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At Last, Labour Come Clean On Further Immigration!

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It has at last become clear that Labour has no intention of restricting the massive influx of immigrants that began when Tony Blair came to power, and was perpetuated by Gordon Brown. In fact they wish to continue it!

The Sign Says: Labour - Britain's Progressive Future. Yea Right!

The Sign Says: Labour – Britain’s Progressive Future. Yea Right! Believe That And You’ll Believe Anything.

During an interview today on a Labour-supporting website, the Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbot said quite plainly that Britain needs more immigrants, strange as that may sound. Just about everyone in the country, except of course for the immigrants already here, are dead set against any more coming here for a free ride on the NHS, Housing and Benefits System, and so they should be. After all, it is tax payers money!

To me this woman is stark raving mad if she seriously thinks we need even more immigrants, we have far too many as it is. Really, what planet does she live on? Certainly not this one. So it goes without saying that anyone who votes for Labour at the next election must be a raving nutter, or an immigrant.

Because of the huge influx of hundreds of thousands of them during the last Labour government the NHS is close to collapse, the Benefits System is haemorrhaging money it does not have, our schools are turning multi-national to the detriment of our children, and there is not enough housing to go around, so what is this crazy woman playing at?

Perhaps she wants to see all born and bred Brits emigrate to Australia or New Zealand or wherever so Labour can forever rule a country with only immigrants as its population. Believe it or not, but this crazy woman was once a contender for leadership of the Labour Party!

During the interview she said,  “I’ve spoken to Ed Miliband about this quite a bit. I know that, on this issue, Ed’s heart is in the right place and he’s trying hard to position us correctly. What weighs with him is the polling, which shows what the Tories are doing on immigration is popular. And it certainly weighs on other members of the shadow cabinet.”

To anyone but an idiot there is a very strong sign of public opinion, and what the people want from their government,  after all, they are supposed to be running the country in our name are they not? Most British born people are fed up with the mass influx of immigrants, but if you look at the opinions of senior Labour MP’s, they do not care what ‘the people’ think, and once they are elected will go their own way like they did last time. Then they brought the country to the brink of disaster, and I think if they get in again they will surely push us over the edge.

All I can say is thank God for the Conservatives, they are a long way from being perfect, but at least they are respecting the people’s wishes and doing something positive about the problem, and we should all be grateful for that. It will take time, because mass immigration is not something you can turn off like a tap, but I am sure they will come through in the end.

Nigel Farage. I Too Would Be Laughing If It Wasn't So Serious!

Nigel Farage. I Too Would Be Laughing If It Wasn’t So Serious!

The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage said of the outburst, “Mr Miliband’s recent conversion to some form of immigration control is entirely a response to the opinion polls. It is transparent that neither his nor his party’s heart is in it.” Well said Mr Farage!

An anonymous senior Labour person said, “Ed understands the positive contrib­ution immigration made to this country. He also recognises it can affect public services and employment. We have to address those concerns.” Positive contribution???? You must be joking pal, I doubt if your view is held by the million or so youth who cannot find a job because they have all been taken by immigrants who are willing to work for much less. I doubt if your view is held by all those on the waiting list for housing because the bloody immigrants jump the queue. I doubt if your view is held by the millions who must wait for hours in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries while he/she attends to the immigrants.

Why is it that some of our schools now have to invest in translation computer programmes so that immigrant children can translate their questions and the teachers answers because they don’t speak a word of English? Can you imagine being a British child waiting for five minutes every time an immigrant child wants to ask a question. What is this doing for our education standards? Immigrant children should not be allowed in our schools until they can pass an exam in spoken and written English and only then will they not disrupt and sabotage the education of British kids. Its all part of immigrations positive contribution, right?

I cannot believe that any political party that can, and does, form the government of a country can be so irresponsible, but there again, we know Labour can, they proved that the last time they were in power. All I can say is God help us all if they ever get back in!


Unemployment = ‘Catch 22’

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The latest unemployment figures for Britain are causing widespread concern, and so they should. It is stated that currently, 2.75million people are without work, which is the highest figure since 1994. But how did we get to such a situation?

Looking For Work

I believe there are several reasons. Chief among them is the high rate of immigration fostered by Labour in the preceding 14 years. Why? Because its basic maths! Simply put: If a country has 10 million workers and there are 10million  jobs, everybody works. If however, you have 10million jobs and 10million workers, plus 3million immigrants, then it stands to reason that 3million will be unemployed.

Unemployment – The Labour Legacy

Labour got around this by creating what I call, artificial jobs, i.e. by ‘manufacturing’ jobs in the Public Sector that were unnecessary, but at least lowered the jobless totals. It meant in effect, that we had three people doing the job of one. Now we have a scenario where this is coming back to bite us in the ass! Public Sector jobs fell by 111,000 in the three months up to June this year. Money is tight and most government services are having to cut back, thereby shedding the ‘artificial jobs’ created previously. Labour Leader Ed Miliband conveniently forgot Labour’s responsibility for the current mess by saying to the Prime Minister during Question Time : “he’s doing nothing to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people up and down this country,”

Bad Place To Live!

Britain is learning the hard way that you cannot open your doors to everyone who wants to come in, and then expect them, and the indigenous population, all to find jobs. The truth is, there just aren’t enough jobs for everyone who wants one! With money tight, companies are shedding staff right, left and centre, because they cannot sell the goods produced and need to cut back to survive. People are not buying the goods because they have no money. If High Street spending is buoyant, manufacturers employ more people to meet demand, but sadly the reverse is true at the moment. All this goes to add to the burden of unemployed.

If you think this is a ‘cock-eyed’ theory, then take a look at all the other countries in Europe which have not opened the floodgates to immigrants, and look at their unemployment figures. Of course they are higher than normal, but that is only due to the economic crisis. They are not suffering the ‘double whammy’ that Britain is!

A Future Bank Manager – I Think Not!

Another factor in my view, is the poor standards of education that are hindering our youth from finding work. As any intelligent person knows, education standards have slipped disastrously over the last decade and now the effects are being felt because many of our youth today are literally unemployable.

Future Nurse? Secretary? Doctor? Not Really!

It is not only their low standard of education that is at fault, but also their slip-shod ways, lack of discipline and  general tardiness that goes against them. It is not surprising we had the riots a few weeks ago, for there is a whole generation of youth who feel forgotten, and its not all their fault.

I will be the first to admit that not all youth fall into this category, but sadly, very many do.

Migrant Workers Can Be Better

As I see it, the only way out of the first problem is for UK companies to hire indigenous people over an immigrant, but then we come up against problem number 2. Why should a company hire someone who is semi-literate, always late, lazy and dresses like a slob, over a properly educated foreigner, even if he can’t speak english properly. So we have a ‘Catch 22’ situation in the UK that doesn’t look like being solved for some time to come. Perhaps someday a solution will be found, but I am not holding my breath!


Great Britain – No! Barmy Britain

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If you were never quite sure if the British were really barmy, then confirmation has just arrived.

Manor Park Pupils

Manor Park Primary School in Aston, Birmingham has just bought 230 of its children a translation computer because 60% of the 364 pupils attending the school cannot speak English.

The school has been flooded with immigrant children who do not speak a word of English, and are unable to communicate with their teachers or other pupils, hence this dramatic step. The school pays an annual bill of £700 for the software which of course comes from everyone’s taxes. Comments on the article, which appeared in the Mail Online are to say the least not very complimentary.

Ethnic Pupils in English Schools

Most people have the same opinion as I; if these children cannot speak English they have no right to be in an English school. English schools are for English speaking children and should not pamper to the mass of immigrants that are flooding into the country.

During the many years I lived in Holland free language schools had been set up by the government for immigrants to learn the Dutch language, and thus help them integrate into Dutch society. This is also true of other European nations. My own wife went to such a school and within a few weeks could speak very good Dutch.

So why has such a system not been introduced into England?

In my opinion it should be a requirement for all immigrants to attend free classes set up by the government to teach them the basics of the English language before they can apply for a job, or in the case of children, go to school.

Translation Programme at work

At the Manor Park School children communicate with their teacher and other pupils by typing into the translation computer which has 25 different languages in the software.

But I have to ask, how can a teacher successfully teach a class when every word he/she utters must go through a translation programme (95% accuracy)so the children can understand what he/she is saying. The reverse is true of course, for the pupils must also type into the computer any questions they have for the teacher.

It must be obvious to anyone that this is not fair to those 40 or so percent who are, or do speak English because they are substantially held back by the sixty or so percent that do not.

Jason Smith Head Teacher

Head Teacher Jason Smith has described the system as an invaluable tool rather than a replacement for teaching English, but to my mind, it will not give children from immigrant backgrounds the incentive to learn the language, especially when their parents show no inclination to learn it either.

This is one of the main reasons why immigrants from whatever country tend to live in close communities which gives them the feeling they are still living on their ‘home soil’ even if it is in a foreign land.

Architects of Multi-Cultural Britain

It was the great plan of the New Labour Party, with the traitors Tony Blair and Co. who decided unilaterally to turn Britain into a multi-cultural society, but look at the mess we are in now.

Is the country soon to be broken up into diverse cultures and languages with the great majority of the population not being able to communicate among themselves?

This sort of pampering to immigrants must stop NOW before the clock is turned back 3,000 years and the country disintegrates into tribes once again.

The latest figures from the Education Department show that a total of 910,610 pupils in English schools do not have English as their first language, an increase of 42,750 over 2009.

Tower Hamlets - Muslim Enclave

In the Tower Hamlets Borough of London, a Muslim enclave, 78% of the inhabitants have little or no English, the highest in the UK, and the sad thing is, they don’t care, and don’t wish to learn the language of their adopted country.

This in itself is a scandal and should not be tolerated by ethnic Britons or the British government. Every foreign child and foreign born parent MUST be made to learn the language of the country they have chosen to live in, OR LEAVE! It’s as simple as that, otherwise the whole fabric of the English nation will at some time in the future be torn apart. I know I am far from alone in my opinions, for very many people in Britain feel the same and it is certain that at some time in the future there will be a reckoning such as the world has never seen.

Other European countries, and especially America, would do well to heed the warning of what is happening in Britain today, for some day they will find themselves in the same boat unless appropriate action is taken.


Land of the Parasites

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I have just read a news story that, while it doesn’t surprise me, beggars belief! All nicely posed for the press photographer are the family Davey. Husband and wife and seven children, what a pretty picture you might think, but to be frank, if I were them I wouldn’t want my picture painted all over the press.

Claim, Claim, Claim!

Why? Because they are parasites living off tax payer money with a standard of living many can only dream of. The family receives from the government a staggering £42,000plus a year in benefits, and they are proud of the fact!

They drive around in a large Mercedes and an 11 seat people carrier and live in a four-bedroom house with all the mod con’s like a 42in plasma screen TV, Wii, three Nintendo game consoles, a computer and four mobiles. Eighteen months ago they filed for bankruptcy which neatly let them off the hook for a £20,000 debt they had run up with mail order catalogue companies. Despite that, the children still get four presents each on their birthdays, and the Christmas bill for presents hits £2,000.

But they are still not satisfied! Mrs Davey, who has never worked (too busy getting pregnant I guess) complains the family cannot afford a holiday, their house is too small, the cost of living keeps going up, petrol is very expensive and her Carer Allowance is only going up by 80p. Do you ever get the feeling that the more people get for nothing the more they complain? The family have seven children with one on the way, but Mrs Davey says her ambition is to have fourteen. Imagine the family benefit income then?

Money For Nothing!

Mr. Davey actually used to work before he realised that he could have a better standard of living by accepting government handouts! He is quite blatant about it and says, that it was too expensive to continue working and they were better off being unemployed. His wife is just as unrepentant, telling the reporter that she didn’t care the taxpayer was paying for her to have a large family, and she couldn’t give two hoots about being subsidised by working people because they get what they are entitled to under the Labour Government, and she is happy to take it.

I have seldom heard of such barefaced parasitic behaviour in all my life, and they are both proud of it, that’s what amazes me! The country has old age pensioners who have paid into the system their whole lives, dying from cold in the winter because they cannot afford to turn on the gas fire, and yet these two disgusting individuals, and their family, live the life of Reilly on benefits that they have not even contributed to, and still find reason to complain.

The barefaced cheek of it fair takes my breath away! It only goes to prove that the country is rotten through and through, and Gordon Brown and his cronies are making it worse day by day.

I am lucky enough to live on the Costa in Southern Spain, and I have seen many articles in the local English newspapers about pensioners living here who still claim their ‘Cold Weather Allowance’ for the UK, even though they live in an area with the warmest winters in Europe, and its within the rules!

Another Benefit

There is little doubt the UK Benefits Scheme is seriously flawed, we have all known that for years, but it is high time it was overhauled. It must concentrate on getting those who can work out to work, and provide more money for those who really need it. Cheats like the Davey family should be made to pay back all their misbegotten gains to the tax payer, even if it takes years.

If something isn’t done soon the attitude displayed by the Davey family, and the many others like them, will become the norm and then society will breakdown into utter chaos.

Is there a politician anywhere in the country with guts enough to sort this out? I doubt it!


Gordon Brown’s Letter to Those Nearing Retirement.

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This letter has been sent to all UK pensioners and those nearing retirement – I think!


(Just in case I get sued for libel, it’s a joke OK)

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