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Muslim Law and Rape

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Anyone who thinks that rape is not ‘condoned’ in Muslim law had better think again. I read with pleasure that a Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai and sentenced to 16 months in jail for ‘having sex outside marriage’ is to be released. How magnanimous of the Dubai authorities! Mind you, they didn’t have much choice after the international condemnation they received for this farce.

Marte Deborah Dalelv's  - Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s – Rape Victim

Marte Deborah Dalelv’s was sentenced after she reported a rape to the police and was promptly arrested for having sex outside of marriage, drinking alcohol, and ‘lying to the police’. According to Sharia law, before charges can be brought the rape must be witnessed by at least four men or the rapist has to confess, and only then will charges be brought.

In the case of Ms. Dalelv the rapist, a Sudanese was charged and received a 13 month sentence for having sex outside marriage and consuming alcohol. Notice the difference, the rapist gets 13 months jail time and the victim gets 15 months. So much for Dubai justice!

Dubai - Built On Foreign Capitol

Dubai – Built On Foreign Capitol

When you travel to Dubai, you can be expected to honour the standards and traditions of the country just like anywhere else. The UAE is a Muslim country with strong Muslim laws, but they seem to apply more to foreigners than to their own, even though the international business people and visitors outnumber the locals by about ten to one. Most are from America, Britain and the rest of Europe, and contribute hugely to the wealth of the country. Dubai relies on foreign money and would be nothing without it, so why do they come down so hard on foreigners?

Quite rightly there was international outrage at the news that this woman, a rape victim was to be charged with having sex outside marriage. As you would expect, the Norwegian government was the most vocal, followed closely by all the Civil Liberty and Human Rights groups. This action is certainly going to make any western woman think twice about reporting a rape in the future, knowing that she could end up with a prison sentence herself.

It seems to me that women visiting the country should seriously consider wearing an old-fashioned chastity belt complete with a very big padlock. I for one would like to see the face of a Muslim rapist when he sees that!

Dubai Police Car - No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

Dubai Police Car – No Rattling Fords Here. Nothing But The Best!

In my view, Muslim men seem to think they can rape a woman whenever they please because the chances of them being arrested are slim to none, and even then, more often than not, will never come to trial. Really, four male witnesses required for a conviction? I guess if there were only three the rapist would go ahead anyway because there are not enough.

There can be little doubt that Muslim law is on the side of the male in society, for these same laws subjugate women to being mere chattels to be used by men as they see fit. Women have no rights under Muslim law, and we all know about them having to cover themselves totally in case “they inflame the passions of men”! Maybe that is the problem with many Muslim men, they are only capable of thinking with their penis.

We Sentence You To Be Paralyzed

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I have often written of the bestiality of Sharia Law as do others, but yesterday’s news from Saudi Arabia, a so-called civilized nation, is disgraceful. Admittedly, the man in question attacked another with a knife that left the victim paralyzed, but now a Sharia Court has sentenced the assailant to be medically paralyzed. The call came from relatives of the victim who claimed this be done under the ‘eye for an eye’ law in Sharia.

Many medical practitioners in the country refused to carry out the operation, but it seems they have at last found one who was willing to do the surgery.

Naturally, the victim has my full sympathy, but to deliberately cause the offender to suffer this is barbaric to say the least. Lock him away, give him hard labour by all means but not this. He has already served ten years in prison while the courts tried to find a willing medical team, but now the search is over.

This is just a single case from an entire history of such abuses. People have had their eyes gouged out, hands chopped off, teeth removed, public flogging and not to forget the stoning to death of women. Its like Muslims are living in the Middle Ages and not the 21st century.

The question is, will it ever change? I would say there is little chance of that because it is embedded in their religion, and no matter how much we protest at this inhumanity it will never change. It is without doubt a sad indictment of today’s world.


Pakistan Girl Arrest – The Clock Turns Full Circle

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Young, Handicapped, and Innocent

It was with a feeling of satisfaction that I read Saturday that a Muslim cleric has been arrested for planting evidence on the mentally handicapped Rimsha Misah, a 14 year-old girl who has spent two weeks in prison for supposed blasphemy. It is well known that these controversial blasphemy laws have been used frequently by Muslims to get back at people they have a disagreement with, and to terrorise non-Muslim populations. Now, thankfully the ‘chickens have come home to roost’ and the scandalous nature of this despicable law is open for all to see.

Pakistan has a very small number of Christians with 97% of the population being Muslim. They have for many years been victimized in attempts to force them out of their homeland just for their beliefs, and in many cases in the past, the blasphemy laws have been used to stir up trouble. On many occasions ‘Mob Rule’ has taken over once an accusation has been made.  In the southern Punjab city of Bahawalpur last July, a mentally unstable man accused of blasphemy was dragged from a police station by an angry mob. Ignoring his pleas of innocence, the mob doused him with petrol and burned him alive. The girl herself would most likely have been given a death sentence under the blasphemy laws.

How Can Anyone Trust A Muslim Cleric?

In this most recent case, the Imam of the local mosque, Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti was arrested Saturday. He already admitted to inciting his ‘flock’ to force out the Christians, and it was a number of his own followers who stepped forward and gave the vital evidence that resulted in his arrest. “He was arrested after his deputy Maulvi Zubair and two others told a magistrate he added pages from the Koran to the burnt pages brought to him by a witness,” said Munir Hussain Jaffri, a police investigator.

The defence lawyer for the girl Rimsha hopes to have her released today, for she has spent the last two weeks in the notorious Adiala jail, and who knows how much trauma she has suffered. Over 600 of her Christian neighbours in the area have fled, fearing reprisals from the local Muslims.

Not The Place For A Young Girl

It without doubt time for this archaic law to be scrapped, and considering the world-wide publicity this case has caused, now might be a good time for the government to step in and repeal it. Let’s hope so!


What a Muslim Will Do For Honour! (You may find this Blog disturbing)

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Is the honour of any family worth brutally killing one of their own children? Muslims seem to think so. Honour killings have once again hit the headlines when a man, his wife, and the girl’s grandfather buried their sixteen-year-old daughter alive in south eastern Turkey. Her crime; talking to boys! Following a tip-off, the police found her body buried under a chicken pen in a two metre deep hole. She was in a sitting position with her hands bound, and an autopsy found large amounts of dirt in her lungs and stomach proving she was alive and conscious when she was buried. Her father had previously told friends that he was unhappy she was talking to boys. According to reports, it was decided at a family ‘council meeting’ that she had to die for staining the families honour. It is just one such ‘honour’ killing from an average of two hundred that take place in Turkey, and which account for approximately half of the murders there every year.

A similar case happened in Palestine in September 2008 when a seventy-four-year-old man buried his divorced daughter alive after tying her up and gagging her. A Jordanian, who’s seventeen-year-old daughter was abducted and raped in 2008, finally shot her dead in 2009 because he suspected she had been having a relationship with one of the kidnappers. Even Britain has had its share of such killings. In February 2007 a Muslim father, outraged by his wife and three children adopting western style clothing poured petrol over them while they slept and set them alight. They burned to death!

Honour Killing

Also in Britain in 2006, a Pakistani father forced his two daughters, aged two and four, to watch as he and his cousin carried out an honour killing on his sister who was in love with a man he did not consider appropriate. She had her throat cut three times and was stabbed repeatedly as she lay on the floor.

Official estimates put the number of honour killings at five thousand a year world wide and they take place in Muslim countries like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen apart from Turkey. The victims are not always girls, sometimes boys are killed too. Many times the ‘restoring of the family honour’ does not end in death for women since some countries governments, like Turkey, have started to clamp down on the practice. Nowadays, a families honour can be restored by setting fire to the face or burning it with acid to ensure lifelong disfigurement. It is an inescapable fact that the perpetrators of these ‘honour killings’ are seldom brought to justice for the simple reason it is necessary for the families honour.

For Family Honour

This killing and maiming is looked upon by the rest of the village or community of the family concerned with approval, as was amply demonstrated by what happened to a fifteen-year-old girl in Palestine. She was seen chatting to a boy without a male chaperone and as a result a marriage was quickly arranged. She had a child at sixteen and a year later she could not stand the bogus marriage any more and left. In July 1999 her family caught up with her and she was approached by her brother who convinced her to return to her village because everything had been forgiven. As she exited the vehicle in the village square her brother knifed her repeatedly in front of a huge crowd that started to cheer and shout encouragement because they saw the stain had finally been lifted from the family.

What is the reason for such brutality? According to reports there are three main reasons why such things happen: (a) Not respecting the Muslim dress code (b) wishing to marry your own choice of partner or trying to get out of an arranged marriage (c) engaging in certain sexual acts.

Official figures for 2002 in Pakistan for example cite 245 women and 137 men as being the victims of honour killings. Many are killed for having relationships outside their community or religion, but for women in particular the dangers are greater. If a daughter is thought to have stained the family honour for any reason, her own siblings may well demand her death to purify the family name, for if they do not, they may not find a husband.

To Be Stoned for Adultery

This is a side of Islam they would not like us ‘infidels’ to know about. Muslims can make as many excuses as they like but they will never convince me that Islam is not a barbaric religion. The strange thing is, the Koran preaches love, forgiveness and peace, but there is little of that in the current fanatical world of Islam. It is not my wish to insult Muslims, or their faith, and I am well aware that not all Muslims agree with such things, but these are proven facts, and you will not find another religion on the planet that is so cruel. So for me, the facts speak for themselves and each must draw their own conclusions.

May your God be more merciful than your family.


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