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A Great New Comedy Called Justice

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As you read the headline I guess many will think it’s a new TV comedy series called Justice. Well to tell you the truth, what I read yesterday would make a good series. People have been lamenting the fall of the UK justice system for a good many years, in fact, ever since Tony Blair made it into a joke, and believe me, it is getting worse by the day.

The Face Of A Killer

The Face Of A Killer

Yesterday I was astounded to read that a convicted serial killer has been awarded compensation against HM Prison Service for not adequately protecting him from fellow inmates. I write of Levi Bellfield who was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of four young women, including Milly Dowler. It would seem he was set upon by a fellow prisoner with a make-shift weapon and received minor injuries, namely a small cut to the face and bruising. What a shame they did not finish him off.

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

This happened in Wakefield Prison in 2010 while he was waiting for his second trial for the murder if Milly Dowler. He immediately sued the prison for up to £30,000 for failing in their duty to protect him. In a recent court ruling the judge granted his plea and awarded him £4,500 in compensation. In many people’s view the judge himself should be locked up beside him and then they can play cards together. It has not been revealed what precedent was used by the judge to grant his compensation, but the whole episode stinks to high heaven.

Marsha McDonnell - Victim No. 2

Marsha McDonnell – Victim No. 2

The case had been fought by lawyers representing the Ministry of Justice for three years, and after the hearing on Wednesday when the judgement was read, a ministry spokesman said, “We are hugely disappointed that Levi Bellfield was awarded £4,500 by a judge following an assault by a prisoner in 2009 at HMP Wakefield.”

Kate Sheedy – Victim No. 3

It beggars believe that a convicted murderer can play the system in such a way and get away with it. I can well imagine that if he cut his finger with a plastic knife while eating lunch he would sue because the prison authorities did not warn him the knife was sharp. Just how far down this ridiculous road are we expected to go before some politician wakes up and puts a stop to this nonsense?

Amelie Delagrange - Victim No. 4

Amelie Delagrange – Victim No. 4

That’s all you hear these days, human rights, equality, compensation and all the rest of that bunkum. Its time for it all to stop and we get back to a right and proper justice system. Yet another reason for Britain to crawl out from under the suffocating yoke of the EU system of Justice, for it has become a laughing stock.


What Is Wrong With British Justice?

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Today I have a sad tale to tell that is indicative of the sorry state of a British Justice system that today favours minorities. On the nineteenth of January 2011 I posted an article about a Christian couple who owned a hotel and refused a room to two homosexuals. The refusal had nothing to do with their sexual leaning, but was a standard rule they applied to anyone, including heterosexual couples, who were not married because they believed that sex before marriage was a sin. The following link refers:

I will not bore you by reiterating the post here but leave you to read it.

Suffice it to say the hotel couple lost their battle in court and were ordered to compensate the homosexual couple, and pay court costs.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy 'Gays'.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy ‘Gays’.

It has just been announced that hotel owners, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion near Penzance, are now forced to sell their home and business because they cannot find the £3,600 to pay the compensation to the two homosexuals demanded by the court, and the negative publicity surrounding the case has killed their business. In an interview, Hazelmary Bull said: “Last winter was terrible. We were actually shivering and were hungry. In 2013, two people who worked all their lives at this have ended up cold and hungry. It’s not right”.

I read of this on the Yahoo news website and most of the comments sent in by people were extremely enlightening, and indicate the depth of public feeling about this case. Before anyone thinks, “Oh no, not Yahoo!” Its not my normal news channel.  Here are some of the comments:

“I am gay. I am not Christian even though I was sent to church every Sunday when I was small. In fact I don’t belong to any religion because time and time again it can cause so many problems, as is the case with The Bulls. But in defence of The Bulls who have worked hard with their business, my question is why didn’t this gay couple just go and find a Premier Inn or something. They could have found I’m sure, a gay B and B in the area? But no they had to make a song and dance about being discriminated against and ruin people along the way. There is too much of this equality malarky going on. All the while its protests for this that and the other and out come the banners. The Bulls need to be respected for their beliefs. The two gentlemen who have brought this case about are vindictive and sadly there are many gay and straight people like them around who will sue at the drop of a hat”.

Another wrote: “As far as I am concerned they should have the right to their beliefs. This is a scandal”.

It's Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

It’s Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

From all the comments, it becomes clear that the general public are solidly behind the Bull’s and their stance, but sadly the Law isn’t. Any intelligent person should surely ask themselves the big question: Why? This is after all a Christian country is it not?

I do firmly believe that this entire story was concocted as a means to gain yet more publicity for the ‘Gay Cause’. I believe the hotel was selected simply because of the owners Christian beliefs and their rule, which incidentally applied to all couples. Advertisements for their business clearly stated that unmarried couples were not welcome. The ‘Gay Lobby’ knew entry would be refused and used this fact to gain publicity for their cause: “Look, we have even been refused entry to a hotel. Now do you feel sorry for us?”  Why do I think this? Well for one simple fact. The two men who took the Bull’s to court, Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, had all their legal fees paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission while the Bull’s had to pay for their own. To me this smells to high heaven!

Ever since the previous Labour government under Tony Blair brought in the Racism Laws to quell opposition to his vision of a ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’, British Law is bending over backwards to appease any minority group that feels itself insulted or restricted in any way. ‘Gays’, Muslims, you name it, they all feel they have the right to trample on the people because they are a minority.

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

This is amplified by many of the Yahoo comments: “The couple did this on religious beliefs, my argument is, had it been Muslims they would be allowed to follow their beliefs and not have the Gay couple stay at the hotel. One rule for us another for the Muslims”.

Yet again the same story: “I wonder what the outcome would have been if the couple were devout Muslims and had taken the same action. also what about ‘Gay Hotels’ who openly advertise that their hotels are for gays only. This ‘level playing field’ has a few lumps and bumps in it”.

Perhaps readers of this post have an answer for the gentleman who sent this comment: “Answer this one then. If this couple had been Muslims, would the court case have come to a different result???” Good point!

It is pretty fair to say that the general public have had the ‘Gay Agenda’ shoved down their collective throats for too many years and it is time to put a stop to it. Once again, this is reflected in many of the comments:

“The Labour inspired homosexual right have made many heterosexuals hate these people, when if they had just got on with life without thrusting their sexuality in our faces they would have been accepted. So now as far as I am concerned they have to prove themselves if they want my friendship as they are starting from the disadvantage of having their way of life thrust into my face”.  

“Gay Rights have destroyed a couples lives, well done to the tolerant gay couple who brought this about, you must be really nice people, not”.  

“This was not a random case – this guesthouse & it’s owners were deliberately targeted by these two activists in order to bring about a law suit”.

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display - Offending Area Blanked Out

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display – Offending Area Blanked Out

I think it is fair to say that acts such this have certainly not done any good for the ‘Gay’ cause, as it is clear that groups like Stonewall are doing more harm than good. Their latest ‘charm offensive’ asking professional footballers to wear ‘rainbow laces’ in their boots as a sign to all they support the ‘Gay’ cause has been met with similar derision in the internet pages. It is time these people understand that this constant ‘shoving it in our faces’ is going to backfire, and turn the heterosexual element of society very strongly against them.

For myself, I think they are an abomination, and should stay very quiet without any of these public displays of their deviance like the ‘Gay’ Parades. Like most people, I do not want to hear from them or see them, but if they exist without ‘shoving it in our faces’ and demanding the justice system bend over backwards to accommodate them  all well and good. This is a view that appears to be held by the majority of the UK population, but will these people ever learn? I doubt it!

My thanks to the unknown contributors to this post.


Another Shocking Prison Report

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Who is in charge of our prisons? It was revealed recently that bullying  and drugs are still rife in British prisons, which to be honest doesn’t say much for HM Prison Service. The report by the Prison Inspectorate named in particular HMP Erlestoke, near Devizes in which it said illegal drugs and bullying were ‘rife’ in the prison, a fact that shouldn’t surprise too many people.

Home From Home

It did concede that improvements had been made since the last inspection however, but it still makes me wonder why the prisoners run our prisons and not the wardens. I have many times said that in my opinion, the British penal system is far too soft, and rather than acting as a deterrent to crime it encourages it. Soft sentencing and prisons like five-star hotels is no way to turn criminals away from a life of crime.

We desperately need to get back to a system of justice that is to be feared by all who end up in its clutches, with no luxury accommodation, no sports and games gear, no TV and no perks like day release.

Life of Riley!!!

Insofar as prison drugs are concerned, any prisoner found to have taken drugs gets an automatic six-months added to their sentence, and anyone found to be carrying drugs into a prison gets to join the inmates for a minimum of six-months. It matters not if these are family members or prison staff, the rule is the same. Anyone guilty of bullying , or any other rule infraction gets an automatic three months jail time.

It is way past time the prison system was run in a proper way and the Prison Service stopped allowing the prisoners so much freedom and trying to be friends with prisoners just to keep them happy, and peaceful.

Prison Used to be a Deterrent

Each successive government has promised to be “Tough on Crime”. famous words uttered by Tony Blair when he aspired to be Prime Minster, but what did Labour do, they turned our prisons into a holiday camp, reduced sentences to a farce and started allowing prisoners out on ‘day release’ to help them “adjust to life outside”.

The Re-Offending Roundabout

Under the Conservative Ken Clark we have not seen any major improvements so far, in fact several times over the past year he has been completely on the wrong track. Shorter sentences, early release and ‘homely’ jails are not the way to cut re-offending rates.

Its one thing to accept European Directives on sentencing and prisons, which seem to work in most other European countries, but Britain has a unique situation where crime has long since spiralled out of control, and that requires harsher measures.

Fully Equipped Gym?

Ken Clark has been worried about the increasing cost of keeping criminals in prison, which with an 85,000 plus population is enormous, but there are better ways to save money, like getting rid of all the fancy frills enjoyed by prisoners, and make them work hard during their sentence. In the long term this is the best way of saving money, because if a prison sentence was feared by criminals they would have more incentive to ‘go straight’, and thereby the prison numbers would be significantly reduced within a few short years.

Current Prison Phones

News from a couple of weeks ago indicated there are plans to put phones in every prison cell in an effort to stop the smuggling of mobiles into prison. Now what sort of cock-eyed idea is that! At a time when money is tight some bright spark decided to lash out on phones in prisoners cells! To give all prisoners a phone just to stop the illegal use of mobiles is about as sane as giving thieves unlimited access to your property to prevent them stealing!!! Prisoners naturally prefer smuggled mobiles to the prison phone system because they cannot be monitored. Personally, I think a much cheaper and effective way of solving the mobile problem is for each prison to have its own jammer, and in that way no-one will be using a mobile while inside its walls.

While the Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice say that tight controls are necessary when allowing prisoners access to telephones, we all know that although intentions may be good, the system never works as it is supposed to and abuse and lax controls will eventually be the ‘norm’.

Prison Epidemic

Allowing criminals to have phones in prison is a dangerous game, because it means not only business as usual while ‘inside’, but also gives them the opportunity for stalking victims and threatening witnesses against them.

In my opinion, none of the measures I suggest are likely to be imposed because we have to deal with the Human Rights Lobby which is powerful in Britain, and these ‘holier than thou’ idiots will be up in arms at any such move. Well, that is until they themselves become a victim of crime and then they will change their tune. Perhaps a pompous HR follower would provide a burglar with tea and biscuits while he ransacked his/her home because the poor man is really deprived and misunderstood!!! Well, isn’t that the right approach for an HR dipstick???


‘Tough’ Community Service – Another Ken Clark Option Doomed To Failure!

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I know money is tight and the prisons are full, but I cannot for the life of me understand how our Justice Minister, Ken Clark, keeps rattling on about ‘Community Service’ being the answer to re-offending! This man is so out of touch with public opinion as to be laughable. Even his own government department statistics say he is totally wrong. Many Tory M.P’s were angry at his move away from tough sentencing.

Time To Go?

I am sorry Ken, you have given your country good service over the years, but you really should consider retirement.

He promises that instead of sitting at home watching TV or being down the pub having a beer when they are supposed to be doing community service, prisoners will be made to work a minimum of 28 hours a week paying back the community doing odd jobs like clearing up litter and painting! 

Stoke-on-Trent community service trial:

THIS Is Hard Work - 48 Hours A Week!

Considering that working people put in at least 48 hours a week I don’t call that ‘Hard Labour’ as he calls it. I also don’t think clearing up rubbish and painting is ‘hard labour’!

True, he is stuck with a problem in that the prisons are full and cost the country a fortune, but there are far better ways than this stupid idea. Criminals should be ‘banged up’ and anything less is just not good enough.

Even Women Prisoners Get To Improve Their Snooker Skills

If he really needs to cut expenses, take away all the TV’s, pool tables, gym machines and other luxuries that prisoners enjoy daily. Things which law-abiding people cannot afford! The cost of all these items comes from his Justice Department budget, and consequently the tax payer. That’s how you save money Ken!!!!

It is time all these superfluous things were taken away and the prisons turned back into places of punishment, not 5 Star hotels. Criminals in British prisons consider our penal system a joke, and that is why they turn to a life of crime, and why they re-offend as soon as they are released, sometimes within days for cryin’ out loud!

After A Hard Day Playing Snooker

Our Ken is so out of touch, he is even giving them a day off to look for a job; “Where convicts are unemployed, they will be forced to work a minimum of 28 hours over four days, with the fifth day spent looking for a job”. At least they will have time enough for a drink with their mates, or perhaps commit another crime!!!!

For the last thirty years, the public have been begging each successive government to ‘get tough on crime’, and sure enough, during each election all parties swear they will be.

Labour went the other way during their last term in office. Under them, less than half of all community orders were completed, and one in ten was cut short because the person doing it reoffended before completing  it. Criminals placed on community orders in 2008 committed almost a quarter of a million offences in the following 12 months. Of these, 1,500 were serious crimes such as murder and rape.

Although we have had promises (as usual) from the Conservatives and Liberals, what they are proposing still isn’t enough!

How Our Cells Are....

It is time Britain had its own Bill of Rights (even though we have the Magna Carta), and all these ‘Human Rights’ nutters should be told to go jump off the nearest cliff.

You cannot turn people away from a life of crime by being soft, and hoping they will change their ways. In our society, criminals, and especially young ones, see crime as the ‘way to go’. If caught they have little to fear, as is proven time and again by the fact many re-offend even while on bail for the first offence.

....And How They Should Be!

The youth of today are feared by much of the population, and they revel in it. It gives many a ‘buzz’ to see honest citizens cross the road rather than share a pavement with them. They are drunk with their own perceived ‘power’ and exercise it at will. They have no fear of going to prison, because it will at least give them chance to play a few rounds of snooker!

People have been complaining about the ‘harsh’ sentences handed out following the recent riots, but folks, that’s what you have been asking for all these years. Finally you get a government that is fulfilling your wishes, and you still complain!!!!!!

You Want To Give HIM A Slap-on-the -Wrist?

Stop whining and support those of our politicians who are willing to give out harsh sentences. Only by insisting the law return to complete impartiality can we hope for a return to any form of normalcy. Breaking the law is breaking the law, no matter how trivial the offence may seem!  

Campaign, or start a petition to get rid of all the luxuries prisoners enjoy on a daily basis, and insist our prisons return to what they once were; A place of punishment. Only by putting the fear of God into criminals will we ever persuade them to change their ways!


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