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Death Penalty Outlawed – and Now Look At the Mess!

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Killers Nightmare

As I read the comments of people writing about newspapers articles involving crime recently, it would seem there is an overwhelming desire among the general public to see hanging back in Britain. High profile crimes over the past decade or more, linked with the ever decreasing sentences, appear to have sparked the idea in people’s minds that the death sentence may be the only way to stop the spiralling serious crime rate.

Violent Crime

While 58 nations world-wide still have the death penalty, Britain abolished it in 1969, the last execution taking place in 1964. Human Rights activists labelled the death penalty as “cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment” while Amnesty International considers it to be “the ultimate denial of human rights”. To me, it seems these people do not have a thought in their collective heads for the victims of violent crime, and the savagery meted out by today’s young criminals. Maybe they consider the lives snuffed out by murder and torture to be insignificant. I doubt the relatives of the victims would agree.

There is little doubt in the opinion of many that although Labour has repeatedly promised to be “Tough on Crime” before every election, there has been nothing to show for these empty promises. The rate of serious crime has risen sharply year on year, despite what the official ‘massaged’ figures from government show.

Just Two Years Old

Every day sees a new horror story in the Press of someone who has been brutally murdered, more often than not by children as young as nine. We have only to remember John Venebles and Robert Thompson who led away, tortured, and then savagely murdered little 2 year-old James Bulger. Another case in point is the terrifying ordeal of two youngsters in Edlington who were sadistically tortured and left for dead by two brothers aged ten and eleven.

But it is not only children that form a major threat to law-abiding citizens, there are also career criminals like Waleed Salem who got off scot-free from a charge of aggravated burglary on the home of Munir Hussain. He had 50 previous convictions but had only ever spent a total of 42 days in jail for all of them. In most cases all he got was a community service sentence. After his run in with Munier Hussain he openly boasted outside the court that the law couldn’t touch him, and the sad thing is, he turned out to be right.


Because of the overcrowding in prisons, many often violent criminals are released early after serving only a small fraction of their sentence. In a large number of cases, these people go on to re-offend within weeks of release, and sometimes it involves murder. Once again the case of Venebles and Thompson comes to mind with them being released and given new identities after serving only five years for their horrendous crime. As we all now know, Venebles is back ‘inside’.

The ‘Barmy Brigade’ felt they should be released early “because they were only children” and “came from dysfunctional homes”, as if that excused their vicious crime! It is an inexcusable fact that in lower class homes in particular, although not exclusively, parents today have little or no control over their offspring. In fact, I would dare say there is little interest in bringing up children correctly. Judicial punishment for dysfunctional parents is long overdue in my opinion.

Many parents today seem to think it is the schools responsibility to give their children the necessary lessons in good behaviour, so without the required guidance, is it any wonder we have a generation of tearaways and thugs!

Home From Home

With ever shorter sentences and prisons like 5 star hotels, we are in a period where the average criminal has absolutely no fear of Justice? More often than not, even vicious felons get Community Service for a few weeks and are left in the public domain to continue their nefarious trade. It has been proven time and again that this system does not work because the criminal just ignores the whole thing, and usually no-one can be bothered to check up on them, and they know it. So really it is nothing but a gigantic farce.

All this is put in place because the prisons are full, but are we building new prisons? No! Plans have come and gone, but none have been built. You cannot possibly turn hardened criminals from their chosen way of life unless the punishment is so severe they will not dare re-offend. At the moment its quite the reverse in fact.

The “Do Gooders’ and ‘limp-wristed’ Liberals are so set on making prison life as easy as possible with the intention of “giving the criminal a sense of morality and easing them back into society”. Its pretty obvious they have never been attacked or robbed! Prisoners are released on licence for days at a time during their sentence to allow them to ‘get used to being around people again’. There have been cases where criminals have ‘settled old scores’ on such breaks, meaning someone got killed.

The first job of any new government is to get these ‘Goody Goody’ idiots back out on the street where they can do no more harm, and put an end to all this pussy footing around.

There is a good case for bringing back the death penalty in whatever form, for only then will it be driven home to these lowlifes that the public will not stand for it any more. Kill and you will be killed.

There are of course many who stop short of actual murder but commit vicious crimes nevertheless. For these there should be a regime of hard labour awaiting them once convicted. It is time to end the period of criminals lounging around watching TV, using their computers or playing pool. It is time to stop taking young killers out for a day to Manchester or Blackpool, or to the cinema. It is time for more serious sentencing, because I see little point in a Judge sentencing a killer to 20 years with ‘a minimum of eight to be served’. If you give someone 20 years it should BE 20 years end of story, but Oh Damn! We can’t do that because the prisons are full and Amnesty Int. says every prisoner is entitled to his own cell with all the comforts of home! Atishooo! Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit!

Unless we bring back the death sentence for murder, torture and terrorism, start making prison a thing to be feared, and hand down sentences that fit the crime, we as a society are lost, for the crime rate will continue to spiral out of all control. After all, Britain has certainly the highest crime rate in Europe, and is probably only second in the world to the USA. Crime has not escalated to epidemic proportions in most other countries because they are not run by sleazy governments that are soft on crime, and have not handed responsibility for the running of prisons over to idiots. It is way past time that we returned to the strict regime of the 1940’s and 50’s.

Bringing back the death penalty will not only make killers think twice before committing murder, but it should also help to solve the prison overcrowding problem. Mind you, we may end up with a cemetery overcrowding problem then.

Ah Well! I guess you can’t have everything!


Whatever Happened to British Justice?

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Once again the British system of justice has failed by jailing a man for defending his home and family from three armed career thugs. To compound the error, the thug he caught has received a non-custodial sentence – AGAIN!

Millionaire businessman Munier Hussain, 53, returned home on September 3rd with his wife, 18 year-old daughter and two sons, to find their home being ransacked by three masked thugs armed with knives. The family were threatened and held at knife point, before being  tied up and told to lie on the floor if they did not want to be killed.

One of the sons managed to break free and ran to alert Mr. Hussain’s brother who lived close by. Mr. Hussain himself managed to break free and threw a coffee table at the three armed men. When they fled, he and his brother chased after them armed with a cricket bat and metal pole respectively.

They caught up with Egyptian born Waled Salem, 57, a career criminal with over 50 convictions ranging from possession of firearms, to fraud and theft, and set about trying to restrain him until the police arrived. For this ‘attack’, Mr. Hussain received a two-and-a-half year sentence, and his brother, who the judge said had less motivation, received three years and three months. The longest sentence Waled has ever received for any of his 50 crimes is 42 months, of which he served only half. For more than 70% of his crimes he has received no more than a fine or a Community Order i.e. a slap on the wrist.

Salem, who sustained a fractured skull and ‘brain damage’ from the ‘attack’ was given a non-custodial sentence by Judge John Reddihough in Reading Crown Court, he of course being viewed as the ‘victim’. He was heard by many people outside the court bragging to his son that the law could not touch him.

The Judge reasoned that the Hussain brothers had ‘used unnecessary force’ when apprehending Waled Salem. He said in summation “If persons were allowed to take the law into their own hands and inflict instant and violent punishment rather than letting the Criminal Justice System take its course, the rule of law and criminal justice would collapse”.

To that I have but one retort; Balderdash!!! (and I am being polite).

For a start, if Salem had got away, the chances of him being caught by the police were infinitesimal, and both he and the police know that. Most burglars get away with their crimes and are never caught because the police do not have the manpower or resources to catch them.

Also, if more burglars were tackled by their victims and put in hospital there would be less of them, because they may well think twice before taking the chance of being caught by an irate house-owner.

The aftermath of the affair has led to Hussain’s father having three strokes and his wife a heart attack. The family have since surrounded their house with alarms and surveillance cameras for fear that the other two, who have not yet been caught (see what I mean), will pay them a return visit.

The law enforcement system in the United Kingdom is totally incapable of protecting us honest citizens from the activities of criminals, as is evidenced by the soaring crime rate. In fact, it has been amply demonstrated that the law is actually on the side of the criminal, for they receive far more protection from it.

A recent law amendment states that a person may defend his property and family using only force that is ‘reasonable and not excessive’. But force that is reasonable to me may not be to you, and vice versa. It would seem the judge is left to decide.

If I and my wife are threatened by a knife or gun yielding thug and I belt him with a baseball bat, is that reasonable force? It would seem from Judge Reddihaugh’s standpoint I should ask him politely to go away, and if he refuses I should request he hold out his hand so I may give him ‘six of the best’ with a cane. Would that please your Lordship??

It’s time more Judges and MP’s were on the receiving end of crime.


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