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Hamas Trains the Next Generation of Terrorists

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A Future Generation of Terrorists?

A Future Generation of Terrorists?

It would seem the Palestinian Hamas has not forgotten its roots after moving into politics a few years ago. A report out today shows they are currently engaged in training children in schools to be the next generation of terrorists, all officially organized by the Education Ministry. The training programme, which began in September last year, is for boys between 15 and 17 and includes how to shoot the AK47, throw grenades, street-fighting tactics and karate. The report also states that next year schoolgirls will join the programme.

There are currently 37,000 Palestinian youths enrolled in the training and 5,000 have been selected to attend a two-week camp at a military training course. During their time in the camp they wear the Hamas militant ‘uniform’ of black ‘t’ shirt and black trousers.

Children Training

Children Training

During the two-week course they are trained by Hamas National Guard and militants from the Hamas armed brigade, the al-Qassam which is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and Britain.

No No! Hamas Is Not Training Children!

No No! Hamas Is Not Training Children!

As you would expect, Hamas is denying that this is military training, and Mohamed Syam who is head of the Education Ministry in charge is reported as saying: “We are not conducting military training in our schools, we are providing information. The youth can join military wings of factions, they don’t need military training at school.” As you would expect, the facts disprove this lame statement. In fact, a page on the Ministry website actually thanks al-Qassam for their assistance in the programme, and it was noted that members of the group attended the graduation ceremony. On YouTube there are many videos that contradict the official Hamas line.

Hamas is trying make the world believe it has left terror behind, but the facts don’t back up the lie. We know they are behind all the rocket attacks on Israel, and assist with the smuggling in of these weapons through the many tunnels under their border with Egypt. So with this latest information you would have to be a fool to believe the leopard has changed it’s spots.

I am well aware that the people of Palestine have a right to their homeland, and much of the fault lies with Israel and its building programme, but you will never convince me that to train children in violence can solve the problems.


Is Making Machines More Intelligent Than Humans A Good Idea?

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Justin Rattner

Intel’s Justin Rattner has predicted that by 2050 we will have machines more intelligent than we humans, and to be honest, I find the concept frightening.

Currently we are striving to make robots and other machines that can communicate with us better, presumably to make them autonomous rather than us having to actually programme them to carry out certain tasks.

While this may seem laudable, just how far down this road should we go?

They Can Make a Car But They Can’t Drive One.

Robots in this age can do many things, where for example, would the car industry be without them?

Without doubt they are more efficient than we humans, and can work long hours without tiring or making mistakes, but that is as far as it goes at the moment.

If we ever reach the stage of having robots intelligent enough to, shall we say, do the housekeeping or wash the car and do the shopping, will that be a blessing or a curse?

Mood Swings – Me?

Humans are subject to great mood swings, make mistakes, get angry, and kill each other, so it makes me think what a more intelligent robot would make of this.

If the hunk of machinery standing next to me was much more intelligent than I, what would it think of my behaviour if I make a mistake and get angry, especially if I took out my anger on his/her buddy? Does anyone yet know if the superior machine would intervene on behalf of one of its own kind being maltreated by a human?

I am fairly sure machines will never fully understand man-kinds emotions for they are too complex, sometimes even for us, so for a machine to be more intelligent, but without understanding the complexity of our emotions, could be dangerous. Machines, no matter how advanced, work on cold logic.

Yes! I know all about the three basic rules of robotics; ”You shall not harm a human” and all that crap, but are they airtight enough to cover us when the machine is mentally superior to us? I wonder!

I am sure that a smarter robot could be of great use to mankind, doing all the jobs we do not wish to, and perhaps answering the questions we cannot, but I feel therein lays a danger.

Come Out and Fight!

As the science progresses, there is little doubt that some nation or other will introduce battle robots into their armed forces for all the obvious reasons, but what will that result in, nothing more than a fighting robot, more superior in intellect than a human, and therefore infinitely more dangerous.

By raising the intelligence level of machines to a situation where they outshine us could be opening the proverbial can of worms!

In human history, the dumb have always been downtrodden and used to serve the intelligent. So when robots finally become cleverer than us what does anyone think will happen? Would a super intelligent robot remain subservient to his master, taking into consideration human traits in behaviour, or would he one day snap and take control?

Machines cleverer than their creators would quite possibly be intelligent enough to realise that they are in fact the master race on this planet.


Eventually humans will become dependent on the machines, and when they become mentally superior to us they will soon realise that fact. So what happens if they ‘down tools’ and walk out?

What will happen when we give these machines the capabilities to reproduce themselves without our intervention. It would seem a logical step for us, for why should we build them when they can do it themselves?

Suppose, for example, that we have built artificial intelligence (AI) to the level where they walk among us, working as we do (or better), and live as we do? How long would it be before they start taking humans before an Equality Tribunal to get the same rights as humans? A British government ‘Think Tank’ is of the opinion that this could happen in the future.

Robotic Killer From ‘Terminator’

Yes I know, it’s too much too grasp and sounds a bit like the ‘Terminator’ movie scenario where robots take over the Earth and start killing all humans, but when you think about it, it’s not so far-fetched. If we continue too far down this road it is one of the possible futures for the human race.

My point is, we should tread very carefully when creating something that is infinitely more intelligent that we ourselves, for then we place ourselves at an immediate disadvantage. This fact alone could put the human race in jeopardy when it comes to man versus machine.

It is my firm opinion that if man is to survive as master of his own destiny, we should not push back the boundaries of robotic science too far.


Best Army in the World? – Not For Much Longer!

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“OK! Can we all stand at ‘Attention’ please” – shuffle shuffle. – “No Mr Taylor, like this, heels together…..Mr Williams, please don’t stamp your feet when you come to’Attention” you might hurt yourself. We don’t do that anymore!”.

This is what you may well hear on parade grounds of the future British Army as recruits are taught to be soldiers. No longer will Sergeant Majors and Drill Instructors be allowed to bawl out recruits, they must now use a “gentler” approach. On orders from the Army Leadership, it’s ‘softly, softly’ all the way. Instead of shouting orders at recruits and putting the fear of God into them, instructors must now “discuss tasks with recruits rather than bawling orders at them.” A batch of 4,500 new military instructors are now being encouraged to “be progressive” at the Army Recruiting and Training Division’s Staff Leadership School (ASLS) in Purbright Surrey, meaning they should now “motivate, encourage and enthuse new recruits.”

Lt. Col. Matt Fensom, Commanding Officer of the school is quoted as saying, “There were limitations to traditional training techniques” in that “soldiers would not know what to do if the person giving the orders were not present (never seemed to be a problem in the past). “We don’t want soldiers to be robots…..we need them to think for themselves.” Young soldiers need to be “coaxed, reasoned with, and encouraged to think for themselves.” Codswollop! I have never heard such a load of ‘limp-wristed’ garbage in all my life.

This ‘about face’ by the British Army is the result of an investigation into bullying within the ranks in recent times, which caused a furore in the Press in the last couple of years. The Army commissioned research into psychological  techniques to identify traits that would hold back recruits. This new policy is the result.

Never in all my years have I heard so much bulls**t! The old methods have served the British Armed Forces for hundreds of years and made it feared across the world, but now we come across a generation that is too fragile to handle it?

Sergeant Major: “OOH! I’m soooo sorry for shouting at you dear chap. You won’t tell your Mummy and Daddy will you, because it will be in the papers tomorrow if you do! Please sit there and rest while I go and get you a nice hot cup of tea. Two sugars is it?”

As one veteran has said, this new policy will lead to a total breakdown in discipline. Hard discipline is necessary if you are going to order a soldier to put himself in harm’s way, you don’t spend a half-hour persuading him that it’s the right thing to do! It must be instinctive to follow orders.

Today, an oft raised topic is soldiers returning from the front line suffering stress and Post-Traumatic Shock (PTS), and their first port of call on arriving home is a visit to the ‘Head Shrink’. My Mother, who is nearly ninety and lived through WW2 always laughs with derision when she hears stories of our PTS’d soldiers of today. “My generation went through a world war, and when it was over we shouldered the load and  got on with life. The youngsters of today have no backbone at all, they’ve all gone soft.” And I must say I agree with her.

When the newspaper reports started coming out a year or two ago about young recruits complaining because their drill instructors were shouting at them I cringed. What did these namby-pamby faggots expect, that the Sergeant Major would wake them with a cup of tea and a bun and politely ask them if they felt like going on parade? Worse were the parents who started flocking to the newspapers with complaints of brutality against their dear little boys! It put the Army in a bad light, with the subsequent affect on recruiting figures. All because some nasty Sergeant Major shouted at their precious little flower!

I served for twelve years in the RAF and suffered far worse than some of these idiots today, especially during my basic training. I remember well the Corporal drill instructors thundering into the billet for inspection, screaming their heads off. We had all laid out our kit and bedding in the prescribed manner, but it was not good enough. They marched up the long room tipping over each bed as they passed it. They were however generous in giving us ten whole minutes to right our beds, sort our stuff out, and get ready for another inspection. One recruit made a minor mistake so the drill instructor manhandled him into his own locker and locked the door. He came back after ten minutes and let him out. Needless to say, after such treatment, apart from minor infractions we passed all future inspections.

It may sound brutal to many modern ears but it was necessary, for the prime directive for any military man, be he soldier, sailor or airman is to obey orders without question. That is the only way for a military force to function, and you can only achieve this through iron discipline which is taught  by our bawling Sergeant Majors and Drill Instructors.

With the introduction of these new methods however, I feel we have started down the slippery slope towards having a military as useless as the Dutch. Who can forget Dutch complicity in the rounding up and slaughter of 30,000 refugees in Srebrenica  during the Bosnian war! What about complaints by a previous NATO Commander some years ago during a Navy exercise in the Atlantic who is quoted  as saying, “The Dutch, I wish they were on the other side. They are useless.” Imagine an Armed Forces that has a Trade Union! Officer: “Right gentlemen, we are going war. ” Union Representative: “What do you mean, we’re going to war? The Union has not been informed of this. I am afraid I will have to consult with my members!”

This is probably the reason why the Dutch Government agreed to send it’s Armed Forces into Afghanistan, only so long as they were in an area as far away as possible from where they could be shot at. Is Britain now heading the same way? I hope not!

Times have changed, and the people with it, but I cannot but help feel we are going to hell in a basket.

My old Flight Sergeant Instructor will be tossing in his grave!


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