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So now it begins in Germany, and all because Angela Merkel was so rash as to issue an open invitation to refugees! It is one thing to have sympathy with those fleeing war, but quite another to allow terrorists to enter Europe knowing they will begin a wave of terror.

Gunman Outside McDonald's Shoots At Civilians

Gunman Outside McDonald’s Shoots At Civilians

Today reports are full of the shopping mall attack in Munich which began in a McDonald’s restaurant. This follows last Monday’s attack on a train by an axe and knife wielding 17 year-old last Monday which injured five people.

I have to say that it does not surprise me ever since Merkel allowed 1.2 million refugees into Germany last year. As you would expect, this year the flow has not stopped. To do such a rash thing was in my view suicide, for since the New Year we have seen scores of sex attacks on German women by Muslim immigrants, and now they have taken it a step further. Anyone who didn’t see this coming must have been either blind or stupid.

Let me make it clear that I do not blame all Muslims that reside in Europe for these atrocities, but there are sufficient numbers among them who either sympathize with the terrorists, or can be persuaded to carry out these acts of violence in the name of ISIS.

It has been made known that in excess of 6,000 ISIL fighters have infiltrated Europe disguised as refugees, and now we know why they are here, as if that was in any doubt. At the moment there is no indication that the axe attacker or the lone gunman from Munich have affiliations with ISIS, but you can be sure this group will claim responsibility.

With the recent attacks in Paris and Nice most people were saying that the jihadists were concentrating on France, but I for one knew this would not be so. These people have spread across Europe and are inciting European Muslims to commit acts of violence in the name of Allah and ISIS, and there is little doubt it will not stop here. We can be sure that in the coming year there will be such acts in many other cities across Europe.

We may see many more ‘lone-wolf’ attacks such as these, but there may also come suicide bomb attacks on various crowded places such as airports, railway stations, the Metro, or as in Paris, maybe even concerts and disco’s.

Child Victim In Munich

Child Victim In Munich

There can be little doubt that this is a dangerous time for Europe, for while the number of casualties are low when compared to previous attacks like 9/11, there will be more to come. We have no idea what these people are planning, but for sure they will want to make a much bolder statement at sometime in the future.

It is distinctly possible that these latest attacks are but the tip of the iceberg, for as ISIL get more organized we will see an increasing number of attacks on civilians across Europe.

The flow of migrants to Europe has diminished somewhat from last year, but they are still making their way into the continent, and there is no indication that it will stop. While many of these people are in fact fleeing the terror inflicted on their homeland, many come here with an ulterior motive of creating mayhem.

I do not understand why many of the Middle East Muslim countries are doing nothing to help these people, but prefer it if they all come to Europe. What is the government of Iraq and Syria doing to help these people – the answer is – nothing!

Pressure needs to be brought to bear on the rich countries, like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and the many others to help these people instead of allowing them to make the dangerous crossing to Europe. It is like they have washed their hands of the whole debacle. The only Arab country that is doing anything to help these people is Jordan.

The latest news today (Saturday) indicates that the Munich gunman did not have any actual links to ISIS, but it is for sure that 18-year-old David Ali Sonboly must have been inspired by the actions of ISIS, although a search by police of his room has shown no direct link to them. The latest information says that he had received psychiatric care and been treated for depression.

Male Victim

Male Victim

ISIS must have been very pleased with his actions for although they had no direct contact with him he did just what they wanted. It is without doubt their aim to spread fear among the European population, and to date it’s working well. Any time you go shopping, or anywhere else, you never know when such an event will take place.

To track down all these terrorists who have invaded the European continent is an almost impossible job, and the people will be wondering when the next attack will occur. It is clear they are not looking to carry out such attacks themselves, but are influencing Muslims already living here to do their dirty work for them.

What is really sad is that the Muslims living in Europe are not doing a thing to assist the police. No-one comes forward and says that such and such a person is behaving strangely, or has a gun or explosives. It is always left up to the police and security services to find these people on their own. I know for sure that if I knew one of my neighbours for example had guns in the house or was meeting with strange people I would immediately inform the police.

Kick Them Out!

Kick Them Out!

The local Muslim preachers are not denouncing anyone in their flock for suspicious activity, in fact many of them encourage these attacks. These people should be rounded up by the police and immediately deported. Anyone who is thought to have links to terrorist groups should receive the same treatment.

As a people we should not have to put up with such attacks, for if some Muslims cannot live in peace with us they should leave. I just hope that governments across Europe wake up to this fact and do what has to be done.


The Miraculous Awakening of a Politician! – Cameron on Multiculturism

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It seems British politicians are finally catching up with the rest of us. The people have known for decades that ‘Multiculturism in Britain ain’t working folks!’ Last week David Cameron the British Prime Minister, actually came out and said publically that it was so, and to his credit, he is the first British politician to admit this fact.

Angela Merkel Got There First David!

In his speech to the 47th Munich Security Conference, Cameron stated that “the UK needed a stronger national identity” (That’s funny, I seem to have read that somewhere before! It must have been in a stream of my past blogs). He went on to say; “We need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and much more active, muscular liberalism” (I seem to have heard that before too). It does the poor old heart good to eventually find out there is a politician on the same wavelength as the rest of us.

He also seems to be of the opinion that Muslim organizations that do not come out strongly against extremism should no longer receive government funding. Right on Mr Cameron! If your actions match your words you may yet save the country from Islamization!

“Let’s properly judge these organisations: Do they believe in universal human rights – including for women and people of other faiths? Do they believe in equality of all before the law? Do they believe in democracy and the right of people to elect their own government? Do they encourage integration or separatism? These are the sorts of questions we need to ask. Fail these tests and the presumption should be not to engage with organisations,” – ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth!’

As you can imagine, the speech came under severe criticism from various quarters, i.e., Muslim-loving Labour and some Muslim Organizations. However, the Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Assistant Secretary General Dr Faisel Hanja, made a muted comment by describing the speech as “disappointing”.

As if you didn’t know, these are the people who prefer to keep a low profile, for they have never come out with a public statement condemning extremism in all its forms or doing anything to stop it. He went on; “Again it just seems the Muslim community is very much in the spotlight, being treated as part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution.”

I have news for you Dr. Hanja; You are part of the problem!

Muslims Must Stop This – Not the Police or Government!

Until such time as the Muslim community in Britain condemns publicly extremist’s actions, organizes demonstrations against them, and takes steps to have radical Mullahs and Imams removed from all mosques you will continue to be part of the problem.

Muslim organizations have sat on the fence for years, not lifting a finger to combat the extremists within their ranks and then expect us to be happy with the situation. I have often said, and I stand by these words: If you are not against them – you are for them! This ‘not wanting to get involved’ attitude has turned the country into a hotbed of extremism.

At the conference, Mr Cameron also made the point that the British people have been too tolerant of the Muslim minority. We have failed to stand up for our rights in our country, accommodating Muslims by removing things which we perceive may ‘offend’ them. The people seem to have forgotten that we were here first, and anyone who comes through the door must accept our way of life or move on.

You Get the Picture

Let me put it simply: If a total stranger walks in your house, grabs a beer from the fridge, sits in your favourite chair with his feet on the table and starts watching a Muslim channel on TV, would you bring him snacks and remove yourself from the room to make him more comfortable? No! I thought not!

But this is exactly what we were doing with the immigrants under Labour! How many times have we all heard; “you can’t do that it may upset the Muslims!”

Instead of helping them to assimilate into our culture and society, we have been ‘bending over backwards’ trying to change our culture to accommodate them! We even condone the violent demonstrations aimed at our way of life by extremist groups, who wave placards against everything we stand for and promising to kill us all!

In my opinion, its time for the British people to stop ‘pussy-footing’ around and declare to all minorities that this is our island, and if you can accept that and become part of our society, you are welcome to stay. If not, you know where the door is!

The Qu’ran

On the other hand, much has been said and written of the Muslim community failing to integrate with British society. Those that have, and they are many, are the most moderate of Muslims; they have to be for the teachings of the Qu’ran do not allow any Muslim to live in the way we do.

According to the Qu’ran there is no other religion than Islam, and those that do not belong to the ‘one true faith’ are enemies. The Muslim holy book calls for the destruction of all faiths outside Islam, and most of the things we do daily are considered a terrible sin.

Whilst the Christian Bible preaches love for one’s fellow man, the Muslim Bible, the Qu’ran, preaches nothing but hatred for everything none Islamic. Hence we have the extremist groups.

If you look at Muslim life in Britain, or any western country for that matter, you will find that the teachings of the Qu’ran make it totally impossible for any Muslim to properly integrate in our society and remain a ‘good Muslim’.

The strict teachings of the Qu’ran must cause much confusion among immigrant Muslims who come to our shores, for living here violates all they have been taught in their own country.

Right On Babe!

For this reason, anyone coming to our island must be made to understand that we believe in universal human rights, free speech and our system of law and democracy. These are fundamental rights we will not give up, so if they feel they can accept these values and live among us in peace and harmony; ‘then come on in!’ On the other hand, if they cannot, then they should return from whence they came.

I sincerely hope Mr Cameron is as good as his speech, for its long past due that we had a government not only capable, but with ‘the balls’ to do what we all know is right.


Crazy? You Couldn’t Make It Up – Series 1 Episode 9.

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Digging deep among the daily news items one often comes across bizarre happenings around the world. Take for example the German DIY enthusiast who walled himself into his own cellar. The reason for such a strange act, or miscalculation if you want to be kind, is unknown but led to the man spending the entire weekend trapped in his cellar.

Always Leave Yourself An Exit!

Apparently he had taken food and drink with him, but I guess he eventually missed his TV or trip to the local bar, so come Monday morning he broke his way through to his neighbours cellar with a power tool. Not on good terms with his neighbour it seems he started cussing and swearing at them and ended up in the local police station. It will forever remain a mystery as to why he didn’t break down the wall he had recently built instead of going through into this neighbour’s cellar and ending up in the arms of the law. I bet he’s a lousy map reader also!!!

A Spanish woman has found a novel way of making money for free. She has claimed the sun as her property in a Spanish court, and claims she wants to slap a levy on anyone who makes use of the aforesaid property. Angeles Duran laid claim to the star after reading that someone had appropriated the moon and various other planets in our star system.

Hands Off! Its Mine!

It would appear that international agreements make it impossible for countries to claim rights of ownership of celestial bodies but it says nothing about individuals. Ms. Duran is quoted as saying she now wants to slap a fee on anyone who uses the sun, the proceeds of which will be distributed between the Spanish government, Spanish old-age pensioners, feeding the starving and a 10% cut for herself. It looks like the idea of sunning yourself on a beach during the holidays is going to cost you more than the daily €5 for your sun bed!!!

Someone Loves Their Phone!

Two German undertakers in the city of Cologne have discovered a unique niche in the funeral market. They have introduced a range of coffins elaborately decorated with pictures of naked, muscular young men in athletic poses for the homosexual market. Themselves homosexual, the pair estimate to do a good trade as it is estimated that 1 in 10 people in the city are of the same ilk.

The pair also cater for the more normal among us and can provide artwork to suit all tastes. Lets just hope the homosexual side of the business does a roaring trade!!!

Delhi Subway

Due to continuing sexual harassment by men of female underground train passengers in Delhi, India, the local authorities introduced ‘Women Only’ carriages on the trains. Unfortunately, due to the volume of commuters these days, some men were recently caught riding in the women’s carriage. After being fined 250 Rupees ($5.40) they were also set about by the women who made them do sit-ups on the platform in front of all the other commuters. Let’s hope they at least got some goodness from the exercise. It would appear ‘Woman Power’ is alive and well in India!!!

Some people like to be naked, and there are those who carry it to extremes like a young Australian who got caught in Munich, Germany. A week ago he got caught running, with underwear in hand, through the main railway station by German police. On seeing them he started running but was unceremoniously brought down by a slippery floor.


When questioned, he stated that he was running naked across Europe for a bet, and after visiting 11 others cities this was the first time he had been caught. The man is indeed very brave for he was doing this in winter and I would for one would rather do it in summer. You never know what excessive cold will do to the nether regions!!!

Its Winter and the Thieves Are Still At It.

Talking about cold, Kent police in the UK were not very pleased when a women rang the emergency 999 number to report the theft of a snowman from in front of her house. She seemed particularly upset because she had used two one pound coins for the eyes and teaspoons for the arms. Needless to say, she received a good talking to by the police for wasting their time and improper use of the emergency number. It just goes to show that some people will steal anything that is not nailed down these days!!!

One of the worst things about growing old is you forget things, but you have to feel desperately sorry for a pensioner in Westcliffe-Upon-Sea in the UK. Just one moment of forgetfulness robbed him of his life savings of £80,000. The unfortunate man had put a bag containing his savings on the roof of his car for just a moment but forgot it when he drove off.

Stolen Money Will Never Make You Happy!

The man had saved two thousand pounds a year all his working life and usually kept it under his bed while he had a guard dog. When unfortunately the dog died he decided to take the money to his place of work each day, and that decision was fatal.

Upon discovering the loss some time later, he carried out a search with his grandson but all they found was the bag that had contained the money. Asked why he kept the money at home, he told the police he did not trust banks. After the happenings of the last year, and the world recession brought about by greedy banks, who could blame him.

Needless to say, in this day and age, and people being what they are today, the money has not been handed in to local police despite the unfortunate man offering a reward. I for one hope the dishonest finders get rain every day on their Caribbean holiday!!!


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