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End of an Era

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Now the furor surrounding the death of an icon is over, I thought I should write a little about Michael Jackson. The artist, the man, what does it all mean?

Since he first exploded on the ‘Pop’ scene as a solo artist many years ago, he became a phenomenon in the industry, continually setting new boundary’s in music and music video that others have tried, without success, to follow. As a star he was unique, with his incomparable dance style and the sheer professionalism in everything he did. Seldom has the ‘Pop World’ seen anything like him, and probably never will again.

I remember back in 1991 when I first went to visit a Romanian Girls Orphanage with an Aid Group, I took with me a radio/cassette player as a gift for the girls, thinking they might get some enjoyment out of it. I included many tapes of Michael Jackson, and to my joy they loved it. From then on the place rang to the sounds of Michael Jackson played at full volume while the girls danced. His fame, and music, had quickly spread even to Romania after its release from communism in 1989.

It is indeed sad that the man, in all his eccentricities, became a target for the World Press, which undoubtedly caused his downfall. Say what you like about the Press, but they can make or break anyone they set their sights on, and if you are somewhat eccentric, you become a natural target. Never mind if it’s true or not, the truth does not sell newspapers!

The one thing that contributed most to his falling from grace with all but his most ardent fans, was the court case in which he was accused of molesting children. In my opinion, this was nothing more than an attempt to get a lot of money from him, and there is a word for that: Extortion!.

With his, to some, peculiar habits and looks, he was a natural target for those greedy individuals who thought they could take advantage of his fame and eccentricity to get millions of dollars out of him. He was of course declared innocent, but the people who should really have gone to jail were the parents of the child in the middle of the plot. Unfortunately, the Law does not allow for that!

Either way, it made a dent in what could have been a continuing career, and deprived his many fans of his genius. Not surprisingly, he became a recluse, hiding himself away from the limelight. It is sad that at the moment when he was trying to make a comeback, he was taken.

Whenever I saw him on ‘the box’, I always had the impression he was a very gentle man, and in many ways naive. He never looked to be someone interested in making money, he was only interested in his music. He had obviously surrounded himself with financial and business advisors who took care of his holdings, but I often wonder if they really had Michael’s interests at heart, or their own! There is no doubt, many milked the ‘golden cow’ at every opportunity. I have always believed Michael himself was ill-equipped to deal with all the fame and riches that fame brought him. His whole being was orientated towards his music.

With all the money he spent on setting up ‘Neverland’, who can doubt his love for children. What a shame this was twisted by the tasteless Press and the greed of certain individuals who saw only dollar signs in front of their eyes.

Now begins the legal battles for control of his estate and bank accounts. How typical that as soon as he was declared dead, the hyena’s started to circle the remains. It is not just the relatives who are among the pack either. The recording industry is looking at big profits as the fans gather to buy re-releases and remixes of his music. Individuals are even out on the streets selling cheap tatty t-shirts emblazoned with his picture in the hope of cashing in.

The whole scene is distasteful and shoddy, but that’s what people are like these days’: ‘Anything to make a buck!’ It says a lot about the depths to which we have sunk as a society when all we can think of is profiting from the death of someone like Michael Jackson, who was vilified during his last years but is suddenly, in death, the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’.

It all goes to emphasise the hypocrisy of people today, with the press as the chief culprits. Since his death they all did a 180 degree about face and are now praising his genius, whereas before they never missed an opportunity to stick another knife in his back.

I doubt very much we will see another man with his talent. It is however good to know that he will go down in ‘Pop’ history as a true genius, along with the likes of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. He deserves in death what he could never attain in life.

Rest in Peace Michael. Your memory will live on.


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