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Israel Is Pushing The Limits

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This latest step by the Israeli government to build yet more homes on Palestinian land leaves Hamas and the Palestinian people with yet another axe to grind. Israel consistently says it is willing to negotiate with them  over the formation of a two-state plan, but as everyone knows, these are empty words for what they mean is: We will negotiate a solution on our terms alone and the people of Palestine can do nothing but agree.

Israeli Settlement Growth

Israeli Settlement Growth

Although illegal occupation began in 1948, there has been an explosion of new settlements over the last twenty-seven years, and between 1993 and 2004 the number of inhabitants in illegal settlements almost doubled. Currently there are 516,569 people living on land that belongs to the Palestinians according to the United Nations agreement that Israel’s borders should be fixed as they were before the 1967 war.

However, it is not only the settlements that are causing problems, for because of them huge tracts of Palestinian land have been closed to the people of Palestine and many villages have been removed by the Israeli government for ‘Security Reasons’. The proposed next phase of building to the east of Jerusalem will cut Arab Palestine in half, and forget not that Gaza is already isolated from the rest of the country.

The Growth of Israel

The Shrinking Palestinian Lands (Green)

To me there can be little doubt the Israeli aim is to take over the whole of Palestine ‘by stealth’ as it were. By continuing to build on occupied land they are not only robbing the Palestinian people of their homeland, but eventually subjugating them to Israeli rule. For having ‘colonized’ the entire country they will have built an Israeli State for beyond its legal boundaries which means the Palestinians will have no other option but to become permanent refugees without a homeland, or live under Israeli rule.

Ban Ki Moon recently issued yet another communique condemning these new settlements, but as usual it fell on deaf ears. The Israeli government has no intention of listening to anyone, least of all the U.N. ‘Talking Shop’. Successive attempts have been made over the years in an attempt to get Israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders, but all to  no avail. What is more, it will continue so until its most powerful ally, the United States, withdraws it backing. So long as the Americans continue to put their weight behind the Israeli government there will be no change.

This in itself is a thorny issue, for any United States President or government that withdraws its backing for Israel will commit political suicide, such is the power of the Jewish lobby in American politics.

Israel is in an unenviable position, hemmed in on all sides by Arab countries and although an uneasy peace has reigned since the Yom Kippur war of 1973, there have been a total of eight ‘mini-wars’ with Hamas from Gaza and Hezbollah of Lebanon, but on the international front all has been quiet.

New Settlement

New Settlement

There can be little doubt that so long as the Israeli’s continue to build on Arab land there will be no lasting peace in the Middle East. If they continue to ‘swallow’ Palestine, eventually a breaking point will be reached and all of Islam may decide to end the existence of Israel once and for all time. This becomes much more of a possibility if Iran does eventually get ‘the bomb’.

Should the international community fail to take positive action to prevent this Islamic State from gaining nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, all hell will break loose in the Middle East, and places like Tel Aviv, Hebron and Haifa could end up as nothing more than smoking holes in the ground.

Surrounded On All Sides.

Surrounded On All Sides.

The Israeli government is playing a risky game, relying on the fact that any country that attacks them will be repulsed by their superior forces, and in the event of nuclear weapons being used the USA will come in on their side. Any American involvement would naturally bring in the European Union, bound as it is to America by its NATO Agreements. I dread to think of such consequences.

As things stand at the moment, there is no solution in sight so long as the Israeli government remains intransigent on the issue of Palestine, and the United Nations remains unable to take any positive action because of the American veto which it has exercised 82 times since 1947, most in connection with Israel.

How it will all end is anyone’s guess, but for sure the Israeli’s will not return to their pre-1967 borders, and the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will not back down on the issue.


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