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Has Science Today Become Meaningless?

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As we all know, scientific breakthroughs hit the headlines on a regular basis, but to believe some of them you would have to be stark raving mad. Today I read that, in a nutshell, having too much light in your bedroom is linked to obesity! Can you believe this?

Read And Weep

Read And Weep

The study was made by a team at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and they concluded that women got larger waistlines if there was enough light to see across the bedroom at night. Incredible!

During the study that involved 113,000 women, they were asked to gauge the amount of light they had in the bedroom at night. The subjects were then measured for Body Mass Index, waist measurement, and waist to hip ratio, and the results indicated that women sleeping in lightened rooms had a much higher risk of obesity than those sleeping in fully darkened rooms.

Nah! Too Much Light You'll Be Obese By Morning!

Nah! Too Much Light You’ll Be Obese By Morning!

Prof Anthony Swerdlow, from the Institute of Cancer Research said: “In this very large group of people there is an association between reported light exposure at night and overweight and obesity. But there is not sufficient evidence to know if making your room darker would make any difference to your weight. There might be other explanations for the association, but the findings are intriguing enough to warrant further scientific investigation.” Well, how absolutely profound! The line in italics says it all really.

Prof Derk-Jan Dijk, from the Surrey Sleep Centre is reported as saying: “People in general are not aware of the light present in their bedroom, I think people should assess their bedroom and see how easy it would be to make it darker. Street lights, some alarm clocks and standby lights on electrical equipment such as televisions could light a room. Overall this study points to the importance of darkness.”

This Is ScienceThis ‘important’ study was commissioned by Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity (BBCC) that looks into the causes of breast cancer among women. It is well known that obesity can cause this illness, but beginning with light levels in the bedroom?

Dr Matthew Lam, from the BBCC commented: “It’s too early to suggest that sleeping in the dark will help prevent obesity, a known risk factor for breast cancer, but the association is certainly interesting. Whilst we are learning more and more each day about the environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors that affect breast cancer risk, it is not yet possible to predict who will get breast cancer, and for women who have been diagnosed with the disease, we can’t yet say what caused it.” So in effect, this is ‘much ado about nothing’ to coin Shakespeare.

Serious Science

Serious Science

I am sure those involved are sincere in their wish to advance the knowledge of people who suffer these problems, but to my mind they could be much better employed in more important work with more concrete results.

It’s almost as bad as the idiot who said about a year ago that obesity was caused by a tummy bug! I really do not understand how these scientists can make such outlandish claims and call themselves scientists. It beggars belief.

Only If It Gets Indisputable Results!

Only If It Gets Indisputable Results!

The one thing that has changed over time is that in the old days scientists proved their theories before making them public i.e. “It IS,” not like today, “Data indicates – It may be – It’s possible” etc etc. Sorry, but to me that is not science as it is meant to be. That is nothing more than useless innuendos!

These days, instead of everyone taking part in serious experiments that can benefit all of mankind, they are doing mediocre work like this full of ‘maybe’s and could be’. More emphasis on a cure for Cancer, Multiple-Sclerosis, Malaria and Ebola, solving the bigger problems facing us at the moment, and coming up with concrete results like in years gone by would be time better spent.

Let's Hope Tomorrow's Scientists Are Better Than Today's.

Let’s Hope Tomorrow’s Scientists Are Better Than Today’s.

I am aware that the aforementioned fields of research are being looked into by a great many scientists today, but wouldn’t it be better if more of them concentrated on these important issues instead of branching off into useless areas like the amount of light in your bedroom?

I believe part of it is the ‘fame game’ and another part the necessary ‘must get a grant at all costs’. Most scientific work today is done on the basis of getting grants from governments, companies and charities etc, but if you cannot get even the indication of results to satisfy your paymasters, and produce a Scientific Paper, you get no money and are out of business.

All I can say is that while we have made great strides in field of science in the past three decades, science ‘ain’t what it used to be’ to coin a phrase.

May your results always be indisputable.


Antibiotics Are A Dying Cure-All

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E-Coli Bacteria

E-Coli Bacteria

Ever been to the doctor and have him prescribe antibiotics for your ailment? Well, that may soon be a thing of the past. Doctors and scientists are beginning to discover that many serious diseases are becoming antibiotic resistant, and that is dangerous. For the last forty-odd years doctors in Britain, as in many other countries, have regularly prescribed this magic cure-all for everything from pneumonia to ear-ache and that has now become a major problem.

Scientists are calling this a threat of the same magnitude as global warming  when it comes to the survival of mankind in the future. We have relied on antibiotics for many decades as a bulwark against the serious and not-so-serious diseases that can infect us, but now time is running out because the bacteria are getting smarter, and we have no replacement that can defeat them.

A Surgeon 'Scrubs Up"

A Surgeon ‘Scrubs Up”

With the decline in effectiveness of antibiotics come severe problems, for in the future it will be a lottery if you go into hospital for an operation and pick up an infection. This is happening now with increasing frequency in hospitals across the world, even in western countries, as standards of hygiene continue to fall. At some time in the future contracting MRSA, pneumonia, E. coli or tuberculosis for example could be the death of you because the strains are becoming antibiotic resistant i.e. the wonder drug has no impact on them!

Medical Science - Our Last Hope

Medical Science – Our Last Hope

It is the natural way of bugs subjected to a single drug over many years to mutate into a strain that is resistant; ‘familiarity breeds contempt ‘ if you will. We do the same, and should therefore not be surprised when other lifeforms do it too. Sadly, research into new forms of antibiotics have been almost non-existent in recent years.

This future debacle could have been avoided if the medical profession had not severely over-prescribed antibiotics in the past for just about every infection from pimples to a cut finger. Now however we are entering a dangerous period in man’s history. Should a serious outbreak of any of the sicknesses that have become immune to antibiotics occur it could spread unchecked, and there would be nothing we can do about it. Quarantining the sick would be the only measure open to us to combat such an outbreak, but curing those inflicted would be nigh on impossible.

Middle Age Kitchen

Middle Age Kitchen

Another problem that has in my opinion exacerbated this situation is that we have become too clean in our ways. In the Middle Ages and before, they had no inspectors going around checking hygiene in food factories and restaurants, or chemicals to sterilize work surfaces in the home, and while I admit they are necessary, we should not take it too far. Back then, people ate things that would make many of us throw-up today, and yet they rarely got sick from it. The main reason for this is that their own immune systems were far stronger than ours today.

Food Off The Floor

Food Off The Floor

I remember as a child eating things that had dropped in the dirt or on the floor  and we never bothered about it, and more to the point I never got sick. The bottom line is that we have become so clean that our own immune system has weakened because it has had nothing to fight. I may be wrong because I am not an expert, but it is my belief.

Great PlagueWe are fast reaching a stage where things such as global warming are reducing in importance when it comes to a threat to our lives, for if we cannot find new effective antibiotics very quickly we will be in big trouble. Many of the poorer countries are regularly threatened by dangerous diseases, like Ebola in some African states in the past, but if such a thing spreads and we cannot turn to antibiotics for a cure, the consequences could be dire.

Anywhere - Anytime

Anywhere – Anytime

Any sickness can spread at an alarming rate thanks to over-population and the ease with which we travel across the world, so the scenario for a huge pandemic will be far higher than it was during the great plague of London in 1665-6 when 69,596 died in London alone. The figure for the whole country was in the region of 100,000.

Many will reply that medical science has improved by leaps and bounds since that time, but the backbone of all treatment for bacterial diseases today is still the antibiotic. When we no longer have that we will be in big trouble.

I think the ball now lies fair and square in the court of medical science, for they must vigorously seek a replacement for our everyday antibiotics and find something that will kill these immune bacteria before it is too late. I wish them good luck!


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