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Just how long is Europe expected to allow these thousands of immigrants in? That is the big question on the lips of the average man in the street. Just about everyone in the European Union, well, except for the politically correct crowd of course, is asking the same question.

Migration Routes

Migration Routes

In recent news Italy is pleading with other states to take in the thousands they are rescuing on a weekly basis, but now France for one has closed its borders to these people.

Italian Ship Rescues Migrants

Italian Ship Rescues Migrants

It is a fact that if we continue to let them in, more will try and make the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to ‘the promised land’. This year 50,000 have been landed in Italy with 5,800 rescued this last weekend (7/6/15) alone from boats trying to make the crossing, and it is only June. What will the total be by years end?

E.U. Governments are now saying that it is an Italian problem because European Law states that immigrants must be taken in by the first country they reach, in this case Italy. Not withstanding that, Greece is in a similar situation, and we all know what their economy is like!

Benefit Queues

Benefit Queues

It is a simple fact that the European Union cannot, under any circumstances, continue to take in these refugees no matter where they come from. Already the people of Britain are making their objections known in the news columns on the internet. Here is a sample of what people are saying on this problem:

“The only way to stop this issue is to either return them to Africa after rescuing them or if they make it, to have them returned ASAP. At the moment they know that in one way or another they will get to live here, and all the while that message is going back home more will come. It may sound harsh but each one of these people leaves behind a larger family and once one gets here then another 6- 10 will follow. The problem needs sorting at source, in the countries where they come from, these people need to get together and force change in their own countries.” 

“When will the E.U. grow a spine – fair enough stop their boats off shore but land them back where they came from – that’s the only way to break the smugglers take away the destination thence demand – Stop pussyfooting around with the so called do gooders.” 

“So now they are trying to get into France. It’s obvious where they intend to go next. It really is down to Italy to get tough and stop allowing them access. I feel sorry for Italy over this. If they refuse them access they get criticised. Then they get told to keep them if they try to enter France.”

Trying to Reach Spain Across The Gibraltar Staits

Trying to Reach Spain Across The Gibraltar Staits

As you can see, the average man in the street has had enough of this farce, and it is time for European Governments to take some positive action to stop this trade once and for all. All the while the traffickers are getting rich at the expense of these people’s misery, but the only sure way to stop it is to send these people back where they came from until the traffickers realize there is no money in it any more.

It is true that some are real refugees fleeing the fighting in their own lands, but very many are economic refugees who come here to improve their living standards. I cannot fault this, except to say that the numbers are crippling us and there is just not enough work or benefits money for this to continue. Countless numbers of our own people are now living on the bread-line, a situation forced on them by the lack of jobs.

Those Who Must Decide

Those Who Must Decide

The politicians have to be made to realize that we just cannot keep taking these people in, because if we do, the economy will collapse completely, and eventually they will outnumber us when you consider the large families they have.

Already most European economies are in a shaky state with high unemployment rates and the huge cost of benefits and housing for these people. Whether you like it or not, very soon there will be no other choice but to return them. I am aware this will be a hard decision but very soon there will be no choice in the matter.

The Curse Of Our Times - Islamic State

The Curse Of Our Times – Islamic State

Among the comments raised on news articles is something I have said previously on this subject. The rich western nations should do more to improve living standards in African countries so these people have no need to make this perilous journey. The U.N. should also get together a multi-national force to put an end to the terror campaigns of the likes of Islamic State, Boko Haram and al Shebab among others.

It is only when these people, for whom I have the greatest sympathy, can live in peace and prosperity in their own lands that this catastrophe will be truly over.


What To Do About Mediterranean Migrants?

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It will not have escaped your notice that the news is full of stories about the people from many nations trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe. They are arriving in the hundreds every week, and with summer coming on you can bet it will only get worse. But what to do about it?

Migrant Routes To Europe

Migrant Routes To Europe

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker - A Difficult Problem But A Solution Must Be Found!

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker – A Difficult Problem But A Solution Must Be Found!

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has put forward proposals to deal with the problem, but not everyone is in agreement with him. His highly controversial plan would see all E. U. countries take their share of 20,000 migrants over the next two years who would be allowed to settle here. I think the man lives in a dream world because that number will be reached within three more months and then what will he do?  Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May argues that “a quota would only encourage people to come – putting them at the mercy of “evil” people traffickers”.

Well, many countries like France, Germany, the UK, Holland, Belgium and Denmark have already taken in most of the refugees so far, while many eastern European countries have not taken their fair share. Mind you, this is not strictly fair because most of them want to come to Western European nations, often for the perks. But you could say that a more even distribution of these people is a step in the right direction.

The Truth

The Truth

In E.U. circles there is talk of doing something about the human traffickers that make it possible for them to cross in such numbers. For me, this is by far the most important decision, take on the traffickers and put them out of business. But the people on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea like Libya, Morocco and Tunisia do not seem to be too interested in taking any action against them, for they do not consider it their problem because the migrants all want to get to Europe and thereby ‘out of their hair’ so to speak.

So in fact it remains a European problem, but to do anything about it will require the cooperation of these countries, and that is a sticking point. Any real action taken would also have to be sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council, and that will I’m sure be the biggest problem of all.

UK Population Growth Forecast

UK Population Growth Forecast

It is a fact that many of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees at all, but so-called ‘economic migrants’. There is a big difference between those fleeing war and bloodshed and those who come here just to get a better job and live a more comfortable life. One cannot condemn these economic migrants for wanting to better their lives, but the numbers are growing to major proportions, and Europe cannot take them all in. If we did, a third of the entire world would be living among us and that is unsustainable.

The E.U. has rightfully become concerned because of the high death rate among those trying the cross the Mediterranean this year. In 2014 the number of people who lost their lives trying to cross was 3,400 but in the first months of this year a total of 1,800 have died. Half of last years total in just five months. Traffickers are currently abandoning the ships at sea and leaving the migrants to await rescue by European patrols.

Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar

Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar

The European approach to this problem is far different from that of Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaya. In Australia for example, most are returned to their home country, and the other lands mentioned have begun turning away boats full of Rohingya and Bangladeshis that are heading for their shores. “What do you expect us to do?” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jafaar said. “We have been very nice to the people who broke into our border. We have treated them humanely but they cannot be flooding our shores like this.” This appears to be a lesson that Europe has yet to learn.

To combat this problem the most obvious choice is to deport them back to their home country, but what then of those that are fleeing violence as in Iraq? At the best of times it is difficult to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic refugees. As you would expect, where they come from is a good guide, but that is not always clear.

Who Is To Say They Won't Be Entering Europe Posing As Refugees?

Who Is To Say They Won’t Be Entering Europe Posing As Refugees?

Another major problem for Europe is to distinguish between those who come for help, and those who are members of Islamic State (I.S.) or al Quada sneaking in to start a terror war across Europe. Nothing could be simpler than to hide among a boatload of refugees, most of whom do not have any papers, and claim to be a refugee from the fighting in Iraq or Syria. Without doubt this is a ‘clear and present danger’.  The British government already suspects that hundreds of young men who went to fight for I.S. in Iraq and Syria have returned ‘under the radar’.

The problem of refugees has without doubt become a global problem and the sooner the United Nations recognizes this fact the sooner we can all do something about it.

U. N. Strike Force To Attack And Kill All Insurgents

U. N. Strike Force To Attack And Kill All Insurgents

The most obvious solution is to end the fighting in all these various countries so the people no longer have the need to flee to Europe, Australia or any other nation for refuge. As I have said many times before in previous posts, it is time the U.N. took some lessons from our grandfathers who stepped in to stop North Korea turning the whole Korean peninsular into a communist state. With the modern logistical methods we have today it should not be considered impossible to organize a multi-national force to go into Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and any other country with an insurgent problem, and end it once and for all. Once there is peace the refugees can be repatriated to their homeland.


The Ukraine Crisis And What It’s All About

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The crisis in Ukraine has been hitting the headlines for several weeks and sadly many have died. Now we have the Russian’s being accused of ‘occupying’ parts of the Crimea, in particular around Simferopol. Ukraine is a divided nation, with a significant portion of the population in the eastern parts being of Russian origin. This fact alone has raised tensions, as they would rather be allied with Russia than the EU as you would expect.

Yanukovich Balancing Act

The trouble began when politicians started making overtures to Europe to join the Union, which naturally most western countries were for, in particular the United States, Britain, France and Germany. It was no doubt foreseen by many that once a member of the European Union, Ukraine would also join NATO, which would put western forces on the very border of Russia. This would be a strategic advantage for the west, but a nightmare for Russia.

A Man With A Dilemma

The Ukraine politicians, such as they are, are now issuing warnings to Russia and Vladimir Putin not to interfere in Ukrainian affairs. This warning is being echoed by the United States and others. Those currently in power in Ukraine are worried that the country will be split along ethnic lines, and the eastern part will become part of, or at least align, with its eastern neighbour.

Russian Black Sea Fleet

But why is Russia stepping into the game? I believe the answer lies in one thing, their huge naval base in Sevastopol. This Crimea city on the shores of the Black Sea is home to a large Russian fleet, and is their outlet into the Mediterranean Sea. They have only one other much smaller naval base within reach of the Med and that is in Syria, which is now also under threat.

Murmansk Northern Russia

Murmansk Northern Russia

Should Russia lose these two bases, which is likely if (a) Assad is crushed, and (b) the whole of Ukraine joins the EU, the Russian fleets will be banished to ports like Murmansk in the far north, or Vladivostok on the Pacific coast in the Russian Far East. Strategically, this would be a nightmare for Russia in the event of a flare-up of hostilities in the European theater.

In effect, this means that the Soviet Union has a lot riding on the outcome of the political battle being waged within Ukraine. The fact that 6,000 Russian troops are openly reported on the streets of Simferopol means they are not likely to give up trying to get the Crimea at least to join them.

Russia’s Two Navy Bases

This leaves politicians in a dilemma, for while no-one wants to see the country divided, there does seem little choice. Despite all the sabre-rattling, I doubt if any nation, east or west, will risk going to war over this issue and it seems that a political agreement is the only way forward. Of one thing we can be sure, the pro-Russian sector of the country will not want to align itself with Europe and vice versa, so everyone will be forced to accept the compromise of partition in the Ukraine.

Yanukovitch Ousted For Siding With Russia

The whole exercise is however fraught with danger, for tensions are high and it could take only a single shot to plunge the country into chaos and maybe even civil war. Whoever is responsible for negotiating a deal will have to tread very carefully, and both sides will have to be ready to compromise. Let us hope that ‘cool heads’ rule the day.


Swim in the Med, and Glow in the Dark!

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It never ceases to amaze me how low some people will stoop in worship of money. One of the most horrific cases of pure greed unfolded today, when it was announced that members of the Calabrian Mafia had been deliberately sinking ships full of toxic and radioactive waste in the Mediterranean Sea.

In response to a Mafia informant, who claimed to have set explosive charges to sink a ship loaded with toxic and radioactive waste, a robotic camera has been to the bed of the Mediterranean some 18 miles off the south west coast of Italy. The robot found and photographed yellow barrels clearly marked ‘Toxic Waste’ lying alongside the intact wreck.

The same informant stated he had personally blown up two other ships containing toxic and radioactive materials.

The disposal of these materials is, by necessity, a very tightly controlled business, but there are many who see bypassing these laws and dumping the material illegally as a lucrative business.

It has been rumoured for years that the Mafia had gotten involved in this filthy trade as a way of making easy money. Officials have said that should samples taken from the wreck prove positive, a search will be made for a further 30 vessels sunk with their cargoes over recent years by the Mafia.

I am well aware of what some people consider ‘acceptable’ practices to make money, you can’t get away from it these days, but to do this without a thought as to what they are doing to the environment is to say the least, unthinkable!

The fact that the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean have been used as a dumping ground for decades is bad enough, but in the ‘Med’, being a semi-closed sea, the results would be catastrophic for future generations.

Already the ‘Med’ has to absorb 650 million tons of sewage, 129,000 tons of mineral oil, 60,000 tons of mercury, 3,800 tons of lead and 36,000 tons of phosphates annually.

A 1994 study of the seabed around Spain, France and Italy using trawl nets, revealed an average of 1,935 objects of debris per square kilometre. Of this 76% was plastic, and of that, 94% consisted of plastic bags.

Pollution in the Eastern Med, which can be attributed to oil tankers using the Suez Canal, has already killed off all the coral reefs (and the life it supported) off the coasts of Egypt and Israel. Must we now do the same thing to the rest of the Mediterranean?

Has pure greed now reached proportions where we will deliberately poison the entire 2.5 million square kilometres of the Mediterranean? For What! An few thousand lousy Dollars?

Although the ‘Med’ is a semi-closed sea, through the Straits of Gibtaltar two mighty currents flow opposite each other. One flows from the Atlantic into the “Med’, and the other in the opposite direction. This ensures, over a very long period of time, that the water is refreshed. The only problem is, we are polluting it at a far greater rate than the Atlantic current can cope with.

If we continue on our present course, in a few hundred years you will not even be able to approach the shoreline because of the stink. And now, to top off all that, these senseless Mafia idiots are polluting the waters with radioactive waste.

If they have indeed sunk 30 cargo ships loaded with radioactive and toxic waste, that means we have literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tons of this deadly cocktail lying on the bottom waiting for the salt water to corrode through the barrels and release it into the water, where it will then be spread far and wide by the currents.

If that becomes a reality, your beach kit will comprise of, sunbed, towels, water bottle, sun tan lotion, book, and finally, Geiger Counter so you can measure your radioactivity dose after going for a swim! If at some time in the future we all start glowing in the dark after a swim, I am sure it will catch on as the ‘new vogue’ in the disco’s.

I hope all of these Mafia animals are caught quickly, so the Italian Government can start cleaning up the bed of the Mediterranean as soon as possible, hopefully before any of this waste starts leaking into the water.

As for punishment, if they are even caught, let them live their final days after being exposed to the core of a nuclear reactor! As their hair starts to fall out, and the radiation burns start to eat their flesh, perhaps it will be a warning to any other prospective polluters. The only problem is: There is no real justice in this world!

Heaven help our children, for we do not deserve this fine planet of ours!


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