. In my opinion major mistakes have been made by the occupying NATO and United States Forces, in that they made no serious effort to destroy the Taliban completely.

With All Their Power They Could Not Defeat the Mujahideen

It has been more or less  a copy of the Soviet occupation of 1979 when they could not totally defeat the Mujahideen fighters of the period and left in ignominious defeat in 1989. Now NATO and its U.S. Allies face the same prospect of defeat, although they have achieved much more than the Russians ever did.

Even the Pakistan assault of 2009 on the Taliban and al Quada in the border provinces fizzled out without any real gains because they didn’t complete the job, and  the fact that NATO did not at the same time assault their positions from the Afghan side meant the Taliban could just withdraw across the border until the Pakistan Army gave up. Which they did. A far better operation would have been a joint assault from both sides of the border giving the Taliban and al Quada fighters no-where to run.

Taliban In Action

It is a big mistake to leave the Taliban intact when the NATO and U.S. troops finally pull out in 2014 for they are waiting patiently, knowing that when that day comes they can step right back in and control most, if not all of the country.

In Helmand Province the atrocity of beheading 17 people for watching two women dancing this weekend is proof enough that they are in charge there, and such acts ensure the people  are scared enough not to deny them when they make a comeback. They come and go at will, and kill whomsoever they please and it seems no-one can stop them. So carry this thought through and you come to the obvious conclusion. While well-intentioned, this war has been a miserable waste of lives because the commanders could not make good strategy calls to deal with the Taliban once and for all.

Afghan Army – Friend or Foe?

It is a fact that most of the lives lost have been Afghan but that is part of the picture, to make people too scared to stand up to them in case they are next could be the ultimate aim. If someone holds a gun to your head and says ‘we are taking over’, not many people will refuse! Its a ‘cat and mouse’ game with the ordinary citizens of Afghanistan that to my mind, will result in the Taliban being once more in control soon after the Coalition forces leave. They have already successfully infiltrated the police and army, which can be substantiated by the number of Coalition deaths caused when these people turn their guns on their benefactors.

President Karzai

So when the crunch comes, as it will, who is going to stop the Taliban takeover? President Karzai and his government? I doubt whether they will have much say in the matter when the Taliban drive though the streets of Kabul shooting off their AK 47’s. I think Karzai will be on the first plane out of Kabul and spend the rest of his life enjoying the fruits of his years as president. But I guess like everything else in life, time will tell!


Tough Times Ahead For The Taliban?

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Good news at last from Pakistan! After reading my blog post of 21 April the Pakistani Government has decided to rout the Taliban completely (Just kidding – I don’t think they read it , its just that great minds think alike).

Fighting has been going on for a week now and the militants have been more or less pushed out of Bunar Province, and the battle continues in Swat.

Today, The Pakistani Prime Minister ordered the Army to “Eliminate militants and terrorists” meaning presumably the Taliban and Al Quada. If the Pakistani Army can maintain their push into the heart of the Swat Territory, the Taliban stronghold, they will force them over the border into neighbouring Afghanistan where they came from in the first place. Now all we need is for the NATO Forces to be ready for them when they do! Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!

The trouble is the terrain. Being extremely mountainous, it makes the job of the Coalition Forces very difficult in finding and tracking them. It was the terrain that defeated the Russians when they invaded Afghanistan in the early eighties.

I would imagine their best weapon will be drones that can loiter for hours over a section of mountains scanning for movement. Infra-red cameras could be used at night, and once militants are detected, it should not be too difficult to track them and move troops in ahead of them by helicopter to set up an ambush.

Now that sounds like a straightforward plan as I sit here with a cup of tea in my nice apartment in front of the computer. Piece of cake he said with a smile!

The truth is of course another matter. While I wish the troops on both sides of the border great success in ridding us all of this scourge, I do know it will not be easy. People like the Taliban are experts at moving through these mountains, they had enough practice against the Russians after all.

The meeting this week between President Obama and the heads of both countries told us that there appears to be unanimity of purpose by all sides. Talk is one thing, but try this for size.

There has been a great deal of criticism of the United States for the deaths of civilians during drone attacks in Pakistan, and aircraft bombing in Afghanistan. You know, and I know, that people like Al Quada and the Taliban, are constantly using civilians as human shields, although it seldom appears in the news because that does not sell newspapers.

However, today’s BBC News page does quote Riffatullah Orakzai of their Urdu Service saying eyewitnesses have stated that the Taliban have set up roadblocks in the Swat Valley for the express purpose of stopping refugees from leaving.

You see! It doesn’t matter which group it is, Al Quada, Hamas, Taliban, they are all the same, and then the world cries out for the good guys to stop killing civilians, when we should be condemning the terrorists!

Anyway, I digress. Would it not be prudent of President Obama to provide non-combatanthelp to the Pakistani Army by means of unarmed photographic drones, with the express purpose of scouting ahead of the army and warning them of Taliban ambushes and roadside bombs? It would be of tremendous help to the army, and would certainly help Pakistani/American relations.

All I need now is the President, or someone in the Pentagon to read my blog!! Nah! It won’t happen! We will see in the coming days if someone comes up with this plan.

The good thing about the push by the Pakistani Army is that it may capture Al Quada and Bin Laden in the net too. I don’t think they have a cat in hell’s chance of capturing Bin Laden, but I should imagine his group are feeling somewhat uneasy at the idea of the army knocking on their door shortly.

Let’s face it, they all hide in the same areas of Pakistan, and the army, if it keeps going to the border will surely flush them out. One quick bombing run and Bye Bye Bin Laden and his hierarchy. Now wouldn’t the populace cheer at that news! I certainly would.

I am sure there are many people who will now sleep a lot safer in their beds at night, knowing the Taliban will not get hold of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. It seemed like a close run thing this time last week, but thankfully common sense has prevailed, and we have been saved the horror of a terrorist group with nuclear missiles.

Should that ever happen in the future, I think I’d move to Mars! It’s quieter there.

Here’s hoping I never have to miss our blue planet.


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