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Target Germany

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So now it begins in Germany, and all because Angela Merkel was so rash as to issue an open invitation to refugees! It is one thing to have sympathy with those fleeing war, but quite another to allow terrorists to enter Europe knowing they will begin a wave of terror.

Gunman Outside McDonald's Shoots At Civilians

Gunman Outside McDonald’s Shoots At Civilians

Today reports are full of the shopping mall attack in Munich which began in a McDonald’s restaurant. This follows last Monday’s attack on a train by an axe and knife wielding 17 year-old last Monday which injured five people.

I have to say that it does not surprise me ever since Merkel allowed 1.2 million refugees into Germany last year. As you would expect, this year the flow has not stopped. To do such a rash thing was in my view suicide, for since the New Year we have seen scores of sex attacks on German women by Muslim immigrants, and now they have taken it a step further. Anyone who didn’t see this coming must have been either blind or stupid.

Let me make it clear that I do not blame all Muslims that reside in Europe for these atrocities, but there are sufficient numbers among them who either sympathize with the terrorists, or can be persuaded to carry out these acts of violence in the name of ISIS.

It has been made known that in excess of 6,000 ISIL fighters have infiltrated Europe disguised as refugees, and now we know why they are here, as if that was in any doubt. At the moment there is no indication that the axe attacker or the lone gunman from Munich have affiliations with ISIS, but you can be sure this group will claim responsibility.

With the recent attacks in Paris and Nice most people were saying that the jihadists were concentrating on France, but I for one knew this would not be so. These people have spread across Europe and are inciting European Muslims to commit acts of violence in the name of Allah and ISIS, and there is little doubt it will not stop here. We can be sure that in the coming year there will be such acts in many other cities across Europe.

We may see many more ‘lone-wolf’ attacks such as these, but there may also come suicide bomb attacks on various crowded places such as airports, railway stations, the Metro, or as in Paris, maybe even concerts and disco’s.

Child Victim In Munich

Child Victim In Munich

There can be little doubt that this is a dangerous time for Europe, for while the number of casualties are low when compared to previous attacks like 9/11, there will be more to come. We have no idea what these people are planning, but for sure they will want to make a much bolder statement at sometime in the future.

It is distinctly possible that these latest attacks are but the tip of the iceberg, for as ISIL get more organized we will see an increasing number of attacks on civilians across Europe.

The flow of migrants to Europe has diminished somewhat from last year, but they are still making their way into the continent, and there is no indication that it will stop. While many of these people are in fact fleeing the terror inflicted on their homeland, many come here with an ulterior motive of creating mayhem.

I do not understand why many of the Middle East Muslim countries are doing nothing to help these people, but prefer it if they all come to Europe. What is the government of Iraq and Syria doing to help these people – the answer is – nothing!

Pressure needs to be brought to bear on the rich countries, like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and the many others to help these people instead of allowing them to make the dangerous crossing to Europe. It is like they have washed their hands of the whole debacle. The only Arab country that is doing anything to help these people is Jordan.

The latest news today (Saturday) indicates that the Munich gunman did not have any actual links to ISIS, but it is for sure that 18-year-old David Ali Sonboly must have been inspired by the actions of ISIS, although a search by police of his room has shown no direct link to them. The latest information says that he had received psychiatric care and been treated for depression.

Male Victim

Male Victim

ISIS must have been very pleased with his actions for although they had no direct contact with him he did just what they wanted. It is without doubt their aim to spread fear among the European population, and to date it’s working well. Any time you go shopping, or anywhere else, you never know when such an event will take place.

To track down all these terrorists who have invaded the European continent is an almost impossible job, and the people will be wondering when the next attack will occur. It is clear they are not looking to carry out such attacks themselves, but are influencing Muslims already living here to do their dirty work for them.

What is really sad is that the Muslims living in Europe are not doing a thing to assist the police. No-one comes forward and says that such and such a person is behaving strangely, or has a gun or explosives. It is always left up to the police and security services to find these people on their own. I know for sure that if I knew one of my neighbours for example had guns in the house or was meeting with strange people I would immediately inform the police.

Kick Them Out!

Kick Them Out!

The local Muslim preachers are not denouncing anyone in their flock for suspicious activity, in fact many of them encourage these attacks. These people should be rounded up by the police and immediately deported. Anyone who is thought to have links to terrorist groups should receive the same treatment.

As a people we should not have to put up with such attacks, for if some Muslims cannot live in peace with us they should leave. I just hope that governments across Europe wake up to this fact and do what has to be done.


The Truth – From Australia!

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Trust the Australians to come out with a song that really tells it like it is. Its worth watching, for I guarantee it will make you laugh!

They are telling it like it is in Australia, and I can say with certainty that the same goes for Britain.


Breast Ironing – The Barbaric Torture Of Young Girls

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I have come to the conclusion that in many countries some people are still barbaric beyond description. It is unbelievable that in this day and age countries still hold on to torture as a way of life. I wrote some time ago about the genital mutilation of young girls by Muslim families, but now I discovered that there are other forms of torture that are traditional.

Breast Ironing Using A Hot Rock

Breast Ironing Using A Hot Rock

One of these is breast ironing which is prevalent in some African countries and is carried out by immigrants in Britain today. The general idea is to prevent the natural growth of breasts in young girls, and involves them having their breasts beaten, burnt and massaged in order to stop them developing.

The reason for this is to make young girls and women less attractive to the opposite sex so they can concentrate on school work. Really, of all the excuses I have ever heard this must be one of the most ridiculous.

One young woman said, “They put a spatula on the fire and then they press it on the breast, and yes, it hurts. Then it goes weak, it’s like melting, fat melting and you can feel the breast going back.” Once this is completed they often have their breasts bound tightly to prevent any further growth.

All this torture just so they can concentrate on their school lessons, and prevent them being attractive to young boys? What sort of animals are these people?

Tightly Bound To Prevent Natural Growth

Tightly Bound To Prevent Natural Growth

Experts are of the opinion that such torture can lead to cysts, abscesses, and even breast cancer. Geraldine Yenwo, the founder of Came Women and Girls Development Organisation said, “A lot of them have inverted nipples, they’re not able to breastfeed their children. Emotionally and psychologically, your self-esteem is very badly affected. Physically, some of them have one large and one flattened breast.”

Conservative MP Jake Berry is requesting the government make such actions illegal, and so it should be. Those responsible for such acts should be locked away for a very long time, for this type of torture does not belong in the modern age, much the same as genital mutilation.

What Can Often Be The End Result

What Can Often Be The End Result

I know that there are many backward civilizations in the world, but to intentionally mutilate your children seems to me beyond bizarre, and it makes you wonder why this sort of tradition ever became ‘normal’ with some people.


An Open Letter To David Cameron and Ed Milliband

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This letter came my way through the e-mail and it expresses just about every sentiment of the unrest that is gripping the British people. There is a huge amount of resentment in Britain concerning these issues, but sadly, Tony Blair’s Anti-Racist Laws effectively silenced any possibility the people have of voicing their opinions.  In my view, this piece describes perfectly what is wrong with Britain today and should be spread far and wide.

You BOTH worry me, in fact, both of your political parties worry me.

Over the last three years, you both have been turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel part of. I watch you in Parliament, sneering at each other, and acting like children!!! (and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you).

Years ago, aged 15 at grammar school, we had similar “Yah-Boo” debates in the Fourth Form. We quickly grew out of it when we realised that the real world was different. When will you two do the same? What an example you set the viewing millions.

Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country first, everyone knows that NEITHER of you are doing that. You are more interested in scoring points off each other. Do you somehow think that will impress people and get you votes next year? WRONG.

What is achieved by all those shenanigans in Parliament, is denigrating our once-great nation in the eyes of the world. You would NEVER see the German politicians doing that. They have recovered so wonderfully from WW2 by hard work and IMAGE – being careful never to run down their own country in public.

Your Parliamentary debates seem to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you are doing for this country. You are not listening to the people you are paid to govern. I am seeing the deterioration of living standards, but according to you, playing with statistics, we are doing better than most countries, yet the gap is widening between the “haves” and the “have-nots”.

I see our hospitals under-staffed, yet I see multi-millions of pounds being sent in aid to other countries, before attending to this country’s needs! Are you quite sure that our precious aid-money is applied to where it is needed, and not funnelled off to ‘despots’ bank accounts in New York and Zürich? 

I see the selling off of water rights to foreign interests. WHY…? You go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it.

The Carbon Tax, (which we all KNOW is just another tax) will make NO difference, to carbon emissions at all. It is a tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing alone, because other major countries DO NOT BELIEVE in it.

Let’s talk about Multiculturalism. People have come here from other countries for a better life for more years than I have been alive. Pre & post-war immigrants came for a better life, settled in and became wonderful contributors to this country. They have contributed to the rich diversity of Britain and many have fought FOR this country. They were glad to become U.K.Citizens and they had NO hand-outs ….they worked hard for everything.

I have never before had a problem with immigrants coming here. However, I DO NOW.

Please tell me why we have areas in towns all over the country, where police WILL NOT GO for fear of their life? Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools for fear of “OFFENDING” someone? Please tell me why Christmas celebration is no longer allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone? Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in stores might OFFEND someone? Please tell me why we MUST have segregated days in public swimming pools for fear of “OFFENDING” someone? Please tell me why we allow RADICAL Muslim clerics to demand Sharia Law when our religions would never be allowed in THEIR country? 
Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND someone?

Please tell me why we true-Brits are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Please tell me WHY Brits must not wear a bike helmet going into a bank and yet it is OK to wear a Burka, covering the whole of the face?

And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here, they can wreck our detention centres and STILL be allowed to stay?

What does that say about just who and what are this government’s priorities? Every British person that I speak to has genuine concerns about becoming a second-class minority in our own country, for the above reasons. Are you so blind that you cannot see this?

And no, I am NOT racist. If I did not like Catholics or Protestants, would I be considered racist? Of course not. We are fighting extremist Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere, are we not? I hear you say, “yes but the Muslims we have here are not like that.” Well how do you know? Do we see or hear ANY of them speaking AGAINST extremists on TV or radio? I haven’t. Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in Britain. Are not the experiences of France and the Netherlands examples of that? Why do you think it would be any different here?

We even have a British born “radical,” who states that Britain WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had “better get used to it “. Will both of you grow up and start sticking up for this country and its people? We are the people who put you where you are and PAY you to look after our interests. You are NOT doing that, by any stretch of the imagination. I would appreciate an answer, if only to convince me that once again I am not talking to a brick wall.

Many European countries are suffering under the strain of too many immigrants and it is clear that before long the problem will explode onto the streets. I am not advocating open rebellion or attacks on immigrants in any way with this post, that has never be my intention, but as Europeans we have to make our politicians aware of what they are doing to the livelihood of  the citizens in their care.

It is time they started paying more attention to the welfare of their own people instead of bending over backwards to cater for people who’s one aim is to turn Europe into a Muslim State. I believe the more people who read this message, the more chance there is that our politicians will take notice. For this reason it would be in everyone’s interest if people re-blogged this post on their own site. Thank You.

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to the anonymous writer of this letter to our politicians.


Finally The Arab League Take A Stance On IS

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It was with some surprise that I read yesterday that the Arab League (a loose Arab version of the E.U.) has finally decided to take joint action against the IS terrorists. The one big question yet to be answered is: Does this include military action?

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi

At a League meeting yesterday Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi said that the Arab States had agreed to take the “necessary measures”, including international cooperation to confront IS. He called for a military confrontation but would not explicitly back the American air strikes that have been hammering IS.

After the meeting the Arab League Chief said “The Arab foreign ministers have agreed to take the necessary measures to confront terrorist groups including IS. International cooperation is included; international cooperation on all fronts.”

Well, well! A big sigh of relief. At last the Arab League is going to take some stern action (they say) against terrorists operating in Arab countries, for which they are responsible, instead of leaving it to western nations.

Saudi Army

Saudi Army – See You In Iraq?

The only problem is, I am doubtful that we will see an international military force from Arab nations with ‘feet on the ground’ in Iraq and Syria to fight IS. To be honest, that is what it should be, but we all know they prefer to let western nations do their fighting for them, with the exception of  Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates who took a small part in ousting Gadaffi from Libya.

Throughout the last twenty years, whenever there has been problems like al Quada and the Taliban in Afghanistan, like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, they have been consistently silent in condemning terrorist groups, even though they have been responsible for tens of thousands of Muslim deaths across the Middle East. They themselves made no effort to intervene militarily or otherwise in these situations. My only conclusion is that they must have been praying to Allah for guidance in all that time.

I.S. Brutal Killers - Crucified Christians

I.S. Brutal Killers – Crucified Christians

IS is a formation of Sunni Muslims who want to create their own state, which they have declared, but also want to control the world and make it one huge Islamic state complete with Sharia Law. Now that may well be the dream of all Muslims, if only in the mind, but the Arab Union is beginning to realize that IS is much more than al Quada or the Taliban, for they have much bigger goals.

This terror group have now placed roots in North African Nations like Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and you can be sure it will not end there. IS have also put down roots in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and even China. It is clear to see they are looking at the big picture.

NATO Gathering

NATO Gathering – Aug/Sept 2014

Up to a point, the Arab League has also been upstaged by the NATO countries yet again (re. Libya), and in particular President Obama, who has called together NATO countries to partake in the battle against IS in Iraq. To date, this does not cover using troops on the ground, but does include air strikes, which America is already carrying out with great effect.

You can also be certain the League member nations like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the other seventeen member states are jittery because they see IS as a grave threat to themselves too. They realize the methods used by such groups in starting a take-over consists of fermenting unrest among the populace and turning it into civil war, which means those at the top would lose everything.

U.N. Gathering

U.N. Gathering

In my view, a group such as IS is a global threat, and it is up to all nations to come together and wipe them out. The only thing that I find disconcerting is the relative silence from the U.N. on this matter. I have heard no plans being put forward for an international force like Korea, to put an end to the barbarism in the Middle East where terrorists have raised their ugly head. They too have been upstaged by NATO.

Where it will all end is anybody’s guess, but I hope the nations of the world do not take too long before they start taking positive action against these people, for this is only the first of many battles that will be fought against Muslims in the future.


What Is Wrong With British Justice?

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Today I have a sad tale to tell that is indicative of the sorry state of a British Justice system that today favours minorities. On the nineteenth of January 2011 I posted an article about a Christian couple who owned a hotel and refused a room to two homosexuals. The refusal had nothing to do with their sexual leaning, but was a standard rule they applied to anyone, including heterosexual couples, who were not married because they believed that sex before marriage was a sin. The following link refers:

I will not bore you by reiterating the post here but leave you to read it.

Suffice it to say the hotel couple lost their battle in court and were ordered to compensate the homosexual couple, and pay court costs.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy 'Gays'.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy ‘Gays’.

It has just been announced that hotel owners, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion near Penzance, are now forced to sell their home and business because they cannot find the £3,600 to pay the compensation to the two homosexuals demanded by the court, and the negative publicity surrounding the case has killed their business. In an interview, Hazelmary Bull said: “Last winter was terrible. We were actually shivering and were hungry. In 2013, two people who worked all their lives at this have ended up cold and hungry. It’s not right”.

I read of this on the Yahoo news website and most of the comments sent in by people were extremely enlightening, and indicate the depth of public feeling about this case. Before anyone thinks, “Oh no, not Yahoo!” Its not my normal news channel.  Here are some of the comments:

“I am gay. I am not Christian even though I was sent to church every Sunday when I was small. In fact I don’t belong to any religion because time and time again it can cause so many problems, as is the case with The Bulls. But in defence of The Bulls who have worked hard with their business, my question is why didn’t this gay couple just go and find a Premier Inn or something. They could have found I’m sure, a gay B and B in the area? But no they had to make a song and dance about being discriminated against and ruin people along the way. There is too much of this equality malarky going on. All the while its protests for this that and the other and out come the banners. The Bulls need to be respected for their beliefs. The two gentlemen who have brought this case about are vindictive and sadly there are many gay and straight people like them around who will sue at the drop of a hat”.

Another wrote: “As far as I am concerned they should have the right to their beliefs. This is a scandal”.

It's Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

It’s Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

From all the comments, it becomes clear that the general public are solidly behind the Bull’s and their stance, but sadly the Law isn’t. Any intelligent person should surely ask themselves the big question: Why? This is after all a Christian country is it not?

I do firmly believe that this entire story was concocted as a means to gain yet more publicity for the ‘Gay Cause’. I believe the hotel was selected simply because of the owners Christian beliefs and their rule, which incidentally applied to all couples. Advertisements for their business clearly stated that unmarried couples were not welcome. The ‘Gay Lobby’ knew entry would be refused and used this fact to gain publicity for their cause: “Look, we have even been refused entry to a hotel. Now do you feel sorry for us?”  Why do I think this? Well for one simple fact. The two men who took the Bull’s to court, Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, had all their legal fees paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission while the Bull’s had to pay for their own. To me this smells to high heaven!

Ever since the previous Labour government under Tony Blair brought in the Racism Laws to quell opposition to his vision of a ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’, British Law is bending over backwards to appease any minority group that feels itself insulted or restricted in any way. ‘Gays’, Muslims, you name it, they all feel they have the right to trample on the people because they are a minority.

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

This is amplified by many of the Yahoo comments: “The couple did this on religious beliefs, my argument is, had it been Muslims they would be allowed to follow their beliefs and not have the Gay couple stay at the hotel. One rule for us another for the Muslims”.

Yet again the same story: “I wonder what the outcome would have been if the couple were devout Muslims and had taken the same action. also what about ‘Gay Hotels’ who openly advertise that their hotels are for gays only. This ‘level playing field’ has a few lumps and bumps in it”.

Perhaps readers of this post have an answer for the gentleman who sent this comment: “Answer this one then. If this couple had been Muslims, would the court case have come to a different result???” Good point!

It is pretty fair to say that the general public have had the ‘Gay Agenda’ shoved down their collective throats for too many years and it is time to put a stop to it. Once again, this is reflected in many of the comments:

“The Labour inspired homosexual right have made many heterosexuals hate these people, when if they had just got on with life without thrusting their sexuality in our faces they would have been accepted. So now as far as I am concerned they have to prove themselves if they want my friendship as they are starting from the disadvantage of having their way of life thrust into my face”.  

“Gay Rights have destroyed a couples lives, well done to the tolerant gay couple who brought this about, you must be really nice people, not”.  

“This was not a random case – this guesthouse & it’s owners were deliberately targeted by these two activists in order to bring about a law suit”.

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display - Offending Area Blanked Out

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display – Offending Area Blanked Out

I think it is fair to say that acts such this have certainly not done any good for the ‘Gay’ cause, as it is clear that groups like Stonewall are doing more harm than good. Their latest ‘charm offensive’ asking professional footballers to wear ‘rainbow laces’ in their boots as a sign to all they support the ‘Gay’ cause has been met with similar derision in the internet pages. It is time these people understand that this constant ‘shoving it in our faces’ is going to backfire, and turn the heterosexual element of society very strongly against them.

For myself, I think they are an abomination, and should stay very quiet without any of these public displays of their deviance like the ‘Gay’ Parades. Like most people, I do not want to hear from them or see them, but if they exist without ‘shoving it in our faces’ and demanding the justice system bend over backwards to accommodate them  all well and good. This is a view that appears to be held by the majority of the UK population, but will these people ever learn? I doubt it!

My thanks to the unknown contributors to this post.


Do Muslims Now Run The UK?

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I was somewhat annoyed to read today about Muslims once again trying to enforce their religious laws on the British way of life after hearing about two such cases. It is without doubt time we in Britain stood up against the way Muslims are changing our laws and making the country adapt to them.

Birmingham Metropolitan College

Birmingham Metropolitan College

This travesty first came to my notice with a report that Birmingham Metropolitan College had been forced to reverse a rule banning the wearing of face veils after the threat of a large demonstration by students which accused them of discrimination. These measures were introduced by the college for obvious security reasons and said that while in college grounds faces must be seen. A member of college staff was reported to have said, “The college will still need to be able to confirm an individual’s identity in order to maintain safeguarding and security”. The college has also banned hoodies and caps for the same reason.

Aaron Kiely - A Deluded Man If He Thinks HE Has Any Rights In An Islamic State

Aaron Kiely – A Deluded Man If He Thinks HE Has Any Rights In An Islamic State

Aaron Kiely, Black Students Officer for the National Union for Students, had described the “outrageous decision” as a “complete infringement on the rights to religious freedom and cultural expression and is a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.” Narrow-minded individuals such as this man seem totally unaware that if you are caught on the streets of many Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran wearing a Christian cross, you will immediately be arrested, and will be lucky to get away with only a jail sentence. So where is the religious freedom there???? Perhaps someone should enlighten this dimwit and his cohorts.

Hi Honey. Is that you?

Hi Honey. Is that you?

Have you ever tried to identify someone in a burka? Even if they show you a passport, how can you be sure the person behind the veil is the same one? If you can answer that please let me know! If, for example, this whole Syria mess goes pear-shaped and insurgents start a new bombing campaign in Britain, how will you know that the person under a burka is even a female? How will you know it is not a man with a bomb strapped to his chest until the thing goes kaboom? If it ever happens anywhere in the UK I hope it is amongst these sanctimonious idiots at Birmingham College. It is way past time that we went the same way as the French and banned all face covering garments in public places.

OK! So You Tell Me How This Woman Is To Be Identified In Court!

OK! So You Tell Me How This Woman Is To Be Identified In Court!

In another case a Muslim woman refused to lower her veil to allow identification before she went to pre-trial for intimidating a witness. Naturally, she claimed it was for religious reasons that she could not allow any man other than her husband to see her face. In the end the Judge, Peter Murphy allowed her to leave the court to be identified by a female police officer.  Once positively identified, she was allowed to wear the veil for the rest of the hearing. Judge Peter Murphy had said the interests of justice were paramount and of course he is right, but now the big debate comes as to whether she will be allowed to keep the veil during her trial.

The woman’s defence lawyer, Susan Meek said that there should be a case by case approach by judges in such cases, and should take into account the human right to express faith through attire. Here we go again, the old Human Rights Ploy!!!

A Man Who Must Lay Down BRITISH Law

A Man Who Must Lay Down BRITISH Law

Judge Murphy was of the mind that  “It cannot be satisfactory that one judge may go one way and another judge will go another way. Is it not right that there must be a common approach?” The prosecution said that “in trials where witnesses need to identify a defendant, the veil could be an issue”. Either way the judge has ruled that he will make a decision on Monday next week. I will be interested to hear what he has to say then.

This is all part of a country that is bowing down to foreigners and standing on the side-lines while they slowly change everything that is British to suits their needs. Sad though it is, we now have so many ‘bleeding heart’ Do-Gooders who have found a way to get their names in the papers and become a celebrity for a few seconds that everything that is British is being swamped.

Across the world we are known as a tolerant people, but we have gone way past tolerant now, we just lay down and let everyone walk all over us. All they have to do is cry ‘Religious Discrimination, Human Rights, Racist” and we, and all our institutions, including the government lay down and take it instead of standing up for OUR way of life, OUR traditions and OUR justice! It makes me sick.

Frankfurt Federal Court

Frankfurt Federal Court

We should be more like the Germans, for their courts have not given way to Muslim influence. Today it was reported that a 13 year-old Moroccan immigrant had said she cannot attend mixed swimming lessons at school because she is not allowed to view the naked chests of her male class-mates. She requested that she be given PRIVATE lessons by the school instead.

Buying A Burkina In London

Buying A Burkina In London

The girls lawyer in Wednesday’s hearing said that according to the Koran, she was not  only forbidden from showing herself to boys but also from seeing the topless  boys. This fact is untrue for it does not say anything about that in the Koran, only that men must cover themselves from waist to knee in the presence of women. The judge finally ruled that, ‘The plaintiff has not made sufficiently clear that taking part in  co-educational swimming lessons with a burkini breaches Muslim rules on  clothing,’ rejecting her appeal against earlier decisions by two courts in the  western state of Hesse.

The German court ruling was much more sensible than ours, for it said that the girl MUST attend the classes and was ordered to wear a burkini which other Muslim classmates already did. A burkini is Muslim woman’s beach wear that covers everything except the face, hands and feet. How Muslim women would ever get a suntan is beyond me!

But this shows the major difference between Germany’s attitude to these people and ours. No doubt a British court would have ruled that she must be given private lessons, by a woman, in order to satisfy her religious beliefs, and that the schools attitude was racist!!!!!! We might even have seen the school governor’s, or headmaster, taken to court for religious discrimination who knows.

Think BRITISH Oak Of Course!

Think BRITISH Oak Of Course!

I would very much like to see these people put in their place when they come to OUR country. You either live by our rules or go back where you came from. You do not come here and try to change our way of life and our traditions to suit yourselves. I am all for Muslims coming to this country who are willing to learn the language, work, respect our way of life and integrate, but if they are not willing to do that, than my advice is to leave.

However, we the people, our institutions and government, must all stand together and say loudly, THIS is Britain, we will make you welcome, but YOU must adapt to us, not the other way around.


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