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“I Have to Sell My Home to Pay a Thief Compensation”

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These days the law often gets it wrong, and as usual, it’s the victim who suffers. Such is, in my view, the case with Simon Cremer who recently caught one of his employees stealing from his company. Cremer discovered the thief, Mark Gilbert, had written a company cheque to himself for £845  and decided to hand him over to the police.

Angered at the betrayal of trust, he marched Gilbert to the local police station with a placard around his neck stating his crime. To cut a long story short, all Gilbert got from the police was a caution, which means in effect a ‘slap on the wrist’ and they would take no further action on the case.

A Thief Paraded Down The High Street - Morally Unjustifiable?

Simon Cremer was very surprised to hear later that Gilbert was taking legal action against him for false imprisonment, and seeking compensation for the “stress, humiliation and trauma” he had suffered while being marched down the main street. Cremer wanted to fight the case but was told by his lawyers it would be cheaper to settle out of court. 

Mr Cremer now faces bills totalling £34,000, which include £5,000 compensation for the thief Gilbert, and almost £30,000 in legal fees. When looking at the lawyer fees, one has to ask who the real rip-off merchants are here!  The final result is, Mr. Cremer will be forced into selling his home to pay for this failure of the judicial system.

So, once again we see a common criminal getting the better of the law, and the victim paying the cost. Many say Mr. Cremer should have just phoned the police on discovering the crime, and to a certain degree they are right, but morally speaking, what is wrong with humiliating a thief in public? The man is after all a thief!

Considering the fact the law seems totally incapable of giving criminals the sentences they deserve these days, a little public humiliation may be just what these people need to get them ‘back on track’ in society. Any way you look at it, the current system of locking them up in 5-star hotels doesn’t seem to be working.  

In any event, Gilbert got away scot-free with his crime and is now ‘laughing all the way to the bank’, while the victim will have to sell his home, enduring all the disruption and stress this will cause his family. It just goes to show, the old saying of “Crime doesn’t pay” is totally irrelevant these days.

It is a sad fact of life today that criminals can operate with almost total impunity from the law, and in fact, even turn on their victims at will. You can talk about the ‘Human Rights’ of criminals like Gilbert, but when the law proceeds as in this case, you are saying a thief can manipulate it on moral grounds and the victim has no defence.  The previous labour government was always criticised for being ‘soft on crime’, and it is many of their policies that brought us to this stage.

Including the Victims of Crime???

The upsurge of ‘Human Rights’ and Equality Laws in recent years have seriously damaged society as a whole, and all because the law has lost its ‘moral’ way. As David Cameron commented some time ago, “Britain has become a ‘Compensation Culture’ and must change”. While there are many justified claims for compensation filed in UK courts, these laws are open to abuse by unscrupulous people who milk the system for all they can get. Many are criminals who escape justice completely.

Had I been in Mr, Cremer’s shoes, I think I may well have acted as he did. If, as in this case, there is no doubt whatsoever about the persons guilt, then the action taken by Mr. Cremer is fully justified in my view. I do not find any moral problem in parading a thief down the High Street wearing a placard telling everyone what he has done. It is time the courts accept the fact that if you kill, steal, or assault someone you automatically give up any rights to morally correct treatment and should be treated for what you are, a criminal.

I am tired of hearing of innocent victims being crucified in the courts by thieves and killers who think they have more rights than their victims. It is high time the legal system in Britain was completely overhauled with the power, and moral high ground, taken away from the criminals and returned to the victims of crime. Our only hope is that the Cameron government can see how extensive the breakdown of law and order is in the country and do someting about it. I live in hope!


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