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The Losers In The American Election Campaign

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The Contenders

The Contenders

It should be simple enough really, you hold a few rallies, rent a bit of air-time on TV and radio, and then everyone goes to the polls and votes for their favourite – Right? Wrong! Under the American presidential election system you hit the campaign trail one whole year before voting day and spend that time digging up dirt on your rival and splashing it all over the TV channels, and visiting every nook and cranny of the country to get your message across. The main point is, what does all this shenanigan cost?

Well, according to the latest information published by Politico, so far campaign donations have hit the $1 BILLION mark for both Obama and Romney. To me, as an ordinary citizen, that seems like a shameful amount of money to spend trying to get voters on your side. And I say this in light of the millions of people in the country who cannot find work, who have no proper home, and struggle to put food on the table. With so many struggling to make a living, doesn’t this seem completely ludicrous, or am I wrong?

Who Will Help Him?

Who Will Help Him?

I don’t blame the two candidates because that is the way American politics works, but in any other country it would be considered shameful. Two billion dollars would help a long way towards getting people in work and helping people to put a roof over their heads, and not only that, give medical help to the many who cannot afford to go to the doctors or the hospital.

I realize that in America this amount of money will not go far, but it seems to me that it can be put to far better use helping people than paying astronomical fees to TV stations to air some stupid campaign advertisement that is probably all hogwash anyway. Romney spent a mind-boggling $30 million on advertising in August alone!



It is true that this money is made up of donations, but if someone wishes to make such a donations could they not better do it to help the less fortunate? The country would be out of its financial crisis within months if the same attention was given to the country and its people instead of just the election. But unfortunately, people being what they are, and I by no means include only the American people in this, are out for all they can get for free. In my opinion, few of the really large donors like corporations are giving the campaign money because they think Obama or Romney are ‘really nice fellows’, they are looking out for their own futures and will back whoever they think will help them continue to make huge profits. In some cases I am sure they will expect a favour in return if their candidate wins.

But this all detracts from the real reason for this post. If the American election campaign was run in a more normal and acceptable way, shall we say in line with many European elections, this money could be put to far better use helping those in the country that need help the most. Its interesting to note that most charities that ask for donations to help the poor and needy could never raise this much money in a month of Sunday’s, but people are more than willing to splash it around at election time.

The Fight Is On

The Fight Is On

Over the last twenty years or so the campaigns have got steadily dirtier and more sordid, so you have to think where it will all end. Will the next election in four years be worse than this one. In light of the past you have to imagine it will, so who will be the brave president who puts a halt to the declining morality at election time? Who will be brave enough to say: “Enough is enough – Let’s concentrate on issues rather than mudslinging?” Which members of Congress and the Senate will stand up and vote to drag the American electoral system back into the real world? I think the answer to these questions is: None! So therefore American politics will continue down the same road for the foreseeable future.

What makes this doubly sad is that many countries look up to the United States, and it does without doubt hold a very important position in the world, but to me elections such as we are witnessing diminish the glow of freedom and righteousness that America has emanated for so long. Something for the American people, and the next president to think about perhaps.


The U.S. Presidential Election – Can It Get More Shameful?

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If I were an American I would hang my head in shame at the antics of Romney and Obama who are vying for the most powerful position in the world, that of American President. To have watched from the sidelines this war of words between two heavyweight contenders for the post, is to say the least, a travesty, and an insult to intelligent men and women everywhere.

The Fight Is On.

Why the American public has put up with this comedy during elections over the past twenty years or so is totally beyond me. For almost a year the two contenders trade insults and barbs, drag up whatever dirt they can find and call each other liars just to gain the public favour in a vote that will take place in November. In my opinion, this diminishes both the persons involved, the American people and the country. If this is politics in the 21st century I want nothing of it.

Whatever happened to the times when men of power were voted in on their suitability, their politics, and their trustworthiness. All that has gone out the window, and now its a mud-slinging contest with the one to whom the least amount of mud sticks becoming the winner (I heard that somewhere before). Sorry, but that is not how it should be!

Grrrrr! – Grrrrr Yourself!

The sad fact is, that this current campaign system has become so entrenched over the past twenty years that it is unlikely to change. It will just get dirtier and more sordid. Maybe it might be better to just give them each a gun and let them fight it out cowboy style! At least the world would not be bored to tears  with a battle of words.

The entire election system in America is in desperate need a major overhaul with (a) the election campaign restricted to say no more than three months (in fact the shorter the better), and (b) no more mud-slinging. Aspiring Presidents should be made to stick to laying out their credentials for the post, their policies, and what they think they can do for the country and its people. The re-election of Presidents should also be weighed on the their past record in office.

Another thing I hate about the current system is this drumming up of campaign contributions from the rich and powerful, because there is often a payback. From my point of view it seems more like a way of gaining influence. In this world you get nothing for nothing, and you can bet your last dollar that all these rich and powerful business people want a favour in return for the millions they contribute. It’s the old ‘You scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours’ syndrome. In an election for the post of most powerful person on the planet it stinks to high heaven!

You Scrub My Back…..

I may be an outsider  when it comes to America and its politics, but what I see daily on the news does not inspire one little bit of confidence in me for the future. I know for sure that if I were an American citizen, I would start campaigning for a change in the system and do my utmost to start cleaning up Capitol Hill and the White House. I would consider it my duty as an American citizen!


Roamin’ Romney

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After Mitt Romney’s antics during his European tour I honestly can’t imagine any sane person voting for him to replace Barak Obama. If the man was trying to signal his diplomatic skills in the field of foreign policy he failed dismally.

The British Press Were Not Amused

He has visited three countries, namely the UK, The State of Israel and Poland, and managed to upset someone every time he opened his mouth. First it was the Olympic Committee in Britain, then the Palestinian’s in Israel, and to top it off he upset the unions in Poland. This man desperately wants to become the next president of the United States and thinks he can do a better job than Barak Obama. Sorry Mitt, you can’t! As an ‘outsider’ I dread to think what harm such a man may do if he became President.

Obama has come under a lot of criticism during his time in office, but it does seem to me that much of it is unfounded. What people tend to forget is that he is a Democrat president with a Republican House of Representatives that consistently stood against him and many of his policies, effectively blocking them. The ObamaCare Health Bill is a prime example.  

It would be a bit like Britain having a Conservative prime Minister ruling over a Labour government. The two just don’t mix, and certainly cannot work together for the good of the common people.

It Certainly Seems Like It!

While I am in full agreement with putting an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, I shudder to think what will happen if the world had Mitt Romney’s finger on the trigger. He has already made it clear he would back any strike by Israel against the Iranian nuclear installations, but who does he think Iran will direct their anger at? Not just Israel that is for sure, and if America retaliates, before you know it the entire Middle East could be at war with the Western World! Sorry! But I for one don’t want that man’s finger on the trigger!

To me he comes across as far too ‘smooth’, and he tells people what he thinks they want to hear, and one question before I finish; Why won’t he release his tax records? It doesn’t take a genius to guess the reason.


Time For A New Chapter In American Presidential Elections?

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It seems the American political system is desperately in need of a major overhaul, judging from all the presidential elections I have witnessed over the years. As someone who loosely follows these campaigns for the White House hot seat, I have to say that from my perspective I am tired of the mud-slinging that all candidates have indulged in over the past few years. If a candidate cannot be chosen on his merits then the rest is all wind.

As a voter I would be more interested in what policies the candidates have for the country, and not what skeletons they have hidden in the closet. But that is all that seems to count these days, what with Romney and Obama digging into the past of the other and trying to find something dirty. 

This sort of tactic has been employed to greater or lesser degree since the election of Ronald Reagan at least, and if I were an American citizen I would be totally fed up with it by now. Certainly in the last two elections the tempo seems to have ‘hotted up’ as to be white hot.

When a Presidential candidate comes to my town I would like to hear what he is going to do to help solve the problems that abound in today’s society, both domestic and foreign, not that the other guy gave millions to some now defunct solar company. I don’t want to hear that so and so was a bully in school or cast doubt on the legitimacy of the current President as a an American citizen.

What is the matter with people that they can’t get enough of this mud-slinging, for it seems to me that the one who wins is he who has they least amount of mud clinging to them on the final day. That is not the way to choose a leader for the next four years or even the next four hours. I know its an important office, but why does a campaign have to take a whole year. I would be tired of the constant campaigning if I were an American. Three months seems to me like a long time.

Whoever becomes the next President will have tough decisions to make, perhaps on a daily basis. He will control one of the world’s foremost armed forces and be required to make the correct assessment of situations that can have world-wide implications. Hell, he can even start a nuclear holocaust that could put the continued existence of mankind in doubt.

As an American, would you want someone with questionable ethics or courage with their finger on the button? I sure as well wouldn’t!

So as an adult, I find it somewhat childish to go in for this petty name-calling and dirt-digging that plays such a big part in campaigns today. It has gotten out of all proportion and its time candidates paid more attention to laying out their policies for easing the suffering that everyone (except the rich) are going through in these troubled times. 

To me, it seems people should want to know what a future President will do about getting health care for every American citizen, and generating  jobs for those that do not have them. High on the agenda should also be sorting out the countries deficit, solving the problems in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, and bringing pressure to bear on countries like Brazil and Indonesia to save the rain forests. To be honest, I would think this last should be high on the agenda considering the massive increase in tornado’s and hurricanes in America over the last ten years.  

In all honesty I have to say that the same attitude is creeping into British politics of late, and it is a trend that does not bode well for our country.

When will politicians learn that they need to ‘come clean’ during their election campaigns and stop telling lies and sowing deceit just to get elected. For it is an ever increasing trend that they will tell the electorate what they want to hear to get elected, but as soon as they are, all the promises are like dust in the wind. It is time they realized that they are entrusted with leading their country forward and solving problems that crop up along the way, not to sit in their ivory tower and view the world through rose-tinted glasses while they line their pockets at the people’s expense.


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