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AAAARGH! Its the Apocalypse!

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I really don’t know why I’m writing this because chances are there will be no-one around to read it tomorrow, at least that’s what many people believe. At the moment I am torn between going to church to make my final peace or going out and getting drunk!

Because the Mayan calendar stopped on this day many people believe that the world will end and none of us will be here to enjoy the fruits of life and love tomorrow – how strange? I am sure I will still be here on Saturday the 22nd because I haven’t finished paying off the mortgage and I’m damned sure the bank will not accept a little thing like the Apocalypse as an excuse, plus, the electricity bill is due any day. Reason enough to think that life will continue!

Where the Hell Is Batman When You Need Him?

Where the Hell Is Batman When You Need Him?

This whole business of believers travelling all the way to various Mayan ruins in Central America to watch the final ceremonies by the locals, and those who truly believe that all will end today makes me laugh. Don’t they realize that whoever made the calendar in the first place probably just got tired of it and one day turned to the chiefs and said: “Sod this! I’ve covered the next 2000 years, I’ve had enough – I’m going home!” The sad thing is there are still people who believe that just because the guy gave it up the world will end! Whoever the guy is, I bet he’s lying in his grave laughing fit to bust at the antics of today’s believers.

Hang On - I Haven't Finished My Coffee

Hang On – I Haven’t Finished My Coffee

In China there are many people who think all is lost, in fact one farmer is reported to have built seven survival pods, each of which can contain 14 people. In several so-called survival areas like the Rtanj mountain in Serbia and the Turkish town of Sirince, which are said to be ‘Apocalypse proof’, all the hotels are full to bursting as people flock to the places they believe will survive the end of the world. What makes these places so special is anyone’s guess, but maybe the rumour was started by the hotel owners in an effort to drum up more trade!

On the other hand there are those who think today brings a new era for mankind. In the city of Merida in Mexico hundreds of spiritualists have gathered wearing white robes to celebrate this. One man, spiritual leader Alberto Arribalzaga said earlier this week, “A galactic bridge has been established…The cosmos is going to take us to a higher level of vibration… where humanity is in glory, in joy.” To be honest, I doubt that because the bank will still want its money and the electricity bill will still drop into the post box next week!

Me? I gave it all up for Lent! See ya tomorrow!


Billionaires Versus Poverty

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The Forbes list of billionaires has just been released, and I cannot help but wonder if any of these people have a conscience. The list of billionaires country by country is getting longer every year, and the amount of wealth these few people have amassed is also growing at an alarming rate.

Carlos Slim-The World's Richest Man

Today, the world’s richest man is mexican telecom giant Carlos Slim with an estimated wealth of $74bn, an increase of 20.5% over the last year. Second place goes to Microsoft’s Bill Gates with $56bn with Warren Buffet of the Berkshire Hathaway Group coming in third with $50bn. I find it most distasteful that so much money can go to a single person when there are so many people starving in the world.

Let’s face it, for Carlos Slim, or any of them, to spend all their billions sensibly they would have to live at least two maybe three lifetimes and still would not use it all up. So if you have that much money, is it morally correct to amass such a fortune and do nothing with it but use it to get more?

Mexico Slum Area

Mexico too has a great many poor and deprived citizens, but if Mr. Slim would give $60 or $70bn it would go a long way in alleviating these problems, and he would still have more money than  he could spend in his lifetime. Certainly enough for the huge villas and a Ferrari for every day of the week.

I can only assume these people have only one real goal in life, and that is to make more money. The united wealth of the 790 confessed billionaires in the world ($2.6 trillion) could solve nearly all the hunger, sickness and poverty on earth, if they had more of a conscience. I could not be happy knowing that I had so much money and could not spend a great deal of it helping those who cannot help themselves, like the starving in Africa.

I fully realize that a billion dollars is not what it used to be, and it doesn’t buy as much, but $50-60-70bn. That’s a mountain of money in any currency.

Poverty In India

For example, India has millions of people living below the poverty line and yet, this country currently tops the world rankings for the number of billionaires at 23 with a combined wealth of $99bn. In all good conscience, I could not live with myself if I did nothing to spread my over-abundance of wealth with the needy.

Bill Gates-A Rich Philanthropist

From what I know, Bill Gates is the only one who is publicly making use of his money by helping those in dire need, a fact that moved him from 1st to 2nd place in the world rankings, and got him the James C Morgan Global Humanitarian Award in 2006. Since he retired as head of Microsoft he has used his accumulated wealth to provide technology that will help lift people out of poverty and I applaud him for it.

I have to wonder why more of these mega-rich people do not do the same. Its a shame more of them don’t have a feeling of guilt when they count their money. I know I would!


The Latin Farce -A Mexican Prison Story

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I have heard some crazy things in my time, but few can compare with the comic opera played out in a Mexican prison last Saturday.

According to reports released today, prison guards at Zacatecas Prison stood to one side while 53 inmates walked calmly past them and out the front door. Not one of the guards made any move to stop them.

At least 12 of the escapees are known assassins and kidnappers, members of Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. Among the other 41 are rapists and murderers. So far 11 have been described by Interpol as extremely dangerous, and a severe threat to the public world-wide. They must be laughing fit to bust at how easy it was. Not a shot was fired during the entire episode.

The whole sordid scene was captured on the prison’s security cameras (see clip) and would do justice to any of the comedy films coming out of Hollywood, all it required was Leslie Nielsen to make an appearance.

Thanks to the video footage, the real nature of the breakout was revealed, and now, the prison governor and the entire night shift of guards are themselves behind bars pending an investigation.

It would seem the drama unfolded with pictures of bored-looking guards watching TV while an inmate walks past them and releases prisoners from a cell block. They make absolutely no moves to stop him, or the released prisoners from walking out.

Meanwhile, outside the prison, a convoy of fake ‘Police’ vehicles draws up and the gate guards rush to let the ‘cops’ into the prison. They make no attempt to question the new arrivals and stand aside as they file in.

Eight gunmen, wearing jackets with Federal Police markings, enter the prison and escort the inmates to the waiting cars. All this time the guards are standing on the sidelines watching. The prisoners had also helped themselves from the guards armoury and many were armed.

After the ‘police cars’ drive off with their passengers, guards can suddenly be seen running to the gate with guns drawn. Reports say they were ‘overacting’ for the benefit of the cameras.

This whole sordid episode is symptomatic of what is wrong with the penal code in most ‘civilized’ countries these days. It makes no difference if we talk about Mexico, the USA, Britain, France, Germany or any other western nation, the problems are the same. Prisons have become holiday camps for the worst our societies have produced.

It must be said that in most penal institutions it is the prisoners who run the prison, not the governor or guards. In many English jails, the prisoners are allowed a lot of freedom, because those supposedly running the place think that is the way to head off trouble among the inmates.

Drugs are rife these days, and little, or nothing, is done to stop the flow. It has been reported that in many cases the drugs are brought in by prison personnel themselves, as well as visiting family members.

In Britain, statistics show the majority of prisoners released after serving their sentence go on to re-offend, so what happened to the deterrent? The simple answer is, it doesn’t exist any more. A custodial sentence today is a joke, and the ones laughing the hardest are the criminals themselves.

They look upon their sentence as a mere inconvenience, but hey, it’s not so bad living in a five star hotel for a couple of years.

The only things they miss are the freedom to move at will, and possibly, sex. But that is not necessarily true because there are alternatives to taking a woman to bed, if you know what I mean. So we are left with the restrictions on freedom.

Good meals, probably better than the wife makes, plenty of games, TV, film shows and libraries all go to make life a little easier for those incarcerated by society. Then there is always the extra curriculum activities as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

When all is considered, not a bad life for a serial killer, crime boss, drug peddler, murderer, rapist or child sex offender!

One of the more ridiculous reports I read some years ago, stated that prisoners would have curtains on the windows to cover up the bars, and so make them feel more at home. Naturally, it was a ‘Bleeding Heart Brigade’ suggestion. They constantly bleat on about prisoners ‘human rights’. So far as I am concerned, if you are a criminal the first thing you lose is the right to be treated like a decent law-abiding citizen.

The Police in most western countries are over-stretched trying to catch the crooks, and when caught, they get a ridiculously short sentence from the courts because the prisons are overcrowded.

It seems to me, all incentive for criminals to straighten themselves out and become honest citizens again, is today none existent.

Years ago they were so afraid of ending up ‘back inside,’ the majority never turned to crime again.

I think it is time for people to insist on sentences to fit the crime, and to re-introduce things like labour gangs. America has the right idea when it comes to chain-gangs. Make them work for their keep doing useful work for the community, like laying road foundations or digging ditches.

With modern technology I am sure we can make certain no-one escapes, or if they do, that they are captured quickly. Implant them with micro-chip trackers, so if they do manage to slip away it will be easy to locate them.

Whatever measures are taken, control of the prisons must be taken out of the hands of inmates, and the ‘softly, softly’ approach needs to go out the window. A strict regime must be introduced to ensure discipline in prisons, and that goes for the prison officers as well.

Anyone caught taking drugs into a prison should end up as an inmate, and anyone caught using should receive a mandatory 2 years on their sentence. Drug tests need to be introduced and enforced to ensure compliance.

The courts should ensure that sentences are more proportional to the crime committed, and this business of parole for ‘good behaviour’ for career criminals needs to be scrapped. Too many hardened criminals have got away with only doing a third of their sentence because they were ‘model prisoners’.

Let the justice system put some muscle into the words “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

If you wish to view the BBC prison break report and the jail cctv camera footage, please copy and paste the following link.

May you always be free as a bird.


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