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Newton And The Gun Laws – The Debate Rages On

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There has been a lot in the news about the Newton tragedy in The States and its ramifications on the gun debate, but now I find things have taken a weird turn. In the town of Harrold in Texas for instance, drastic measures have been taken to prevent gun crime in schools by arming teachers! Certain members of the teaching staff will carry concealed guns to protect pupils of the school from any repeat of the massacre that took place in Newton. The situation that caused many schools in The States to have metal detectors at the entrance has just got so much worse that now they have to arm teachers?

 Wayne LaPierre of the NRA

Wayne LaPierre of the NRA

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) has just made a call for every school in the country to have an armed police officer on duty, and that is their answer to the many school massacres that have taken place over the last few years. As I write this I still cannot believe what I am hearing! For crying out loud, why not just give all the schoolchildren a gun and they can then defend themselves!!!!

Typical Gun Collection - Why is this necessary?

Typical Gun Collection – Why is this necessary?

Guns in the hands of people do no harm if they are mentally stable and responsible and you can argue that this covers the greater majority of gun owners in America, but what of the rest? It is no great task for someone with a grudge to get hold of a gun when the whole country is full of them. It is not difficult for anyone who is completely or temporarily ‘unhinged’ to get their hands on an assault rifle and go on the rampage. The past is full of atrocities committed when even people who have legal permission to carry a gun decide they want to kill a few people, and yet the NRA’s answer is even more guns!!!!

True - A Lot Of It!

True – A Lot Of It!

It is fair to say that the business of guns in the hands of private individuals, i.e. not the police or military, has proven to be a recipe for disaster in these times. True, the American people love their guns, and for sure any attempt by the government to ban people from owning one will be met by extreme resistance as one previous commenter has said, so you have a choice, either get rid of the guns out of society or continue to mourn the deaths of adults and children in massacre’s like Newton and all the others, for Newton will not be the last by a long way.

Compared to any other nation there is no contest, as can be verified by the fact that the USA is about the only country in the world where members of the general public can legally own a whole closet full of guns, ranging from machine guns and assault rifles to machine pistols and handguns.

Assault Weapons For Sale

Assault Weapons For Sale

It is interesting to note that the sale of guns, and assault rifles in particular have gone through the roof since the tragedy in Newton, in fact Walmart has sold its entire stock and is waiting for a new shipment. Its the same story all over the country. America’s fascination with guns means that some owners have their own arsenal of weapons and I can only guess the reason is its an American obsession based on its violent past. It makes me wonder why Congress doesn’t pass a Bill allowing people to buy anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles also.

But perhaps the people should remember the old saying, “Live by the gun – Die by the gun!” Ok so I  changed it around but the meaning is clear and relevant.

The only way for there to be a real and lasting peace in the United States without one atrocity following another, is to change the mentality of the people and help them learn there is life without a gun in your hand.

Politicians And The NRA

Politicians And The NRA

The government response to the crisis is probably going to be the re-enactment of the ban on assault rifles but in my view this is not going to prove very effective for there will still be millions of other guns on the streets and in homes. There can be little doubt that the NRA will not sit by quietly while the government tries to limit the number of guns in the country no matter how well intended. They will fight tooth and nail to be able to retain the law as it is and don’t care a fig for those that die needlessly, even when they are children as young as 5 or 6. In the current crisis the best they could come up with is an armed police officer in every school, as if that is going to make a difference: “The only way to stop gun crime is to have more guns!” What a load of tripe!!!!


Why did the USA Send a Brain Damaged Soldier to Afghanistan?

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I hate to say it, I really do, but the good old USA have made another major cock-up in Afghanistan right on the heels of the Koran fiasco. As just about everyone on the planet knows by now, a soldier on duty with the American Army is accused of going on a killing rampage and killing 16 innocent civilians in a village in Kandahar Province.

Anger and Indignation

Naturally it has caused an uproar in the country, and everyone from President Karzai down wants him to stand trial in Afghanistan. That of course will never happen, for the one thing the USA is good at is protecting its own, even criminals.

The 39-year-old Staff Sergeant is said to have left the military base and entered  randomly, two houses and shot all the inhabitants. He them walked calmly back to the base and handed himself in.

An Outraged President

The latest news is that he suffered ‘a traumatic brain injury ‘ while on a previous overseas tour in Iraq in 2010 according to an ‘official’. I can already see the ‘insane’ defence peeking around the corner already!

But if this is the result of a previous brain trauma, why was someone in such a mental state sent back into a war zone? Was there not a single Army Medical Doctor who could see that the soldier suffered from a significant mental breakdown? He is reported to have told his family that he did not wish to go to Afghanistan and was obviously in a depressed state at the prospect. I cannot believe that this Staff Sergeant was the only man who could do the job required and that no-one else could be sent in his place.

What happened is despicable, and is certainly on a par with the spate of mass killings that have taken place at various schools across the USA in recent years. It is yet another massive blemish on the record of the US Armed Forces in foreign fields.

Apologies Fall on Deaf Ears

Sure, everyone from President Obama down to the tea boy in the Pentagon has apologised, but that has flown away like a feather in a gale and impresses no-one, least of all the families of those who died. I doubt even a few thousand dollars of compensation will come even close to mending the last remaining crumbs of coöperation between the Afghan people and their ‘liberators’. This whole shocking affair is without doubt the biggest mistake in the history of US intervention in Afghanistan, especially considering the dust has not even begun to settle after the last major cock-up with the Koran burning. 

What is worse, is that it has handed to the Taliban a major propaganda coup and you can be sure they will make the most of it. If the latest rhetoric from this insurgent group is to be believed, the attacks will come fast and furious, and what is more, they will have the Afghan people on their side. It is hard to judge how many Afghans will now join the ranks of the Taliban as a result of this mess, but there will be many, you can count on that. It is also true that all the Coalition Forces are carrying the blame for this affair, and one has to ask, how many more lives will be lost as a result of this stupid act?

I am well aware the American people want to do good in the world, and they wish to help the oppressed gain their freedom. Everything is done with the very best of intentions, but I don’t know if it’s a failure of the US Administration, or just the old ‘gun law’ mentality raising its head every so often that causes all the problems. As a casual observer, it seems to me that perhaps the American people just cannot forget their wild west history, which like a shadow, lurks constantly in the dark reaches of the American psyche. 

Heston's Famous Speech

They are without equal the most gun-loving nation on the planet and as everyone knows, it is written into the Constitution that everyone has the right to own a gun. I remember distinctly the words of Charlton Heston as leader of the National Rifle Association a few years ago when Congress discussed the gun laws: “If they want my gun they will have to take it from my cold dead hand!” I think that says enough. Don’t you?


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