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Another Compensation Farce

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Britain must surely be the ‘Compensation’ capitol of the world, for in no other country can such ridiculous claims be made. It has come to light that an on-duty policewoman sued the owner of a petrol station in Thetford, Norfolk after she came to check out the premises following a 999 call to the police station. It seems the security alarms went off and the owner, Steve Jones called the police, suspecting a break in. Officer Kelly Jones went with the owner to check out the premises and tripped over a kerbstone. She made no mention of injuries at the time and continued to check out the situation until everything was found to be satisfactory.

Duped by Compensation Lawyers?

Duped by Compensation Lawyers Perhaps?

Several months later Mr. Jones heard the policewoman was suing him for damages because she hurt her wrist and leg, and he, according to the lawyers, failed to keep her safe while she was investigating the possible break-in. “It’s implying that I virtually should have done her job for her, it’s implying I didn’t keep her safe on my premises,” Mr Jones said.

That’s strange, I always thought it was the police’s job to keep us safe????? Just goes to show that we, the public, need to read the fine print!!!!

It has recently been revealed that Ms. Jones was signed off work for six weeks by a doctor, and contacted the Police Federation who asked if she wished to make a claim. Kelly later heard from a law firm in London. It was estimated that she could receive as much as £50,000 if she won the case.

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

Typical Lawyer Advertisement

The Police Federation said that most(?) officers put the safety of the public above their own adding: “On occasion private prosecutions and civil claims are made by police officers and they must be treated each on their own merits. However, we share the public view that policing is a job that carries with it a reasonable amount of risk, at times much higher than that.

Norfolk Chief Constable Phil Gormley reportedly said, “This type of claim does not represent the approach and attitude of the overwhelming majority of our staff who understand and accept the risks inherent in policing. It is a disappointment this is potentially undermined by a private compensation claim.”

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

Darn! That Should Be Good For A Few Thousand!

After all the hullabaloo surrounding the case, Officer Jones has finally decided to drop it. Her father told the press, “Kelly’s very proud of being a policewoman and she loves her job. She’s got a perfect record and just likes helping people. She makes me very proud but I can’t help worrying about her”. Taking all this into account, it would seem she, like many others before her, has been very badly advised, but that is not unusual in such situations when compensation lawyers think there is money to be made.

But personally, I believe this case once again highlights the crass stupidity of the current liability laws and the entire ‘compensation culture’ that has grown out of all proportion in Britain today. Firstly, policewoman Kelly should simply watch where she’s putting her feet. If she trips over a kerb it’s her own fault, or perhaps her lawyers think she should sue the council for putting it there in the first place!!!!

Old Style - But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Old Style – But People Are Getting More Clever Now

Compensation leeches should be kept in a padded room where they have no chance of hurting themselves, but on reflection I guess that won’t work either. They would have to be fed, and if they developed the hiccups after a meal, would most likely be told to sue the cook!!!

The world is mad and getting madder by the minute so I guess its about time the government stepped in and put down some ground rules for situations like this. The whole compensation farce has grown like a cancer in the country, and it will only stop when the devious, dishonest ‘compensation lawyers’ and ‘ambulance followers’ are put out of business for good. Naturally, there are cases where such action is justified, if for example it’s due to someone’s negligence like insufficient safety guards at work. The only way to avoid an accident is not to be stupid, and watch what you are doing!


Update 7/4/13:

It would seem that Ms. Jones has had second thoughts about her ongoing claim for compensation from the garage owner Steve Jones and she now intends to go ahead with the claim. Not only that, but she is also suing the her own employers, i.e. the police, for damages for a knee injury she sustained after the garage incident during a high-speed chase in a police car. She is apparently taking these actions on advice from the Police Federation which is the police union. Despite severe criticism from her bosses. It would seem her desire for a career in the police is not as important as screwing money out of people.

Are You Getting ‘Whiplash’ From Your Insurance Premiums?

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I guess none of us should be amazed at the results published in a report by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which states that Britain is now the ‘whiplash capitol of Europe’. It’s so easy to get some free cash from some insurance company with a whiplash claim if you get ‘rear-ended’ in your car, but in Britain today it has reached epidemic proportions.


From the report, it seems that one in every 140 people in the UK claim this injury each year. In fact, 1,200 claims are made every day against insurers, which makes up three quarters of all personal accident claims in the country in a single year. This puts Britain at the top of the league by a mile!

James Walton, the ABI’s assistant director of motor and liability, said: “Despite the statistics I doubt that the UK has some of the weakest necks in Europe. He added: “It is often difficult to diagnose, easy to fake and exaggerate….whiplash is a fraudster’s dream.”

Part of the problem is the ‘Compensation Culture’ that exists in Britain today. There are professional ‘ambulance chasers’ who will pop up at an accident scene telling you they will assist you in getting compensation. It would not surprise me if they, in some cases, even suggest to the victim he has whiplash!

Why Did That Idiot Brake So Suddenly?

The problem has become so rife that some tricksters deliberately cause themselves to be rear-ended by unsuspecting motorists just to make a claim for whiplash, knowing full well it cannot be disproved medically.

We have sunk so low these days that for some this is a way of life, and they laugh all the way to the bank. 

There are dozens of compensation lawyer video’s on Youtube explaining what it feels like and what to do in the event of an accident, but I refuse to give these parasites any publicity so here is a doctor’s video:

Oh Sh*t! I Know The Feeling!

These ‘injuries’ cost the NHS about £8 million a year and the insurance companies around £2 billion, so its not surprising the price of car insurance went up by 40% last year. On top of the false injury claims, the number of people driving without any insurance at all is going through the roof. Obviously, as premiums get higher so do the number of people driving without cover.

When you come down to it, these false claim parasites have a lot to answer for. To them I say, the next time you feel like ‘stiffing’ some insurance company for a few thousand you might remember the harm you are doing to everyone else: But on balance, I think there is more chance of finding a snowball in Hell!


Crazy! You Couldn’t Make it Up: Series 1 Episode 2

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What’s in a name? It would appear that many parents don’t think hard or long enough about such an important event judging from some of the examples dredged up recently. How about Hazel Nutt, maybe Pearl Button or Ray Gunn, Jo King, Terry Bull or Barb Dwyer, Paige Turner, Lee King, Sonny Day or Tim Burr? Americans suffer from the same problem with Carrie Oakey, Bill Bord, Annette Curtain and Anna Prentice.

We think nothing about surnames, but when coupled with certain christian names some become hilarious. The giving of these comical christian names may be thought funny or quirky at the time of birth but can in fact be a curse in later years. Take the case of Stan Still, 76, who said his name “has been a bloomin’ millstone around my neck my entire life”. During his RAF service he says his commanding officer took great delight in shouting; “Stan Still, get a move on” before roaring with laughter.

Rose Bush of Coventry said she had had many comments about her name combination, but thankfully they had all been positive. On the other hand, Jenny Taylor had many a ribald comment come her way (No, I didn’t get it immediately either, but think about it!). I guess its nice to read about it and have a laugh, but I’m glad I don’t have to live with it!!!

If you want to ‘Go Out’ in style and have plenty of cash, you may be interested in something that was exhibited at the International Luxury Fair in Verona. If you wish to make your mark at your funeral service you can  buy a golden coffin, complete with cell phone (I guess in case you are not quite dead when they bury you, or you can call ahead to order your suite in Heaven) for a mere $381,000 (€280,000).

Also on sale, an armchair covered in the skin of 20 crocodiles and decorated with diamonds, rubies and gold for a paltry €200,000, a hand-crafted billiard table covered in gold sheets for only €60,000. Other items for sale to the super rich were a 24-carat gold racing bike, a crystal covered piano and a boat running on a Ferrari engine. Some people have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. I would be happy to give them some ideas!!!

Something a little less frivolous concerning the open court Hearing about the establishment of Inquests for the deceased in the July 7 2005 bombings in London. The bombers lawyers have enraged relatives of the victims by referring to the bombers at the hearing as the “apparent bombers”. The four men concerned were all found guilty and are currently in prison, but it would seem their lawyers are still not willing to admit their guilt. It was without doubt a disgraceful display of the utmost insensitivity.

The lawyers have been severely criticised for their use of the word ‘apparent’ by all the relatives and many journalists who wrote; “These lawyers have no shame, morals or heart”. Personally, I never thought lawyers had any of these attributes!!!

A Vietnamese man thought to have the longest hair in the world has just died at the age of 76. Although no-one is absolutely certain, Tran Van Hay’s hair was estimated to be 6.8 metres long. It would seem he began to grow his hair at the age of 26 because having a haircut often made him ill. He lived his life as a herbalist and during the day balanced his mass of hair on his head, protecting it with a scarf. Its understandable that he never washed it, it would have cost him a fortune in shampoo!!!

The Queen’s grand-daughter Zara Phillips (28) and her fiancé, rugby player Mike Tindall have just splashed out £6,000 on a bath for two. It was so large, four men had problems carrying it into the mansion. The couple are busy doing up their £800,000 Georgian house and have so far spent over £250,000 on the renovations. I’m sure I would not go so far as to spend that amount of money on a bath, but at least if they have an argument there is room for them to retire to their respective ends and sulk!!!

There is no doubt its a weird world at times!


The Millionaires of Somalia

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There must be a lot of millionaires in Somalia considering the number of successful ship hi-jackings that have taken place in recent times. Although few organizations admit to actually paying a ransom to get their ships and crew back, they all do.

There is an entire industry in London England that deals with paying ransom demands by pirates. It involves many lawyers, negotiators and security personnel, all of whom make a living from this sordid practice.

It is estimated that the cost for their services approximately doubles the ransom paid, which is usually between $1 and $2 million. An awful lot of people are making a huge amount of money out of this piracy, and they are not all pirates!

Lawyers of course don’t take any risks, that is left up to the security specialists, because the most hazardous part is always delivering the money. The normal method is to transport the cash by small ship or boat to the captured vessel. The only trouble with that apparently, is that the delivery boat may get held up by other pirates.

Last November the ransom for The Sirreus Star oil tanker was delivered by parachute. Safer for the delivery boys providing it lands on the ship.

Last year alone a total of $50 million was paid for the safe return of dozens of ships and crews that had been seized. It is estimated that some $15 million of that was ‘For Services Rendered”.

According to most experts this is a purely criminal activity, and if lawyers are involved you can bet it is! However, a Kenyan Arms Analyst, Bruno Schiemsky believes much of the ransom money goes to a radical Islamic Group called Al-Shabab. Apparently, the pirates pay a large percentage to this group. I wonder what they use it for??

What really amazes me, is the presence of warships from various nations do not seem to deter these people, but today I read a news article that explains it all. When the Navy ships capture these pirates, they let them go!

In the last two days alone, Somali Pirates caught by the Navies of Canada, The Netherlands and the USA in the act of trying to board and hi-jack ships, or were holding hostages, had been captured and then released!

In today’s news, it states that the pirates held this weekend by a Canadian warship were released because they could not be prosecuted under Canadian Law. Why Not? What about the International Law of the Sea? The report does not say why those captured by the Dutch and Americans were released.

It’s no wonder they sail back to their lair, re-arm, have a six-course dinner and a few glasses of champagne, before setting off again to take another vessel thereby ensuring their lifestyle is secure.

So far as I can tell from the news bulletins, there is only one pirate facing justice, and that is the survivor from the group that held hostage Captain Richard Phillips from the MV Maersk Alabamha last week. The other three were all shot dead by snipers from the American Warship USS Bainbridge. The survivor will be tried in Kenya.

The nations of the world will never solve the piracy problem around the Gulf of Aden and the East African coast with such pansy actions. There is only one solution in my view. Blow them out of the water and be done with it.

If every time one of their vessels sets sail and doesn’t return, the problem will go away overnight. Not even a pirate wants to go on a suicide mission!

When travelling the Middle East, it’s safer by air (usually)!


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