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The Rich and Powerful Never Go To Jail!

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Jacques Chirac the former French President has finally been found guilty of corruption, but guess what, he won’t go to jail. Unlike you or I, rich and powerful men invariably do not spend time behind bars for their crimes but get a ‘suspended sentence’. Now aint’ that just dandy!


His supporters will firstly insist that he is innocent, but if they go so far as to accept the court ruling, they will say he cannot go to jail because of his health. Justice used to be blind and totally impartial, but that idea is obviously ‘old hat’.  These days it seems that if you are rich or powerful enough you can get away with murder in the democratic West.

In 2004 Alain Juppe was convicted in the same case and sentenced to a 14 month suspended sentence and banned from holding office for a year. He is now Foreign Minister and may even become Prime Minister if his Party regains power.

Chirac as Mayor of Paris

The whole thing dates back to the early 90’s when Chirac was Mayor of Paris. He is charged with various crimes of corruption. During the trial it came out that he had embezzled €1.4 million from the Paris Council to pay ‘salaries’ to friends who held a fictitious job within the council. He was given leave by the court not to attend during most of the trial for reasons of ill-health, namely dementia and failing memory. It is because of his ‘ill health’ that he will not be appealing the court decision.

During his time as French President (1995-2007) he had immunity from prosecution as head of state, but all that changed when Sarkozy became President. He now has the distinction of being the first French head of state to be tried since 1945 when France put the Nazi collaborator Marshall Petain on trial.

The outcome of this trial is really a farce, for it proves once again that if you are rich enough, or powerful enough, you will never go to jail in a democracy. Pity us poor minnows in the pond, for while the sharks play, the minnows pay!!!


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