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So I Was Right All Along!

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The Woolwich Killers

The Woolwich Killers

I have often written in these pages that the one enemy of Islam and the western world is radical Islamic clerics, and according to the latest newspaper report, it seems I was not far off the mark. The Independent has reported that the Woolwich, London machete attackers who decapitated a British soldier, was a follower of the radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was secretly filmed telling his followers that it was perfectly acceptable to decapitate non-believers (i.e. us).

He is quoted as saying in an interview:  “I saw the film and we could see that he [the suspect] was being very courageous. Under Islam this can be justified, he was not targeting civilians, he was taking on a military man in an operation. To people around here [in the Middle East] he is a hero for what he has done”.

Omar Bakri Mohammed - Hate Preacher

Omar Bakri Mohammed – Hate Preacher

Omar Bakri Mohammed claimed asylum in Britain in 1986 but left in 2005 after the bombings because he ‘suffered harassment’ by the authorities and went to live in The Lebanon. Considering that he preaches hatred and sedition to his followers I am not surprised he left, otherwise he would have ended up in jail alongside Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa with luck.

In 2007 a group of Pakistani’s were arrested and convicted for plotting to kidnap and behead a British soldier. During the investigation a tape was found on which Bakri Mohammed was heard telling his flock: “When you meet [Westerners], slice their own necks. And when you make the blood spill all over, and the enemy becomes so tired, now start to take from them prisoners. Then free them or exchange them until the war is finished. Verily they remind the sunnah of removing the head of the enemy. They remind the sunnah of slaughtering the enemy. They remind the sunnah of how to strike the neck of the enemy. They removed the head of the enemy. Use the sword and remove the head of the enemy.”

Lee Rigby - An Innocent Victim

Lee Rigby – An Innocent Victim

Of one of the Woolwich attackers, Michael Adebolajo, Bakri Mohammed said: “I knew him as Michael when he came to the meetings and then he converted and he became known as Abdullah; I hear he then started calling himself Mujahid. He asked questions about religion, he was curious. He had first started coming when there was a lot of anger about the Iraq war and the war on terror. Whether I influenced him or not, I do not know. But he was a quiet boy, so something must have happened”. Well Mr. Mohammed, It seems to me that you ‘happened’, and influenced him one hell of a lot considering your hate rhetoric and his actions. He did exactly what you have been preaching all these years did he not?

I am not surprised that this man’s main concern is his own safety, for he was in The Lebanon when the Israeli’s attacked the Hezbollah stronghold in 2007 and tried to flee back to Britain as one of the civilians being evacuated. He was refused and said at the time: “What concerns me is my safety. I’d be happy with a month’s visa but this morning they told me I couldn’t because I’m not a British citizen any more.” In three words: Up Yours Mate!

A Grim Message

A Grim Message

It goes to show the hypocrisy of the man that he willingly attempts to get others to strap on a bomb or behead innocent people but he doesn’t want to get his own hands dirty. I have mentioned before that not a single cleric has himself strapped on a  bomb, or driven a car bomb into a crowded area to kill innocent civilians, but are content to just sit back and persuade others to do their dirty work for them. If they are so filled with hatred for the infidels then in my mind they should do it themselves, but it seems they just don’t have the courage of their convictions.

Over the past couple of days we have heard one or two Muslim clerics in Britain very quick to disassociate themselves from people like Bakri Mohammed, and we hear that this is not the true face of Islam, which teaches tolerance and peace. My question therefore is, why do the true followers of Islam among the clerics and people not put these ‘backroom’ assassins out of business? Why do they allow them to continue preaching to the young and impressionable Muslim youth?

In a recent post on the results of a PEW survey among Muslims I reported that 72% of Muslims are against insurgent violence, so why are they not shutting down these people like Omar Bakri Mohammed, Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa. But no! They continue to listen to them while they preach their hatred for anything non-Muslim.

EDL Demonstration

EDL Demonstration

Not surprisingly, after the murder there was a violent demonstration by thugs of the EDL, but I have to say that it will only take one or two atrocities of this nature on the streets of Britain, and the prophetic words of Enoch Powell, who made his so-called ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech to Parliament in 1968, may well come true. He said: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’. That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself (he refers to the 1960’s problems in the USA with the black people), is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect. Indeed, it has all but come. In numerical terms, it will be of American proportions long before the end of the century. Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal”.

If change is to come in this whole insurgent/radical situation, it can only come from within the Muslim community itself, for we infidels can continue to arrest these criminals and lock them up, but that will not end the suffering. All that’s left to say is: IT’S YOUR MOVE ISLAM!


So! Most Muslims Want Sharia Do They?

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At the beginning of May the Pew Report came out, and before you ask: “What the hell’s that?” – I’ll tell you. It was a survey carried out by the Pew Research Centre, a ‘fact-tank’ based in Washington, that did research into the Muslim religion and beliefs across thirty-nine countries. I have to admit, the results are not much of a surprise.

I have often asked in my previous posts why Muslims do not protest at the insurgent violence, which more often than not is aimed at them,  and why they are so determined to undermine the framework of countries they have emigrated to. Well, suffice it to say, the answers are in!

Trophy - A Thief's Hands. This Sharia Law In Action.

Trophy – A Thief’s Hands. This Sharia Law In Action.

From the report it seems that of the thirty-eight thousand people canvassed across the world, the vast majority want Sharia Law, with large differences between countries. In Afghanistan for example, the percentage wanting it was 99%, but in Azerbaijan the figure was only 8%. As you would expect, the majority of Muslims in the Middle and Near Eastern countries, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia are the ones that would like most to see it enforced. Having said that, it must be noted that not all these countries are Muslim, which probably explains the continuing violence in many where Muslims are in the minority, but still wish to impose their will on everyone.

Sharia is a big bone of contention within the Muslim world, for although most agree they want it, they cannot agree what form it should have. Many are against the more severe forms of punishment like chopping off the hands of thieves or executing those who leave the Muslim faith for another, but are happy to have it for settling family or property disputes. This will not sit well with people like the Taliban, who enforced the strictest form of Sharia across the whole country when they were in power. In those times it was nothing to see corpses hanging from streetlights or cranes across the country.

Pakistan - A Christian Church Set Alight By A Muslim Flash Mob

Pakistan – A Christian Church Set Alight By A Muslim Flash Mob

It is somewhat baffling to find that most Muslims, even in Pakistan, say there should be religious freedom, and Sharia should only apply to the Muslim population. This is somewhat at odds with the facts when persecution of Christians for example is a daily occurrence. Currently in Myanmar, there is regular violence between Muslims and Buddhists, all in the name of religion, which goes against the general statement by Muslims in the survey.

Religious Killers

Religious Killers

I think there is a fundamental difference between the ordinary Muslim and those who ‘fight for Allah’. For as we see from the survey, most Muslims say they are happy for other people to practice their faith, but the insurgents are not prepared to allow that, for they think everyone should be Muslim and infidels should be slaughtered. Another flaw in this thinking is the experience of Christians in countries like Saudi Arabia, which is more western orientated than most Arab nations. There, as a Christian you are shunned, forbidden to practice Christianity openly, or have places of worship, and if you are caught the consequences can be severe.

Suicide Bomber - Iraq

Suicide Bomber – Iraq

Around 72% were against insurgent violence, but that still left 28% who agree with it. This leads me to ask why, if the majority is against it, they do nothing to stop it, because lets face it, most of the bombers, and fighters were convinced to join the cause by radical clerics like Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatada in Britain. Many in the USA have also been recruited by evil clerics. If I went to my local church and the preacher started inciting the congregation to violence against anybody, I would shout him down and report his actions to the authorities. As a responsible human being I would not stand for it, so I have to ask, why do Muslims not do this?

What Muslims Think In America

What Muslims Think In America

Is it because they agree with the clerics words and secretly think the whole world should be Muslim, or have they become so indoctrinated that the clerics word is law? No matter what, as a Muslim, it would leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth if I knew these radicals were convincing young men and women to strap on a bomb and blow up innocent people. From my rudimentary understanding of the Qur’an this is against everything Muslims believe in.

Another Facet Of Sharia

Another Facet Of Sharia

A Shameful Way To Treat Women

A Shameful Way To Treat Women

It was also interesting to note in the report that most Muslims are against the so-called ‘honour killings’. Only in Iraq and Afghanistan do the majority of people support the killing of women who have ‘stained the family honour’ by having pre-marital sex or committed adultery, although, as we all know  there are more than 800 cases of this in Pakistan annually. Most Muslim men also think women should have the choice of whether or not to wear the infamous burka, and most, including the women, say a wife must obey here husband. (I will have to pass that on to the wife!)

From the survey it also becomes clear the inter-racial differences between Sunnis and Shia are considered to be unimportant to the majority, and only in Lebanon and Pakistan (38%-34%) is it considered to be a major problem. I suppose you could equate this to Protestants and Catholics hating each other.

There is beyond doubt a lot of good in the Islamic religion, for it professes to be a religion of peace, however, the current facts speak differently, and I can only surmise that it has been hi-jacked by those who do not believe in the real message of Islam, but have twisted it for their own ends. As for the insurgents, they certainly have their agenda, and at the moment I think it should be clear to just about everybody that they want to see the whole Muslim world in turmoil for they have certainly done their share in fanning the flames. I believe groups like al Quada are mostly responsible for all the current unrest and most certainly had a hand in starting the ‘Arab Spring’, from the background of course.

In Your Dreams Pal!!!!

In Your Dreams Pal!!!!

The idea that ‘Islam will rule the world’, as so often displayed on placards by radical Muslims demonstrating on the streets of Britain and other capitals, is but a pipe dream, for there is not a chance in hell that countries like the USA, Britain, France and other European countries will ever bow down to Muslim rule, and you can take that to the bank! We are a long way from being perfect, and in many areas we are totally rotten, but it is ours, and no-one is going to take it away and force us into religious slavery.

Muslims Block Roads in New York While They Pray

Muslims Block Roads in New York While They Pray

It is clear that in Britain today, one of the most tolerant people on the planet, there is quiet anger and huge dissatisfaction at the number of immigrants that came into the country  courtesy of that imbecile Tony Blair and his acolytes. At the moment it is mostly hidden, but many have shown their dissatisfaction by voting for the UKIP candidates at the last local elections. It is a protest, for no-one in their right minds would imagine that UKIP could run the country as a government, but its an indication of the unrest among ethnic Brits and something has to change.

I have said it before, and I will repeat it: I have no objection to immigrants who are prepared to work hard, speak English and integrate fully into society, much like the Caribbean immigrants from the 70’s. They did all of that and are now as British as you or I and God bless them for it. But as for this current shower of mostly Muslims who want to take over the country, I think its time we showed them the door with the message: If you don’t like it here – LEAVE!


The Boston Marathon – Who’s To Blame?

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Death and Maiming of Innocents - For What?

Death and Maiming of Innocents – For What?

Once again America has been hit by a terrorist attack, this time in Boston. It has to my mind reached an unsatisfactory conclusion with one of the brothers dead, and the other severely wounded in hospital. Why inconclusive? I say that because we do not know what, or who, made these two individuals carry out the bombing.

According to the people in their Chechnya birthplace they were good ordinary children, and during their long years living in the States there was no hint they would go bad. We will have to perhaps wait until the younger brother regains consciousness to find out if he will be forthcoming about what happened. Personally, I already have my suspect as to the real ‘brain’ behind the incident.

The Suspects

The Suspects

It has been reported that the older brother became a strongly devout Muslim in the last few years, and that should give us a clue. We have enough evidence from  previous incidents across the world that all those who strap on, or plant bombs, have been talked into it by radical Muslim clerics who twist the minds of innocent people, especially the young, with their promises of “72 virgins in Paradise”. It would do well for the authorities to look into the mosque and find out just what sort of preachers they have had there over the past year or so.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Muslim clerics have a huge effect on the lives of their followers. Britain has seen clerics like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa who openly preached sedition and hatred on the streets of our cities. Many radical clerics are well known to governments world-wide for their messages of hate given to anyone who will listen.

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Ordinary Muslims would never strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in a crowded place, for they believe Islam to be a peaceful religion and so it is, unless you have clerics who have been converted to the darker side of Islam by the likes of bin Laden and Al Queda. These evil men, like the two mentioned, use their religion to influence likely members of their flock into doing what they would normally never consider. Once again I quote the case of the Pakistani cleric who riled up a crowd into anti-Christian fervor and accused a young Christian girl of desecrating the Qur’an by burning pages of it. He was later arrested for planting the pages and whipping up hatred among his followers.

For more information on this subject please visit:

If the world wants to beat this cult of hatred for anything non-Muslim, governments, and more particularly Muslims themselves, must start looking for these radical clerics and put them out of business. While they continue to preach their message of hatred, the bombings and death among not only ‘infidels’ like us, but also their fellow Muslims will never end.

I firmly believe that true Islam is a religion of peace, but so long as the possibility exists for it to be hi-jacked by radicals who want to extend their power, the troubles will never end.


Bloggers Under Attack

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If like me you are a blogger who writes on occasion about things Islamic, you may want to start looking over your shoulder very soon. It would seem from reports that Muslims in Bangladesh have begun a crusade against people who, in their words, ‘insult Islam’ on the web. As a Bangladeshi blogger, one wrong word about Islam and the Muslim faith could become a death sentence.

Ahmed Rajib Haider - A Blogger Like You and I

Ahmed Rajib Haider – A Blogger Like You and I

Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed outside his home in February for allegedly insulting Islam. His ‘blasphemy’ was calling for the death sentence of Islamist leaders who committed crimes during the 1971 war. The leader of the main Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Abdul Kader Mullah, was jailed for life weeks before. At the beginning of last week, four bloggers were arrested on suspicion of harming religious sentiment through their work. The situation in the country has got so bad that eight blog operators have blacked out their sites.

Bomber Profile 2002 - 2007

Bomber Profile 2002 – 2007

I guess we western bloggers are lucky insofar as we have freedom of speech laws that protect us. What concerns me however, is that if the Bangladesh government caves in to the Muslim demands, which it may do, how long before other Islamic countries take up the call and we all end up with the threat of a death sentence hanging over our heads. Could any western blogger who writes something about Islam that could be construed as an insult, find themselves arrested at the border if they visit a Muslim country? Food for thought! No! This sort of action is going way too far for my liking, and I sincerely hope the Government of Bangladesh tell these Muslims to go ‘sling their hook’.

This entire ‘insults to Islam’ business is just another excuse for violence orchestrated by twisted clerics, for it is well known that it takes but two or three words to whip up mob violence among less educated Muslims. In my view there is little doubt that these clerics have their own agenda, and it has nothing to do with Islam, which to all intents is a peaceful religion. Just about everything many less educated Muslims do is governed by their local clerics in the mosques. If the cleric says stand on your head, before you can count to ten all you see is feet in the air!

Anwar al-Awlaki - Recruited The 'Underwear' Bomber

Anwar al-Awlaki – Recruited The ‘Underwear’ Bomber

As a prime example of ‘cleric power’, who is responsible for brainwashing normally decent people into strapping on a bomb and blowing innocents, and themselves, to hell? It certainly isn’t their neighbour or the local shopkeeper. With their evil promises that the bomber will go to heaven and be surrounded by virgins, they destroy the ‘humanity’ of the Muslim faith. Just how many virgins are there in heaven anyway?

Another case in point is the 14 year-old mentally handicapped Christian girl Rimsha Misa, who last September was accused of blasphemy for supposedly burning pages of the Qu’ran. It turns out it was the Imam of the local mosque Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti who planted the papers on the girl. He confessed to authorities he had been stirring up hatred for the Christian community in the town. In Britain everyone knows the names of the two main hate preachers,, Abu Hamsa and Abu Qatatda.

These types of malicious individuals are the devil in disguise, and are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people across the world over the last decade as they poison the minds of their flock.

Is This The Future Of Muslim Youth?

Is This The Future Of Muslim Youth?

Of course, you will seldom find an educated Muslim who will listen to their vitriolic preaching, for Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion, and in general I believe it is. But these malcontents fill their listeners with the idea that ‘Islam will rule the world’ and they will triumph by taking over all infidel countries and everyone will live under Sharia Law.

It is time Muslims across the world told these hate mongers to stop poisoning the minds of young and old, and start preaching the true message of Islam. In the meantime, I will keep looking over my shoulder.


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