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A Love Poem

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A Summer Story

The birds dart swiftly to and fro

and I am sure they really know

they tell the flowers and the bees

the wind that rustles through the trees

they tell the fox, and rabbit too

the earth so wide, the sky of blue

they tell the creatures of the night

until the break of morning light.

And now the wind is on it’s way

for it too has much to say

it tells the valley’s deep and green

it tells the mountain and the stream

for blowing over forest land

or far across the desert sand

it has reached the foreign shore

to tell its story just once more.

In just a while the story’s known

in every place and every home

by every rock and every tree

by every wave upon the sea

it’s known by every drop of rain

and blade of grass upon the plain

the story of the love we share

forever ours, beyond compare.

Roy Peters


I hope you enjoyed it.


Ban Valentine’s Day?

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Incredible though it may seem, a Russian Muslim Council has called for St. Valentine’s Day to be banned! The council of Nizhny Novgorod released a statement calling for the banning of the Valentine’s Day celebration because it “preaches universal permissiveness, amorality and nihilism“. The Council went further by urging head teachers of all schools to cancel celebrations for ‘moral and ethical’ reasons. It would seem they don’t understand the meaning of the celebration. It was first introduced by Pope Gelasius 1 in 496 AD as a day to celebrate the love between two people where both parties give tokens of their love to their partner. Today, this is most often a card or flowers.

St Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular in Russia in recent years, and around this time of year the shops are full of the usual trinkets and cards, and the trade has become big business.

That any religious group would have the nerve to call for the banning of a cultural festival from another faith is incredible, but in this day and age, what with the rise of Islam across the world, I should not be surprised. I cannot see the Russian authorities taking any notice, but if this happened in Britain, Gordon and his lackeys would soon have St Valentine’s Day shut down for fear of “upsetting the Muslims”.

If Christians continue to allow the Muslims to dictate what they may or may not do or celebrate, how long will it be before they start complaining about Christmas, Easter and the like. I don’t care that this happened in Russia, you know what they say; ‘Today Russia, tomorrow the world!’ Well, maybe not quite, but you know what I mean.

Perhaps we Christians should retaliate and call for a ban on Ramadan! That will sure as hell raise their hackles! I am afraid my answer to all this Muslim bigotry is the same it has always been; If you don’t like the way we live and do things – GO HOME!

Keep Smiling, it ain’t over yet!


P.S. Just seen an article about an English primary school in Weston-Super-Mare that has banned its 430 pupils aged between 5 and 11 from celebrating St. Valentines Day. The order comes from the headmaster of Ashcombe Primary School who feels that the children are too young to handle rejection. He has also forbidden the children to exchange valentine cards, and even gone so far as to inform the parents that all cards found on school property will be confiscated. In his opinion, children should wait until they are emotionally and socially mature enough to understand the commitment of having a girl/boyfriend. Pompous oaf! Does he not realise that these days its nothing more than a bit of harmless fun? He should get his marching orders tout suite!!!!

Watch out children – Big Daddy’s watching!

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