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What Is Wrong With Mankind

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Everywhere except Europe is in a mess! Once the world was a peaceful place, and today it is a controversy of war and demonstrations. There are battles going over the whole world and we must put a stop to it. In South America there are demonstrations in most countries and they are not giving up. In the Middle East and the Far East there are battles raging with the government. Muslims are trying to get a hold of country after country while the Army fights against them.

The United Nations should do something about it and stop the fighting once and for all. When will the world return to peace? In the Far East there are Muslims fighting to get hold of a country and this is not going well. The same is going on the Middle East and they will not win.

The United Nations are sitting on their backsides and doing nothing except giving out rhetoric. They should call for nations to be active in forming an Army and wipe these terrorists. The whole world is in turmoil and this cannot happen in this modern day and age. We cannot sustain this as the terrorists gain a hold in many places and torture and put in prison those who are against them. We have to do something to stop these wars going on and the only solution is the United Nations. But they sit on their backsides and do nothing.

We the people must do something to wake them up and get them to stop these wars raging across the planet. For if we do not then the people will see the end of this civilisation. It time for the whole world to back the U.N. and to get them fighting these terrorists. It is the only way we can beat these terrorists.

Another thing is trying to save the planet. We are polluting the atmosphere like nobody’s business, and we will all die if the situation gets worse. Our seas are filling up with plastic bottles, our atmosphere is getting worse with the pollution from chemical plants, factories and cars. We have a long way to go before we can clean up the planet.

Electric cars will make a difference if everybody buys one, but that will not solve the plastic waste in the oceans, as everybody leaves their plastic bottles on the beaches which will wash out to sea and the pollute the oceans. We need to get a grip on these plastic bottles and ban them altogether. Whales and fish swallow these plastic bottles and then we can see the end of fishing.

This will affect so many manufactures across the whole world, but something must be done about it. I saw on TV news that hundreds and thousands of plastic bottles washed up on beaches and they won’t go away. Most companies are gathering these bottles for use again, but that will not solve the problem. We have to get rid of these plastic bottles for good.

The world is in mess and we have to do something about it. I am 75 and will not live long enough to watch the world go down the drain. We have to make big plans to get the world back on its feet. Otherwise this world will end and become a planet without humans.

The United Nations

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Wars are happening all through Africa, Syria and the Far East and it is mostly to do with terrorists. How are going to stop them? The United Nations should step in and end it all so that the world can return to peace. But they do nothing about it except discuss the terrorists.

During the Korean War the UN stepped in and put an end to the fighting, but now they just sit an their backsides and do nothing. Why do we have the United Nations? For they do nothing except talk and take no action. It is time we had a new leader of the U.N. who could do something about this. There are 193 members of the U.N. and no-one does anything about the terrible wars going on in Syria and Africa, and also the Far East. We need the membership to do something about it.

We need to collect soldiers from different countries to go in and stop this many wars around the world. The United Nations can stop these wars going on and save a lot of people from death. It is not so hard to gather soldiers from various countries and let them do their job. but all they do is talk talk talk and let the terrorists kill people. We are not stopping them from killing other people, on the contrary the U.N. is ignoring them.

We have to get many armies the engage the enemy wherever they are, and to stop killing innocent civilians. At the moment the U.N. is a shambles for they do nothing except put some soldiers near the borders to stop the terrorists. But most of them are not within rifle range of the terrorists and they cannot stop them, and some die.

The U.N. must wake up and do something about all the trouble across the world. For if they do nothing and many more people will get killed and for what, they are innocent civilians.

The Veto Scandal

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Is it any wonder that Russia vetoed the Security Councils resolution on the Syria chemical attack? The veto has been a thorn in the side of the United Nations for the last forty years.

Russian Veto

In my view the only reason Russia is backing Assad is to retain their military bases in Syria. Practically the whole world  blames Assad for the chemical attacks on his own people but Russia still stands by him, and has done since the beginning of the conflict.

Russia has a naval base in Syria on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea given to them by Assad and they don’t want to lose it, which is why they are backing him.

Negotiations have been going on for years trying to stop Assad from using chemical weapons on his own people, but all have failed because of Russia’s backing.

Founders of the United Nations

The veto goes back to the time when the United Nations was formed by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin after the Second World War and they initiated the veto to stop other countries from putting the world in danger. It has survived up to the present day and many of the decisions made by various countries have stopped positive action being taken against nations that have caused problems. The only exception was the Korean War which took place in 1950. Here the United Nations acted as it was supposed to and stopped the Communists from taking over the whole Korean peninsula.

But when you get to the present day the veto has caused more problems in the world. The United States vetoed any action against Israel during the war with Egypt in 1973 among many others, and Russia has constantly vetoed any action against Assad.

In my view the veto should be scrapped, for all countries must have a say in how the world is run. If it is, then we can stop many conflicts around the world before they get started.

I have for a long time said that the United Nations has a duty to put an end to the ISIS threat once and for all. It should gather a group of nations and go in and wipe them out. Once ISIL has been thoroughly defeated then the world can return to peace, and Islam will get the message that they will never end up ruling the world. Assad should be arrested and put on trial for the atrocities he has committed against his own people.

It is only by the concerted efforts of all countries that this debacle will end. The sad thing is, it will never end until Russia stops backing Assad.

Sad to say, the United Nations has lost its original mandate and become nothing more than a talking shop that does not achieve anything when it comes to world peace. The true purpose of its foundation was lost years ago, and today it does nothing more than verbally ‘condemn’ actions by countries or groups that want to cause trouble.

The Syrian war has been going on for years, but if the United Nations had stepped in positively at the beginning it would have been long over.

It is time for the United Nations to start acting as it was intended, and prevent wars breaking out. If it does not, then we might as well scrap it.


Israel – The Slow But Sure Land Grab.

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What would you say if your neighboring country slowly, bit by bit, started taking over your land and built settlements in your country? Naturally you would be outraged and start doing something about it. So why is the world not doing something about the gradual takeover of Palestinian land by Israel?

Ever since 1947 Israel has expanded its territory into Palestine by building settlements and towns on land that does not belong to them. The Palestinians have complained to the United Nations, and every major country in the world, but all complaints have fallen on deaf ears. If this keeps up, within a few years Palestine will no longer exist because it will have been taken over in its entirety by the Israelis.

In excess of 600,000 Jews live in about 140 settlements built since Israel annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem after the 1967 war, all on Palestinian land. On Wednesday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was moving ahead with plans to set up a new settlement on the West Bank ‘for the first time in more than two decades’.

The announcement came as Israeli police cleared protesters from the unauthorised settler outpost of Amona. Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered Amona to be dismantled because it was built on private Palestinian land. So why have they not done this before?

The United Nations has for years condemned the land grab by Israel, but they have taken no action to put a stop to it except to vocally condemn the actions of the Israeli government.

How would the American’s feel if Canada or Mexico began building settlements over the border and claiming it for themselves? You can bet your life there would be an uproar of protestation, and it might even get to the stage of military action.

No such thing is taking place in Israel and Palestine, for the Palestinian cries of protest have all fallen on deaf ears for years, thanks to the backing of the United States who are solidly behind Israel. Now with Trump in charge we may see a change in attitude by the United States.


The Shrinking Map Of Palestine

The Shrinking Map Of Palestine

When Israel went to war with the surrounding Arab states in 1967 and 1973 they won convincingly and claimed the Sinai desert as their own. Even when Palestinian fighters fought against Israel to try and save their land they were called terrorists and quickly defeated. Since that time the Israeli borders have pushed back steadily until today, Palestine has all but disappeared.

You can be pretty certain that the small areas still under Palestinian control will disappear in the next few years, and Palestine will be wiped from the map completely to become the State of Israel.

Don’t for one minute think that I am a Palestinian sympathiser for I am not, but this injustice has to have a voice somewhere.


People Die While Politicians Argue

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The Challenge - Are Our Politicians Up To It?

The Challenge – Are Our Politicians Up To It?

How much longer must the people wait before the politicians take the inevitable action to stop the terrorist groups indiscriminately killing across the world? How long must the people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria and the other 139 countries in the world accept the death and destruction caused by terrorist groups operating in their countries? How much longer will the world’s politicians make excuses for not initiating decisive action together to wipe out these people?

Questions, questions, questions, but sadly no answers from those we have voted in to govern us, and look after the security of the country we live in. For far too long we have heard of the atrocities carried out by groups like Islamic State and Boko Haram, and innocent people are dying or fleeing daily.

Not A Difinitive Answer

Air Strikes – Not A Definitive Answer

True, an international coalition led by the USA, which includes five Arab states and several European countries are carrying out bombing raids on Islamic State positions in Iraq and Syria, but even the military know this is not enough. It has failed to stop the atrocities carried out by these sub-humans. I was going to say ‘animals’, but that would be an insult to animals everywhere.

Meanwhile Europe is being overwhelmed by immigrants fleeing the fighting, which is eventually going to cause many problems. Our politicians are busy talking about the crisis but its all hot air and no action.

David Cameron is the only public figure to actually say out loud that we need to attack the source of the problem and thereby stop the mass exodus from countries like Syria and Iraq. As you would expect, not one person took any notice of what he said, but he is right!

The UN - Useless

The UN – Useless

The United Nations has said and done nothing to solve this world crisis. All we hear from them is complaints from the UNHCR about how some countries are treating refugees fleeing to Europe!

This is a body formed to ensure world peace for crying out loud, but what do they do, keep their mouths shut, do nothing, and pick up their fat paychecks at the end of every month. We might as well fill the UN with fat pigs and let them roam around the building, for they would be about as useful as these incompetent idiots.

And Still They Come

And Still They Come

It is time for someone to stand up and call the nations of the world together to deal with this Islamic Jihad threat once and for all. Only when they are all dead will this threat disappear, and then the refugees can return home.

What do we have to look forward to otherwise? Years of wasted effort in fighting these people, thousands more dead, and several million refugees all wanting to come to Europe now that the precedent has been set, leading to the total destruction of the European economy.

We have had enough of silence from the UN, it is now time for positive action Ban Ki Moon!


The Great Syrian Refugee Hoax

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The European Union is currently accepting tens of thousands of refugees monthly who claim to be Syrian. We are willing to accept these people because they are fleeing violence and death, but how many are really from Syria?

Pakistani And Bangladeshi Refugees Arriving In Lesbos.

Pakistani And Bangladeshi Refugees Arriving In Lesbos.

Evidence has now come to light that very many are indeed not, and are nothing more than economic refugees from places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, along with some African States. Serbian border police say that 90% of those arriving from Macedonia, some 3,000 a day, claim they are Syrian although they have no documents to prove it.

“You can see that something is fishy when most of those who cross into Serbia enter January first as the date of their birth,” said border police officer Miroslav Jovic. “Guess that’s the first date that comes to their mind.” The chief of the European Union border agency Frontex, Fabrice Leggeri, said that trafficking in fake Syrian passports has increased. “A lot of people enter Turkey with fake Syrian papers, because they know that they’ll get asylum in the EU more easily,” said.

Pointing out a black African, a Syria refugee said, “There are too many people saying we are from Syria, but he is not from Syria. He is black and he said ‘I am from Syria.’ Unbelievable.” German customs officials have intercepted many packages of passports sent to Germany, some fake and some genuine.

Misguided People. Genuine Refugees Yes, But Economic Ones No!

Misguided People. Genuine Refugees Yes, But Economic Ones No!

Serbian border patrols have found many discarded passports, identity cards, driving licences and other identity documents in fields along the border fence put up by Hungary. Most of the documents are from Pakistani’s and people from Bangladesh. From this it is clear that many refugees are from countries that are not at war, and are therefore here purely for economic reasons, and yet there are still some misguided souls among us that wish to welcome them.

Among those who had no second thoughts about ditching their true identity was Rafik from Pakistan.”I’m leaving my old life behind,” said Rafik, who gave only his first name because he feared repercussions when applying for asylum in Germany. “I’m starting a new one. I don’t have a passport, nor any other identity paper,” he said, as he dashed under the fence into Hungary. “Let’s see which country they will choose to kick me back to.”

These people believe they have a greater chance of being accepted if they have forged papers, or none at all and say they are from Syria. This is the main reason why we have so many tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ entering Europe.

No Families

No Families

A very, very large portion of them are bogus and it remains to be seen what happens in the next year. As I have said previously, the largest portion of these refugees are young to middle-aged men without families. You can see that on every piece of news footage and it makes me think about where this will lead us in the future.

Another danger is that when we allow all these young and middle-aged men into Europe, they will set about bringing their families here too. So we accept one hundred thousand refugees, and within a year or two that swells to over half a million as their families arrive. What chance do our Social, Housing and Health Services have when that happens?

Islamic State Perhaps?

Islamic State Perhaps?

It is known by the authorities that Islamic State fighters are crossing into Europe disguised as refugees, so it makes me wonder what will happen in the next year or two. With so many fit young men entering, we could end up with a major problem within a short time.

While I feel extremely sorry for those who are fleeing the violence in Syria and Iraq and would welcome them with open arms, we are putting ourselves in extreme danger by accepting these economic refugees.

No matter what Angela Merkel says, there are not enough jobs around to take all these people, and their presence will cripple all Social Services in a short space of time.

I also find it extremely discomforting to hear that after a certain period these people will be given permission to stay permanently. This is not the right path! We should be prepared to give them residence only until the troubles in their homeland are solved but not give them permanent citizenship. This may sound harsh, but it is the right way to go.

Birthrate Comparison

Birthrate Comparison

The birthrate of the Islamic people far outstrips that of indigenous Europeans by five or six to one, so what does that say about the European continent in about twenty years time? Within that time frame they may become nearly 50% of the population, and in a few more years will outnumber us. That will be about the time when Europe becomes an Islamic state.

Refugees In Arab States

Refugees In Arab States

You also have to look at what would happen if the roles were reversed. Suppose that war breaks out in Europe and hundreds of thousands of people head south for asylum in the Arab States of the Middle East. Does anyone really think they would accept us with open arms? We are all Christian nations, and in many Islamic states Christianity is outright forbidden on pain of death.

These Middle Eastern States have already closed off their borders with Iraq and Syria and will not accept any refugees, although Jordan, the exception, does have a small number of refugee camps for them, but it is the only country.

While we are duty bound, which I accept, to help refugees from war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria, Europe is now being swamped with bogus refugees who are here only to improve their living standards. While you cannot condemn them for that, they are doing it at the cost of the European economy, and pretty soon all of us will be in dire straits.

European Union

European Union

While the decisions to take in refugees have been taken by some individual governments, the dictates from the European Council have also been a problem in this area. This is one reason why Britain is to hold a referendum in 2017 on leaving the union. This would make Britain an individual country that is not under the heel of those in Brussels.

A recent poll suggests that now 51% of British people are for leaving the European Union, up from 46% in a poll taken last July. Although I never put much faith in these polls, it is an indication of the trend in British thinking. Many fear the current trend in the refugee situation, and as many as 22% of the ‘No’ voters said they could change their minds if this situation continues.

The Endless Stream

The Endless Stream

It is fairly certain that the refugee crisis is far from over, because the more people we accept into Europe, the more will try to come here. The figures may well drop as the winter sets in, but you can bet your life that next spring it will start all over again. If there is even a vague chance of being accepted in Europe with their entire family, they will try.

The Future?

The Future?

The only thing that can stop that will be if the Islamic State terrorists currently moving into Europe start attacks on the continent. If that happens we could see major military action in many European countries as our armed forces are made to fight a domestic war in their own country. One Islamic State source has reported that several weeks ago at least four thousand I.S. had landed in Europe disguised as refugees. How many more are there in this current influx of people? As I recently reported, I.S. is now telling those who want to go to Syria and Iraq to fight with them to stay and begin carrying out terrorist attacks in their home countries.

Food for thought!


Hungary Takes The Lead

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Recent reports show that Hungary is about to take a step that all European countries should take. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters on Tuesday “We plan to register all migrants regardless of the fact that we are not the first member state they enter. We will register everyone who submits the request for asylum. If the decision is positive the refugee can stay, but if it is not positive we cannot give shelter to the economic migrants, we cannot bear that burden, so they will be returned where they come from.”

It is good to hear that finally one country has the balls to send economic migrants back where they came from. This is something I have advocated for some time, simply because Europe cannot sustain the hundreds of thousands who come here thinking we are a soft touch.

Mass Killing By ISIS Elements

Mass Killing By ISIS Elements

I agree that we should help those who are fleeing the barbarism of terror groups like Islamic State, the Taliban and Boko Haram, but a great majority are here purely for the perks. They know that once they get to settle in a country like Britain, Holland, Sweden, France or Germany for example, they will be cared for, housed, fed, and given whatever medical help they need.

On news reports you can see that more than half are single young men without a family, and you can bet your cotton socks that once they are accepted, their entire family will follow them. It is without a doubt true what Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says, the more we let in the more will try to come here until the entire continent is totally overrun.

Here is what some of the general public think of the crisis:

Looking at the “migrants” shut out of the railway station in Budapest – they are not refugees, they are mostly all young men – not elderly, or women, or children that you might expect to be fleeing conflict, but young men who surely should be looking to fight for their country, not come to Europe to chant at and fight us!

Finally one country has the balls to refuse them entry and send them packing. Good on Ya Hungry. The rest of Europe watch and learn, this is what we the General Public and true Europeans have been wanting our Governments to show there strength and send them all packing back to where the came from!!!

Europe is becoming a ‘dumping ground’. for the worlds flotsam and jetsam and as their numbers continue increasing at an alarming rate so the countries of Europe will descend further and further into decline. Britain cannot absorb any more ‘economic passengers’ as they are already overloading our schools, hospitals and doctors surgeries. These people are not paying guests but are a drain on the DHSS, local housing and social services. They turn up with nothing in their pockets, put nothing into the economy and expect the British tax payers to keep them housed, fed and clothed. The government must stop treating these people like charitable organisations and do what Hungary are now doing and return them all back to where they came from.

If this migrant crisis continues it will break up the EU as already there is fighting among European leaders. The good news is we won’t be needing a referendum on whether or not we stay in Europe after all.

Fighting to Board A Train

Fighting to Board A Train

This just goes to show how ‘out of touch’ the politicians in Europe are with the people. Today (3/9) it appears that the government has at last opened up the Budapest railway station to the migrants who are now being allowed to travel on to Germany. Some have been stopped at the border and are intended to be housed in a refugee camp, but they have refused.

It is way past time that the E.U. started separating out the economic refugees from the genuine ones before the entire continent is overrun. All economic refugees should be sent back immediately, because if we continue to accept them the floodgates will be seen to be wide open and many more will come.

It is really a replay of what Tony Blair did to Britain with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’ Policy, but Europe-wide. I am of the opinion that if you trace all this back to its roots, Tony Blair must carry much of the blame for Europe’s current troubles because he set the precedent.

Europe is already struggling with the number of migrants that have been accepted, and Holland for one is a country that is about to toughen up its acceptance measures. The government is to cut off food supplies and shelter to all those who are not accepted as genuine refugees, i.e. economic refugees.

Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte

Failed asylum seekers will be given a ‘few weeks’ of help but after that they would then either be deported or sent away to fend for themselves. From November, the centre-right coalition of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which competes for votes with the popular anti-immigration party of Geert Wilders, wants to close 30 regional “bed, bath and bread” shelters where asylum seekers have been able till now to get help on the basis of need.

The U.N.’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination added to outside criticism of the Dutch policy, saying basic needs of migrants should be provided unconditionally. “As long as they are in the Netherlands, they have to enjoy minimum standards of living,” said Ion Diaconu, who helped write the U.N. report. If that is the case why then is the United Nations not helping to solve the problem instead of sitting on its hands and doing nothing?

Rutte responded on Friday that it would be “crazy” to offer permanent shelter to people who refused to leave. “We are talking about the group that can go back, whose governments would take them back, but they don’t want to go back.”

Holland, one of the smallest countries in Europe is the eighth-largest destination for asylum seekers, accounting for 4 percent of total arrivals in 2014. Total applications last year rose 87 percent to 24,535. The country took in hundreds of thousands of migrants from Morocco and Turkey in the 1960s and 1970s before tightening its policy over the past decade.

Routes To Germany

Routes To Germany

Most migrants wish to enter Germany, Sweden or Denmark and many have been accepted, but there is a growing anti-immigration feeling in these countries as the numbers get bigger and bigger. Poll results given out today indicate that half the inhabitants of Germany are very worried about the number of refugees being accepted into the country.

There can be little doubt that some time in the very near future this swarm of migrants must be brought to a halt because the economy, the health services and housing problems are beginning to bite hard. Very soon the economy of the entire European continent will be in big trouble if we continue to accept and provide shelter, food and health care to these people.

There is only one answer to this entire problem. All the terrorist organizations like Islamic State and Boko Haram must be totally annihilated by an international effort so these people can return home. Otherwise Europe will drown in a sea of immigrants.

The people of Europe have had enough of this problem, and to see yet more tens of thousands arriving every month means eventually that the ‘kettle will boil over’ and there will be civil unrest on a scale not seen before. The politicians need to act now to curb the flow.


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