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When Will Muslims Tire Of Killing Each Other?

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The Muslims have been killing each other ever since the  Taliban first took over Afghanistan in 1996, when they made  unparalleled attempts to enforce their version of strict Sharia Law on the country. Since that time Muslims have murdered each other unmercifully. al Quada and other offshoot groups have also spread fear through terrorist attacks in many countries of the world from Africa to Indonesia.

Taliban Execution

Taliban Execution

After bin Laden’s attacks on western countries failed to achieve the desired result, i.e. to incite the Muslim world into violence against the West, the group changed their tactics and have since been stirring up trouble in Arab countries beginning with Tunisia, Somalia, and then Egypt among others. Over the last decade we have seen their acts of terrorism turned against fellow Muslims, which has since blossomed into full sectarian violence.

In my view, after al Quada’s original attacks did not get the desired result, they turned inward and began fermenting trouble in Arab countries in the hope of gaining some form of control in one or more of them. Few intelligent people will deny their involvement in the current battles in Syria.

Recent Iraq Car Bomb Attack

Recent Iraq Car Bomb Attack

But after all the killing that has gone on, it makes me wonder when the Muslim people themselves will stand together and tell these insurgents that enough is enough. Currently, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, people are dying in their hundreds, not only from al Quada and the Taliban, but from each other, as Sunnis and Shia car bomb each other daily. All the common people see of the conflict is their loved ones blasted out of existence by these mindless killers. And for what?

We in the West should naturally be grateful they are only killing each other, and not repeating the 9/11, London and Madrid bombings, but that is of little comfort when large populations are blowing each other up daily.

Taliban Car Bomb Afghanistan

Taliban Car Bomb Afghanistan

Peace seems a word without meaning in the world today and who knows when, and if, it will ever return. Is there no-one in the Muslim world who can see the suffering caused by these rabid individuals who have made it their life’s work killing innocents? It makes me want to shout to the Muslim world to stand together and banish this cancer in their midst, but from what I have seen and read, I think my voice would fall on deaf ears.

I am sure that should such inter-racial violence occur in the United States, Canada or anywhere in Europe, the people would rise up and demand a stop to the senseless killing. So what will it take for someone of stature and respect in the Muslim world to stand up and bring the people together in opposition to the killing of innocent Muslims by other Muslims?


The French Roma Deportations – Are They Justified?

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For over a week the papers and news bulletins have been loaded with criticism of The French governments deportation of Gypsies (Roma) back to Romania, and now the EU Executive Body has thrown its ten-cents into the pot.

Just Another Sanctimonious Politician

The EU Justice Commisioner, Vivienne Reding called the whole affair “disgusting, and is endorsing legal action against the government of France. My only reaction is to say, she obviously has never had a Gypsy encampment near her home, and neither have any of the rest of them.

I find all this ‘Bleeding Heart’ sympathy for the Gypsies to be naive in the extreme, and am quite sure none of these idiots have ever had any dealings with the Roma population of Europe.

The Traditional Idea of Gypsies

Say what you like about discrimination, but these people are born beggars, thieves and pickpockets and have been the scourge of this continent for hundreds of years. It is only in fairly recent years that the plague has spread to the United States to a much smaller degree. It is a proven fact that as soon as Roma Gypsies move into an area the crime rate rockets for burglary, car theft and pick-pocketing. The police know this, but are powerless to stop it.

Blatant stealing of a laptop:

But by far the biggest targets for Gypsies are tourists in all of Europe’s major cities. Just use the following link to watch a film-clip from YouTube and you will know exactly what I mean. There are dozens more on the page on the same topic.

Report on gypsy children being forced to beg:

Caught on Camera

Madrid has a particularly large Roma community and according to the police, as many as 95% of the children caught committing crimes in the city are from this segment of the community. A favourite sting is for one to distract a customer using a bank ATM while a second will snatch the money as it exits the machine and run. It is a very common crime in Madrid and thousands of unwary victims have had their money stolen from under their noses. One young Gypsy girl told a news reporter she could make €300 in a single snatch. One of the problems with Spanish law is that these children cannot be prosecuted because they are too young and usually handed over to a care centre, which lets them go.

What most of these ‘Goody Goody’ politicians don’t seem to realise is that it’s ordinary people who are the victims of these crooks, not the fancy hierarchy in their ivory towers! It’s people like you and me who have their houses and cars broken into and end up the targets of the pickpockets. I am sure they would change their tune and not be so high and mighty with their fancy principals if they were.

Light FIngers

No matter which way you look at it, the Gypsies are a band of professional thieves and always have been. I have been to Romania myself many times and seen how they operate first-hand, I was even robbed once myself so I know what I am talking about. Children are forced to beg as soon as they are old enough to walk, and forced to steal as soon as they are old enough to run.

Self Explanatory

The one thing that has changed over time is that gangs have in many instances taken over much of the control of the thieving throughout Europe by the Gypsy community. Many now work for bosses still residing in Romania where they live in huge expensive villas. Girls are often kept as slaves by these individuals and put to work as soon as they are old enough.

Those children not connected with the gangs are forced into it by their own parents and/or relatives and have no choice in the matter. The following BBC report should be sufficient to convince even the most sceptical! You will find the BBC video clip most enlightening!

There are misguided individuals among us who think the Gypsies are discriminated against and have no real chance at a normal life, this I can assure you is pure bullshit, at least for the reasons the ‘bleeding heart brigade’ give.

Beggar – A Common Sight

These people have been wanderers throughout their entire history and are such through choice, its as simple as that. The elders will not allow their offspring to attend a school for the simple reason it is more often than not, the children who provide them with their income, and it would force them to stay in one place. You have to remember that thieving is a lifestyle that suits their nomadic life; they move in, take everything of value, and move on before they can be caught.

Whatever you may think of human rights, persecution, discrimination and the like, the Roma love to portray themselves as victims of all these things for the simple reason it gets them what they want.

Modern Gypsy Caravan

As a final note let me say that not all Gypsies are like those portrayed above. I know many in Romania who have integrated into society and are hard workers, many are well educated. To these people I take my hat off for the simple reason they have broken the mould and become constructive and decent members of a modern society no matter in what country they live.

You may or may not be happy about the deportations taking place in France, and which could soon be repeated in Italy, but whichever side of the fence you are on, if you come in direct contact with these people you may well change your mind. I hope for your sake you never do.


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